Arsenal predictions: spot on every time

Well not quite every time, but quite often.

Like my call that Arshavin would join us, same with Nasri, Denilson being a great defender, and just before the Cardiff match, about Bischoff.

I pointed out with calm and quiet aplomb that is the trademark of these ramblings, that he was rising up the ladder, noted the goals and recent appearances on the bench, and yes, he got on the field, and played some nice and tasty passes too.

Have to admit that I couldn’t go to the game, so watched it on Satanta, and that was quite extraordinary, because alongside the statutory dull ill-informed presenter (it is statutory because it is in the same rules that says that ITV or BBC have to have the cup final and women’s semi-final day in the national croquet championships), they also had someone whom I could not understand at all.

Now I am sure it was me, and that the fella was speaking perfect English, but really, there was not one word that the co-commentator said that I got.  He would say what I took to be a sentence or two and then the dull bloke would say “yes” (cos I don’t think he understood a word either) and then the commentary would go on.    I think he was Swedish or something.

Anyway, it was on Satanta and not ITV, which meant that we didn’t go to any advert breaks during the goal scoring – although that of course remains a distinct possibility for the final.   Either that or the channel will go bust and they’ll just stop broadcasting, as they did with ITV Digital.

What Satanta did cover very well was the mobile phone and the shoe thrown on the pitch, and some chat about the stupidity of football fans.  Yes, well thank you.  Could we do the stupidity of TV companies too?   Like Satanta not putting in a high enough bid to get all the football they wanted next year, and then complaining that they didn’t win, because they didn’t know they had to put in a higher bid.  Like ITV doing… oh hang on I’ve done some of them.

Anyway, Carlos Vela looked good, Bendtner was Bendtner, Eduardo will have everyone talking about him so you don’t need me, and Gibbs is extraordinary.    So that’s another problem – not only too many midfielders but also too many left backs.  I suppose its too much to ask to see Theo on the bench on Saturday.  I’ll be back in the crowd Theo, and it would be awfully nice to see you.

Bishcoff did look good though, and I told you so.

(c) Tony Attwood in front of the tele. 2009

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  1. Your reasoned and reasonable posts always make for calmly uplifting, often enlightening and generally very humorous reading. So I think you’re definitely allowed a bit of gloating too 😉

  2. Was also watching the game yesterday. I must question Bendtner’s sanity. How does he feel the need to tackle as ruthlessly as he did on more than one occasion when a) the team is 3-0 up, b) he has scored one of those, c) he already has a yellow.

  3. It was Eduardo’s night – and deservedly so. Aside from that glaring miss, I also thought Bendtner had a great game. In recent games he has been working very hard upfront (and on the right when posted wide). He also denied making that crap remark about deserving to play every minute of every game.
    With Song excelling at Spurs, some of the less-acclaimed players are making their mark. Last night as well, Denilson and Song hoovered up everything in midfield.

  4. Great result last night, the lads played well. I know it was only Cardiff but they are no mugs and I had a bad feeling about this game. But the lads played with heart and flair you can ask for more than that. I just hope they keep it up. Hopefully AW will select a similar team for Saturday (no Eboue!)With the addition RVP, Clichy and possibly Arshavin we should have a strong team as long as the attitude is right. Did I mention No Eboue!!! I like the look of Gibbs at left back reminds me of a young A Cole. I hope AW does not put him on load next season and brings Traore back (he can’t defend e.g. 5-1, 4-0) If AW does then it adds more fuel to the fire that he has something against English players. I would like to see Gibbs and Clichy fighting it out for left back next season. Also great to se Eduardo back and scoring a couple of goals. And Why Can’t Bendtner play like that more often he played well last night and work hard I prefer him to Ade any day but then that’s not saying much!

  5. Eduardo apart, my views on last night. I might be repeating others but there are alwawys so many posts after a game its hard to read them all. Firstly, I recognise it was weaker opposition and my thought do bear these in mind. 1) Wasnt it great to see a midfield with balance. Two wide players on the natural side and two steady ones in the middle. It just gave us fluency and outlets we havent had for ages. 2) Finishing apart, I thought Bendtner was outstanding. He ran his nuts off the whole game, linked people in and score the sort of goal he should be scoring – an aggressive header. Sometimes he held the ball too long and yes, he missed chances he shouldnt but his effort and commitnment were incredible. Take note GreedyByeWhore. 3)Eduardo. Nuff said!. I really hope that Wenger takes a long hard look at the formation and realises chances will come if we are brave and dont have two average midfielders (Denilson, Song) and one crap one (Eboue) in the same team. We may even be able to carry having Song and Denilson in the Centre together so long as we have two proper creative midfield outlets. Nasri and Vela last night but you could add Arshavin and Van Persie/Eduardo to that (with one of the latter two starting up top). To come back Theo and Tommy also add to that list. I think now its time to declare that Denilson is Cesc’s stand in and plays alongside song if cesc is not avaialable. If song is not available, then denilson and Cesc should not start together. We really need to go on a run and surely surely surely last showed what balance can bring.

  6. People do you not think Ade’s form has been hit by the same fact that we have had all of our attacking and creative threat out of the team injured. I for one was not pleased with his attitude in the summer by still have to say he is a great player for us and no-1 could replace hime to run the line.

  7. great to see the most natural finisher in the prem lge my dream partnership of rvp and eduardo will destroy prem lge defences.time to get rid of the unperforming,adeybayor who for me has been poor this season.looks like to me he does’nt want to be there.if someone offers 20m plus i’d snap their hands off.wenger needs 2 ball winning midfield players who can break up and spoil the game a bit,and a ball winning centre the summer i’d sell adeybayor and most definately eboue.

  8. Adebayor had not been performing this year, but people forget that last year he did travel to Africa as often as this year.
    Eduardo, because of his all round game and calmness in fron of goal can really be the push toward the FA Cup and the CHampion league.
    Against Sunderland, Wenger will return to the following formation: Almunia, Sagna Gallas Djourou (who should have play but was sick) Clichy, Eboue Song Denilson Nasri, Bentdner Van Persie.
    With Eduardo feeling his hamstring will not be risked.
    With a bench of Fabiansky, Toure, Vela, Ramsey and one of the following Arshavin, Wilshere Bischoff missing a place on the bench.

  9. Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduardo…If there’s a football fan in this world who wasn’t overjoyed to see him back last night (and looking remarkably sharp), then I suggest they keep that lack of heart to themselves forever and ever. It was the moment us Gooners have been waiting for.

    On a wider note, we looked calm, creative, controlled and confident. Nasri finally decided to take responsibility instead of hiding, Song showed again he is maturing into a very damn fine DM (astounding progression over the last 4-6 weeks), Benny shut up and decided to play football (less said about the double miss the better), Gibbs looked natural and very self aware of his surroundings, Vela played with a flair we’ve needed more of and Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduardo…

    It was a good night, and the big hitters are slowly coming back to fitness.

  10. Arsenal v Sunderland
    Arsenal v Fulham
    West Brom v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Blackburn
    Newcastle v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Man City
    Wigan v Arsenal
    Liverpool v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Middlesbrough
    Portsmouth v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Chelsea
    Man Utd v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Stoke

    Not a bad run in for us, the first seven are very winnable fixtures, especially with the returns of Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo and Rosicky on the horizon as well as the addition of Arshavin (Rosicky? Don’t people ever try to learn from history any more? – MC). A point or victories at Liverpool and Man Utd and at home to Chelsea aren’t beyond reason as our performances against these teams have been pretty impressive recently. Wins at home against Boro and Stoke should be fairly routine, although wins against the ‘lesser’ teams have been our Achilles heel in the past few years.

    However, with our midfield coming back, defence looking solid and the strikers seeming to have rediscovered their scoring touch in the 4-0 victory, these games could fair better for the Arsenal. All we need now is for Villa to lose their luck and a good cup run and maybe a reasonable go at the Champions League which I feel we have a good chance of getting pretty far in, then the season should be some what of a success. A lot of shoulds in there though but one can hope.

  11. Amongst Arsenal fans, there seemed to be a consensus that we would be better off after Adebayor got himself injured, but we don’t believe in his clear replacement; our pink-booted Dane.

    A quick comparison of the two strikers shows who should start out of the two:

    Good in the air: Both
    Good passing skills: Both
    Ability to hold up the ball: Both
    Inconsistent finishing skills: Both
    Actually giving a f**k during the course of any given match: Bendtner

    Frankly, Arsenal should rotate strikers depending on the opposition, playing Arshavin, RVP and His Eduardoness when we need to break down teams and having Bendtner around when playing physical/poor in the air teams.

    And Adebayor? Sell him. For the last year now he’s believed he was the ghost of TH14 past when he is in fact the footballing equivalent of a brick wall; you pass to him and get it back, or hit the ball against him for the occasional goal (the metaphor stretches to encompasses heading, but it doesn’t break!). He won African Footballer of the Year on the back of last year’s performance, which he has been riding pretty hard ever since.

    Hopefully we can sell him and Eboue as a package deal; buy one muppet, get one free (or BOMGOF!)

  12. i didnt think Gibbs was extraordinary – thought he got lucky alot of times with the the ball just about going out of play, their right winger got in behind him an awful lot. denilson had quite a few stray passes in the final third, not giving him grief but still think you’re giving more credit than he deserves!

    excellent team performance

  13. Valentin – too many Arsenal fans are quick to write people off after a few bad games or over-hype them after a few good ones. Substitute Ade for Bendtner last night and he could have done as well. Bendtner has also played quite a few times this season and not played as well as last night when he had 3 creative players on the pitch. Ade has not had that luxury for most of the games this season, so he has not been having the service. Cesc himself admits he has not been at his best this season, but fortunately for him he has been injured so he got a relatively easy ride. Had he still been playing and not quite hitting the heights of last season, no doubt some of you would be saying he’s got half an eye on Barcelona! Or does the criticism only apply to the unfashionable members of the squad?

  14. I meant that Adebayor did not make as much travel last season than this one, because of the World Cup qualifier and the extra sponsor/reward trips. When he was unknown nobody wanted him at Charity event now he has to attend to receive African player of the year award.

    Cesc had been poor by his own standard even taking into account that he was playing with Denilson and not Flamini. He has been playing non-stop for the last two years and it finally catched up with him.

    Bendtner is a good player, but he is still learning the rope. I believe that he could be very good in a couple of season, I am simply not sure that he will be here past next season.

    Yes supporter are getting more and more impatient. It looks more and more like plastic fan who have only known good time are not happy in leaner time. It remind of traders who have only traded in boom time and complaign about their bonus in the middle of a recession.

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