Oh God forgive me when I whine…


Recently I came across a poem, whose provenance I could not trace, but which, for me summed up the aaa’s perfidy and those plastic fanboys who sport homemade banners, tear up their season tickets and in general make fools of themselves when they whine about the Arsenal, Wenger and how hard the Arsenal make their lives.  Here it is:

Today, on a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman and wished I were as beautiful.
When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had only one leg and used a crutch. But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two legs; the world is mine.

I stopped to buy some candy. The lad who sold it had such charm.
I talked with him, he seemed so glad. If I were late, it’d do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me, “I thank you, you’ve been so kind.
It’s nice to talk with folks like you. You see, “he said, I’m blind.”
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two eyes; the world is mine.

Later while walking down the street, I saw a child I knew.
He stood and watched the others play, but he did not know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said, “Why don’t you join them dear?”
He looked ahead without a word. I forgot, he couldn’t hear.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two ears; the world is mine.

With feet to take me where I’d go.
With eyes to see the sunset’s glow.
With ears to hear what I’d know.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I’ve been blessed indeed, the world is mine.


We could easily replace some of the verses with Arsenal related items such as:

Thank God we have Wenger and not Jose Mourinho,

Praise the Lord we have Sanchez and not Balotelli,

Cheer and sing that we have the Emirates and not White Hart Lane,

Sing praises that we have Iwobi and not Benteke,

Leap for joy that we have the CL and not Thursdays,

Fall to our knees and be thankful that we are Gooners and not Spuds,

Shout Halleluiah that we have Ozil and not Adebayor.

So God forgive the aaa, plastic fanboys and media hacks that spend their days and nights moaning, whining, crying, lamenting and celebrating Arsenal’s loss of points. They know not what they do!

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26 Replies to “Oh God forgive me when I whine…”

  1. A very ridiculuos article.
    “Thank God we have Wenger and not Jose

    You mean thank God we have a trophy drought and not a 3 time european champion.

    And by you comparing us with liverpool and spuds says a lot about you.
    Your ambitions and your perception.
    We have giroud sanogo and walcott so its hypocritical for you to bash balloteli and benteke in that regard

  2. Don,
    Liked the poetry, particularly the hidden message.
    There has been far too much moaning of late over the team’s
    alleged demise…as though we have a divine right to success. Every time we take to the field, there is another XI facing us, determined that we should fail.
    Then there is our manager, Arsene Wenger, whose head many require on a charger.
    He has a contract until the Summer of 2017, has never broken one and he has the full confidence of the Arsenal Board.
    What is the point of spending futile time and energy
    attempting to overthrow the manager at this stage. Far better to back him and the team until the season’s end.
    Four games to go, twelve points to play for and we may yet be surprised how we end up.
    The disappointment of the season that promised so much, is already history and must be treated accordingly.
    We approach the Summer Transfer Window with an overflowing war chest, a Board likely to be in favour of new blood and a manager wanting to fulfil his final season on a high.
    He will want our continued support and he is entitled to it via his contract.

  3. arwar,
    A trophy drought? Sorry, but I thought we had just won the FA cup two years on the spin.
    But of course,this doesn’t count does it? Moving the goalposts again so that you can prove your point yet again.
    By the way, who does Merson think he is? I’ll tell you: A failed manager, a useless pundit, a terrible score predictor and a man who still holds a grudge because Arsene saw what he really was…a waster.
    Keep the faith and keep praying gooners.

  4. Don Mcmohan Excellent article.
    Really heart touching and a food for thought for the aaa.

  5. We have the PMGOL
    Who every game do give us hell.

    We have the media who with glee
    Do not tell us what we all can see.
    That the league is as corrupt as can be.

    We have the whiners and other Arsene outers
    Who want in Pinocchio and other spouters.
    As if they will change the PMGOL ways.

    We have games decided before they are played.
    Yet its the victims not the villains who are slayed.

    Game after game our team gives a football master class.
    Blocked by refereeing that at best is a farce.

    The big question is not when will we win the league but when will our football be rid of the corruption of the PMGOL the true winners of our game?

  6. When Arsenal take the field they do not play against another 11, no they play 12 and if people cannot or will not see that through clear eyes then that is up to them but don’t go moaning and yapping about Arsene Wenger or make yourselves look completely stupid holding up sign’s that look as if they have been made by primary school kids. He will see out his contract as he should and every Arsenal supporter going into next season should be totally behind this manager and the team he puts out 100%.
    This man has been battling on all fronts against the PMGO and those manager’s who set their teams out to park a bus or two while taking the heat of the Arsenal board who seem quite happy to hide behind him.
    Coming out with we have XXXX amount to spend when it’s completely untrue does not help Arsene Wenger one little bit and I hope they have learned their lesson. Not to mention by saying we have however many millions to buy players only puts up the price of a player they may be going after.
    Wenger has stood by Arsenal at the cost to his personal life and who know’s what else and at the very very least he deserve’s our full support for next season and our respect, they say respect has to be earned well he has earned it in Spades. He will always have my love, my respect and my gratitude because it’s the very least I OWE HIM.

  7. I really don’t get this aaa stuffs on this site agreed Arsene gave us many beautiful moments and he was paid for it am actually against sacking or calling for his head but let us be sincere here what make you an aaa? is it calling for Wenger head or saying the truth which is Wenger is one of the best manager having said that he’s also rigid and arrogant who won’t do what’s necessary for the team as long as it wasn’t his idea.. he like persisting with in competent players and he won’t even sign good covers. let us be realistic we blew a chance to win the league same thing last yr same yr before the last and all some pple say is arsenal play against 12 men seriously? I only think this is an excuse to cover up our mistakes.

  8. “Wenger has stood by Arsenal at the cost to his personal life and who know’s what else and at the very very least he deserve’s our full support for next season and our respect, they say respect has to be earned well he has earned it in Spades. He will always have my love, my respect and my gratitude because it’s the very least I OWE HIM.”

    Linda – I think you need some perspective. Wenger gets £8 million a year. I would be more than happy to ‘stand by’ my employers for that much. If he has neglected his personal life that is his responsibility, not Arsenal’s and not something anyone has to ‘owe him’ anything for. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a ‘Wenger out’ advocate, he is a great manager and should remain in post, but I can think of many people more worthy of your gushing admiration – most nurses, armed forces, etc who put their lives on the line for a relative pittance. In an entire career a nurse earns about 10% of what Wenger earns every year.

  9. My gushing admiration is my gushing admiration and he earn’s every penny of his 8 million especially with the crap he has to put up with, the media, refs and so called Arsenal supporters. He put Arsenal Football Club ahead of his personal life because of his love for the club be that right or wrong he did it. Not many would have given so much of themselves but he did because he believes in this club and it’s his passion.
    Don’t have the audacity to tell me how I should feel about Arsene Wenger, it’s my opinion and if you don’t like it that tough.
    I have the upmost respect for the Army, nurses and doctors but that was a choice they made and they should be payed a lot more that they are and I hope sometime in the near future they are paid more but football is a massive business and they get paid what they get paid.
    Now if you want to write to your local MP in protest at the money the Army nurse s and doctors get paid that is up to you and what I think Arsene Wenger is worth is up to me and me alone.

  10. Perspective I do not need from you Col but thank you anyway. Nor do I need you or anyone to tell how I should think about Arsenal or her manager. Nor do I need a lecture on the pay structure of other profession’s.
    I think for myself thank you very much.

  11. Slightly off topic, but Katie Hopkins of Apprentice fame (did she actually win it?), says people can’t forgive Ched Evans for being a….successful footballer. Banging on about Wenger’s salary is kinda similar. Wenger is ‘worth’ whatever people are prepared to pay him, and if that’s £8m then good luck to him. If Wenger had not chosen to stay with Arsenal he would almost certainly been grabbed by an elite European club (Real Madrid hired Rafa after all). If he’d gone that route, along with his mega millions he’d also be counting a lot more cups in his cabinet. That Wenger chose to stay with Arsenal when there was (and probably still is), more money, more glory, and less grief elsewhere, is probably the biggest debt Arsenal fans owe him.

  12. Is Arsenal third from top or are they third from bottom? According to the WOBs and media Arsenal is more like third from bottom.

    How ironic that a lot of these WOBs (reading comments or watching AFTV) used to laugh at WBA, Stoke, Sunderland etc for playing boring and dirty ‘park the bus’ football but now they want Diego Simeone who is the master of that art. How time change? First fans complaining about playing defensive football and want their club to play attacking football like Real Madrid or Barcelona, now they want their club to play defensive football like Chelsea or Atletico Madrid. I guess after a while they probably revert and want their club to play attacking football again.

    I want to see attacking football not ‘park the bus’ football encouraged, supported, and promoted otherwise I fear football will soon decline. Managers like AW should be applauded and supported for sticking with playing attacking football philosophy and want football to be exciting, skillful, and inspirational.

  13. Polo
    Well said.These Wobs are clueless.Wenger gave us football which is enjoyable to watch no matter sonetimes we pay for playing the enterprising attacking stuff and lose.But by and large a sane viewer will prefer to see an Arsenal match rather than a boring Chelsea under Mourinhio or Atletico under Simeone.

  14. Arsenal tries to play attacking football, but inevitably the defence will suffer a little, especially with players out of position.
    This is easily solved though, players have to take the responsibility to take the place of a defender who has gone forward. We mostly do not.

    Arsenal’s style of play needs to be constantly tweaked to remain effective against all the different forms of opposition, not doing this results in what we have today, a style of football that (except when we are “firing”) is easily disected and neutralised.

    As some say, we cannot be firing all the time, hence some tweaking is constantly needed.

    To “moan” and be displeased about a situation dear to us is quite(absolute(ly)) normal, saying “Ah well” to performances that should be much better is just not.

    It seems to be a trait of man and mankind to pick on others who do not share the same opinions. Humanity is falling into the same trap.

  15. Ademiniyi – I am publishing your comment, although normally comments like this are not published. Really what you should have done is bothered to read the article on the aaa which answers all your questions, and then read the article on commenting, which points out that saying something that has been said before which is against the essence of this site, and which adds only an opinion but no evidence, is not what we publish.

    But I thought your comment was such a perfect example of what we don’t publish I would publish, just as a reminder to everyone.

  16. How do you know he is stubborn or arrogant, have you met him, no the media say so, believe the media because you are unable to analyse and come to your own conclusion, ,, if you recall he could have gone to real Madrid he refused to break his contract, he could have gone to PSG, again he refused through loyality, that deserves respect. He has class and dignity qualities that a small minority of our fans have no insight off. Wenger has one year left he deserves the respect. Glad to say irrespective of what you and your minority and media say the majority of fans are disappointed but behave with CLASS…

  17. Just to put things into perspective.

    Look how much those tiny toots are being praised. Young team, fearless, positive football, blah blah blah…..

    Have you heard that before. Well, let me remind you. Remember ARSENAL 2007-08. Young team. fearless, positive football, top of the league…. And then Eduardo happened. Remember.

    If only ARSENAL had level playing field…

  18. A third way? What Arsenal supporters really need is a site where they can express an opinion without being vilified. Arsene has to go sometime, and he is also not infallible. On this site that opinion is tantamount to treason, and dismissed as ‘aaa’ (as is anyone who doesn’t agree with the ‘referees are conspiring against us’ theory). On certain other sites the view that Arsene is still a great manager, and should be accorded due respect and not be removed is equally vilified as ‘akb’. My view is his talents are undimmed, but he has been caught up with by a number of other managers. He has also been compromised by the board’s need for financial prudence, which has put the club in a great position, but left it at a crossroads where it has to decide whether it wants to go up a rung and really challenge for the CL, or is content being a ‘tier 2’ club, always in with a chance, but never one of the favorites.

    One day Wenger will leave, I suspect at the end of his current contract, and then the club will need the supporters to unite around the new manager. For a club the stature of Arsenal it will need someone special – much like Arsene Wenger when he fist came, or George Graham for that matter (who whatever anybody says was also one of the great Arsenal managers).

  19. Ivy – yes its true that Wenger could have left to join Real etc, but he is also not stupid and knows that he would have been given 2 years in the post maximum before being fired (because that is what happens to every Real manager). At Arsenal he has a job for as long as he wants it (or at least as long as he consistently gets into the top 4) – there are not many £8m a year pay checks that have so few strings attached. He also gets to make a lot more of the decisions at Arsenal than he would at most of these other clubs, doesn’t have players imposed on him, and that absolutely suits how he wants to work.

  20. Col,
    I’ve never seen vilification from Tony / Walter but certainly, if someone makes a non -evidence based criticism of Arsene Wenger or player/s, they do open themselves up to a challenge which, given the stated aims of Untold and the wealth of data which backs it up, seems reasonable.
    Yes, we are all entitled to our opinion. But I get the sense that Untold wants informed, reasoned debate rather than just opinion. There is a difference.
    I actually agree with you, regarding Arsene Wenger being caught up with by other managers. He brought to Arsenal a revolution in the way players eat, drink (or not!) train, think etc etc.
    He has brought the club through an amazing self-funded stadium upgrade and has consistently brought us CL European football even if we have always fallen short. Other teams’ supporters are incredulous at how fickle Gooners can be. Only one team can win any given competition – are all others to give up, sack their managers, go broke trying to live beyond their means?
    From my armchair, I too sometimes rail against some of Mr Wenger’s tactical decisions. But he’s the one actually there, with all the pressure and, as Arsenal manager, he will always have my respect and support.

    van Gaal OUT!
    (see what I did there?)
    All the best,

  21. @Col, correct me if I’m wrong but are suggesting that AW stay at Arsenal because he is getting £8 million and not much pressure to perform? Do you have any evidence to this or are you just going by gossips and rumours from the media?
    Could it be that AW wanted to stay at Arsenal to complete his ambition/project which was to turn Arsenal into a Barcelona type club similar to the way Cruyff did? Is it possible that the Board understand his vision and they accept it and allow him the time to achieve it and to them this is more important than winning the odd league titles here and there? You could be right that AW is in it for the money, but I’m just pointing out that we don’t know what goes behind the scene and shouldn’t judge a person without knowing the real facts?

    I believe opinions and criticism should be accepted and respected however people who write insults about the manager and players deserve to be vilified.

  22. col – there are many site that will fulfill your need to villify Wenger. You obviously think that you can do that on here. Ask yourself a simple question…. am I the creator of the Arsenal team? If you answer is no then bow to the almighty Arsene Wenger. He created this Arsenal team (he gets paid for it) & I support him totally. If I feel he needs some guidance then I write to him directly. He responds & I am sure he will if your letter is reasonable.

    Please do not go against the basics of this site as it wastes our time & yours.

  23. Menace
    Totally agree with all you said. I happen to agree that AW is worth his wage’s and I got from this guy how doctors and nurses along with the army who,put their lives on the line are paid such bad wages when you compare with AW. Now I happen to agree that these people should be paid more but I’m still angry he had the audacity to lecture me on this. Why do these people come on this site when they know what it stands for. There are plenty of sites for them to vent but to come on here is just to stir up trouble but then again I guess we can expect nothing less.

  24. Linda….Aaawar is a troll and cannot fathom the fact that we are NOT blind to Wenger’s faults and lacunae BUT that we do support the team, the manager and the Board….despite his weak and fruitless conviction that we are mesmerized by Arsene’s French accent!
    Aaawar…..please explain how Giroud is unworthy to wear an Arsenal shirt, or Walcott is totally useless or Sanogo is a lost cause, or that any of them have an attitude problem like Balotelli has?
    Honestly, I am not sure why Tony allows your shite comments on this site, as we all know you for what you are….an Arsenal bashing troll!

  25. Better still Aaawar….grow a pair and write an article for UA…but no danger of that because Tony won’t allow cut and paste offal on this site!

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