Arsenal 1 – Norwich, boo boys, pgmob 0

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal started with the same XI as in the last match. But the most important change was on the bench where Santi Cazorla was present for the first time since getting injured in the first match against Norwich in Novembre last year. Welcome back Santi.

Starting team: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud.

On the bench: Ospina, Gabriel, Coquelin, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Welbeck

Arsenal with most of the ball but the first chance was for Norwich but a good save from Cech. Iwobi with a good one-two with Giroud but his left footed shot went well wide. A good combination through the middle but a defender can block the shot from Giroud. Arsenal protesters then “supporting” their team with holding up anti Arsenal banners. But also a few people with pro-Wenger banners on camera. No goals in a calm opening first 15 minutes.


Alexis with a good burst of pace but his cross shot is blocked and a defender can head it away in front of Giroud. Norwich now completely in park bus mode and Arsenal find it difficult to find an opening. Koscieln with a strong challenge on the ball leaving a Norwich player injured. It was the sliding further that brought the contact. A team that feels little support and backing can lose their confidence rather quickly and that is what it seems to be. Nobody dares to take any initiative. So still no score after 30 minutes.


Elneny with a diverted shot but Norwich can clear the corner. Elneny wins a corner after another free kick. Well taken by Özil but Koscielny heads the chance over. Jones thinking Norwich is the home team and gives them something. He is a home ref as we know. Just as my match reporter is saying that Arsenal could do with some support from their 12th man, Cech has again to make a good save. Jones keeps on inventing fouls for the home team that seems to be Norwich. Redmond shoots wide for Norwich. Bassong using his elbow against Giroud but the card stays in the pocket of the ref. Well at least he gave the foul. The header from Per goes over. Still 0-0 at the end of the first half.


Özil being pulled back clearly but as Jones supports the home team he gives no foul. Norwich again most dangerous team at the start of the second half. Per hurt his hamstring and Gabriel comes on after 50 minutes. After 55 minutes Iwobi goes off and Welbeck comes on. Elneny has a shot but again a Norwich leg for a corner. The crowd now getting behind the team a bit more and Bellerin with the cross to Giroud who heads it down in front of Welbeck who makes no mistake and scores with a low shot. GOAL! 1-0 to the Arsenal after 59 minutes.


A Norwich player controls the ball with his arm in his own penalty area but it came of his own body so a correct no decision. Alexis with a shot from distance but meters wide. Alexis can’t get to a shot at the end of an Arsenal attack as he is crowded out. A bit later Özil finds him in some space but his shot is straight at the keeper. That was a great pass from Özil. Arsenal get a few corner but Norwich can clear them. Özil then with a fine shot from distance that is tipped over by the keeper but the ref missed that. Which leads to a Norwich corner at the other end but a clear foul on Cech is well spotted by the ref this time. Arsenal 1-0 in front after 75 minutes.


Great timing from the boo boys to now start their protest again… yeah why support your team when you are in the stadium…. Norwich cannot take advantage of it and head a corner over. Elneny with a lovely shot with the outside of his foot but Ruddy with a fingertip to push it over. Welbeck working hard to win the ball back. After 83 minutes Coquelin comes on for Alexis.

Özil gets a yellow card for a high foot. Jones trying to help out Norwich when he can and only sees Arsenal fouls. Norwich now playing with the high and long ball. Jerome with a header but well off target. Özil almost finds Ramsey but the keeper first on the ball. Norwich at the other end throwing all they have in to it. And even Ruddy goes forward with a last free kick but it has no effect as Arsenal can clear.


Arsenal wins 1-0 against Norwich and the boo boys can be proud of themselves for having well protested and undermined a team already low on confidence. But hey, there is no toxic atmosphere at the Emirates…. Arsenal are now two points behind Tottenham who have to go to Chelsea next Monday. Even the prospect of St. Totteringhamsday is not appealing for the protesters….

Luckily the Arsenal Belgium supporters club was at the stadium and as most this season we win when we are there with a larger group.

No witches were burnt according to our sources.


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  1. Lets count how many aaa and boo boys slither onto UA and write disparaging fecal foolishness about how Wenger has destroyed Western civilization and the Arsenal and how we missed out on absolute certainty to win the EPL because of his ¨stubbornness¨ and Giroud!

    Anyway, with Santi and Jack back, even if Per is injured, we can end the season on a high. City will be tough but their focus is on making it to the final of the CL, which I sincerely hope they do. Perhaps they’ll be less of a challenge because of that?

    Well done 1-0 to the Arsenal, COYG!

  2. When was the last time Arsenal had gone through the whole season without a penalty at home? We are one match away from that special feat.

  3. Another EPL clean sheet – our third in three games and ninth in 13 games this year ; unbeaten in 8 games and three very welcome points . Thank you guys and well done !
    WOO HOO , HOO !
    Up the Gunners !

  4. Josif – we’d probably get our full quota of penalties against Villa , and it will seem to even up in the record books !

  5. Josif as I and my wife will be there for the last home match we will get to see a penalty for Arsenal. I think she was there when we got our last penalty at home more than a year ago. I think the refs only give penalties when she is there. Maybe I should come with her each home game 🙂

  6. Thanks Walter for a great report. So good to have some real fans at this blog.I have stopped reading the other arsenal blogs. This is the only one left that I can read with pleasure.

  7. May be next year they could have an IQ test , an eye test and an aptitude test before selling season tickets ? It would be a shame to take money from morons and fools . That money could be better used by ‘them’ to get proper counseling and appropriate treatment.

  8. Walter, his wife and the Belgian Gooners to be sent to every game-this must happen. Wenger in.More blogs from Brickfields.If we could have only scraped a few more 1-0s this season!

    Time for Chelsea to do us a favour.Stop the Chickens.


  9. Relieved. Happy. Few more beers than like to drink now, but had to be done. Very sweet that ,on this of all days, assist came from man some booboy experts (we like evidence- what correlation with sign holders?) thought should have been off.

    Iwobi had done decently again, mostly in opening 30, but case was strong for bringing off 19 year old with a handful of starts in that situation, as it was for having two strikers fitted into team. We badly needed a goal. Welbeck for Iwobi increased chance and did not compromise defence. Sweet.

    Still totally convinced we need something else to beat the bus better next year but for now all that matters is these games. 1 down, monster game at City next.

    I thought the protests might hurt the old heart and soul today, but they didn’t.

    Song that got me going this morning as on many days

    When they could never have persuaded me that lives like yours were in the hands of these…

  10. JESSE –

    Teacher :- Complete the sentence… “If my cup is only half full..”
    Little Jesse:- “May be you need a smaller Bra.!!”
    Teacher :- GET OUT!!!

    Little Jesse was kicked out of Math class by his teacher.
    Apparently, “mouthwash” wasn’t the right answer for the question “what comes after 69?”

    In a job interview with an international NGO fighting for equal rights … Jesse was asked how he views Lesbian relationships ?
    He was kicked out…..
    Apparently “In Full HD” wasn’t the right answer

  11. @ Kenneth Widmerpool April 30, 2016 at 7:58 pm – Don’t worry , I have a few (evil)ideas for articles that will piss ‘ them ‘ off . And hopefully off this site !
    Goodnight guys , its 3 AM , my glass of wine is drained , sleep beckons . I’ll see you all later .
    Cheers !

  12. BG

    The boo boys were made to look stupid; Wenger’s subs were spot on. They were left with egg on their ugly mugs.

  13. Hey Walter

    Well done for mentioning the pro Arsenal banners. This is despite pressure from the pro banners deniers on the live thread. What is their problem? How much they must they hate Wenger!

  14. Anybody got the Free Kick stats?

    At one stage I had it at 3 – 17

    Jones was disgraceful again.

    Why did he take sooooo long to book Mesut – was it because Friend told him to?

  15. Just back from the game.

    (A very few) fans are revolting.

    I checked the Online Gooner – a hotbed of WOBs – and there is a general acknowledgement there that the protest was a (very) small minority and was drowned out by support – including a good refrain of “One Arsene Wenger”. I joined in with the pro-Arsenal chants heartily and also made my feelings clear to the clowns sat nearby. So now we know for sure that the anti’s are a bunch of over excited, spoilt, ungrateful keyboard warriors – who know very little about football in general and football club management in particular.

    I really hope that this small minority disappear – and don’t come back when Wenger finally decides to step down. Hopefully not for a few years yet.

    Good riddance.

  16. Just getting to watch the game now on record. 12th minute protest…. pffft. Well done the true supporters. Proud.

  17. I have it on good authority that one ‘protester’ inside the ground was reported by several fans for using foul and abusive language and at least one parent and child had to be found alternative seats at half time because of him.
    They really are an unpleasant bunch of people who struggle to put any sort of coherent case for their views and, I was very encouraged to see, were roundly shouted down by the vast majority in the stadium today.
    We would be much better off without such people. As always Arsene Wenger was dignified and defiant. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen him stand on the touchline during the match quite so much. He most certainly wasn’t hiding today and remains a credit to himself and our Club.

  18. Serge
    Your post at 8:52 is pathetic. Trying to look like you’re genuinely congratulating Walter for mentioning the pro banners yet you castigated Untold for ‘not mentioning’ the pro banners in your comments soon after the match on the other thread.

    You called the 8 or so individuals who were commenting on events happening mostly on the pitch during the match ‘sad fucks’ for not mentioning that one or two people had pro Wenger banners. And you come on this thread and act as if you are just seeing that Walter has mentioned the pro banners, calling the few individuals who were commenting on the live match “pro banner deniers…”, when did they deny there were pro Wenger banners at the stadium? So does it mean that if myself, Arsenal13, GGG and a few other four or five individuals – who all clearly have no relationship with UA other than the desire to come here and exchange views with other fans like yourselves – do not talk about one or two banners that were displayed in the stadium, is bad enough to discredit Untold?

    You are exhibiting multiple personality issues, and am willing to bet my bottom dollar that you have been known on this site previously by another name/s, just going by your actions. You’re the one with a problem, not these imaginary ” pro banner deniers” as you called them.

  19. Serge, wouldn’t you be better off at some other website. Or doing something else. Maybe bombing hospitals in Syria, or beheading foreigners for ISIS? Questioning anti-government people in Iran? Torturing people in Afghanistan? Working for Donald Trump?

  20. Win, draw or lose I don’t bother to UK newspapers reports our games because of the poor reporting.

    Today I was curious as to how they have reported on the ‘protest’

    Take a look at the link to the Telegraph below but before you do note this:

    About half way down the page we have a picture of three people, the middle one you will recognise, the other two you may or may not, thats not important.

    The text on the picture is this

    “The 10 men who most annoy Arsene Wenger”

    We are invited to click the link to the photos. For each one we are informed not what Arsene says about them but what They say about Arsene.

    Going one step at a time. Each is critical about Arsene. It’s ‘not rocket science’ (well if the pundits can say so can I!) to realise that the piece is about how Arsene annoys them.

    There is no evidence backing the claim that Arsene is annoyed by them. It is about how they are annoyed by Arsene. the opposite of the headline.

    Who are these people the Telegraph quote as being annoyed by Arsenal.

    3 miserable failed managers in England. Players that have never managed a league club and a loud mouth.

    Bernard Joy in his book ‘Forward Arsenal’ states that a reliable report of the Arsenal game is published by the Daily Telegraph.

    Not now Bernard, not now. It may have been when you were playing and writing your book some 60 years ago, but not now.

    Before I started writing this there weren’t any ‘aaa’ posts !!!! Says it all.

  21. Al
    Haven’t you sussed it? You’re the pro banner denier. You had every opportunity to mention it at the time you mentioned the anti banners but you bottled it, and instead only mentioned the anti banners.
    You’re becoming obsessed with this multi personality disorder thing. Do you have some cultural personality issues of your own? And please don’t blame me if this become really unpleasant. It was you who trolled me as usual.

  22. Colario
    Sorry to disappoint, serge is in the midst…. In case you missed his posts, he’s been trying to discredit Untold for ‘biased’ reporting because five or six people who were commenting dyeing the match ‘failed’ to mention the pro Wenger banners. I duly pointed out to him that it was none of these individuals’ responsibility to report on the match or what they’re seeing, and also pointed out that Walter had already mentioned that there were pro Wenger banners in the stadium.

    He is trying to appear sincere in his 8:52 post, but just go back to the live match feed and you’ll will see for yourself what a slimy bastard he is. The WOBs/protestors were duly drowned out by pro Wenger supporters, but he’s trying to give the low-lifes also known as protestors a voice on here by discrediting Untold for what he claims is “failure to pick on positives and only focus on negatives”. He’s basically having a go at Untold but trying to hide by attempting to make it appear as if he’s targeting the eight individuals or so who were commenting during the game. Clown.

  23. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’m now supposed to have missed the golden opportunity (or bottled it) to mention the pro banners? Lord have mercy…

  24. I was at the match. I saw a middle aged woman grab one of the mass produced protest posters out of a man’s hand and tear it up.

    A man three along from me rather sheepishly held one up. All round him supporters broke into Arsenal chants and Arsene Wenger’s red and white army! He took a while to come back after half time and didn’t show his poster again.

    In the area where I was chanting was in general loud throughout despite some grumbling, and when Mesut Ozil was taking a corner near us and signalled to us to up the noise, the crowd responded with gusto.

    It looked to me as if the majority of the supporters present were displeased with the protest and wanted therefore to show their support for the team. A lot of supporters stayed behind at the end to clap the team off.

    Chants were particularly strong for Mesut Ozil and Danny Welbck.

  25. Banners will not detract Arsene. It is unlikely to sway Stan K. I just hope we can see this through. The future, in my eyes, is bright. Positive thinking and a desire.

  26. Today showed what a small minority of fans actually want him out. Kick up a big fuss online to get ‘popular’ while the majority sit silently and back Arsene.

    He’s one of our greatest managers of all time. He won’t stay forever, so why not just let him to it? Sure he has his flaws as every man does, but we do compete to an extent ever year, and judging from the last 3 years, the team is heading in the right direction. Hope he adds a couple more quality players this summer and we can go again!

  27. How they skew the coverage – Match of the Day just showed a man holding up a protest poster but cut it off before the next bit ( which I have seen on a clip) where the man behind leans over to tell him off.

  28. I want him out for the right reasons in the right way
    I bet you many of those who didn’t put up banners want him out in a right way but like me don’t want him to face this persecution He doesn’t deserve this
    That’s what is so sad about it
    I don’t want him to face this but he needs to realise himself and do the right thing

  29. I would not sweat about that Pat – its just a classic example of the disposable heroes (i.e. the BBC) of hypocrisy. The agitated will agite.

  30. Don’t worry, Colin, not sweating, just pointing it out. Because people who weren’t at the match might get the wrong impression. Which is of course the BBC’s aim.

    By the way, I notice the phantom likes / dislikes presser is at it again. Maybe serge himself.

  31. Al, Gord be gentle with serge. He’s in his seventies & needs a crutch to support his verbage.

    I was at the match & only saw a few hundred ‘change’ A4 papers but we sang ‘Arsenal we love you’. I did comment to two idjuts that we don’t spare change for beggars. Raised a few chuckles. I didn’t see any pro banners.

    PGMO cheat didn’t disappoint. He was unsighted from 6 feet. He didn’t signal advantage but called back play as though he had (new PGMOL law). Clear handball (deliberate control of ball by hand) in the box ignored. Ozil walked away from the pillock while he blew & blew & we laughed & laughed.

  32. Evening all, fascinating coverage on MOTD, no coverage of the very loud ‘one AW’ chant, but jenas & Murphy expressed surprise that the AAA were actually in the minority !
    It’s almost as if they know f&ck all ?

  33. On the earlier thread serge came out with: –

    “Nobody on Untold could be bothered to mention the pro banners during the live feed. Typical negative Untold….”

    Could it be possible that “serge” is such a dimwit that he has failed to recognise that Untolders, like the great majority of Arsenal fans want to follow football and on matchday wish only to follow or comment on the match – and will not be distracted by self-indulgent insidious idiots whose desire to undermine the team and defame the manager is both illogical and shameful?

    Either way, serge and his boo boys are a disgrace.

    The team fought hard today against a parked bus aided and abetted by some (yet again) substandard refeering. My impression was that the protest at 12 mins, while small, did distract the team for a time – shame on the boo boys – what an appalling ungrateful brain dead bunch.

    But, the team triumphed – well done the team and manager – and what a good substitution! – a substitution that was criticised by the boo boys and Sky punters – but in the end AW made the right decision – some much for the knowalls – more noise than knowledge!!

  34. Bloody awful performance again, but a win is a win. Especially under pressure.
    1. Gabriel and Koscielny played well, Cech too.
    2. We still look predictable going forward. Unsettlingly so.
    3. Ozil wanted to win today. Although he didn’t play particularly well, he battled well.
    4. Giroud really should be a plan B, an aerial threat for teams that sit deep.
    5. The protest (if you could call it that) that so many here dreaded, happened and was clearly a minority. They protested, which is their right and the majority spoke. Well, sang. I’m genuinely disappointed by the protest – I wanted our owner, board and manager to know how unhappy we are with the clear lack of investment in the playing squad. Instead, the banners appeared to be plain old “Wenger out or Wenger and Kroenke out.
    I know there are those here who think we don’t need to spend/shouldn’t spend/would taint a win etc. but the real truth is that we moved to the Emirates to be able to compete financially. We endured our very best players being sold every year, spent virtually nothing on transfers and regularly got drubbed. This was meant to be the pot of gold – there is nothing tainted about investing 100 million in the playing squad if we have generated it legitimately. Its the whole point after all.

  35. Surely we all know that the aaa and their minions who have surfaced like fetid turds over the last few weeks but who have been flushed back into their sewers once again when we win, are egged on by the mindless media and anti-Wenger elements and their only agenda is as follows;

    1)Discredit and disparage Arsene at any cost to the club they supposedly support, regardless of contrary evidence and common sense,

    2)Make fatuous claims about Kroenke and his direct administrator Gazidis, including ludicrous claims of millions in the Arsenal coffers, regardless of our actual finances available to Wenger,

    3)Slavishly follow LeGrovel, the pedantic media and the aaa cheerleaders in their ignorant memes about us needing 3-4 new players if we ever to win anything again,regardless of the damage such new acquisitions would do to our rising youth stars

    4)Turn their backs on the officiating excesses and curious aberrations UA have been accurately highlighting every week for over 3 years, all the while failing to offer any concrete counter-arguments or one shred of proof.

    I believe it is high time any, irrational, negatively critical anti-Wenger commentary is banned from this site by Tony & Walter. We welcome intelligent and positive criticism that is supported by concrete counter-arguments but this mindless gibberish the aaa shower this wite with is reprehensible and counter-productive.

  36. Can’t agree that it was a bloody awful performance. The team had to be patient, try to score against park the bus tactics, at the same time making sure the opposition did not score on the break. They did that. They were a bit more relaxed and flowing after they score the goal, but they still had to be careful not to let the opposition score especially after that happened against Crystal Palace.

    And all the time they had the ref against them as usual.

  37. Thought Elneny did well. The guy is a human Dynamo…….if he put in these performances for Leicester, I would suspect he was in touch with lance armstrongs people.
    But ultimately, today was about the result, not the performance…..the team have put pressure on some above and those immediately below.
    Some very important saves form the keeper, a few points to add up to John Terry’s claim he would get us ten to fifteen points a year

  38. Mandy – I believe that both Elneny and Ramsey were high class middle distance runners in their youth.

  39. There was an incident where Elneny was flung physically to the floor & Jones just ignored it. Elneny was dumbstruck. Have not seen the TV coverage yet so dont know if it was reported.

  40. As I walked up from Arsenal station i noticed there were two men and a young lady handing out the pre printed posters/placards to anyone who wanted one and advised the recipients to hold them up in the 12th minute and at the end of the game. I watched this for a few minutes to try and see the demographic of who took them. Most were young, twenties or less. I went over and asked for one and then screwed it up in their faces and threw it to the ground and walked off. Inside the ground at the 12th minute it actually got the crowd going and the atmosphere picked up for about 5 minutes with a sizeable majority showing their support for the manager and the club. At the end in the Red action area of block 5 there was a banner held up by about 4 again mid twenty guys, saying au revoir Arsene, etc.
    When they took it down they started hugging each other like they’d won something. When Jack was warming up he refused to acknowledge his ‘song’ by not clapping the fans and basically ignoring the idiots in the red action area. Also when we scored the players made a point not to celebrate in the corner as per usual but stayed in a group near where Welbeck scored. Welbeck did acknowledge the fans when he was warming up but as Jack is a born Gooner he knew what was going on.
    Social media has a lot to do with what is wrong about today’s game or sport in general. Jump on the bandwagon without really understanding why they are jumping. Plastic fans and ignorant of what constitutes being a supporter.

  41. Gooner Dave

    I think you dont follow Untold regularly.
    Your point that we should spend 100 million to win the EPL and CL has been proven wrong a number of times here.
    Arsenal finishing above United Liverpool above proves that mere spending is not the answer.Both clubs spent more than Arsenal this year did not help them finish abover Arsenal.
    Rather interestingly both clubs playing a manger merry go round have hurt them more despite spending millions.A food for thought for the Aaaa and Wob.

  42. There is only one Arsene Wenger and I support him. Congratulations boys on another 3 points snatched from the jaws of PGMOb monster.

    St. Totterinham’s day beckons.


  43. Don’t be impressed by money , followers , degrees and titles .
    Be impressed by kindness , integrity , humility and generosity .

  44. Well done lads. A win that was really needed.

    On the performance:
    Still the same old Arsenal, players standing still, no movement into spaces but Wellbeck and Kos are not frightened of tackles. They did not let what was going outside the pitch affect them unlike Ozil and Alexis was a little off in his play too. Hope they can influence the others to concentrate on the game alone once they enter the pitch.

    On the banners and signs, good to see that there is pro and contra, after all, this is what makes the world spin, pos and neg, plus and minus, balance creating energy.

    AW looked a little distraught, but he is older(+5) than i am and should know that this is the way of football fans anywhere, still he must have been pleased with the pro support he and the team got.

  45. bjtgooer

    I see you’re joining in for a bit of rotational fouling My point was that people watching the game on TV took time out to comment on the anti banners, so why couldn’t they take time to mention the pro ones. We all know why. Only negative scores points on Untold. But good for Walter bringing it up in his match report.

  46. Menace
    I see that age related sarcasm is going to be part of your insults now. You forgot to mention that you’re quite elderly yourself. 66 was it?

  47. Serge – what is your problem? The Wenger-out cause you follow has been humiliated yet you still come on a pro-Wenger site trolling for all you are worth. Why then are you offended when people have a go at you?

  48. serge – nice you still remeber Wengers age. You must be missing you mate upp. Go to another site & keep yourself busy. We accomodate you as part of care in the community.

    Just in case MOTD missed it, it was Giroud who nodded the ball down for Danny.

    From overheard conversation on the way home, there were a few fights in the clock end between beggars (change please) & believers (there’s only one Arsene Wenger).

  49. @Walter

    Yes, I recall that Mrs Broeckx was there when Anthony Taylor pointed to the spot for us. Santi took the penalty and it fortunately bounced off Guzan’s hands into the net. We won 5:0. 🙂

    Mrs Broeckx was also there when we won against Watford. No penalty for us but a 4:0 victory.

    If Mrs Broeckx is going to visit the Ems for our last match of the season, I can put a serious money on:

    -Anthony Taylor being in charge, as he was in charge in both previous matches Mrs Broeckx attended and he was in charge in our last two home matches against Villa,

    -Aston Villa to get trounced by Arsenal as we tend to score 4.5 goals per match with both Mr and Mrs Broeckx’s live support,

    -Hector Bellerin, Walter’s favourite, to score a goal as he has scored two out of his three goals with both Mr and Mrs Broeckx watching him.

    Maybe it would be nice from Mr Wenger to introduce Jeff for the last game at some point as Bellerin scored his first goal ever, Chuba Akpom got his first assist (a penalty earned) for Arsenal ever and Alex Iwobi scored his so far only goal at the Emirates in the official match when both Mr and Mrs Broeckx were at the Emirates. 🙂

  50. Reading reports from our Arsenal Belgium members who sat in the Clock End as usual (if you are there for the final home match so will we be Menace) they all come to the same conclusion: the Wenger out brigade is a very very small minority of fans.

  51. Well done to the boys yesterday. Was dismayed by the so called protest but pleased to see the many hand-made posters of support and also the angry response of many fans. Well done! It also came over loud and clear that the singing and chanting drowned out any boo-boys. Even the commentators agreed that the protest was of a minor nature. What has happened to Sky? Nice also to hear Tim Sherwood in support of Wenger after the game.

    Now if only Chelsea could beat Spurs tomorrow….

  52. Gooner Dave…..maybe we need to spend more than we have but it isn’t our place as Gooners, to cry spend,spend, like the oilers or other boytoy clubs can do because; we will always be outspent in any bidding war. By now it should be apparent that Wenger follows these basic transfer principles;

    1)Avoid the superstars unless he can have a chance to sign them before it becomes a bidding war(Ozil, Sanchez,etc.),

    2)Find bargains that are unpolished gems and turn them into better players (Nasri, Sagna, Gabriel, ElNeny, etc.),

    3)Bring in younger players either through transfers (Fabregas, Campbell, Welbeck, the Ox, Walcott etc.) or from our academy system (Iwobi, Bellerin, Szcezsny etc.) and develop them into top-class Gunners.

    4)Keep faith in his injured players rather than tossing them aside (Wilshire, Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla, etc.)and reintegrate them into the side gradually.

    5)Try and promote healthy competition between veterans and rising challengers without discouraging the up and coming players or dismissing his loyal veterans. This means he has to find a balance that most clubs take time to discover.

    6)If a player asks to leave, respect his wishes but get the best deal you can for the club and ensure that he gets adequately replaced.

    We’ll never spend like the richer clubs nor will we ever waste our resources on speculative and unpredictable wholesale changes, that’s the way Arsenal do business and we have little to say about it, regardless.

  53. I want to see those 12 people who dislike Brickfields jokes???

    Wonder how miserable they are!! Cant have a little laugh!! Whats life without it!!

  54. @ ARSENAL 13 May 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm & Billy The Dog – Could it be that they just don’t understand the joke ? Or maybe its my accent ? Like most of South Asian descent , I too tend to roll my r’s !

    Could an automatic translator or even a built in laugh track help ? Or a very funny and expressive Emoticon or GIF ?

  55. @Brickfields,

    South Asian accent as in ‘Aarrrrrrrrrrrsenal’ or Americanized callcentereque ‘Arvsenaal’???

    A builtin laugh track with a Gif would certainly help. You see some people need multiple stimuli (or is it stimulus) to get going.

  56. Excellent review Walter.

    Well said Al.

    Thanks for your observations Mark.

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