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January 2022
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January 2022

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Sánchez unhappy at Arsenal reminds us of the others who left

by Tony Attwood

When it is time to knock Arsenal in the media (which it is most of the time) then all the standard ploys are used – one of which of course is the fact that all the star players want to leave because they are so fed up with Arsène Wenger.

So we now have the issue with Alexis Sánchez who we are told is “frustrated”.  We are told in the press that he “stormed” out of the stadium when he was substituted in the Norwich game.

Of course we don’t know if this is true or not, and even if it is we don’t know whether Alexis was fed up with being substituted because he felt he shouldn’t have been, or because he knew he had not been up to the standard he was delivering earlier in his time at Arsenal.

As you might imagine, the story the press have got hold of is weak in the extreme.   Here’s two sentences used: “Privately, the Frenchman [Mr Wenger] is understood to be unimpressed. The atmosphere between them is believed to have been frosty in training this week, although Sánchez is expected to start against Manchester City on Sunday.”

So “privately”, “understood” “believed” “expected”.  Hardly the stuff of evidence.  But it was ever thus and inevitably leads to stories about fans being “on Wenger’s back” and the pressure Wenger “could well do without”.

The next step is “Bayern Munich have been linked with him” – and “there have been suggestions that Pep Guardiola could try to take him to Manchester City.”  “Linked”, “suggestions” and so on.

Emmanuel Adebayor was of course another one who left Arsenal, making the club a £22m profit.  He then made a lot of disparaging remarks about Arsenal fans and also stamped on Robin van Persie while he lay on the ground, as well as deliberately running the whole length of the Ethiad to gloat in front of Arsenal fans.

In fact Man City only put up with him for 34 games, and Real Mad for 14 before Tottenham took him on and then regretted it deeply, ultimately continuing to pay his salary without playing him because no one else wanted him at that cost.

As for RVP himself, his case was different from all the others.  Sir F Word knew he was going to have one final crack at the League, and knew that RVP had had one magnificent injury free season.  No one else would have paid a fortune in transfer fee and salary for a player in that position but Sir F did, and it paid off.  Although not for the club who were then left with RVP on a salary that no one else would match, for another three years.  But by then Sir F was gone, and the decline was setting in.

Gael Clichy, plucked from total obscurity by Arsenal’s extraordinary French scout Gilles Grimandi, seemed better suited to the Arsenal way when he said, I really think if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City. You have to think if you want to play for a big club and have your image, or if you want to play for a good club and earn big money.”  

Two years later he went to Man City.

Bacary Sagna also went to Man City for the money, and having won the FA Cup with Arsenal went on to win the League Cup with Man City.  His problem was he forgot to investigate who else was in the team.  He gets the money but Pablo Zabaleta get the games.

Samir Nasri gave Arsenal another giant pay out in terms of profit from a man whose mental strength has never quite seemed in tune with that of his manager.  His situation within the French team was a warning of just how disruptive an influence he could be, and there are those who would put Man City’s difficulties at time at his door.

One would never do the same with Thomas Vermaelen who went from Arsenal to Barcelona at a time when he was more often injured than not, and despite his enormous talent he has made 11 appearances in two years, although he did provide some fun when filmed parking his car.   Thierry Henry also chose Barcelona, and the club ended up paying £250,000 a game for Thierry who, much as we love him, was past his best by the time he went.



Alexander Hleb has famously admitted that leaving Arsenal was the stupidest thing he ever did in his life.   But he went to Barcelona in 2008 and after 19 league games in four seasons it was

Season Club Played Goals
2009–2010 VfB Stuttgart (loan) 27 (0)
2010–2011 Birmingham City (loan) 19 (1)
2011 VfL Wolfsburg (loan) 4 (1)
2012 Krylia Sovetov Samara 8 (0)
2012–2013 BATE Borisov 29 (3)
2014 Konyaspor 30 (2)
2015 Gençlerbirliği 15 (2)
2015 BATE Borisov 4 (0)
2016– Gençlerbirliği 8 (0)

But then I am told Gençlerbirliği is very nice at this time of year.

One might wonder when these players will ever learn… and come to that when Barcelona will ever learn, but they certainly didn’t with Alex Song.  After an average of between one game in two and one in three with Barcelona over two years he was shipped off to West Ham on loan where the ratio of appearances declined even further.

Maybe if (and it seems unlikely) Alexis is contemplating the door, he might like to reflect on what normally happens to ex-Arsenal men looking to “extend their career”.


62 comments to Sánchez unhappy at Arsenal reminds us of the others who left

  • gouresh

    All fine. But remember its not always as simple as that. Its also quite possible that he is not happy…could be anything really, The weather, the food, the crowd, his agent trying the usual stunt, anything. If he stays its great, but if he leaves, what explanation will be given? If there is smoke, there could be fire. Lets not ridicule it and brush it aside.

  • Andy L

    I note that he doesn’t feature in the pre-match Arsenal squad training photo’s.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I suppose that he must be disappointed they way his as well as our season went . The team really missed his passion and drive this season . Hope he gives it another crack at it .

    The media’s hate for AW is probably for their perceived thumbing his nose at them. With him they have been always guessing wrong . He refuses to buy the players they would like him to buy , or follow their unsolicited advice on tactics .

    Gilberto Silva is in town , and during a recent local tv show was asked some real outright stupid leading and loaded questions about AW and the manner of his leaving the club by Steve McMahon and another nobody . And the failing to win the EPL in 12 years .

    But to his immense credit , he remain the resolute and invincible wall he still is . He explained the situation so clearly and simply that any moron could grasp it .No amount of snide suggestions and sidetracking could shake him. Nary a negative comment from him.

    Will always be an Arsenal great and legend for me . Respect .

  • Nickw

    The problem as I see it is that if you want to keep winners like sanchez happy you need to at least be seen to be trying to compete. The complacency of the board and manager towards transfers and the league position must make it hard to keep convincing top players that the club are serious about building a winning team. I think by now it’s clear that they’re happy with top 4 and are not prepared to do what it takes to go any higher. No outfield players last summer speaks volumes.

  • Kamiel

    “No outfield players” is such a desperate knife to stick into the manager and the club. We signed a goalkeeper and a young French outfield player named Jeff Reine-Adelaide in the summer. Incidently, that’s pretty much a mirror image of our summer transfer activity in 03/04. The same season we went unbeaten.

    Quite frankly I’m sick of the same tired narratives season after season after season. “We need a proven world class striker.” “We need a hard man DM.” “We need a manager who is a proven winner.” “We need a new owner.”

    Leicester City wasn’t considered to have any of these things at the beginning of the season. They just won the league. Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola, with all of his pedigree and players, failed to accomplish the CL trophy in 3 consecutive seasons.

    Maybe, just maybe, there are no guarantees of success in the sport.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I have always wondered how certain people are able to read and probe others’ minds and thus are privy to much sensitive information, vast knowledge , hidden thoughts and motives.
    You too ?
    Well wonder no more ! Now you to can do it and understand the shareholders , the board , the manager , the team and the fans !
    Try this –

    Mind Control and Mind Reading ….How would you like to be able to:

    Cause people to make certain decisions instead of others, or

    Simply say the right thing and have it trigger crucial emotions and thoughts necessary for you to hear “yes?”

  • Josif

    I wasn’t worried before Tony published this article. Now I’m worried that Alexis could actually leave.

    Some players had a bad luck after leaving Arsenal. Others were successful. Van Persie won the league with United carrying them on his back most of the time. Fabregas has won the league with both Barcelona and Chelsea since his departure. Nasri has won the league twice with City as well as Clichy. Henry won the Champions League with Barcelona (and all other available trophies in 2009).

    Alexis wants to play every game – as Mr Wenger once said – but he has to learn that the manager has the last word. The manager knows that players of Alexis’ character can’t be found in the supermarket.

    I have to disagree on Tony’s valuation of Alexis performances this season though. He was out for two months but he is still our joint top-scorer with Giroud (12) in the league. He scored a hat-trick against that poor team…what is their name? Oh, yes, Leicester City, the champions of England. A brace against Man United. A vital equalizer at Spuds with us being down to ten men.

    Alexis is a special player, the reigning champion of South America. We hadn’t had that kind of a player since Henry’s first departure. Losing that kind of a player would send a wrong message.

    On the other hand, Alexis has to know that having issues with the manager doesn’t look well in a CV.

  • bushido

    of cos any big club target to finish inside top 4 and if their team became Champion its should come as bonus. so you said you not happy with top 4 and instead want the club should target to finish below top 4.every club operates within their budget and no outfield players sign last summer doesnt mean the club not prepared to challenges and go any higher.if the players Arsenal targeted is available plus their club are willing to sell and most importantly if the price is right, of cos the player will be here already.

  • Stephan

    Really don’t understand the Article tbh.
    Is it a warning to Sanchez not to leave Arsenal as all others who have done it fail?
    Hope that’s not the point you trying to make cuz it wouldn’t seem right to me.
    Most of the players you called left, not because they were not getting playing time but because they were not winning trophies. That was plain to see with V.persie,who won the League after leaving, Henry who won the CL, Fabregas, we all know he’s won a good number since leaving, Even clichy and Nasri likewise. The players are professionals and not fans of Arsenal.
    They’ll go where they feel they can win trophies so when they retire they can say they were part of so so and so winning team.
    It’s not about playing time or loyalty, it’s about success.
    Let’s hope Sanchez stays, cuz it will surely be starting from scratch with Ramsey and and injury prone Jack.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Tsk , tsk , tsk ! Sunderland put three past against last year’s champions ,Chelski .
    John Terry sent off and probably played his last game for them .
    How will this be received by the media ? Especially as we were slated for drawing there . No goals conceded by us , of course !
    Ahhhh ! How the mighty have fallen from their high places !

    ” How were the mighty slain in the midst of the battle! O Jonathan, thou wast slain in thine high places.” – Samuel 1:25

  • Polo

    Alexis contract negotiations is coming up, it could be just a ploy to get more. I believe he deserve whatever the price he ask if reasonable. If Alexis really want to leave, then the club should let him go, no point of having a player who is not happy and don’t want to stay.

    Anyway, media always speculate so let wait and see. Remember last month or so it was Ozil who wanted to leave because there’s conflict with the manager, it turned out to be false.

  • Always Gunner Proud

    Andy L ermm mate sorry to say he was training pre match. The photographer has done well to hide him behind theo in the first pic but to my knowledge only one player with those nikey boots wears his shorts that high and also the complaxion matches that of No.17 A. Sanćhez

  • Polo

    In the first photo of the training shoot in the Arsenal Player app, you could see Alexis but he is covered by Walcotts arm.

  • Menace

    There is nothing happening. Alexis is not going anywhere. Wenger is trying to work on a team that is being let down by fans. It is not easy.

    There are far too many idiots playing with Arsenal minds. The beggars for change are not helping. Their agenda is like they own the club but the only thing they can do is siupport or get on their bikes. The owners are shareholders & sadly Piers Morgan has a couple of shares. He is the one causing problems with his excessive wealth & poor intelligence.

  • Stephan

    Lets hope this is all just a ploy by Sanchez to get a favourable contract. Because we’ve seen this happen before. It won’t be surprising if he or Ozil wont sign tbh. There’s really nothing to say about this, let’s just hope he doesn’t leave, cuz then we all know the reason he wants to, if he does.

  • spot on Tony, though I believe the story behind alexis has some truth (we will never know) it seems that the guys sometimes thinks is above the club and above what the manager has to say. Alexis also forgot that within the last 2 seasons he has 2 poor spells of a dozen of games.

  • Notoverthehill

    Tony, has overlooked Matt Law, a Telegraph scribbler of little merit!

    The still of Alexis, storming out of the stadium, seems a tad over-excited?

    The Mail quoted “stormed down the tunnel”

    Law of the Telegraph, was at London Colney, to observe the “frosty relationship” with the manager?

    An Italian source quotes Juventus, as being interested, due to the English papers, interpretation of the Sanchez body language. The trouble is, that Sanchez earns twice what Paul Pogba earns. We all know Pogna is this season’s must buy!

    As Nicky says, the Telegraph is good for the cricket!

    The Bleacher account, also refers to a Redknapp, pointing out the “bad attitude” of Sanchez.

    John Cross of The Mirror, claims the Bayern Munich transfer?

    An Italian source quotes Juventus,

  • Samrat Jha

    off topic bit any news on any kind of FA action against either Spurs or Chelsea?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Matt Law is not exactly a fan of Arsenal

  • BarryL

    I think Alexis (with Ozil) is a fantastic Arsenal player and has contributed more than any one in last 2 seasons. But shame on him for his petulance in storming off up the tunnel in the Norwich game, behaviour that everyone in the ground witnessed.

    AW put LeCoq on to make sure we didn’t do a Palace and let a goal in. AW could have subbed Le Coq for Giroud, but he and Welbz were playing well together in last 20 mins.

    By his standards Alexis had a poor game – he was double marked through out the game, but kept trying to beat 2 or 3 men.

    I know this season that players like Alexis must get frustrated at two or three team-mates, who need to look at how poorly they have performed.

    But I hope that Alexis apologised to the manager for his poor behaviour – he is a stand-out guy, and the fans and his team mates look up to him

  • Ajay

    Gone are the days of one club for life. Anything can happen in today’s environment for top quality players. Unfortunately for us there are clubs across Europe with deeper pockets. So I won’t be surprised if he were to leave. But I hope he stays because I think the club is real close to finding the winning combination.

  • If Alexis does not want to put on the Arsenal shirt again then he should go.
    I love him and want nothing more than to see him stay but if he really does want to leave then let him go. No player is bigger than their club no matter who he maybe.
    I can understand stand when he gets flustered but how many times have we heard of players not happy with the team when they to have lost form but fail to see that they also have not been at their best.
    The press where Arsenal are concerned will always run these type of stories and we will get the usual Wenger could have bought so and so but would not spend the money this summer. The worst thing about it is that some people will swallow it hook line and sinker. When announce’s that we have bought someone that is the only time I believe.
    Whoever comes or goes Arsenal will remain and as much as I love anyone who puts on that red and white shirt with that beautiful Cannon my love for Arsenal FC is stronger.

  • Josif


    Dembele got six-match ban. I don’t know if anyone else got charged which is a circus.

  • dan

    Alexis is a class act, the ones who need to go are the none contributors I.e. Walcott.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I think an unequivocal performance like the one Leicester just had can guarantee titles winning.

    @Brickfields Gunners.
    Mark you, Jonathan was a tight friend and a close alley of David. It has been belived that, there is no true friends like Jonathan and David. And there will never be another one like them again. Because of who his father was, Jonathan’s live was sacrificed for David the anointed to become king.

    We can’t know if actually there is a rift between the Boss and Alexis. As usual, I expect this rumour of a rift between the Boss and Sanchez will soon be debunked in the media by Alexis himself after him & the Boss have mended their fences. Should there be no any debunk in the media by Alexis, then we will know there could actually be a rift between the master and his boy.

    Newcastle falling short of a win at Villa park today could mean they won’t have the impetus to beat Suprs? Save if next Sund’land draw or lost at home to Everton. So, that Chelsea lose to SFC is no good news.

  • Polo

    Off topic:

    Congratulations again to Leicester City, beautiful to see the emotions and jubilation from everyone in the stadium.

    I hope it will be Arsenal’s turn next season.

  • Tom

    Watching Leicester’s trophy presentation, can’t help to envy the relationship between the players and the club owners hugging each other.

    If anyone thinks Kroenke’s attitude towards winning doesn’t trickle down the ranks right through the board, manager and to the players then they live in the fantasy world.

    Sanchez might be disillusioned with the club’s attitude having played for the best in the business, surrounded by the best in the business in Barca.
    Having his national teammate and close personal friend, Arturo Vidal, playing for another standout footballing organization in Munich and Juve before that, it can’t be very inspiring to him either having a look around the Arsenal scene of the disgruntled fans booing the team at every whim, a disinterested owner and a complacent board.

    Opportunity to win a league title, the CL title are very high on the priority list of players like Sanchez and let’s face it Arsenal are nowhere near of winning either.

    That said, snubbing Wenger when subbed off and storming out of the stadium on his own is a bs move ,whether you’re a superstar or not.
    Disappointing to see from any player.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    @Brickfields Gunners.
    My curiosity has led me to check your quotes of 1 Samuel 25 which you quoted to have mocked Jonathan’s death who was a great ally of David. And I’ve not seen anything related to Jonathan’s death in that Bible passage you have qouted. Rather, the passage is talking of Prophet Samuel’s death, his burial and the moving away of David to the desert of Paran.

    I think you must have quoted the wrong Bible passage. Check it out please. Thanks.

  • Al_The_Gunner


    “let’s face it Arsenal are nowhere near of winning either”…
    really …like NOWHERE..?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Will be interesting to see whether Alexis plays tomorrow, hopefully this is all a fuss over nothing.
    I heard he watched the rest of the game from the tunnel, but cannot prove that.
    But, ultimately, the manager picks the team, if he really has too much of an issue with that, he could be a bit of a problem player….he doesn’t really seem that way?
    As for Kroenke….cannot point to him having done too much wrong…..BUT he clearly is not the most inspiring of owners, that remark about not being in it to win championships, whatever he really did or did not mean helps nobody. TBH, I don’t write too much on here, but have been a bit wary of our owner from day 1, have a couple relatives who cannot stand him…..but I should mention, they are from St Louis.

  • colario

    You are not alone in not being happy with Mr Kronke.

    I believe he is first and foremost an investor. Nothing wrong with that.

    It seems to me that he does not interfere with the running of the businesses he has shares in as long as they run at a profit and thereby increase the value of his shares.

    As far as I know there is no evidence of him putting his hand in his money pocket and giving money to any business in need of investment.

    He has as you know taken £6 million out of the club ‘for services rendered’.

    For what service? That is what I would like to know.

  • Polo

    @ Mandy, my guess is Alexis will be starting tomorrow as he was at training. I believe the media is sensationalizing the incident as it blends in with the protest narrative on the day. This was similar to what was said between Ozil and AW a month or so ago. I remember one of the report saying if AW is still at the club next season Ozil will leave, then a few days later Ozil dismiss the claim and said he is supportive of AW. Then the media stopped writing about it.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Kroenke….a difficult one Colario.
    On one hand, he backs his manager, we have no evidence there are current restrictions… for his three million per annum fee….I guess you could say the commercials have certainly improved under his watch to a tune of far greater than the amount he takes.
    Was Wenger ordered to build up a stash of collateral for his other projects… evidence, and we will never know.
    Has Wenger ever asked him for more money than the business has generated? I actually doubt he has.
    But, Kroenke came in at a time when we could have done with some investment, there was none, and we lost the players mentioned in this piece. David dein identified a need for a rich outside investor to see us through lean years, maybe he underestimated Wenger, but it seems in Kroenke, Dein backed the wrong man to this end. The board were initially very hostile to Kroenke….but eventually decided he was a better option than Usmanov
    Whatever the truth, it seems the perception of kroenkes unconditional backing of Wenger, while laudible on one level, now perhaps not always helpful in some quarters.
    If the likes of Ozil and Alexis refuse to sign extensions, the club will get over it, but it may add to the negativity, for this and other obvious reasons, hope to see them both extend.
    Kroenke is clearly not the worst of all owners, some would say he encourages a responsible business model, but don’t think there will be a statue erected to him at the Emirates…..or it seems most of his clubs any time soon.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Think you are probably right Polo.
    On another note, I can confidently state, the season Arsenal get as many penalties as Leicester Did this, and it will be over Mile Riley’s dead body, we will win the league

  • Menace 321 are you a Piers in disguise !!!!!

  • Menace

    I thought for a moment that there was some good news Mike Riley’s dead body but it was Mandy talking dreams. Penalties are only available to the chosen few. Now who talks about racism & bias & favouritism. What we have is a totally controlled sport outside the law & outside all sporting expectations.

    One day I will wake up & know that football has become a sport again. Until that day arrives I will have to live with cheats & beggars pulling the strings.

  • Mandy 700 professional. League footballers Prem league

    20 Prem managers + God knows how many back room staff

    So much money at stake now in the league ( ref promotion and relegation )

    Yet no one ever complains about refs and conspiracys other than a handful of people on yes you guess it. Untold

    Please explain why ?

  • Menace if it’s so bent

    Why do you ? One watch it . Two bet on it .

  • Linda are you Menace’s wife . Surely a marriage made in Heaven !

  • Menace

    Shoot – Betting is something I’ve learnt when I was a child. I’ve watched football when it was a sport. Saw Stan Matthews in Kenya. Sadly the game has been bastardised so that honesty has to improve beyond cheats. You must be short of a rubber doll picking on Linda. Perhaps you should be on a State Aid site specialising in their business.

  • Menace

    Shoot – ever thought of playing in traffic?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Shoot, I will give you time to reconsider your post.
    Are you really ….honestly….saying none of the twenty premier league managers….or others who were.sacked this season , including a high profile Portuguese manager have ever complained about the referees….or conspiracies against them or their team?

  • bushido

    colario- you said the owner had taken 6 million out of the club for services rendered. to clarify it, KSE(Kronke Sports Enterprises) is one of the leading sports companies in the world and has tremendous expertise and experience in a broad range of areas and we are fortunate to be able to draw upon their support. This covers broad areas including our commercial development strategy (revenues have doubled to over £100m per annum in three years), facilities development and stadium management, CRM systems, digital development, fitness, analytics, broadcast strategy, ticketing, catering and stadium tours among others. Our Chairman felt it was right and good governance not to expect to receive services for free but to pay a fee for the wide range of services that have been provided to Arsenal Football Club by KSE. statement above was taken from but even with that fact you can still hear the AAA and WOB flocks denies the proof and keep accusing the owner had taken millions from the club. and the hate keeps coming

  • Mandy Dodd

    Bushido….agree, Kroenke and his organisation have some great experience in ownership of sports clubs, and yes, some things….commercials, , and I would guess, networking, technology, marketing…..and dare I say it, probably scouting, fitness, sports science and medicine are most likely on an upward curve.
    And maybe three million a year is good value for these benefits….Arsenal have always been a pretty conservative club…..and anything or anybody who moves us forward can only be a good thing.
    But, with Kroenke, there seems to be a PR problem……too many believe there is a lack of ambition, I am not even sure this is actually true, but Stans recent statement was really unhelpful.
    But, Kroenke was supportive in signing Alexis and Ozil, and no reason to believe he will not back Wenger in future signings.
    Kroenke clearly leaves things to Gazidis , the board and Wenger, some would say that is the perfect owner….not sure how to articulate this, but if , as I suspect, the club are moving forward and doing a good job, they need to promote it more effectively so the message gets above the negativeity noise and chatter. And I know that is extremely difficult with our media, if I knew how to overcome that, I would be charging a fortune as a PR consultant.
    Basically, trying to be positive about the club ownership, despite the word in my ear from the St Louis relatives!
    But have a feeling we will be keeping Alexis and Ozil, and if Wenger cannot, he will overcome

  • bushido

    Mandy….yeah’ i agree sometime the club need to be more open with the supporters and fans’ never mind the media and S.Kroenke need to stop making controversial statements that makes the supporters and fans angry. he must realize that Arsenal is not the same with other sport franchises he own in the US. i know how your St Louis relatives feel, they just lost their American Football team and the city were left in a huge stadium debt. about the players, i think Alexis and Ozil will stay, in additions of hopefully 3 new players to strengthen the team and gave it another go for another season. plus the euro is around the corner and players who represent their country will be given 3 or 4 weeks rest when season start.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Menace – With 322 (So far , and counting !) DISLIKES for your May 7, 2016 at 5:52 pm post , you are now apparently the forgone winner for the post of President of the AKBs !
    And here I was thinking that with all my humour , bon homie and restraint , I would be a definite shoo in !

  • Brickfields Gunners


    A man sent his son abroad to give him a good education. On his return back home after completing his studies the father took the son to his factory where they made sausages.

    He let his son have a good look at the whole factory, the son examined the whole procedure seriously and gave kinda brainy look. Dad was so happy and asked the son “So Son, do you have any good plans to further develop our business?”

    Son: ” Papa , instead of putting the pigs into the machine and getting sausages out, we can put sausages in and get pigs from the other side .”

    Dad got so annoyed and said , ” WTF ! You are so clever, only your mom has that kind of machine, when I put my sausage in, A Pig Like You Came Out”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    In the meantime the owner of Leicester City keeps on winning and winning . Did he bet on his club winning the EPL ? He must have at odds of 5,000 to 1 . How much do you think he would have won ? Probably enough to keep the Foxes trotting on happily next season .

  • Shoot
    Jealous. Menace and I believe in supporting our team through the good and bad times and if all the supporters felt the same this season may have turned out different. Why don’t you SHOOT OF.

  • Al

    What kind of human being has to keep hitting the dislike button 300 plus times? I feel a little uncomfortable being around such people. Definitely not someone I’d like living on the same street with..

  • Al

    Skipped tom’s comment (for obvious reasons) but reading yours I can tell he was talking from his rear end, again.

    He’s a waste of space, like his pal, the discredited serge, who was posting on these boards using fake credentials. And to think serge was always having a go at PK at every opportunity for what he termed providing “false” stats (which really was just a simple error), when he’s the one who was knowingly providing false information all the time, claiming the moral high ground… the irony of it all…

  • Josif

    A bit off-topic but I have to make it because of that wonderful feeling that Mr Wenger either reads Untold Arsenal comments section with a particular attention to my comments or great minds indeed think alike.

    I wrote on 21st April:

    “Leicester have Vardy and Mahrez who have each scored more league goals than Giroud, Spuds have Kane who has scored more than Giroud, Theo and Danny combined and City have Aguero who has also passed 20-goal mark despite spending quite a while on the sidelines.

    In order to avoid wrong use of a term “hindsight” next season, I say in April 2016 that Arsenal have to shore things up at the both ends of the pitch before 2016-17 starts in order to win the league.”

    On 24th April Mr Wenger was quoted in Metro ( saying:

    “We don’t have anybody with 20 goals in the league, so that is a handicap.”

    On 3rd May I wrote:

    “However, we have dropped our lead against West Brom, Norwich, West Ham, Liverpool, Swansea, Crystal Palace and, indeed, Tottenham away. Sixteen points!”

    On 7th May the official page ran the story with The Boss about where Arsenal need to improve next season:

    “The Gunners have only conceded 34 goals over the course of this Premier League campaign – just six more than second-placed Tottenham Hotspur – but have dropped 16 points from winning positions.
    Arsenal have also conceded three or more goals on eight occasions this season, and Wenger has called for his side to “toughen up” at the back.”

    The Boss was quoted saying: ‘We had a problem at home and dropped too many points against teams that played deep,” the manager said. “We didn’t manage to score enough goals and our deficit is there. Our defensive record is strange because we had 15 clean sheets which is good. But when we conceded we really conceded. In the big games away from home we conceded three at Liverpool, three at Manchester United and three at West Ham. It was nearly always in positions where we were in the lead, which makes it difficult to win the league then.’

    So, I pointed at our lack of 20-goal-in-the-league striker, need for improving in the first and final third of the pitch and our record that says 16 points have been dropped from the winning position. Then Mr Wenger first agreed with me on the lack of a 20-goal-in-the-league striker and then he confirmed in the interview that had started with the same stats about lost points from the winning position that we need to toughen up in the defence.

    Thank you Mr Wenger for reading Untold Arsenal comments section. That is not always the easiest task.

  • norman14

    I saw Alexis walk up the tunnel – I didn’t see him “storming”

    Maybe my interpretation of “storming” is different to Red Nap and Matt Law, who obviously have two dictionaries – one for normal use and one for when referencing Arsenal.

  • Tom

    Al The Gooner

    13 points behind league champions in both seasons Alexis has been at Arsenal constitutes nowhere near winning it, unfortunately.

  • Tom

    I’m sorry to hear you” skipped” my post ( lol). I always read yours for second to none entertainment value.
    Your posts put a smile on my face.
    Keep them coming 🙂

  • austinpaul

    Wat d hell! If Alexis nd Ozil wish to leave, why not?they are nt d best players in d world or are they? Their exit will be a great oppurtunity for beta Alexis nd Ozil to come on board, aftaall we hve a boss whose major attribute is picking d right players who fit into his vision, Arsenal will remain nd greater on their departure;Barca nd Real are still wat they were. If nt beta on their respective exit ,so people shuld stop dis unnecessary apprehension abt d media speculations surrounding any player(s).if its tru Alexis stormed down d trench afta being subbed den my love for him is deminished,dats indescipline nd arrogance, d worst xterization of any respected professional; no player is bigger dan his club nd manager;in my days in charge I wuld stop using him untill he returns to his senses no mata wat anybody says or feels;I admire nd love Alexis bt such public petulance is uncalled for ;hving bin idolized by fans nd supporters is no reason for such divisive attitude ,it shuld be condemed nd nt condoled bcos its a harbinger of bad blud nd killer of team spirit nd by extension team consumate performance;Late Yekini of Ngeria’s super eagles never scored again afta he went on to ‘hug’ d net rada dan his team mates on scoring nigeria’s 1st goal against Bulgaria @ d world cup match of 1998 bcos Amokachi nd d rest players won’t give me a gud pass even wen he was well placed to score;so if Alexis is angry bcos he was subbed his mates culd react negatively wich I forsee as harbinger of disunity in d team wich arsenal does nt nid @ dis crucial tym!

  • Dgeoel

    I am surprised by all the complaints about Stan. Stan is a bussinessman and he need not be an Arsenal or football fan. He might be a baseball fan as most Americans are. Why did he invest in AFC? To make money! And £6m is moneeey.

  • bushido

    never mind the dislike menace. people tend to get really hurt when their dirty laundry was expose and air to the public viewing. or maybe they just piers morgan follower who tend to get a ‘hard on’ whenever he open his mouth

  • Andy Mack

    I just saw a player that had a poor game (by his own standards) where his first touch let him down more than usual and he gave the ball away much more than usual, walking off disappointed with himself.
    Maybe he was taken off because he’s carrying a knock or maybe for another reason.

    I don’t think Alexis is so dumb that he’d throw his toys out the pram over one substitution where he played poorly.

  • Menace

    Keep the dislikes coming. It gives me nothing & takes nothing ….. but the click value is wonderful. Untold will have a longer life.

    Please refrain from text speak because I for one don’t understand what is being implied. It is not good for the education of anyone wanting to learn English Language.

    I am not surprised but disappointed that the Chelsea v Spuds game resulted in only one suspension. It is a disgrace to sport & the FA have shown they are not competent to administer a game in a proper manner. The bias is clear & we on Untold have been commenting on it for years.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I’m officially throwing in the towel for the post of AKB President . No way can I even dream of getting anyway near Menace’s DISLIKE total of 358 (so far and counting !).

    For the information of ‘them’ , AKBs don’t vote for the new office bearers – you do ! The person with the most DISLIKES wins ! Want to rethink your votes ?

  • Pete

    Posted this on another thread. But I am very reliably informed by someone who knows him well that Alexis is committed – certainly to remaining in England. I can’t guarantee that that means Arsenal but pretty confident that is the case too.

    Anyway, I’m sure he will be feeling happier after his goal yesterday! Now fill ya boots against Villa. May need a 14 goal swing…