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Recent posts by certain moaners and negative fanboys have displayed a perfect 20/20 hindsight that covers the last 12 years or so. However  I would not call what these fanboys  display,  hindsight, but rather BLINDSIGHT.

Here is the definition of this optical disease: It is a cognitive disorder in which their optical nerve gets crossed with their rectal nerve and they end up with a shitty outlook on life and the Arsenal! Here is the DSM-5 (psychiatric manual) repertoire of symptoms accompanying this disorder:

1) At the start of each season sufferers  have elevated the Arsenal’s potential to Olympian heights aided by the media and other fickle fanboys, only to be brought harshly to earth at the end of said season, as the team performs well but NOT to their expectations. They immediately and incessantly BLAME our ¨failures¨ on Wenger, Gazidis, the Board, the players, the alignment of the stars,etc. thus assuaging their need to feel better, having voided their bladders so pleasingly on the Arsenal.

2) These poor souls conveniently forget the other 19 teams in the EPL, including the former champions and big money teams, almost all of whom perform worse than the Arsenal, and they thus display very selective memories, a sure sign of blindsight. They lament only about the Arsenal not automatically winning their cherished  baubles each year and place the blame on Wenger one way or the other. They lament about AFC finishing below Leicester but forget we were the only team to beat them home and away in the EPL!

3) They are extremely simplistic, vulnerable, manipulated and prodded by the media’s false expectations and spurious stories about how weak Arsenal’s other challengers are (the top 6) and forget that the mid-table teams have improved significantly season over season. They need black and white explanations and quick solutions rather than taking the time to explore complex issues fairly and profoundly. Everything is superficial and obvious to them: Wenger is a fool, AFC are cheapskates etc.

4) They raise the bar continuously, using their inflated expectations as a stick to beat the Club and Wenger with, regardless of reality or concrete circumstances. Suddenly the FA Cup becomes an essential  trophy, despite their previous claims that only the CL and EPL titles mean anything. If we only had Mourinho, we’d win everything, why didn’t we buy anyone…anyone last summer!!!!!!

5) They offer lame and dubious examples of why the team is excrement and Wenger a clown, yet cannot appreciate the actual success the team achieves (coming second, 3 trophies in the last 4 years, finishing above the spuds 22 years in a row, building the best stadium in England), because the Arsenal is only as good as its worse game for them. For them, ever silver lining is a guaranteed disaster sure to happen.

6) They deny actual obstacles the Arsenal have had to overcome each season; long-term injuries, proven poor officiating (perhaps even wilful and organized?), players losing form, toxic home fan boys, monetary restrictions both actual and philosophical (lack of real talented, affordable transfers), etc.

They prefer to pontificate on such dubious and debatable events such as;  purported poor substitution policy, Wenger’s supposed transfer foolishness, Giroud’s being a useless twat, Ozil nicking a living, Theo being another, bigger useless twat, Wenger’s tactical naivété, our horrible medical and rehabilitation expertise,Wenger overplaying his squad and so on. When newly transferred players on other teams perform well, it is Wenger’s slowness and miserliness in buying all of them that is thrown in his face, regardless of the impossibility of him predicting such performances ahead of time or the ridiculousness and impossibility of trying to afford all these miracle-workers. in one go

7) They have the firm delusion that players are getting £200k/week to wander aimlessly around the park and do nothing, when in actual fact, players’ compensation is kept a well-guarded secret and anything the media spout, like so many other claims, is pure speculation and often outright lies….so they swallow the media and aaa BS without the slightest reference to reality or concern for the truth. The truth is what they say it is and ONLY what supports their agenda.

8) In their blindsight they repeat the ubiquitous meme that the same ¨mistakes¨ are being repeated season after season but cannot EVER actually specify which ones they are and on the rare occasion they do, inevitably fail miserably in presenting any rational and factual list of credible examples. However when UA presents dozens of thorough referee reviews done by officials and very competent assessors, they rabidly DENY whatever conclusions are offered and call UA a conspiracy site. Un poids et deux mesures as we say over here (double standards: A situation where, out of two classes of entities, only one is expected to follow a certain standard while the other is treated more leniently.)

9) Therefore blindsight refers to the capacity of blinkered and negative, agenda-driven, entitled, pessimistic pseudo-supporters to vainly try and justify their failure to wholeheartedly support the team they supposedly LOVE, simply because it isn’t meeting their self-anointed, infallible expectations. One can look under the definition of ¨delusions of grandeur¨ to further understand their self-righteous, arrogant and ignorant take on football in general and the Arsenal specifically.

Suffice it to say that these guys and gals seem to know more than Wenger, be better placed to manage the Arsenal than Gazidis and the Board, outperform Walter and his team of analysts, unerringly judge future events using their excellent hindsight, unfailingly behave as the best Arsenal supporters as long as the team wins, display excellent overall knowledge of Football (as long as it’s the Fantasy variety) and never condescend to write an article for UA because they will not cast pearls before UA swine.  Poor UA!

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  1. Also hidsight or blindsight – Man U to refund fans for tickets to Sundays abandoned game. The question is who refunds the fares, hotels & ancilliary expenditure of fans?

    The whole episode is an example of how not to use a stadium!

  2. I’m publishing this comment in full, because it is so typical of the negative commentaries we get. Most of them get deleted automatically, but I went for a look around and disinterred this one, as it seems to cover everything at once. It reads…

    Another mercenary article funded to distract and misinform for the sole objective of business Arsenal

    There is abuse, no evidence, a belief that the writer of the comment knows what is in the mind of the writer of the article… And I wonder why such people bother. I know I’ve published this one as an example, but most never get through, and yet still these people write their funny little items.

    Odd isn’t it.

  3. Menace, it seems that the device was left there accidentally by a private contractor following an exercise for sniffer dogs. That exercise must have been undertaken with the full knowledge and co-operation of the Football club. I am not a lawyer but either the club or the private company who placed the mock bomb should have ensured that all such devices were counted before and after the exercise. That United have accepted the ticketing costs of the match and given free access for the replay would possibly be seen in court as accepting liability. To be certain it would need the supporters to instigate a court case to reclaim their additional costs so probably isn’t going to happen. It would also be interesting if the Premier League or FA decide to punish United over the incident. Again I’m not holding my breath over this outcome. I just hope that Manure don’t win be 18 goals on Tuesday, in fact I’ll be cheering Bournemouth hoping they win.

  4. In all fairness , should a similar incident at our place take place I doubt that other than a ticket being issued for the rematch possibly with an option to duck out would be given. How do you quantify peoples travel expenses ? If they come by train or bus their fares are set in stone but how about cars ? how many people were in it what was the mileage , how many miles to the litre ? What about wear to tyres , wipers. It’s an impossible task . Personally I would be grateful to have got out of the stadium alive and safe .

  5. 10) Many have very low IQs and have no concept of reality or of logical thinking .Never able to formulate ideas for themselves ; most never able find gainful employment( unless if you think being the village idiot is a job !); often resorting to stalking as to get to know people better !

    If not for the auto correct and google translator , their ‘work’ would be lost on us !
    Not that we would ever learn anything informative from them ! These are the people that would hold banners upside down and in a language alien to them . The funniest banner I’ve seen is ” DOWN WITH THE JUICE !” , especially as I really love juice and smoothies !

    Ah , well , the world would be a lot less funny without their unintended humour !

  6. Hindsight or Blindsight – what about foresight? I did come on here at the start of the season and said we wouldn’t win the league and I was right, and unless Wenger signs a proper world class striker capable of scoring 25/30+ Premier League goals we won’t do next season either.

    But I don’t think we’re too far short and good on Wenger for believing we could still get 2nd, bravo to that and bravo to finishing above the best ever spuds team of all time with what some say is the worst ever Arsenal team of all time.

  7. Eh! Today, Untold is full of posts berating so-called moaners and negative fanboys like myself! You guys running this blog are shameless. You are bleating and gloating for finishing above THFC (we were very fortunate and should thank relegated Newcastle for handing this to us) and 10 points behind Leicester City? You are the cause for Wenger’s behaviour and should hang your heads in shame!
    You talk of big spenders doing worse than ourselves this season; the more reason why we should have won it because we have failed to do so for 11 years when they performed and now the 12th year when they have not performed we blew it. Just how long have Leicester been in the Premier League and how big is their budget, remember they were a relegation candidate a couple of seasons back? You also talk of no credible examples of repeated mistakes available! Ha, ha, ha! They abound. Our thin squad with a very few quality players lasts up to December; after that the grand capitulation begins year on year!
    As a way of snubbing the fans, who were crying for the team to be strengthened in Jan. 2014, he brought in Kim Kalstrom, himself injured for half of the remaining half of the season to cover for Theo and Ramsey. In the summer of that year when fans were asking for strengthening, he again snubbed them and went to Italy to officiate an exhibition match on transfer deadline day. Remember he brought in Gabriel in Jan. 2015 when Chelsea were out of sight after selling TV to Barca in August 2014? He did the same thing last summer by bringing in only a goal keeper when it was clear the team needed strengthening in key areas. These are just a few examples, couple with his damaging training regime which decimates our team season in season out. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  8. The crystal ball –

    An inventor was trying to sell his new computerised crystal ball to a marketing executive.
    As expected , the executive was highly sceptical .” Tell you what ,” said the inventor , “why don’t you type in a question ?”

    The executive tapped out : ” Where is my father ?”

    The crystal ball bleeped and blooped , then finally returned an answer : ” Your father is fishing in Scotland .”

    “Ha !”laughed the executive , “I knew this thing was rubbish – my father has been dead for fifteen years !”

    The inventor was puzzled . ” This can’t be right – try asking the question in a different way .”

    The executive again began typing : ” Where is my mother’s husband ?”

    A short bleep later and the crystal ball returned its answer :” Your mother’s husband has been dead for 15 years . Your father just landed an eight pound trout !”

  9. What also amazed me was the fact that at the beginning of the season, most pundits said we would not win the PL. Most said we would finish 4th, and a few that we would finish 2nd. Now, when did they turn around so say we will win it, when as they’ve been said all the time we didn’t buy! Now Redknapp says we are a level below Spurs! I say, what is he smoking nowadays?

  10. NT
    You sound like we have been relegated.
    All of your so called allegations stand nul and void after we were runner up in the PL and as many as 18 teams finished behind us including United Liverpool chelsea and City with more money and budget and the extra outfield player they bought in the transfer window.

  11. A good last story before I bid goodnight to all the millions of readers of this blog !

    There was this Bus Conductor, who was Very Rude to his passengers. One day, a Beautiful Young Girl, of around 18 Years, tried to board the bus, but he didn’t stop the bus.
    Unfortunately, the beautiful young girl fell under the bus and died on the spot.

    The angry passengers took the conductor to the police station, who in turn took him to court. The Judge was not at all impressed with him and gave him capital punishment.

    He was taken to the electrocution chamber. There was a single chair in the center of the room. The conductor was strapped to the chair and high voltage current was given to him. But, to everyone’s amazement, he survived.
    The judge decided to set him free, and he returned to his profession.

    A couple of months later, an elderly gentleman tried to board the bus. This time the Bus conductor, remembering his earlier experience stopped the bus. Unfortunately, the elderly gentleman slipped and fell and died due to his injuries.

    The conductor was taken to the police station and then to the court, to the same judge.

    Though, he hadn’t done anything wrong, but considering his past record the judge decided to set an example and gave him capital punishment.

    The Bus conductor was again taken to the same electrocution chamber where there was a single chair in the center of the room. He was strapped to the chair and high voltage current was given to him.

    This time he died instantly…..!!!!!

    The question is why didn’t he die on the first occasion..?? but, died instantly the second time….??

    Okay…….. here is the Answer…………

    During the first time The Conductor was a Bad Conductor, therefore electricity didn’t pass through him. But, during the second time, he was a Good Conductor, so electricity passed through him freely and he died !!!!
    Physics never go wrong….

    Don’t look at me…!! I am also looking for the Person who sent me this……

    Goodnight ,guys .

  12. Been reading all the posts on Untold today and thinking how nice not to have the AAA on board and then NT appears. Why do they come on this site which actually supports Arsenal and not stay on the other odious sites who proclaim to know it all and who seem upset at the way things turned out yesterday. I couldn’t resist going on one of them to have a peek and the majority of them can only be classed as bitter and twisted souls who think they are so much more knowledgeable than anyone on here or who run Arsenal FC. They even try to have a go at Untold. They just don’t get it, do they! They should have noted the poor Villa fans who only this time last year were looking forward to a cup final against us. What would they do to be in our position. I would have thought this season in particular they would realise just how hard it is to be near the top of the Premier and to remain there for twenty seasons is phenomenal. I too would love us to go one stage further but realise it is not easy. I used to think some Spurs supporters were the most pathetic but unfortunately some of these so called Arsenal supporters are worse.

    Like Tony, Walter and nearly all on Untold I was very pleasantly surprised at the results yesterday and am thrilled to be runners up. There is no shame in that. When fans are so peeved over supporting our great club may I suggest stop, and go and get another life.

  13. People who can’t enjoy a match and a result like yesterday are wilfully depriving themselves of a lot of fun and enjoyment. I can’t understand it myself. There is little enough to celebrate in the world as it is.

    I met a young friend who is an Arsenal fan and tends to moan. I thought after that match surely he would be happy. But he wasn’t. It’s win the league or nothing for him. Don has hit the nail on the head.

  14. Brickfields – as they say in Punjab bus yar! That was a real chuckle.

    The Man U bomb alert.
    1. The dog/handler training exercise was a failure because the device that was left behind was not found.
    2. The man who left it behind made an error while checking recovery of devices.
    3. The device was clearly marked as a test device.
    4. Man U must have known what was being done the day before & obviously didn’t check with the training company.
    5. Despite the device being clearly marked, it was destroyed in a controlled way.

    Each of the above points to a lack of proper process, professionalism & responsibility. The training company were not monitored before, during & after their exercise. Poor security. In any organisation the security officer must not trust anyone & must ensure checks into & out of the organisations premises.

    This incident is a lesson to all security officers & organisations that allow multiple use of premises.

  15. Nigel
    The AAA are a circus and the clowns think they are in control. Arsenal supporters my ass. I’m sick of the moaning and whinges all through this season and if they had put as much effort into supporting the team then maybe with a better atmosphere at the Emirates we could have gone one better.
    When as an eight year old girl I told my father( Liverpool man) that I supported Arsenal he sat me done and asked me did I know what was involved in supporting a team. ( my two brothers got this same lecture I found out later).
    He told me that once you support a team that that team was yours for life.
    You did not change your mind if they lost a game and your friends starting giving you stick.
    You were in it through the good times and the bad.
    You team will not win anything all the time but that only makes the success when it comes all the more sweeter. To nail your colours to the mask and that is we’re they stay always.
    You have to be loyal to your team come hell,or high water.
    I never ever forgot what my dad told me and I followed that great advice all through the years. This club is a part of who I am and always will be and I get annoyed when the very people who call themselves supporters but vilify Areenal and Wenger in their own stadium, it’s a disgrace and if they had any morals they would hang their heads in shame but sadly they never will.

  16. Great talk from your dad, Linda. Pity some of the so-called supporters didn’t get it.

  17. Continuing in the humourous vein…..

    ..A doctor in Dublin wanted to get off work and go fishing so he approached his assistant. ” Murphy , I am going fishing tomorrow and don’t want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of all my patients.”

    “Yes sir .” replied Murphy.

    The doctor goes fishing and returns the following day and asks: ” So Murphy, how was your day? ”

    Murphy told him he took care of three patients. “The first one had a headache so I gave him Paracetamol”.

    “Bravo Murphy lad, and the second one?” ask the doctor.

    ” The second one had indigestion and I gave him Gavison, so I did sir” says Murphy.

    ” Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this and what about the third one?” asks the doctor.

    “Sir, I was sitting here and suddenly the door flies open and a young gorgeous woman burst in so she does. Like bolt outta the blues she tears off her clothes, taking off everything including her bra and her panties and lies down on the table, spreading her legs and shouts: “HELP ME for the love of St Patrick! For five years I have not seen any man!”

    “Tunderin’ lad Murphy, what did you do? ” ask the doctor.

    “I put drops in her eyes ! “

  18. Well done bennydevito. You’ve just identified that if we’d had a bit more luck we MIGHT have won the league……..so what the hell do you expect Wenger to do about that?

  19. GoonerMikey,

    I expect Wenger to buy a better striker than Giroud with all that money in our bank.

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