A moan free zone

The new issue of Highbury High, on sale against Fulham  tomorrow, has been declared a moan-free zone.  It is an unusual move as fanzines are usually the ideal place to get things off your chest. So why a moan-free zone. Editor Ian Trevett explains

“Having a good old moan-up has always been a part of going to football. I remember when I first used to go to Highbury in the mid-seventies with my dad and uncle, and listening to fans walking away from the ground, arguing about which players weren’t good enough for the club. A few years on , when I started to go to the pub, there would always be a debate about where Arsenal were going wrong.

In those days there was no outlet for any frustrations with the club, especially not in the official programme.

Then along came the fanzines and they were breath of fresh air with lively discussions and humour. Then we had 606 and Talksport on the radio, websites, blogs, Tom Watt on Arsenal TV and now anyone with a opinion has a voice, which is great. The trouble is that the fans who post on blogs or call in radio phone-ins are almost always the supporters who want to voice their frustration, and it is only the angry voices we ever seem to hear. You never get to hear from the fans who think that Arsene Wenger is doing an excellent job (with difficult financial constraints).

So the new issue of Highbury High is dedicated to the fans who believe in Wenger (and there are plenty of us) and trust him to lead us to success in the coming seasons. We are making a stand for the fans that don’t want to ring up TalkSport and moan about the club.

Not only that, the new issue includes a great article by Tony Attwood of the ever-positive Untold Arsenal, who compares Flamini to a most unexpected ex-player.”

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  1. Hi The Brain

    The fanzine is on sale outside the ground for £2

    If you wish to subscribe there is a reduced rate for Untold Arsenal readers.

    For a six issue issue subscription the cost is £10 UK (usually £12), £13 Europe (usually £15), £15 World (usually £18).
    Please quote Untold Arsenal offer and ask to start with issue 69 (tomorrows issue).

    The address is Highbury High, 11 Tannington Terrace , Gillespie Road, London N5 1LE

  2. Thank goodness for that – the surfeit of moaning, sort-termist fans who are calling for Wenger’s head has really gathered weight over the course of this season. We have the best club and the best manager in the world. I honestly find it hard to consider any person who calls for Wenger to be replaced right now a true Arsenal fan (in any meaningful sense) at all.

    On this note, could this –


    be the single worst Arsenal blog post you have ever read?! It’s incredible; the very antithesis of everything the makes Untold Arsenal so good.

    Up the Gooners and keep the faith!

  3. Thanks, I’ll be looking into it. This is good work you guys are doing, positive writing.
    BTW i meant to say polemics not pelomics which is obviously wrong.

  4. I rather like pelomics. The book that is occupying all of my waking and most of my sleeping hours, “Making the Arsenal” is (as I have said 1 billion times before) about 1910 when Arsenal went bust, and were bought by Fulham.

    The story is a novel based on the daily diary of a Fleet Street journalist, and “pelomics” is exactly what he would say. I am just going through the final revisions of the book, and will see if I can fit “pelomics” in. (The central character’s girlfriend works across the road for the Times, and knows all these things, so she can correct him.

    When the book is published later this year you won’t be able to move on this site for adverts for it (well not quite, but I will be much relieved that it is all done and dusted).

  5. Sounds interesting. I’ll look to purchase it.
    I’m more of a thinker rather than a writer hence sometimes my words may not come out as intended. Is that the kind of excuse your character makes also when he gets something wrong? Just me then.
    I’ve added your blog to the side of mine. I’m wondering if you’d could do the same. My blog (or web blog I like to call it) is slightly on the anorak side; talking about tactics, something people wouldn’t have thought they’d be interested in.

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