The club where the fans make too much noise

If you are worried about the lack of atmosphere occasionally at the Ems, spare a thought for supporters of Middlesboro.  This is the club that kicked out a season ticket holder a few years back because he fell asleep during a 0-4 defeat to Arsenal at the ground (he went to court and got the ruling reversed, with the judge saying that everyone has the right to fall asleep at a football match).

Anyway, the “Sue Watson”, chief safety officer at the Shiverside has written to people in one part of the ground saying, “I am receiving more and more complaints from our fans … about both the persistent standing and the constant noise coming from the back of this stand…  Make as much noise as you like when we score, but this constant noise is driving some fans mad”.

So, at least for the moment, be thankful that we have got some sort of balance at the Ems, where those who want to make a noise can do, and there is an understanding of the Red Action wish to stand.

Don’t forget, Highbury High this weekend, with the piece about the player who the magazine editor thought he would never see mentioned ever again.  Details of how to buy a subscription in yesterday’s piece.

Oh and Blake’s 7 (on which I worked as a writer 7 trillion years ago) has been adapted for radio and has turned up on Radio 7 this morning, which was a nice re-run of the old days.  Looks like being a jolly day.

Now: where did I put the starting handle for the Austin 7?

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  1. what are the chances of us losing either van persie or fabregas if we finish in fifth would you say?

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