The “Miserable Arrogance” of England; the Telegraph says Arsène should manage England and we can select players by referenda.

By Tony Attwood

I am not sure what the aaa would make of it; I get the impression that some of them support England so they might not want their nemesis to become the nation’s manager.  But that is what Telegraph readers think in a poll conducted in the paper.  Mr Wenger is the man to salvage England.

No worries that he has always said that he has no interest in being a manager of a national team, and at least one of the pundits on the Telegraph’s payroll said, “It almost certainly will not happen”.  But then adds, “I would not be adverse to putting Gareth Southgate in caretaker charge for 12 months if it meant getting Wenger.”

So here’s the Telegraph readers’ ranking of the man to be the next England manager when I did the poll at lunchtime today.

  • Arsène Wenger 24%
  • Sam Allerdyce 18%
  • Alan Parew 12%
  • Eddie Howe 10%
  • Rafa Benitez 9%
  • Jurgen Klinsmann (actually misspelled on the web site as Kilnsmann) 7%
  • Gareth Southgate 7%
  • David Moyes 6%
  • Gary Neville 4%
  • Sean Dyche 3%

And here were the Sky Bet odds on next England manager

  • Gareth Southgate – 6/4
  • Alan Pardew – 8/1
  • Eddie Howe – 10/1 
  • Gary Neville – 14/1
  • Brendan Rodgers – 14/1 
  • Jurgen Klinsmann – 16/1 
  • Harry Rednapp – 16/1 
  • Roberto Mancini – 25/1 

No press on Mr W then.

The Daily Express also goes for Arsène Wenger , and being as it is the newspaper of the very elderly it tells us that his

“Current job: Arsenal”

before providing us with this helpful summary.

  • Pros: One-time football visionary. Track record of developing young players. Premier League manager for 20 years.
  • Cons: One-year left on his Arsenal deal. Why would he take it?

Why indeed.

But of course this is a footballing matter so as always the Redknapp Opinion on a Rope machine is there ready to oblige.  And this time it is the Daily Mail that gets him to speak…

‘He has never coached proper players’: Neville dismissed as contender for England job by Redknapp 

The Mail in fact is quite damning.

Between them, Steve McClaren, Fabio Capello and Roy Hodgson did not manage a single victory in a knockout match during their England tenures. None of the trio progressed the national side, despite being blessed with an abundance of talented players. None inspired a generation.

The FA has systematically appointed the wrong man, granting the bumper seven-figure salary to individuals whose hearts are undoubtedly in the right place but whose minds are simply not up to it.

That’s all ordinary everyday Mail-isms but they then come up with a more radical idea, and one that finally gives me a bit of hope.

By quitting international tournaments we wouldn’t even need a boss and the £3million-plus paycheck that goes with him. Instead, we’ll manage the team by referenda. What could possibly go wrong?

Indeed they get quite involved in this approach, adding.

Since 2006, England have failed to beat the USA, Algeria, Costa Rica, Slovakia and Russia at major championships. We’ve also lost to Germany, Italy (twice), Uruguay and Iceland.

And for the Mail it is not just the results that are wrong…

It’s become tedious now. The glum expressions, the monotonous answers, the absolute adherence to brand England – whatever that is. The job of the Three Lions manager has become a character vacuum, while the players are either too scared to speak their minds or contractually bound not to.

Where’s the colour? Where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the joie de vivre? 

The best we could come up with was a poster asking Jamie Vardy if he’d swap his shirt for a pint and a Red Bull. We’re broken. Let’s take time out and re-evaluate.

Their summary of the English conception of their own football is “Miserable Arrogance.”  I think that fits.  Joie de vivre is defined as gaiety, cheerfulness, cheeriness, merriment, light-heartedness, happiness, joy,joyfulness, joyousness, delight, pleasure, high spirits, spiritedness, jollity, jolliness,joviality, exuberance, ebullience, liveliness, vivacity, enthusiasm, enjoyment, verve, gusto,relish, animation, effervescence, sparkle, buoyancy, sprightliness, jauntiness, zest, zestfulness – just in case you hand’t got there.

But there is another way although I do like selecting the team by referenda.  That England should stop playing football at least for the next 30 years.

But inevitably the newspapers just won’t take that little extra step.  They seem congenitally unable to think the unthinkable.  They cannot come up with the final, absolute, complete release from it all.  That one great step that would liberate us from more of the same.

Until now it has always been my view that the FA should be wound up and dropped into that trench off the coast of Japan that is deeper than Mount Everest is tall.  They take tax payers money, throw it at expensive managers and in buying gifts for corrupt Fifa executives, while making promises they never fulfil about building new pitches for grass roots football.

And it has never occurred to me to add that an extra benefit of all this is that there would be no England team if there was no FA.  Just think of the liberation.  Just think of the freedom from worry and anxiety.  Just think of the relief from all those strange people who stick flags on their cars.

But we need to be more inventive, if there does have to be an England team.  For each game we could select both the manager and the team by referenda.

And we could play little countries with populations the size of Norfolk.  Oh no scrap that, we’ve just tried that one.

Or we could have Alan Shearer and that Lineker fellow as manager, because he comes from a town the size of Iceland, and so he could just choose all the local players and show us exactly how much he knows.

But this is what we really, really should do.  We should make it a rule that says we always have at least five Tottenham players in the team, just so that we always know what we are going to get when it comes to the crunch.

I know we have just done that but it was funny so we could do it again.

And then having selected the England squad, there should be one more rule: they have to go around the country ensuring that grassroots football pitches are being built at a faster rate than in any other country in Europe.  And when we win that league, I would absolutely and totally join in the celebrations. In fact they could hold them in my house if they wanted.

After all I live in a village that has a population smaller than Iceland.  And not many people can say that.

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51 Replies to “The “Miserable Arrogance” of England; the Telegraph says Arsène should manage England and we can select players by referenda.”

  1. You could always strengthen the team and the management by bringing back all the top world class English players , managers and coaches that are currently plying their trade overseas .

  2. An England team consisting of a majority of Spurs and Liverpoo players led by the Looney is guaranteed to make Iceland look like Waitrose.

  3. For a moment Brickfields I thought you were serious. You almost got me! 🙂

    Why would anyone want the bed of nails that is the manager of England’s football team?

    Why is it that no one is pointing a finger at those ultimately responsible for the state of English football that is the FA?

  4. @ colario – June 28, 2016 at 6:00 pm – You should know better !

    But you ‘re right in asking why no one is pointing the finger in the direction of those responsible for the present state . Lets have a referendum now and here .

    A. The sweet FA
    B. The Premier League
    C. The PIGMOB
    D. The media
    E. Bloody foreigners
    F. All of the above
    G. None of the above
    H. Others

    Lets not stir a shit storm by pointing the finger at substandard players , coaches and managers !

  5. Also , is this loss worse than that at the WC vs USA in 1950 ?

    The team –

    Bert Williams
    Alf Ramsey
    John Aston
    Billy Wright (c)
    Laurie Hughes
    Jimmy Dickinson
    Wilf Mannion
    Tom Finney
    Jimmy Mullen
    Stan Mortensen
    Roy Bentley
    Walter Winterbottom

  6. I’d like to see a successful English team, but we rarely produce a squad and coaching system capable enough. Euro ’96 under Venables was in my opinion as good as it gets for England (since 1966), World Cup ’98 & again Euro 2000 we had the players but poor manager coaches.
    This time however, we had neither decent players or manager/coaches and I can’t see much that will make any difference for 2018.
    Really depressing. It’s obviously the FA’s fault, and the blazers will again throw millions at the next waste of space who’ll be sacked after another disastrous campaign in Russia.
    I’m not a French speaker, but I always understood joie de vivre translated literally to joy of life.

  7. Personally I think ERNIE, the computer that used to draw the premium bonds winners should be given the job. Failing that we should put everyones name in a hat and get big brother contestants draw the winner from a hat.
    On a lighter note I would gladly run either the FA or FIFA for 2 and a half grand a month. Top wages for anyone so that money went to football and not to an offshore bank account. Daft isn’t it? The idea of putting someone in charge who actually likes the game.

  8. Brickfields Gunners

    As I keep saying.

    D) The media

    Because without there complicity, neither A, nor B, nor C, could function in the corrupt and disreputable way they do.

    My hatred of the media stems from the fact that I know exactly what power they can wield for good, yet they choose not to.

    I know, when it turns it’s mind to it, good, honest, investigative journalism can be a massive weapon in the fight against, corruption, criminality and injustice, yet it choses to bury it’s head in the sand, in favour of riding the gravy train.

    All that we know is wrong with so many things in football, so often and eloquently highlighted by Untold, when it comes to the media, will of taken up less than 1/100th of the air time, and column inches that they dedicate to abusing Arsene Wenger alone.

    It is simply a shameful and damning indictment of our medias incompetence.

  9. Has it occurred to us that England and France are the 2 countries whose teams are the teams to watch in the Euro16 tournament in France by the Anglophone and Francophone African countries?

    If England who I am supporting and France who I want to watch because I known their players, will I be going to the extend to put on my generator as I did yesterday to the Euro16 games if England and France are not taking part? I won’t be bothering myself to watch the games unless there is public light.

    I said in my earlier comment posting that it was the undoings against Arsenal by the Pgmo that had cost England success they might have had at the past and recent regional and global tourneys.

    Yes, this is the crust of the matter which had hindered England success at regional and global tourneys for decades. The Pgmo in the name of stopping Arsenal to win the title will do all they can to elect the club in the Premier League they will award the title. Consequently making the players of the preferred Pgmo’s champions feeling & looking superior in class to those at Arsenal.

    The Pgmo had systematically allowed Arsenal players to be kicked and maimed on the field of play by football thugs and brutes without protecting the Arsenal players under the guidance of the laws of the game.

    Players from other top clubs in the Premier League apart of those from Arsenal where 100% of the England tournament squad are selected from, have been falsely made to believe that they are top class players. Whereas most of them have not yet attained that status but could attain that if they continue to improve on their games. In fact, only a few players like, Joe Hart, Jack Wilshere, Gary Cahill & Wyane Rooney can be described as top international class players amongst the players Roy Hudgson took to France. But Rooney was way out of form. I think age and injuries are getting hold on him. The rest are still learning the art of the game to get to the top end of it.

    Now that the FA is considering the possibilities of appointing the Arsenal boss, Mr Arsene Wenger as a likely England football manager which the Boss will certainly turndown now because how does he quit an £8m PA Arsenal job for England job of £3m PA in the first place. And the England job has no continuity guarantee as the manager can get the sack if results are not favourable. I don’t think the Boss will take the England job immediately. If at all he would to prove a point that it was the Pgmo that have been all this while making him Arsenal looking unsuccessful, he might take the job if he’s offered it after the end of next season campaign, if he doesn’t want to remain at Arsenal as their manager.

  10. OT
    People who say Messi and Ronaldo are the greatest footballers ever born can see what they have achieved for there country after the copa America loss yesterday.
    Infact Messi has not won a single final for his country despite appearing in 4 finals.
    I think Pele and Maradona should be rated above Messi in the all time greatest list.Ronaldo ranks outside the top 100 for me.

  11. For once in my life I would like to suggest that we follow the USA
    (instead of the other way about).
    Due to the fact that the rest of the world wouldn’t dream of playing American Football, it is impossible to hold international matches. Accordingly, the US honours its top players in that sport by declaring a number as All Americans.
    If the FA could introduce something similar here, it would obliterate the memory of all the fiascos involving our national team since (say) 1966. England would never have to actually play again and the reputation of those guys declared as All English would for ever be enshrined in our memories. (Those of us who can still recall what we had for breakfast this morning). 😉

  12. Miserable arrogance?

    Danny Murphy “Ryan Shawcross would’ve made this England team better”

    Ha ha ha!

    More like risible stupidity.

    When you have players trying to play football who can’t control run or move or pass the ball (Rose, Rooney etc.) in a normal game of (Assc.) football then that might be where the problem lies?

    Switch the rule to the pgMOB alternative code (two handed pushes and hacks allowed for one team but not the other. Shorthand = a different sport) and they’d be laughing! Easy! Simples. Problem solved.

  13. But as Untold have tried to remind people, it’s not an expression of stupidity or even arrogance but it is a turgid and consistent expression of contempt for football fans. That would be you and me then.

  14. England’s problem can be summed up in these few words ‘don’t believe your own hype’.

  15. “Gibberish” is the (fantastic) word that I think we can all agree upon to best summarise the gibberings of the petty plunditocracy.

  16. Wenger would be an excellent England manager, that’s why the FA have reportedly approached him more than once. He picks and I encourages intelligence in his players, doesn’t always work with his teams, but often does. It is this intelligence that was lacking from England this month, too many players play for control freak managers who set out every minute detail and do not allow players to think for themselves. I would say Poch sounds like a prime example of such a manager…..hos players do ok when he is on the sidelines, but some, when put under pressure in an unfamiliar environment and training against unfamiliar players , many of them literally had no idea what to do. I would imagine some mourinho players have similar issues. The fact is, compared to others, many English players lack the ability to think for themselves at tournaments, under pressure. This is England’s mani failing.
    In fairness to Roy H, he recognises the effect Wenger has on players, he tried his best to find a place for Jack, the quentessential free thinking English player, in football terms at least. I am sure he would also have found places for other arsenal players had they been fit, or in form.
    But fortunately for is, Wenger will not be taking the England job.
    Guess it will be Southgate, and probably more of the same

  17. England players should just keep taking shots from out side the penalty box because that worked so well.

  18. What makes anyone on UA think that a change of manager will do the trick? He may have a tactical influence but that will be marginal. He gets to form and play his team only 8-10times over an entire year and many of the players bring their bad habits and even worse attitudes to the competitions. As well, many smaller teams like Iceland hanker for a scalp or two, so they can say we beat the founders of Football at their own game!
    England does have the talent base but not the training or coaching skills needed to turn sows ears into silk purses.
    Look at France or Germany for examples about how to develop, prepare and integrate players into an effective international system and team. Spain has gotten too old and England too complacent and set in their ways. Italy have the drive and skills needed but lack a certain discipline, Wales have the heart, like Iceland, and might very well upset a few more applecarts before they are stopped. Wouldn’t it be superb if they met in the final???

  19. As Untold has said before the lack of coaches is a problem for England. The lack of coaches means that young players don’t develop technically and mentally.

    Then there is the England “get stuck in” kind of mentality that is reinforced by the PGMO and the media. So young players that are physically aggressive are approved. The young players that think, are creative, have flair are disapproved of and discouraged. And often these players are damaged by the thugs.

    Finally the lack of English players playing anywhere else than England is a problem. It is the problem of “in-breeding.”

  20. Omg
    You said-What makes anyone on UA think that a change of manager will do the trick?So you think sticking with the failed Roy Hodgson will eventually reap rewards??He had his chance in the world cup and failed miserably,i cant believe what made the F.A think the euros would be any different.I know the culture has to change but like was shown with Glenn Hoddle to some extent that a quality manager can make a difference . There are many young ones out there ,its just being brave and dynamic and taking a punt with one and not sticking with old ways.


    Little john was in his junior school class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up: Fireman, policeman, salesman, politician, etc.

    However, little john was being uncharacteristically quiet, and so the teacher asked him about his father.

    Reluctantly he replied, “My Dad is an exotic dancer in a gay club, and takes off all his clothes in front of other men. Sometimes, if the offer’s really good, he’ll go out with a man, rent a cheap room and let him shag him.”

    The teacher hurriedly set the other children to work on some colouring and then took Little john aside to ask him, “Is that really true about your father??”

    “No,” said john, “My father plays football for the England national team, I was just too embarrassed to say that.”

  22. Around 150 AD, the prominent Greek physician Galen wrote:
    “Every animal is sad after coitus except the human female and the rooster.”

  23. There was no chance of it happening, but I think they should have kept Roy Hodgson. He had as good a chance of doing something with the players available as anyone else. He knew the best when he saw it, hence his high opinion of Jack Wilshere.

    He had been bold enough to bring in new players and at times had got them playing decent football. His managerial CV is superior to some of the other people now being discussed, to put it mildly.

    Any England manager does the job in a straitjacket and then gets blamed for the results. I well remember the stick Bobby Robson got and he was one of the best.

    On another note, thanks, Samuel, for an insight into the difficulties of watching football in some parts of the world. Those of us who have constant electrical power are apt to forget there are millions of people who don’t.

  24. There’s a nice video on of Granit Xhaka visiting the ground. When he stands looking out and says ‘I love it’ he looks just like all of us lucky enough to go to the Arsenal ground feel when we stand looking out onto the pitch.

    At the end of the film he visits the Arsenal hub which is the base for Arsenal in the Community next to the ground and he meets a lot of the people who work there. This is a nice touch, I think.

  25. Martin Samuel of the Mail is recommending Steve Bruce or Sam Alladyce for next England manager. Lord Have mercy

  26. Didn’t Mr Wenger say he would make a good national team for England after signing Chambers and Welbeck in 2014?

    As they say at Balkan, you can’t make a pie out of shit. Others would add: “You can make it but you can’t eat it.” Finally, the third ones would conclude it by saying: “You can eat it but it tastes like shit.”

    English players lack basic technical and tactical skills. During their development coaches work on their pace and/or strength. Watching Germany and how Boateng has improved under Guardiola at Bayern made me thinking: what would Germany have had from Boateng if he had remained at City?

    If I were Arsene Wenger and forced to choose, I’d rather accept David Cameron’s poison chalice than the one of Roy Hodgson.

  27. Mandy Dodd posts

    ”The fact is, compared to others, many English players lack the ability to think for themselves at tournaments, under pressure.”

    In two succesive days the world first saw England play and lose, and then saw Farage in the European Parliament. This is the face of England. This is how we look to the world.

    As a brand, Sky must be having nightmares about the future of the EPL after Brexit. Who would want to come and play in England? Who would want to come and live in England? Who would want their kids getting abused in school for being a foreigner?

    We have lost out ability to root our feet on a reality we can share between ourselves. The never-never land of the Brexit England only exists in a dreamed up state. When the Welsh team talked about the English team ‘bigging themselves up’ they talk about players divorced from their communities by their wage packets every week, divorced from their reality as international footballers by the absence of any trophy since 1966, divorced from any self-analysis by the assembled ranks of TV pundits who are all losers, as players they never won a Euro, never won the World Cup, divorced from the world by the shirts on their backs.

    England? What does it mean? Every time they play, every time they hear that National Anthem, every time they hear their fans sing that National Anthem, they have to define what it is to be English and playing for an England. They also have to define to themselves, in every moment, who they are to themselves.

    Have they a home they can go to afterwards? What Mr Wenger tries to teach his players – ”be humble” – is under threat every moment. It’s a wonder they can even stand up when they come onto the pitch.

  28. Whilst I have no doubt that Arsene would be a brilliant England manager, I hate the idea. As well as the inevitable denigration from the media, who have already shown their lack of respect for his ability, he would face even more shite from the usual ex-player pundits.

    More important, why should a man of such proven integrity agree to bale out the incompetent and corrupt FA, who have done nothing to earn his respect.

    Let Alan Shearer have the job. He can offer his unrivalled track record of success as a manager and he can call on the support of experts such as Danny Murphy, Carragher, etc. Also, no doubt, he could look to Harry Redknapp to be his mentor.

  29. Pat
    Roy Hodgeson has failed miserably at both major tournaments he’s been the manager ,had been found out as being tactically inept and didn’t know his best team at any stage during the championships.Time for a younger dynamic manager who isn’t set in his ways.
    And if evidence is needed the results in the last 2 you naments should suffice.

  30. Aw has often said that he get most enjoyment from winning and from working with the players. Neither of those activities are expected from the England Manager.
    I can’t see him giving them any indication at all that he’d be interested.

    Why were the team so bad… We’ll we’ve had managers that stick with the same players again and again despite their poor form and we’ve had managers that go almost entirely on form, but we’ve never had one that can mix the two successfully.
    We do have some very technically gifted players but they’re also the ones that the PGMO let the donkeys kick seven shades of blue out of every game. So we’ve rarely got enough of them to make up for the ‘Hendersons/Dier/Vardys/Walkers/Cahills’ who are usually ‘effort’ rather than ‘talent’ orientated.
    So the answer is;
    1) More coaches so we get a bigger pool of talent
    2) The PGMO start doing their job properly
    3) Find a decent England Manager (and make sure none of the guys involved with employing Mclaren for the job are ever involved in this process again).

  31. Anday Mack

    Since we got knocked out I’ve heard:

    -Sheerer moan that Wilshere shouldn’t of gone.

    -Danny Murphy suggest the presence of Shawcross would of somehow been a good thing.

    -Martin Samuels put forward the name of Fat Sam for next England boss.

    Truly worrying.

    I’m sure others have heard equally, and I dare say even more worrying ‘thoughts’ (if they are capable of such a thing) from our pluditry.

    Until I see our ‘Popular’ media engaging in a loud and concerted assault on the FA, for it’s abject failure to provide pitches and coaches at grass roots level, I will remain in despair for our National game.

    Although I rarely read or listen to the popular media I am in no doubt what so ever that they will, if they haven’t already done so, go down the route of the ‘too many foreigners’ as the reason for all our ills, despite the copious amounts of evidence to suggest otherwise.

    I am back to work today for the first time since the embarrassment of Monday Night, and I am in no doubt that I will at some point here “we’ve got to restrict the number of foreigners in the Premiership”, I can guarantee it.

  32. @ Zedsaunt

    June 29, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Ironically, the owner of Sky had more to do with the Leave campaign winning than any of us in the UK who was actually eligible to vote

  33. I watched shearer ‘arguing’ with Rio on BBC the day before the England match v Iceland. Rio was saying a game like that one required someone like Wilshere to start with as Iceland were likely to cede lots of possession and would require someone with ability to unlock such defences. The muppet replied ‘but he was poor last match’ to which Rio responded ‘yes maybe but that’s because he lacked game time’, to which the muppet again replied ‘but he was poor last match’….. And these are the people who think they know it all….

    Hodgson never had any chance as that team was handpicked for him by the media. Wenger would never manage England,they need a manager who panders to the media’s whims, and Wenger is completely the opposite of that.

  34. I would suggest that Pulis would be the ideal manager for the FA. And for the PGMO.
    Maybe we could learn a few English lads to throw the ball a la Delap could? After all didn’t the Icelanders score that way?

    Maybe the FA should make it a duo job: Pulis – Allardyce. With Shearer and Danny Muppet, sorry Murphy, being their assistants?
    Surely that would make England win the next world cup, European Cup, copa America (with the Brexit… who knows) for years and years to come….

  35. Al

    Indeed, in much the same way the referees take the path of least resistance in the way they referee in accordance with the medias wishes, such is it with England managers.

    Although as Pat pointed out earlier, credit where credit is due, at least Hodgeson had the sense to ignore most of the media, who where suggesting he shouldn’t take Wilshere.

    But once there, he pretty much picked what the media ‘consensus’ was. And I have to say you can hardly blame him.

    Personally I think he would of loved to of picked Jack from the start, in the hope that he, with game time under his belt, would of grown into the tournament and could of been the key to unlock the door against packed defences such as Icelands. In fact he did with a couple of great balls, especially the one to Kayne.

    But Hodgeson would of been slaughtered if he’d done that. He took enough stick for the times he did play him !

    Someone mentioned the England managers job is a poisoned chalice, well yes in a way, but in another it’s money for old robe, as long as you’ve got a thick skin.

    You know you cant do any worse than anyone else.

    So sit back, let the media pick the squad. That always gives them a warm glow.

    Then let them pick the team. That really gets there rocks off.

    Then all you have to do is sit back and take the shit for everything when it all goes wrong.

    Job done, a few Million in the bank and off you pop to manage in Holland for a couple of years, where you can pick up a couple of trophies, a dodgy accent, and get your credibility back to boot.

    Simples !!

  36. Anyone that takes any notice of the ‘pundits’ like Shearer or Murphy deserve to be lobotomised. When they get one that’s more interested and knowledgeable about football than they are in their-own image then I’ll see if they’re worth listening to, but I doubt they will be…

  37. Jambug
    Spot on. In fact Wilshere did more than Rooney and Dier combined in the minutes he was on the pitch; the great pass you mention that was put to waste by Kane, and never seemed to lose the ball (not to mention the last ditch defending that stopped Iceland a certain third goal with a few minutes remaining that would have been the killer blow, if it was required). Anyway, as Walter said, we should look at this from a positive point of view, that he is coming back home unscathed, ready for a new season 🙂

  38. Pat

    Thanks. I try, but as they say, I wont be giving up my day job !!


    Spot on. Getting him back fit, and with a bit of game time under his belt, has actually worked out quite well.

    Lets hope we can say the same about all our lads. Talking of which, any news on Alexis?

  39. I don’t often see football news at TheRegister.

    ManCity is going to host a hackathon.

    > Participants in the weekend hack event will be offered access to performance analysis systems, as well as detailed player and match data, to help them uncover new insights on player performance.

    > Tech experts and students are both invited to Manchester City’s #HackMCFC event, which is due to take place at City’s training and youth development facility, close to the club’s east Manchester stadium, between the 29-31 July. The weekend hacking exercise will end with teams presenting their prototypes.

    > The Premier League, OptaPro and ChyronHego are all supporting the event, which will see participants crunching data from ten Premier League fixtures played last season.

    No useful comments as of yet (only 3 at this moment).

  40. A ‘Hackathon’… I bet Huth was first to put his name down for that one. Most weeks of the season he spends 90 minutes hacking and wrestling with the opposition (apparently for the entertainment of the PGMOs).

  41. Hmm. Do you know what a hackathon is? Maybe others don’t?

    A hackathon, is a contest for nerds (like myself, aka people who are gifted with computers) where a team of “nerds” tries to come up with some useful appliance or program (usually called an app, because people can’t spell program or application) over the course of 2 or 3 days.

    So, these hacking teams will get access to most (all?) of the data that teams use to analyse their players. If nothing else, words should probably get out as to what kind of information is present, and how good it is.

  42. I really don’t understand this notion, that England loosing to Iceland was one of biggest upsets in international football. How is this a huge upset? England are a extremely poor team. Period. If it was a top tier team (Italy, Germany, France ect) then i could understand it or even a 2nd tier team (Belgium, Spain, Holland?), but England are nowhere near the levels of these teams. I would place them as a tier 3 team at absolute best.

    I just could not get behind the team whilst watching them this tournament, nor did a feel any sort of joy when they actually managed to score. I just really don’t like a lot of the players in the squad and it feels completely wrong supporting the same team as all the pundits and journalists.

  43. Also, perhaps an idea for a article could be the significance of how there are no English players, playing in other countries? Perhaps their wouldn’t be enough to write a whole article about, but i always thought it was a bit strange, when you compare it to how diverse all of the other most successful international teams are.

  44. @ Jambug – It’s not incompetence on the media behalf, it’s designed ignorance and purposeful deceptiveness. The corporations that own the media, have vastly differing agendas to us simple folk. Keeping us out of the loop and deliberately misguiding us, is the best way to fuel and cater to those agendas.

  45. Jammy J

    Agree 100%

    Incompetence is merely a convenient term to encompass the stench of all they do.

    But as you say, they do indeed follow agendas, as well as being self serving, hypercritical, corrupt, inept, ignorant, arrogant, lazy, condescending. For proof of all this just watch Sky Sports ‘Sunday Supplement’ for 5 minutes. I suggest no more because time is valuable and it is 5 minutes you will never get back.

    They treat there readership as lemmings that will follow them over the edge, and sad to say, so many do just that.

  46. I honestly couldn’t stand watching even 5 minutes of one of those types of programs haha. They ruin and dictate so many aspects of ours lives and i can’t even enjoy something that is supposed to be removed from all of that and just be pure entertainment. It really, really bothers me and just like with all other forms of mainstream media; the general public just lap it all up and regurgitate it as if it were gospel. I don’t believe we would have such a large-ish portion of fans that are so vocal about their disdain for the club and manager, if it wasn’t for the relentless anti-Arsenal bias, in the media. Do any other clubs have such a split of their fanbase?

    Nice to see someone who despises the media as much as myself haha.

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