Welcome to The Arsenal Takuma Asano

By Walter Broeckx

Yesterday this came out on arsenal.com:

Arsenal have agreed a deal in principle to sign young Japanese forward Takuma Asano from Sanfrecce Hiroshim

The transfer of the 21-year-old Japan international is subject to the completion of a medical and regulatory processes.

A number of clubs were after Takuma’s signature and Arsène Wenger said: “Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future. He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan and we look forward to him developing over the next couple of years.”

Making his full debut for the Japan national team in August 2015, Takuma has made five appearances for his country and is expected to be a part of their squad for the Rio Olympics in August.

Takuma signed for Sanfrecce Hiroshima as an 18-year-old in January 2013 and enjoyed great success with the J-League side, making 56 appearances and scoring 11 goals.

During this time, Takuma won the J1 League in 2013 and 2015, the Japanese Super Cup in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and was voted as the J-League ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2015.

So what do we know about this Japanese striker? Nothing. The only thing to do then is to go on a search and find out some things.

The first that I learned is that he was meant to be an Arsenal player one day. Now I don’t speak Japanese but a person who seemingly does told me that in Japan they when they say Arsenal you hear more or less… Asano. So just like Arsène was meant to be for Arsenal so was Takuma meant to be for Arsenal.

What else did we find out? He is 1.71 m high and weighs 70 kg. I didn’t weigh him myself of course but that is what the internet is saying. So he looks to have a rather excellent weight/height ratio if you ask me. At my age I can only dream of that. But then again I am (no longer?) a top athlete.

I also heard he is quick. Something that I more or less got confirmed by watching a video clip of him.  My first impression after watching him was that he is indeed quick. And that he uses his body rather well when shielding the ball and trying to turn defenders the wrong way.  He also is inventive and has quick feet. One of the moves that came back a few time was the steering the ball with his foot while being in the air.

Before you take a look I would urge you to watch the video to  the end as it has a goal in it that reminds me of a great striker that once used to play for us. But please this is not me saying he will be the next TH or anything like that, but it struck me when watching that this could have been a TH goal.

If you want to see a few things yourself here is the link with highlights of his career so far.

Of course this wouldn’t be Arsenal on social media without the usual Arsenal twitter meltdown. People saying things like MU bought Ibrahimovic, Chelsea bought Batshuai, Man City bought Nolito and we… buy an unknown Japanese striker.

Sometimes I really wonder if people are stupid or just pretend to be stupid. Therefore I will quote the words of Wenger again: “Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future.

This is one of those players that has been bought for a rather low price in the hope that he will make the step up. If he does than that is one of the smartest moves in the market, if he doesn’t… well no man overboard apart Takuma maybe?

But for some reason people don’t read what is published on Arsenal.com but just bash Wenger and Arsenal because… well they do like to bash them.

And in the meantime they also bash the young player himself. Just imagine having just agreed a deal to join Arsenal and then see the fans you want to play for going into “meltdown” because you signed for their club. Wow, what a way to welcome a young player. Shame on you.

He sure seems to be considered a big talent in Japan. Winning the league twice with his team, winning the super cup 3 times in a row and being voted rookie of the year in 2015. Of course this is no guarantee he will be a big Arsenal player one day but it surely shows he is a promising talent. And why not support this young man and show him some love?

We must also keep in mind that he will not join the club immediately as he is picked for the Japanese team that will play in Rio in the Olympic games. So he will not be part of the team from the start of preseason. As Wenger said: one for the future.

We also must keep in mind that the chance is also very large he will not get a work permit from the start and might be sent on loan next season. I’m sure Wenger and Arsenal know this and based on this we can deduct that this is not the striker Wenger is looking for. Not for the next season but maybe for future seasons.

And for those who still feel the need to wind themselves up about this I can only say: hakuna matata (almost the same has the name “Takuma Asano”)  and for those who have had small children during the last 20 years or so they will know that this means: don’t worry as you can find over here

And for me personally I hope that he will make it big time at Arsenal and shut up all those people who are having a nervous break down for the moment. Hakuna matata, Takuma Asano. Don’t worry, Takuma Asano,  there are people out there (mostly here) who will support you.

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  1. “Of course this wouldn’t be Arsenal on social media without the usual Arsenal twitter meltdown. People saying things like MU bought Ibrahimovic, Chelsea bought Batshuai, Man City bought Nolito and we… buy an unknown Japanese striker”

    Even if we had bought one of the three mentioned above there are Arsenal “supporters” who would have complained that we hadn’t bought someone else. It’s so sad that our great club is burdened with some of the most stupid fans in football.

  2. Great intro Walter! Wish Takuma success with Arsenal! He just has to ignore the loud minority on the internet, the real supporters will hopefully show more proper support at the Emirates.

    I am glad you called out the fake fans who should be ashamed for their actions in not welcoming our newest signing.

    The highlights show a very composed, young promising player.

    OT: For Tony, the European Commission has fined Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, and Osasuna for getting state aid.

    Real Madrid were also fined and ordered to pay the Madrid City Council back for the land exchange (€18.4 million).

    Valencia, Hercules, and Elche fined for unfair loan bailouts.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the link. One thing I like to highlight from that link:

    Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, commented: “Using tax payers’ money to finance professional football clubs can create unfair competition. Professional football is a commercial activity with significant money involved and public money must comply with fair competition rules. The subsidies we investigated in these cases did not.”

    Wonder if they’ll go after West Ham also before England officially leaves the EU.

  4. Well written Walter, thank you. My initial reaction after seeing nasty comments about signing Asano was he’s for the future, why are these idiots going crazy, surely at least give the kid a chance to show his talent.

    Off topic:

    After seeing the Giroud and Griezmann combination for the French team especially against Iceland, where Giroud hold up play or flicks pass and Griezmann use his pace and good finishing, I wonder if this is why AW wanted to sign Vardy, Giroud and Vardy combination like Giroud and Griezmann.

  5. with all my heart I welcome the arrival of Takuma Asano to great club Arsenal, I wish him a success in London, however I am an Oliver Twist we want more striker n CD signing.GUNNER 4 LIFE

  6. Polo
    July 4, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    That is, if Arsene actually wanted to sign Vardy.

    The 99.9% certainty if the claim that Arsene wanted to sign Vardy was in the English media then its a false claim.
    In other words a ‘true 100% rumour.

  7. To continue my point from the above comment.

    When we see on the Arsenal website that a player has been welcomed to the club then we know it is true that the player is now an Arsenal player.

    What we don’t know is, If Arsenal tried for a player and didn’t get that player. Arsenal do not tell us this.

    Read what is on the club website for news of Arsenal.

    Only look elsewhere for news of player transfer to Arsenal if you have nothing better to do with your life.

  8. They have two years plus the time it takes to get our act together politically. So a word in any available ear might be in order.

  9. @ Colario, this is what AW said in an interview: Copy from The Mirror.
    Wenger, in an interview with beIN Sports, said: “I think Leicester have made a statement and Vardy will stay. We were on the case and interested, but not more than that.

    “He has decided to stay at Leicester and good luck to him.”

    AW comments above suggest he did want Vardy. I’m not really interested in rumours most of the time especially when they link Arsenal to every player in the world. I’m only looking out for comments from targeted players, their club, their family members tweets, or AW comments to get a sense of whether that particular player is joining Arsenal. The Xhaka and Asano signings was already made public before the official ones. I read and on UA during spare times of course, got work during the day and family after work ?

  10. Polo
    July 4, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    I take your point.

    The problem of what to believe in the English media can be compared to knowing when an habitual liar is telling the truth. As we know liars do occasionally tell the truth so does the English media but how do we know what we are reading/hearing/seeing, is true?

    For me and I am sure for you the only anchor of truth regarding Arsenal transfers in or out is the Arsenal website.

  11. I love how Wenger thinks 2-3 years in the future and confirms what Tony & Walter have reiterated many times on UA:

    1) AFC’s youth policy and preference for promoting internal talent is and always will be their response to the ‘buy,buy,buy’ at any cost to win trinkets aaa and media rants.

    2) Wenger sees every transfer as a work in progress and does not expect the player to become a mini-Ronaldo within the first three weeks of arriving. Yes Sanchez,Ozil and Cech were immediate successes but for every one like them there are many Monreals, Ospinas, Szcezsnys, Walcotts, Gibbs, Iwobis, Welbecks, etc.

    3) Happily Wenger’s agenda bears NO resemblance to the oilers,the sheik’s or the Russian mafia’s and while they have had more temporary success than us, overall we have been improving year on year, with everyone expecting that sooner or later we will overtake them and start winning trophies as well. Afterall isn’t THAT what the media, the aaa and our adversaries chastize us about every year?


  12. Yeah, Welcome to Arsenal Takuma Asano!

    ‘Sometimes I really wonder if people are stupid or just pretend to be stupid’

    Walter, the aaa are both!


  13. Thanks Walter for the video link.

    And I like the way he jubilates…….

    Yeah like a tiger tearing them defences apart.

    Welcome Takuma Asano once again.

  14. Reminds me a bit of Overmars. That would indeed be a nice surprise.

    Welcome to Arsenal!

  15. Looks a fine signing but I wonder if he will be loaned out. What are his credentials regarding work permits ? I would like to see how quickly he can adapt to better and stronger defenders . A protracted loan period like the ones that Wellington Silva and Joel Campbell had might not be in either his or the clubs interest. I always feel that players learn more at home in the environment that they need to play in as opposed to often sitting on the bench for a manager that has taken them in purely to give himself squad cover.

  16. Pity that he is not available for pre-season, maybe he can get some starts early in the season whan we have players missing. He seems to be a very direct striker and not afraid.

  17. Yes, the guy is quick. I don’t need to see much, a player’s first touch usually tells you all you need to know, I’m sold 🙂

  18. Not that I’m against it or anything but do you notice that transfer rumours and players that have been signed recently are virtually none UK players coming into the epl.

    I wonder how it will go down well with the FA who are trying to get clubs to sign and use more English players.

    Also, news going around is that Mhkitaryan is moving to Man U for £36m, signing a 4year deal worth £200k p/w. If it is true, I think it’s a really high price for a player in the last year of his contract. Anyway, that is what happens when you don’t qualify for Champions League. You will need money incentive to attract players.

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