Wellington Silva (our new superstar signing) and the issue of balls

Untold Arsenal runs a list of up and coming young players who we expect to break through into the first team at some time in the next year or four.  It’s called the Golden 30, although for reasons that will not become apparent at this time, it has only 28 players on it at present.

One of those players is Wellington Silva of whom we say just this…

Wellington Silva. Young Brazilian striker who is currently playing for Fuminense in Brazil.  Joins Arsenal in January 2011.  Brazil.

However the ever on the ball Young Guns blog has just come up with this story…

“Wellington Silva is preparing to fly into North London for pre-season training next month, with Arsenal looking to continue their ‘acclimatization’ of the 17-year-old before he completes his switch to the Gunners in January.

“Silva is currently part of the first-team setup with parent-club Fluminense, although he’s been used sparingly by coach Muricy Ramalho this term. A selection of solid substitute appearances has seen the forward add to his rising stock, and although Sierie A is currently taking a break during the World Cup, the Laranjeiras side expect to have their squad together ready for the restart on July 18th. However, clauses inserted in the ownership agreement mean Arsenal are free to recall the prospect at any time.

“Flu’s President Alcides Antunes is desperate to keep the side together, yet he confirmed he is powerless to stop the Brazil Under 17 international from leaving for training in London.

“It’s in the contract. We cannot do anything. I have not received the request yet, but there’s no problem”

So it really does look like Arsène Wenger is wanting to keep tabs on Wellington Silva in a way that we don’t normally see him do, and this could be a move by the manager to work out when the player might be ready for the first team.

As Young Guns says, Fifa rules mean that the player can’t play for Arsenal officially in the pre-season games, but he can train with the players, and play behind closed doors – as he has already done.

There’s a range of articles on our squad for next season, including a full review of the new “25” rule listed on the home page under the heading “This summer’s transfers”.

A load of balls

Meanwhile on a different matter, several times in the correspondence columns of this august organ I have noted requests for an article on the football (or as it is known in foreign parts Le Football) being used at some tourney or other in the Republic of South Africa.

I am delighted to say that Untold’s latest recruit to our writing team (Higgs Boson) has managed to travel backwards in time and plant just such an article in the archives.  It is available at... Football with Altitude.

Now some might look at this piece askance and feel that it is about, well, altitude rather than balls, but I can assure you it really is a load of balls – if you see what I mean.

The point is the ball is the ball, but like all sub-atomic particles (which in essence it is) you can’t measure its direction and its position at the same time.  Or is it that you can’t measure its speed and position at the same time?   Anyway, whatever it is, it changes with attitude.  Or altitude.

Since I put everything I could find about the ball into that article, and it took me a few hours to write, I don’t really want to do it all over again, so if it is balls you want, that’s where you go.

Tony Attwood, Institute of National Uncertainty, Biggleswade.

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9 Replies to “Wellington Silva (our new superstar signing) and the issue of balls”

  1. I’m feeling like a smart-ass today, so:

    “Le Football” would be “Le ballon”, Tony.

    And you were referring of course to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle which states you can’t measure the position and momentum of a particle – momentum being mass times velocity. (Not strictly the same thing as speed 😉 )

  2. I had read somewhere he can train with the team but he cannot play in the practice games. But maybe they can play a practice game behind closed doors?

    Now I must say that as far as I know you are allowed to play players who are not registered in friendly games. But it could well be that in the agreement between Fluminense and Arsenal it is written down like that.

  3. admit i didn’t read the article about the football, but this article had me in stitches, which is really terrible haha.

    but i can assure you, it really is a load of balls

  4. Please dont start calling a 17 year old kid who hasnt even played for us a ‘superstar’. He clearly isnt one is he?

  5. Comparing rubbish/mediocre Walcott to Denilson is like good French wine and cheap English beer ,the good French wine for me anytime ?

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