Arsenal fans upset at Villa antics

A singificant number of Aston Villa fans were removed from the Arsenal Villa game early on as anger grew around the statidum following the chanting of a disgusting song concerning their neighbour’s Birmigham City attack on Eduardo the week before. The song, which had clearly been widely rehearsed, was taken up by Villa supporters across the visitors’ end, provoking an immediate howl of protest across the rest of the ground. Despite this, the villa fans continued the revolting song before being bundled out by police. The chanting overshadowed much of the game. Villa were less dour than they have been in recent games (they played the first ever competitive match at the Emirates – an awful 1-1 draw which saw the Villa team put 11 men behind the ball for much of the game). However the time-wasting which has now become their trademark was in evidence from the start of the second half, and brought due derision from the crowd. The ref however took no action apart from an occasional ineffectual waving of an arm. As we’ve noted before, you can take one or two top players out of the Arsenal side but when the number rises, the side just does not work. Against Villa and their dreadful supporters we had no Toure, no Van Persie, no Eboue, no Rosicky, no Eduardo. We can do it without one or two of those, but not week after week with five or six players out. Aston Villa FC have failed to comment on their supporters’ actions. Any semi-decent club would stamp such revolting behaviour out. Arsenal have led the way with their action against anyone using religious commentaries against Tottenham Hotspur, but such action seems to be beyond the ability of these Midlands clubs. Journalists try to cover their Arsenal / Tottenham error Arsenal fans action against “Kick Arsenal” culture among EPL clubs “If that is football, it is better to stop”. Arsene Wenger Birmingham Arsenal: a total disgrace. It’s time for action Why Arsenal will work hard to support Game 39