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  1. Robert

    Arsenal also have 7 Academy players on loan. That makes a total of 12 – not far off the 16 at Man C.

    Chelsea are the odd one out, and it’s been clear for some time that they view the loan system as a healthy revenue source. Both Swiss Ramble and multiple reports from the Guardian explain this. It’s shoddy, and the FA ought to put a stop to it. And pigs will fly before that happens.

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Chelsea are obviously using the loan deal market for financial gains rather than to be using it for football gains for which the loan market is established for I should think. If so, I suggest the FA should review downward the numbers of the senior players(21years & above) market loan deal by the PL clubs to constraint them to limit their senior players loan deals to a maximum of 10 loanees per season and 8 youth loanees per season as well.

    In his latest news conference, Le Prof has talked of Jenkinson’s return to action possibly as a sub in the Swansea game at the Ems on Saturday after he has fully recovered from his long term injury layoff which he sustained at West Ham while on loan there last season. That’s a good news for Arsenal and Jenko.

    But notwithstanding, how about RB Mathieu Debuchy who had a good preseason games for Arsenal but has not played any competitive game at all for Arsenal so far this season? And there hasn’t been any update on him by Le Prof for us to know what the matter with him. I feel for this guy and hope he’s well and kicking.

  3. Tony Attwood

    Robert, I am not sure that the figures quoted above include academy players throughout. I’d need to do some more checking but I think the 16 Man C loanees do not include their academy players out on loan.

    What I am also saying is that although I know the theory relates to this making money for the club doing the loaning, I am not sure in practice. Certainly the example from the Guardian I cited doesn’t stack up, and when taken overall, the experiment looks to me like a loss making one.

    It is a bit like bringing in high value players from elsewhere. It can work, but doesn’t always, and the much more complex issue is, how often does it work.

  4. Menace

    Robert – from the article the source Transfer Market exclude under 21 & therefore Academy players of all clubs.

    Historically wealthy clubs bought all the best players & kept them in the reserves. The loan system expands their horizons so they exploit it.

    All clubs should be limited to numbers of players over each age group. Football is becoming a a trade in footballers rather than a sport. The only way to stop this is to add VAT to transfers & an enrolment fee for agents with a mandatory draw down on agent fees to be given to grass roots.

  5. insideright

    Academies can be financed by club owners under the rules of FFP. Revenue garnered from sale of those players (or loans) can go into the coffers of the club and is permitted to be spent in the market under the rules of FFP.
    The answer to the question as to why the likes of Man City and Chelsea have so many players out on loan is that it’s FFP-permitted money laundering.

  6. Robert

    Tony, I’m not sure either, and I suspect it would take you a lot of fruitless digging to come up with other figures. Sites like Transfer Market and the injury ones are useful for general info, but don’t always have the latest or fullest info.

    As to making money, for Chelsea especially, Swiss Ramble demonstrated in a recent post on Chelsea how the club could be making profits on loans and subsequent sales. Frankly, I’m pretty certain that’s the case. Chelsea view it as a constant revenue stream that allows them to get round FFP rules on what can be spent on increasing wages, as insideright explained.

    Menace, 5 of the Man C players listed by Tony are under 21. Still, you’re absolutely right about it becoming a trade in footballers. Interesting proposal of yours.

  7. OlegYch

    for the record here is the list of arsenal players on loan http://www.arsenal.com/reserves/arsenal-s-loanees
    it includes 13 players, the loan players which not yet made into first team are listed here http://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-arsenal-u21/leihspieler/verein/9249

  8. OlegYch
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