When your first Arsenal goal is against Tottenham you know you are on the right side of the tracks

By Tony Attwood

I get sent a fair number of video links but rarely pass them on, because most other sites do that, and we are after all Untold.

But this one from FFDTV is worth watching – all the way through.

Here is what they say…

Arsenal’s highly rated 15 year old Trae Coyle demonstrates his touch, flair and quick footwork in our video which concludes with an incredible nutmeg – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNEwjjCYTUs

Trae has been fast-tracked at Arsenal and plays for the U18s aged just 15 (with Jack Wilshere, Chuba Akpom & the promising Reiss Nelson the only other players to do so at that age). Trae scored his first goal for the U18s last Saturday against Tottenham & recently played at the U19 Champions League level as well as playing for England at U17 level. Trae also has an impressive show reel including flooring a defender with a piece of skill in a recent England match, recreating Messi & Suarez’s penalty last season as well as scoring from the half-way line against Barcelona.

The penalty (are you watching Robert and Thierry)

And the goal


Oh and keep watching for the Tottenham game afterwards.


ARSENAL: The Long Sleep 1953-1970 by John Sowman; foreword by Bob Wilson.

The Long Sleep recalls a time when professional footballers in England were inextricably tied by contract to their club and not allowed to earn more than the statutory maximum wage.  It traces Arsenal’s fortunes through that era, as well as the stand taken by one man who went on a 141 day strike against his club – a strike which led to the creation of football as we know it today.

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7 Replies to “When your first Arsenal goal is against Tottenham you know you are on the right side of the tracks”

  1. Tony,

    Trae is one of the upcoming stars of the club, assuming he maintains his current progress. He is still a schoolboy but has three starts and two substitute appearances for the U18s this year. As you say scoring your first goal against Spurs is rather special, especially as the goal came deep in time added on at the end of the game and made absolutely sure of the points.

    I would expect him to formally become a scholar when he turns 16 with a first professional contract when he is 17 (assuming he doesn’t become infected with Barca or City DNA).

  2. The U19 game against Ludogrets next Wednesday afternoon is being broadcast on BT Sport in the UK so all fans have the opportunity to watch him in action – always assuming he is picked to play.

    In this competition so far we have one draw and a loss so a win is needed if we are to stand any chance of progressing.

  3. Do you not post comments from other clubs supporters?
    Shame if u don’t,I enjoy chatting football with Arsenal fans,I know every club has it’s dick heads but once you filter them out I find,despite the rivalry,Arsenal fans appreciate good football and the best football chats I’ve had are usually with mates who are red.
    Anyway,like I said in my initial post,I agree that scoring a goal on your debut against your fiercest rivals always puts u in good stead.
    Just ask Danny Rose ?
    Yids ??

  4. Yes we publish comments from supporters of other clubs a lot of the time Danny. IF you have sent in one before and it has not been published it might have got caught in our automatic systems (we have 6 million page views a year so you can imagine handling the comments is difficult) or if the comment argued against our general view, and didnt give any evidence to support a view against ours it stands a chance of being stopped. We are an evidence based site, but of course if we are going back over arguments we have run before we don’t re-run all the evidence each time, as that would just be too boring.

  5. @Danny

    Rose has been a very reliable…for Arsenal. We scored twice from his flank in the last NLD. 😀

  6. Like you said Danny, it’s nice chatting with other club’s fans irrespective of who they support as long as its done with mutual respect. Welcome to the Untold world.

  7. Some of the skills of young footballers to come will make our players today pale in comparison!

    Without skillfull football, the kids will have no incentive(besides the very few) to learn this game rather than “thuggery”.

    Good to see the youth taking football a step further in it’s evolution.

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