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  1. Kevin

    Re: “Tiny Totts … cheaper to build than the Ems”.

    It’s probably worth remembering that of the quoted 400+ million cost of the stadium project, less than half (c. 190M I think) went on the stadium itself.

    A huge chunk of the balance went on building the new Recycling/Waste Transfer Centre for Islington and more went on paying for other local infrastructure improvements also insisted on by the council. The rest on property, including the Highbury re-development. The cost of redeveloping the old WHL doesn’t seem to be included in the figures quoted for the new Totts ground – but as WHL is only fit for landfill or an open sewer, it probably doesn’t count.

    Out of the Ems 190M, building the two bridges over the railway lines took a large bite – the Totts won’t have anything comparable to do. There’s also the money spent on relocating a number of businesses from Queensland Road, Ashburton Grove, Eden Grove and Drayton Park – again the Totts are unlikely to face such high costs.

    When it comes down to it, I reckon the money spent on the Ems itself is fairly comparable to what the Totts will spend on their looky-likey effort (if they ever get round to it).

  2. NYmarcus

    Frankly, I doubt these plans for new Totts and Liverpool stadiums will ever get off the ground. Liverpool’s finances are just too dodgy right now and the financial climate is just wrong to go on a huge project at the moment. Also, in order to build a new stadium you need a really good group of planers, and the Totts just don’t have that.

  3. consolsbob

    I agree that these stadiums are unlikely to be built but then I didn’t think that Benitez would sign a new contract either. Both opinions were/are based on financial grounds.

    Just goes to show the unreal world that football seemingly continues to operate in.

  4. NYmarcus

    Well anything’s possible, CB, I just see this as more delusional glory hunting for the Totts, esp. given the fact that they have a much smaller waiting list than we do.

  5. The Brain

    I like your writing style. Informal it is but unlike other bloggers informative and thought-provoking. Good work. Anyway back to Vieira, I mean Diaby he is still 22 I think. We signed Vieira at 21 but that was in a different era so he was able to tear up the league. It was like taking a tank to when there wasn’t any tanks…..

    Anyway Flamini was 24 when he broke through last year, when people doubted he was good enough but he proved them wrong. Denilson, Song and Diaby are at least two years younger and nearly as good if not better individually.

    Apparently Hicks has assured Benitez of the long-term finance of the club so something must be going on.

  6. consolsbob

    Yes Brain. There must be.

    As for the Totts though. I think NYM is right. It is just another dream for them, like Champion’s league football. Ha Ha Ha!

    Mind you, I have never understod how they manage to spend so much money with so little return year on year.

  7. NYmarcus

    The Totts’ apparently endless fountain of money is a constant mystery to many of us gooners. It’s one of those Great Football Mysteries that’s doomed to never clear up. I don’t know how they do it. Ok, they sell a lot of their players….but that just doesn’t sound like enuf of an answer to me.

  8. pig

    i’ll believe it when i see it. if it was us, now, thinking of doing this, we wouldnt be doing it. i’ts gotta be financial suicide. but, if, against all the odds, they both do decide to build new stadia, its gotta be good for english football. nevermind that neither will be as good as what we have.

    i thought pool had already borrowed money for a stadium and have already spent it.

  9. Don’t believe the hype

    The Government wants the banks to start lending again in order to jump start the economy – jobs would be created in the building trade, which is really suffering. Since football seems to be living in a bubble, there seems to be a belief that the pot of gold will never run out. We’ll soon see if that’s really the case especially if Liverpool’s current purple patch doesn’t end with silverware!

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