Arsenal in the league cup: the referee incidents against Forest with supporting video evidence, plus the draw.

by the Referee review team

In the next round we have drawn Reading.  More details on that in a moment, but first following on from the article after our game with PSG in the Champions League, here is a quick review of some of the incidents that occurred in the game against Nottingham Forest (each with supporting video evidence).

Paul Tierney was the referee for this game.  He is 35 years old from Lancashire and one of the referees added to the Select Group for the start of this season.

Incident 1 – Minute 7

Slightly high foot ignored

The Forest player went in a slightly higher foot on Perez. Nothing serious, but was careless. Should have been a foul.

Incident 2 – Minute 16

Reckless tackle Bendtner

Very late sliding tackle on Xhaka. Correctly booked.

Incident 3 – Minute 20

Lansbury Lung ElNenny No Red Card

Lansbury Lung ElNenny No Red Card002

Serious leg breaking foul play. Full face of the shoe with studs hitting El Nenny on the leg. Clear red card.

Incident 4 – Minute 36 (I think)

Holding yellow card

Both players raise their foot, Holding was late and missed the ball and slightly contacted Kasami. Slightly dangerous and attack breaking foul. Correctly booked.

Incident 5 – Min 45+2

Lansbury Gabriel

Lansbury Gabriel002

Lansbury Gabriel003

Another poor challenge should have been a yellow card.

Incident 6 – Minute 47 (I think)

Lansbury Jeff

Reckless kick by Lansbury on Jeff.  Could easily have been another booking.

Incident 7 – Min 59

Akpom Penalty

Akpom Penalty002

Akpom Penalty003

Akpom in the box taking a shot from a side angle when Mancienne pushed him with both hands. Clear penalty, correctly given.

Non-Playing Incident 8 – Min 54

Also here is the burger man that approached Arsene Wenger.  Arsene certainly not interested.  Our Physio takes him away but where were the stewards or Police?  Entering the field is now a criminal offence and this gentleman no matter what his motivation was should be banned from football grounds for a long time.

It was a good performance from Arsenal who were well deserving of the result.  Well done lads.

A final word about Henri Lansbury who was one of our youth players who we released a few years ago.

I always liked him when I saw him play for Arsenal and I was sorry that we let him go and have followed his career since then.  He seemed to be making a good name for himself at Championship level and has settled down well in Nottingham.

But I really don’t understand his attitude in this game though.   He seemed to be on a mission to single handedly take out as many of our current players as possible.  He should have had one straight red card and at least 2 yellow cards as well.  Poor from Mr Tierney to allow him to get away with so many rotten challenges.

Now onto the next round… while last year in the third round we had a derby match against Tottenham, this time both a London derby and a Manchester derby came out in the fourth round.  Plus Liverpool got a home tie with Tottenham.  As a result there were two ties without a PL club in them, and we got Reading at the Emirates.

  • West Ham United v Chelsea
  • Manchester United v Manchester City
  • Arsenal v Reading
  • Liverpool v Tottenham
  • Bristol City v Hull
  • Leeds United v Norwich City
  • Newcastle United v Preston NE
  • Southampton v Sunderland

Ties to be played week commencing 24 October

Reading are eighth in the championship at present (compared to Forest who are 13th).

Pos Team Pl W D L F A GD Pts
1 Huddersfield Town 8 6 1 1 11 6 5 19
2 Norwich City 8 5 2 1 13 9 4 17
3 Newcastle United 8 5 0 3 16 6 10 15
4 Barnsley 8 5 0 3 19 11 8 15
5 Birmingham City 8 4 3 1 10 6 4 15
6 Brentford 8 4 2 2 13 5 8 14
7 Brighton and Hove Albion 8 4 2 2 10 6 4 14
8 Reading 8 4 2 2 9 10 -1 14

Reading have had one battering so far losing 4-1 to Newcastle, and throughout have scored zero, one or two goals in each game.

In September they have beaten Ipswich 2-1, drawn 0-0 with Birmingham, beaten Barnsley away 2-1 and beaten Brighton away by the same score this week in the league cup – a notable achievement since they played more than half the match with ten men.

Their average crowd is 15,887, making the ground around two thirds full for home matches, so they will need a fair number of these people to want to make the trip to London, if they are going to fill up their allocation in the Clock End.  Arsenal will presumably do their usual deal and make the tickets available at highly discounted prices.

If that is the case Arsenal will this season not only offer fans the lowest away ticket prices in the league, but also the lowest home ticket prices in the league cup.


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Anniversary of the day

22 September 1897: Woolwich Arsenal were playing Loughborough in a United League game when the game was abandoned with 8½ minutes remaining – probably due to failing light.  Regulations in the United League were not as strict as those in the Football League and it was agreed that the remaining minutes be played on 22 December 1897 following the Football League fixture between the two clubs. Ten of the eleven players that played in the first fixture played in the second fixture, with Paddy Farrell playing in place of Frank McAvoy making Farrell Arsenal’s first substitute in a league match.

10 Replies to “Arsenal in the league cup: the referee incidents against Forest with supporting video evidence, plus the draw.”

  1. Good brief review.
    Another blog ( LG I think) criticised ElNenny for the amount of time he spent on the ground. With tackles like the one from Lansbury it’s surprising that he had any legs left to stand on.

  2. “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” Mr. Wenger

    Wenger is an artist.. One of the geatest manager ever..

    Referees are biased against Arsenal for years. Every one knows that!.. So are media and fans.

    Wenger has to fight every one.. Only the love of the club keeps him going

  3. Great work guys , well done . Those clips are surely damning . Very clear and leaves no room for ‘them’ to improvise on the incidents . Not that I care for their comments !

  4. Forest fan here. Don’t think Lansburys reckless tackles are personal. He’s a bloody liability with tackles like that every week. It’s a shamed as he’s talented and his indiscipline spoils it.
    Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed the match. Forest were doing ok until the penalty. After that we were comprehensively outclassed. The fourth goal was a work of art. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  5. Thanks Paul, Forest played a fair game which Lansbury managed to spoil it. The right back with the long hair stood out for me, showed good pace and took on our defence. Also good luck for the rest of the season, hope to see Bendtner score a lot.

  6. Paul


    Regarding Bendtner, I think you will find him a great asset.

    Personally I always liked him. But liking him is different to thinking his a brilliant player because he isn’t. But he works hard and when confident can score goals.

    The problem he had at Arsenal was that due to something he said being exaggerated and taken totally out of context by the media, he ended up having the rather too large and too loud section of our fans, that love to jump on our players backs at the slightest opportunity, doing just that.

    From that moment on he was on a hiding to nothing.

    Give him a chance and get behind him and I have absolutely no doubt he will score goals for you.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

  7. @Paul,

    As I said in the piece, I always liked Lansbury as a player, if he tackles like that every week then he will soon be picked up by the referees – or at least should be. And he will be forced to tone down his aggression. He did always have a ‘bite’ about him as far as I can remember.

    I would also second Jambug’s comment re Bendtner. Coming through our youth ranks he was frequently devastating. If he can get his head together he has the ability a really good striker. If he can’t though he can be a complete idiot. Good luck with him, I hope he repays your trust.

    I hope you have a good season

  8. @Arsenalizer,
    Your mention of the alleged quote of Arsene Wenger that “Anything” could become an art, touched one of my raw nerves.
    If he DID say that, nothing could be more stupid.
    For example, does it mean that the achievements of my Great Uncle Eli, an accomplished master safebreaker, can be recognised as an art? 😉

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