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  1. Robert

    Tbh, the only prediction I made in the summer was that the press and pundits would predict Arsenal finishing 4th or lower. Let them continue to compare Wenger unfavourably to the latest crop of miracle managers, and let them continue to denigrate our players, and laud the latest overrated and overpaid summer acquisitions in other teams. It’ll be all the more sweet when we do rather nicely, thank you.

    What amused me most about reports on last night’s games was how little criticism one heard about Guardiola and Man City. They almost seemed embarrassed to have to report that their darlings hadn’t done especially well. Contrast that with their treatment of Arsenal: yes we had a good game, but Ozil may leave, and it’s too early to say if this team is any good.

  2. adetayo

    Thanks Mr Tony.the thing is the so called pundits doesn’t know the most important things about football.they forgot there is more to a squad than what they think they know.Am just enjoying the moments. COYG!

  3. ClockEndRider

    Spot in artcicle. As per. Thx vm Tony.

  4. ClockEndRider

    Spot on.
    I must learn to type…..

  5. Pete

    Amused to see this comment on the Online Gooner (completely off the topic – how Theo is doing). Very sad.

    “jjetplane 19:35pm 19th Oct 2016

    Over on Untold Walter is ready to type as soon as a ball is kicked. Match reporter who never goes. Other posters do not even know Hen and Chickens from The Cock and talking about avocado fries on the Holloway Rd so that site is full of cyber fans with no Arsenal history. Pathetic wankers! – Post No. 99484”

  6. kwzariel

    Remember that headline about ozil being a 42mil player niking a living.
    now we know whos niking a living at dailymail.

  7. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Last night’s Ucl match 6-0 home win by Arsenal over Ludogorets Razgrad was a masterclass performance win by Arsenal not seen by the Gooners for a long time.

    I had predicted a 4-0 victory for Arsenal. But the Gunners had somehow made my prediction a child play as they furthered the win to a 6-0 victory to strengthen their hold as the leaders on Group A table.

    After their opening day EPL match home lose to Liverpool, Arsenal have since gone unbeaten in all competitions and if they will maintain consistency in this their current match winning and unbeaten run in all competitions which they have attained up to the end of December which will bring us to the 1st half of this season, the sky will become the limit for Arsenal in regard to winning titles this season as they will only need to consolidate the gains they got in the 1st half in the 2nd half of the season with an enhanced consistent performance run that can see them claim the quadruple for the 1st time in history by any PL club.

  8. John L

    Interesting that Man City defence gifted at least 3 goals to Barcelona. In particular, Stones, the wonder centre-back we should have bought but didn’t, because of our lack of ambition, was one of the guilty ones. Contrast the media treatment of Ospina’s mistake last season, with its silence on Bravo’s major disaster (he is the keeper who replaced Hart, because the infallible Pep Guardiola wanted some-one good with their feet- well he’s certainly showed just how good he is!… Hart must have had a little laugh last night).

  9. ARSENAL 13

    “Its only Ludogorets.” Knock knock…Its Champions League. Some of the media darlings couldnt even make it.3 to be precise. Who as per their predictions almost always will push ARSENAL out of the CL qualification spot.

    talking of predictions,

    Are we the only ones who got predictions right? Curious case of Theo?? Have we not predicted Theo to be lethal from the wide position, although we’d seen it long back…

  10. fabrechenko

    and my prediction on micheal owen to consistently spew trash never fails.

  11. ARSENAL 13

    I remember a pundit in Indian channel, he praised ARSENAL for their summer transfers. He was of the opinion that ARESNAL got a better deal for their money than Man Utd got for theirs.

    Dont give a efff about their opinions though. If summer spend was a decider, why play 38 games at all.

    BTW, Is Ozil still nicking a living??

  12. ARSENAL 13

    Ozil fast turning into Bergkamp of our generation…….

    Now Balboa has a CL ball for his playtime too.

  13. Jaroda2

    Agree with you Robert.

    Gary Lineker et al on BT Sport were banging the drum for how well in the game Man City were up to the point Bravo was sent off. Err.. no they were losing 1-0 at Barcelona. Had it been 11 v 11 sensible predictions would all point to Barcelona only continuing to pull further ahead as they did when both teams went down to 10 men. But BT sport continued to try and keep the spirits up for the poor Citeh fans.
    Talksport this morning made a comment about how bad the cricket was going and it was as equally bad as the football last night. Eh? City lost. Lovely. Celtic lost to superior German opposition. Arsenal annihilated their opposition. What wasn’t there to love about all that!

    Why the City love in?

  14. Andy Mack

    I really like the way one of the guys you mention said that Liverpoo! and the Spuddies have had a season to ‘gel’ but did he say the same last season or did he moan about not buying an outfield player 😀 .
    Isn’t that what AW has been saying for years, that he doesn’t like buying too many new players because the team chemistry is what counts…

    Unfortunately all the pundits and hacks really don’t understand that it’s more important that 11 players actually play as a team , than it is to have 11 high quality players.
    That’s not to say 11 high quality players playing as a team aren’t be even better but it’s the team that makes the difference. And of course the team is no longer 11 players, it’s a squad and all the management/medical etc team.
    We’ve had an excellent example of that last season by the Foxes, whose team included the PGMO!

  15. Pat

    In his post match press conference Arsene Wenger emphasised a couple of times how we are an attacking team. Wonder if he was thinking of Mourinho and the bore draw with Liverpool?

  16. Dwain Kaye

    Ye Old Spurs striker, will have no choice but to ask his pundits to wax lyrical, whilst he looks on quizzically with his face contorted by false scepticism.

    It’s scripted like Fifa, except we refuse ot read our lines, I wanna see Jenks and I want a LB and another transition player with pace, Giroud needs to prov it to me, Theo I expect so much more, it’s just that simple.

    He’s watched Klopp from game 1, he might lack some ingenuity, but he makes up for it.

    Ozil WC 2006, I tweeted him his own video, I expect even more, Alexis, give and they will come, the ad boards can’t score for you.

    CB was a must, and the tag on Xaka, plus that wand left, is everything, now competition, fight for your contract, your start, we are entering new territory in terms of the team and squad.

    Nobody wants to sell, we don’t have to, Santi is our only problem, he’s a high value asset for 2 years, should have been sorted. Not AW, he won’t lie.

    Offered his extension, yay! 3 years please! I want domination, 2 players please! As and when people under perform, we upgrade, we done now!

    We just went Elite class, by the end they will know, we just became Giants in the game, the right way!

  17. WalterBroeckx

    and I do go to matches. Usually 4 per season. If I would win the Euromillions I would go more of course. But then you wouldn’t have a quick match report….
    I stay at home for you all 🙂 😉

  18. Gord

    I’m guilty on the avacado fries business. But I got that from Evening Standard doing a story about that establishment.

  19. esxste

    All this talk of predictions reminds me of this highly intriguing (and somewhat scary) article: http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html

    In general, people are awful at making predictions. We’re naturally predisposed to think linearly. We’re bad at accurately assessing all the factors; especially with subjective “facts” like player ability and potential. We look for and accept simplistic answers to unknowns.

    I don’t know who will win the league this year, but I’m looking forward to being entertained finding out.

  20. WalterBroeckx

    Doesn’t matter Gord, let them drown in their own miserable existence.

  21. Pete

    Look – I come from North London and have had a season ticket for many years. But so what – doesn’t make me a “better” supporter than anyone else.

    Just thought that comment was so gratuitously offensive on so many levels. Walter, Leon, Gord and I have every reason to be annoyed by someone who has never posted anything positive ever on that site.

  22. finsbury

    Considering that Alan Partdrige made his debut as a football plundit during the ’94 World Cup he must be very disappointed with the standard of his successors in the world of football plunditry.

    Let’s be honest, Alan Partridge was and is a far better plundit then any of these jokers barring our very own Adrian Clarke.

    Steve Coogan is indeed a genius.

  23. Brickfields Gunners

    I’d bet that the lot of them pundits , experts and ex-players may not have enough grey matter collectively for ONE normal brain !

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