Absolute Football from Arsenal

It was one of those moments – one of the greatest evenings of football from the team that all the journalists save one said would struggle, end up in mid-table, and drift out of Europe.

Arsene Wenger is now repeating the story: everything we do is way beyond the expectations of the media – for this is the year when Tottenham would scream into 4th place and Arsenal would implode.

Instead here we are.  March 4.  Arsenal top of the league.   Arsenal beat AC Milan at the San Siro 0-2 with the most amazing display of attacking football seen in Europe this year.  

Milan played the game as if Arsenal’s passion in the first leg would quickly ebb away – and when it didn’t they had nothing left.   And, amazingly, this was all done without Eduardo, without Van Persie, without Toure, without Rosicky.

Those last three are due back any day now – Van Persie was on the bench today although not used, and that could well be the push that we need to complete an amazing double.  In the year when we would slip down the league and just drift out of Europe, we could be on for a Europe+EPL double.

We beat the holders of the European Cup.  This was Absolute Football.

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