Alexis will start, injured or not; when will the madness stop?

by Tony Attwood

The reports in the press suggest that Alexis is going to start the game for Chile tonight.

Against this Arsène Wenger has warned the Football Federation of Chile that Alexis could spend up to three months on the sidelines if he is risked in the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay.

Alexis was injured in training last Thursday and missed the game against Columbia but then stayed with the squad but Mr Wenger, on hearing that the injury was to the hamstring said that would to play Alexis would be “a suicidal decision”.

Mr Wenger told beIN Sports: “I got a text last night that he has a hamstring injury. The team from Chile has travelled without him and they kept him to try and get him fit to play Uruguay for the second game on Tuesday night.

“I believe that with a hamstring injury we have to get access for our medical staff to the MRI scan to see what grade it is, how bad it is and make absolutely sure they don’t make any suicidal decision that could harm his future for two or three months.

“That is absolutely important. It’s a grey area between the national team and the club team and of course they look at their own results which I can understand but we have to preserve the health of Alexis Sánchez.

“He always wants to play and that’s where it is a more sensitive case because he’s always ready to play even when injured.”

Soon after Alexis Sánchez was declared fit by Chile – seemingly without any access given to Arsenal – for the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay,

Chile’s coach, Juan Antonio Pizzi, said, “Sánchez was not ready for the game in Colombia, but we knew the injury was a small one and we could have him for this match…

“It’s not that he hasn’t trained, he’s trained every day, even when we were in Colombia he did a different kind of work. Yesterday he took part in full training.”

He added,

“At no time have we received pressure from any club. My stance is that I will never use a player who is not fit or capable of playing.

“All of the clubs can remain calm, we are very respectful of our players. The health of our players is paramount, we will never force any player who has not got the medical all-clear.”

As everyone knows, we play at Man U on Saturday and it would seem unlikely that Alexis will be back in time.  He has done it before by getting a private jet from Santiago straight into London.


This leaves the current injury list looking like this according to physioroom.
Player Injury Estimated return date
A Sanchez Hamstring Injury November 15, 2016
H Bellerin Ankle Injury December 3, 2016
L Perez Ankle Injury December 10, 2016
S Cazorla Achilles Injury No Return Date
C Akpom Back Injury January 14, 2017
P Mertesacker Knee Injury January 2, 2017
D Welbeck Cartilage Knee Injury January 22, 2017

Manchester United’s list is not too different from ours although perhaps a little lighter…

Player Injury Estimated return date Comments
W Rooney Knee Injury November 19, 2016 Slight Doubt
M Fellaini Calf Injury No Return Date
A Valencia Broken Arm November 19, 2016 Slight Doubt
E Bailly Knee Ligament Injury December 11, 2016
C Smalling Broken Toe December 11, 2016
J Wilson ACL Knee Injury No Return Date

We await the news.


17 Replies to “Alexis will start, injured or not; when will the madness stop?”

  1. “we will never force any player who has not got the medical all-clear.”

    This is Sanchez we are talking about: no need to force him in any way eh?

  2. Sanchez is going to play against the dirtiest, most foul playing and rough team in international football Uruguay… just ask any regular viewer of South American football.

  3. On the other hand, the English FA have released Mr. Rooney, no doubt to help his club have a chance of playing him in their next match —- (remind me who their opponent is)

  4. Sanchez is complicit in this and obviously prioritises his country before club. I’m not sure how Arsenal’s disciplinary system works but if he misses any club matches now as a result Alexi should be fined heavily and if he recourses to his typical petulancy fined again. I don’t even care if he refuses to sign a new contract and leaves because his selfishness is undermining Wenger and our club. How he came by the injury in the first place is another issue altogether.
    We are now in a situation where we may have to go to Old Trafford minus three key players.

  5. Let us hold our breath untill Alexis returns to London by wednesday; if playing tonite aggravates d hamstring pulled muscle den he shuld be thoroghly disciplined in watever form Club statutes state,it pure arrogance laced wit acute disregard for d Club for him to lie about his injury to his employers. Shalom!!

  6. Yes, of all the 7 Gunners the Physio Room has reported to be sidelined with various kind of injuries, I think only Sanchez and Bellerin absence will be missed now in our away game to Man U on Saturday the 19th.

    In the case of Sanchez, it’s not yet clear if he’ll miss starting the Man U game or start it from the bench due to fatigue and being Jet lagged. Or even be omitted from Le Prof’s 18 man match day squad for the match altogether due an injury he might come back with.

    I noticed his underwelming performance in our last home game against Spurs before the international break. And I told myself something must have been the matter with Sanchez that day as he couldn’t beat his markers properly but got dispossessed too often for my liking. And he gave the ball away many times with his misplaced passes in that NL derby match. Was he suffering from game fatigue despite being a workaholic player for Arsenal? Or was playing carrying a slight injury in his legs which has proved to be the case with him as a slight hamstring in one of his leg flared up during training with his Chilean national squad preparing for a World Cup qualifier date against Colombia.

    Chile are very desperate to get points in their match against Saurez’s Uruguay tonight as they lie in 5th position in the Conmebol single group table and are in danger of missing out on the 2018 WC in Russia.

    And against this backdrop, Sanchez is risking himself or being risked for this qualifier. For our Sanchez sake, I want Chile to win the match so that he’ll come back happy and be ready to unleashed fire on the Red Devils of Jose Mourinho if he hasn’t any injury on him.

    Jenkinson for Bellerin and Giroud for Sanchez if the situation warranted that. And Arsenal will still win that big game comes whatever.

  7. Robert
    I have read that Bellerin was injured as a result of a Rose tackle in the recent derby game.
    It is of course common for Spurs to crock one of our players, in fact Rose was involved in Theo being out injured for months on end.
    Rose is another Spurs player who gets away with lots on the pitch but rarely gets his just desserts from the Spud lenient refs.

  8. Bellerin was injured near the end of the U21 match against San Marino. Took a kick on his ankle.

  9. Leon,
    that match against San Marino was played on Oktober 5th….

    Rose also was involved in the leg break of Sagna a few seasons ago …

  10. Alexis Sanchez was not only playing, he was scoring. He scored 2 in the second half, before being subbed at 84minutes.

    David Ospina not doing quite so well. Argentina scored 3 (at this moment) against him.

  11. He played brilliantly, scored two terrific goals and came off at 82 minutes looking none the
    So maybe reports on his injury were exaggerated.

  12. The Argentina-Colombia game:

    > The extremely physical encounter continued throughout the second half, with both teams guilty of hard fouls and eight yellow cards handed out in all.

    I don’t see any indications that Ospina was on the end of any rough stuff.

  13. For the obvious reasons, I think Le Prof should reconsider starting Ospina but instead start Cech for our Ucl home match against PSG in less than a week time.

    Right now in the Conmebol WC qualifiers, Ospina has appeared to be going through a downturn in form as he has conceded 3 goals to Argentina. And beside this, I’ve been in doubt if Ospina has the height to successfully deal with the aerial threat Cavani will pose against him at the Emirates. But one may argue hadn’t Ospina cope with this threat successfully at Parc de Princes. Yes, he managed to cope because Cavani was largely fluffing his line on the night that Tuesday.

  14. I have noticed that Danny Rose commits serious fouls in every match. He gets the occasional yellow card, but most of his offences go unpunished or un-noticed.

  15. SAA

    Maybe we should just take Ospina out back and shoot him. He’s obviously no longer fit to wear the shirt.

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