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  1. MickHazel

    Southampton 1 Man U 0 after 50 seconds!!

  2. MickHazel

    Sorry Everton not Man U.

  3. Gord

    You had me worried Mick, as I was blabbering about State Aid on the other thread.

    So, what’s the bias number for this game report when it comes out? 85% 90% ?

    That awful USA stream forwarded by TSN showed Mustafi getting away with a push in the back. The TV idiots didn’t seem to do much to try and find examples of Bournemouth doing things wrong. Or, maybe they just timed their replays when I was away from the TV?

  4. Brickfields Gunners

    See what we cable subscribers have to put up with every game , Tony ? Sometimes I think that the incidents I see , and that those clowns see are so poles apart . It must be those special tinted glasses they are ‘forced’ to put on !

    Guess you also got taken by those ,’ The rain in Spain mainly falls in the plains ‘ , advertising crap ? Or it could just be the effects of global warming !
    Cheers , Tony !

  5. Gord

    Not much “news” about Debuchy, other than hamstring.

    Some medja site thought Alexis was exhausted. Wait 5 seconds, he’ll be back to 100%. Another medja site noticed that Bournemouth played the rough game.

    Daily Star claims they learned something. Hmmm? How to tie their own shoelaces? How to do colour by number colouring books with crayons?

  6. Menace

    Wonderful Moss sent the M to the stands. Books Pogba for a blatant dive & the pundits mourning because their god is made to ascend!!! What an absolute laugh!!

  7. Al

    Horrible refereeing on display today, this will do nicely for a template on how to ruin an entertaining match… These guys in the middle are killing English football.

  8. goonersince72

    Worst non call: Ozil mugged by two Cherries on the touchline immediately before the penalty. Should have been Arsenal free kick. Should have been 3-0. Quite a few through balls and balls over the top today. Oh, forgot, can’t say that – Arsenal never change.

  9. Leon

    This B’mouth fouling (it was bad) could be a sign of things to come for Arsenal should Eddie Howe become our manager as expected by many.

  10. Menace

    Al – these are a select group of Match officials!! You should know what select means. It is how the judiciary & the 2nd house gets populated. The standard is similar except the 2nd house is now broadcast, unlike the comms between the match officials.

  11. Usama Zaka


    My heartfelt apologies to you for watching the game on the Bein Sports English Channel (with the utterly awful Keys and Grey) 😀 . Thankfully Bein Sports provides variety with superb coverage in Arabic and French, each with their own respective studios. My advice to anyone, if you have a option for Bein Sports Arabic or French or even Spanish, then watch the game on that (even if you don’t understand, because its a thousand times better than listening to the absolute rubbish you get to listen on the English channel).

    Very good performance by us, even though Bournemouth looked good.

  12. Gord

    Debuchy apparently thinks this is a severe injury. Arsenal medical staff haven’t had enough time to say.

    Giroud apparently has a hamstring injury as well. I thought it was a head clash, but didn’t see it well on TV (I was in kitchen).

  13. Al

    They certainly don’t appear to be chosen on merit, Menace, what a dreadful bunch. Atrocious.

  14. markyb

    Cue the Dutch Bloke spouting on about training methods etc etc etc

  15. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Referee Jonathan Moss sending Jose Mourinho to the stands looked harsh to me after seen how he has protested to himself on the touch line on my TV screen for the ref booking Paul Pogba for diving.

    Could it be the 4th official or one of the referee assistants has drawn the attention of Mr Moss on what Mourinho might have said that is considered to be offensive language against the ref? Otherwise, can’t a manager express his frustration or anger to himself in the dugout or on the touch line?

    From Arsenal perspectives, I want the match to end in a draw so that Man U will be 8 points behind us in the table.

  16. Leon

    The Mail awarded referee Mike Jones four. How bad must you be to get a four?
    I think we picked up two or three injuries: Debuchy, Walcott & Giroud. Hope they’re not too bad.

  17. markyb

    Al, It’s the ‘talking to’ thing. Usually several until oe of ours makes a foul then,it’s in the book.

  18. Al

    Yeah, lost count of how many warnings Bournemouth players were given warnings before getting carded….

    Not sure why you bother trying to understand why the odious one was sent off, just enjoy the moment..

  19. OlegYch

    sad for Debuchy, he was having a good game
    once again disappointed by Elneny, Arsene trying to find a position for him, gave him Santis role vs MU and Coquelins today, but he can’t seem to be able to do any
    Alexis best man on the pitch again, and Mesut seemed back to his best, great game by Xhaka and Ox
    the usual stinker by the ref

  20. Gord
  21. OlegYch

    does anyone know what happened to Jenko?

  22. Robert

    Sorry about the rain, Tony. My part of Spain is also wet and cold at the mo. But the food is always good – providing you don’t go to places catering to Brit tourists – and orujo (pronounced orukho) will warm you up. Try it with café solo or café bombon.

  23. nicky

    Must admire your fortitude Tony, putting up with Thicko Gray and Hairy Keys, probably the two most ignorant self-styled football “experts” of yesteryear.
    If they occur again, remember the value of the mute button. 😉

  24. bjtgooner

    A very good win today against the idiot from the PGMO aided by Bournemouth.

    Our guys played well overall against a very agressive team, one that was allowed to bend the rules by a bent bandit in black. But our team showed courage, energy, stuck at it & class came through in the end.

    Sanchez seemed back to his best – good to see – he had looked a bit jaded in his previous two matches – not surprising after his trip to Chile.

    Lets hope Debuchy is not too bad.

    Well done the team.

  25. MickHazel

    Today referee Jon Moss issued a yellow card to a West Ham player for a cynical hack from behind on a Man U player to stop a breakaway attack.
    It was a very similar foul to the one committed by Xhaka in the Swansea match for which Moss issued a straight red.
    Where is your consistency Moss?

  26. Sam Sayyed

    Mourinho imploding again today. Sent off second time in a month. Had a weird rant against Wenger last week when Arsenal was playing some other team! At this rate I fear he would be in bedlam by New Year!

  27. Zedsaunt

    Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, each impresssed me today. They played with skill and fire for the team. They didn’t shirk, they didn’t hide, each can play with the ball.

    Dreadful about Debuchy. Hopefully he’ll get through this. Cruel luck.

  28. WalterBroeckx

    Back home safe in Antwerp. Been up for just under 24 hours now and have been driving for some 10 hours in total. But around 2 hours of almost standing still in London when going home….
    Off to bed now.

  29. para

    Arsenal lets other teams control the game too much, especially at home, but they rectified that 2nd half(tactics?).
    We need to get back our quick passing movements(this seems to depend on who is playing) to avoid tackles, in fact we really do not need to really tackle outside our half, just to close down and block the attack is usually enough, but if that fails then a tackle is caused for.

    All in all a win, and thats what we needed.

  30. para

    Meant to mention “Kodi” for streams of any type. Takes a little patience but full HD football and other streams, plenty of alternative streams if one goes (rarely happens). Plenty of help on the web to get it going.
    All in all a good piece of software, enjoy till the dictators find some way of silencing it.

  31. GoingGoingGooner

    Great to see ManU drop some more points! And, with Mourinho sent off, too…Confusion to our enemies!

  32. Gord

    Kodi is an OpenSource PVR type thing which grew out of Xbox. It used to be called XBMC (I think). It is available for multiple architectures, which nominally means Windows, Mac and Linux. It is possible it runs on *BSD and other UN*X.

    You can get plugins for it. I believe the URL below (it insists javascript be enabled, so I was reading the GoogleCache) does talk about football plugins (called soccer in North America).


    Wikipedia has a write up on Kodi.

  33. Josif


    Came here to comment on that incident. For me, Cresswell deserved to be sent off but Moss is dross. If he had been sent off, he wouldn’t have played against us. Funny.

    Speaking of… A bit off-topic. Borussia Dortmund’s captain Schmelzer made an outrageous protest against the referee Wolfgang Stark at the very end of their game against Eintracht (Eintracht won 2:1). Schmelzer pushed the referee and deserved (in my book) a red card. Stark only gave him a yellow. Not so “stark” (= means “strong” on German) decision by the ref, me thinks.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdu_fvCc3Es (at 9:45)

  34. Brickfields Gunners

    What would have made it more funnier is if Moanin’inho had actually kicked those bottles !
    Instead he faked it too , just like the world’s most expensive player .

  35. Brickfields Gunners

    Tony , be on the look out for restaurants that serve this unique delicacy . But it may not be for the squeamish !

    A man travels to Spain and goes to a restaurant near the bull arena for a late dinner. He orders the house special and he is brought a plate with potatoes, corn, and two large meaty objects.
    “What’s this?” he asks?

    “The Matador Special, Senor,” the waiter replies.

    “What meat is it?” the man asks.

    “Cojones,” the waiter explains, “They, are the testicles of the bull who lost at the arena this afternoon.”

    At first the man is disgusted; but being the adventurous type, he decides to try this local delicacy. To his amazement, it is quite delicious. In fact, it is so good that he decides to come back again the next night and order it again.
    This time, the waiter brings out the plate, but the meaty objects are much smaller.

    “What’s this?” he asks the waiter.

    “The Matador Special, senor,” the waiter replies.

    “No, no,” the man objects, “I had the Matador Special yesterday and it was much bigger than this.”

    “Senor,” the waiter explains, “the bull does not always lose.”

  36. Mike T

    To be fair you win was totally deserved although their given penalty was very soft and the one not given was probably the right descion although based on many on here’s view on very similar incidents of the past will think it. Should have been awarded
    One point I will be interested in is the way in which your players reacted to the awarding of the penalty now I didn’t see a lot in it but if you look at the incident you will see 4 or possibly even 5 players getting involve in objecting to the decision.

  37. Mandy Dodd

    I make that 3penalties conceded in the last four games, some very dodgy pens at that.
    A statistical blip…..or going for some kind of record?

  38. Mandy Dodd

    The above post referring to EPL games

  39. para

    I am curious at the review of this g
    ame to come.
    The gifs will plainly show that:
    Alexis pen call
    The defender stepped on Alexis’ foot stopping him in his run. Definately a penalty. Watch the replay, note they only shown it once.

    The other one (that was given)
    The attacker barged into Monreal and as Monreal moved away from the momentum he fell down. Definately not a penalty. In contrast the replay was shown more than once.

  40. Zuruvi

    Good result for the Gunners. Yeah!!!

    Performance was not great but at least we collected all 3 points.

    Ref was terrible.

  41. Goonermikey

    I have to say, I thought Kos was very lucky not to get a card. I would have been extremely upset if we’d have suffered the type of challenge he got way with. My immediate reaction was that if the ref says he didn’t see it properly, Kos will immediately get charged.

  42. Menace

    Mick Hazel – that yellow was certainly double standards compared to the Xhaka red. I was just amazed at his two faced performance. That is the PIGMOB for you.

  43. Menace

    Mike T – the players that approached the ref were complaining about the foul before the ball got to the box. There was a foul that Jones ignored on the touchline. But then again you didn’t see it either. Watch them point toward the area where the incident occurred. Not all of them got booked because Jones proved he has selective vision.

  44. Mike T

    Stop jumping to conclusions as to what or what I didn’t see.as it happens I agree that there was a foul but that’s totally irrelevant as you are not allowed to group round the referee irrespective of what has gone on before .

  45. omgarsenal

    Adrian Clarke has an excellent review of the match and especially the ElNeny/Coquelin midfield combo, which he says was a perfect choice for this type of match. Overall it seemed that the Arsenal came out with confidence and strength, knowing that a goal would force Bournemouth to open up. The penalty seemed to disconcert the Arsenal a bit but once Walcott did his thing, we took over the game and Bournemouth’s feeble defending did the rest along with Alexis’ killer instincts.

    As far as the penalty call against AFC, Nacho had his arm in his opponent’s face and the ref probably considered that sufficient to award a penalty. those of us who officiate(d) know that such calls depend upon what the referee saw and felt happened so it is always a 50-50 call, unless it is so obvious that a blind mouse could make the call.
    Alexis may or may not have had a valid complaint about the penalty but Ozil was definitely manhandled by at least one player and the referee really missed that one, as did the linesman.

    The referee was trying to be even-handed for a little while but his PIGMOB DNA took over fairly early on and he had a poor match overall. It is hard to believe that these guys are on the FIFA list and that they are paid a full-time salary to do what some of them do every week.

    I love the fact that Cech is saving us points every week and that we got him despite the Moaning one’s opposition…….there is some justice in the world afterall!

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