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  1. Eddie

    Sir, I applaud thee…

  2. robl

    This is one of the many reasons Untold is head & shoulders above all other Arsenal blogs. Thanks again Tony.

  3. WalterBroeckx

    I LIKE IT!!!! Well done by the Dutch Union!
    And by Untold. I reported about the possibility of taking FIFA to court a few months ago when I read the news in Dutch newspapers.

  4. Walton

    We bow before the greatness of Untold.

  5. Omo r’Arsenal

    If it’s not Untold, who else?

    Thanks UA Team, you rock. Best of the blogs by miles.

  6. Leon

    I hope this fellow gets his money. Not asking for much, but where he lives it’s probably a considerable amount. I read somewhere recently ( in an interview with him ) that he more or less mortgaged his life to make this trip and ended up getting sacked and paid nothing.

  7. John L

    Tony, thank you for highlighting this. Credit to those pursuing this action and shame on FIFA (yet again).

  8. Gunnerjoe

    Let’s give thanks that there are still organisations that look out for the well being of people.
    Rather than how much money they can make by forcing someone to work them selves to death.

  9. Brickfields Gunners

    Exactly how does a country that has never even qualified for the WC Finals before , nor ever won any tournament of note , get to host one ? Since when was merit not of the utmost importance ?

    I am sure that many other countries of the third world are warming their hands in glee at the prospect of winning this lottery ! Likewise despots , dicktators.., sorry dictators and tyrant leaders must be licking their chops in anticipation .

    What a show awaits for their peoples !

  10. omgarsenal

    Here’s hoping that this nascent movement to hold organisations responsible for intervening and holding their stakeholders to account for their inhumane actions continues unabated! I can envision a world where any nation,organisation,governing body, political power, financial magnate and organism etc. will be held accountable for the consequences of their actions when dealing with the public.
    It would be wonderful IF the workers were able to form a self-protection union or movement which would refuse to work unless conditions met a minimum standard in the employer’s locale. I doubt this can happen but who knows. It would also be wonderful IF the participating nations in the WC threatened to withdraw their support unless such improvements were part and parcel of the WC preparations and plans.

  11. Dwain Kaye


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