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  1. MickHazel

    According to that paragon of truth and integrity known as Metro we are monitoring the Ross Barclay situation ‘according to reports’.

  2. John L

    “according to reports”, ” linked with”, “monitoring”, “eyeing” ( is there really such a word?), “keeping tabs on”, “hi-jack”, “spurned” are among the general warning signs that what is written is rubbish speculation. As well as being an annoying corruption of language, in the name of “journalism”.

    In the old days, at least the clichés were less annoying; – managers usually “swooped” on players to sign, frequently after “a motorway dash”.

  3. WalterBroeckx

    Monitoring the situation…. do we have monitors with radar on it or what do we have to understand by such phrases? LOL you couldn’t make it up. Oops I think someone just did…. 🙂

  4. Markyb

    Don’t forget a good snubbing or three

  5. porter

    Ross Barkley ? Hope he works out better than the past ones from Everton , Richard Wright , Francis Jeffers and even Alan Ball who despite being a class above apparently thought so himself and was disruptive in the dressing room.

  6. MickHazel

    John L
    In my opinion the most annoying corruption of language is the frequent misuse of ‘snub’ and ‘snubbed’.
    The word snub should only be used where there is an element of contempt, disdain or disrespect. It is an entirely inappropriate word in the context used by today’s so called journalists who really should know better.

  7. Leon

    Truth be told I don’t really care what terminology the journalists use so long as what they say is reasonably reliable. They have to phrase it somehow, so lets just make sure it’s accurate please.

  8. OlegYch

    porter, Barkley is being ‘eyed’ by every single top-10 club every transfer window, and even between them

  9. OlegYch

    i remember Kondogbia from our tie with Monaco
    seemed like a decent young player that season
    wonder what happened at Merda

  10. Gord

    Seeing a recent medja article, I produce:

    Hull City in talks over Carl Jenkinson move

    Dateline: Penzance, Cornwall

    Hull City is in talks over Carl Jenkinson, an Arsenal right back. At the moment, Hull City is talking to Sunderland about Carl Jenkinson. So far this season, Hull City have talked to West Ham, Bournemouth, Everton and Swansea about Carl Jenkinson.

    It is not known if Hull City will ever talk to Arsenal about Carl Jenkinson.

    One of the sticking points these other teams are raising with Hull City, is the lack of country music in Hull.

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