Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek 14 – The bullet points

by The Referee Team

In case you find the full weekly referee review to long/complicated/boring – or indeed in case you are about to leave home in order to buy fish and chips for the evening supper, here is a quick summary in bullet point form.

The full detailed analysis will appear tomorrow.

In Match Week 14…
  • The referees between them made 22 wrong Important Decisions (2 second yellow cards, 11 red cards, 6 penalties and 3 goals)  This is exactly in line with the season average of 280 in 140 games
  • The referees got 15 decisions correct (12 penalties and 3 straight red cards.
  • Neil Swarbrick was Referee of the Week.  No wrong decisions and his one important Decision was correct
  • Michael Oliver and Graham Scott were the worst referees of the Week each with 4 wrong Important Decisions.
  • The 11 players who should have received ref cards were
    • McAuley and Rondon (West Brom)
    • Snodgrass (Hull)
    • N’Dong (Sunderland)
    • Hendrick and, Barnes (Burnley)
    • Rojo and Ibrahimović (Man United)
    • Taylor (Swansea)
    • Luiz and Fabregas (Chelsea)
  • The two players who should have received second yellow cards were Barry (Everton) and Fernandinho (Man City) (Fernandinho was correctly sent off for his part in the Fracas/Brawl at the end of the game).
  • The wrong goals were
    • West Brom against Watford Min16, foul by Fletcher on goalkeeper not given – should have been a free kick to Watford
    • Spurs against Swansea Min 38 Dele Alli dived to win the penalty from which they Scored
    • Arsenal against West Ham Min86 Alexis was offside when he received the ball
  • The wrong decisions only affected the result of one game West Brom v Watford.  Had two West Ham players been rightfully sent off in the first 25 minutes we feel that Watford would almost certainly been able to score the one goal they would have needed for a draw.
  • Arsenal remain the hardest done by team in the League with 4 wrong Important Decisions in their favour and a massive 27 against.  In contrast Man United have 26 in favour and 7 against.
  • Looking at how these decisions hypothetically would have affected the points scored by each team the Teams that should have the highest number of points added to their current total are
    • Bournemouth 7
    • Arsenal 6
    • Middlesbrough 6
    • Swansea 4
  • For all teams which should have gained points, another should have them taken away. The teams who should have the most points subtracted from their current scores are

    • Manchester United -6

    • Spurs -5

    • Watford -5

  • For Hull and Sunderland so far it all ‘evens out’ and they have the correct number of points (11) and sit jointly at the bottom of the table.

For the full story you will have to read the long report which comes along tomorrow.

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8 Replies to “Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek 14 – The bullet points”

  1. Thanks for this, very revealing.

    On another note, Eduardo on PA has posted that five out of Mike Deans red cards have been overturned. Why is this ref and his boss still in post?

  2. Gord,

    The full report runs to 11 pages on my word processor and contains a massive volume of information. I have attempted some statistical analysis this week. If you have time please have a look at it and let me know if you think my conclusions are valid.

    The full report should be published tomorrow.

  3. another news Alex iwobi African youth player of the year and asisat oshoala of the arsenal ladies African woman player of the year.caf award

  4. I got tired of analysing 80 numbers (november for 20 years, so to speak), so grabbed some GPS numbers to play with 25,000 numbers. I’m about to do things with that, that take many hours to run. So I will probably have time to look at your stuff.

    Besides, it’s been snowing for 2 days already, and expect another 4 or so.

  5. Andrew

    I’ve been watching my inbox, and so far nothing. Mind you, it is middle of the night in England, so you won’t see this until morning.

  6. The main difference between UA assessments is second yellows and reds not given. Following Mandy’s point, should we be surprised. It would seem that the FA are actually saying the refs are being too harsh (pundits often say the ref ruined the game by sending a player off Even when correct to do so.) Often a criticism is giving a yellow too early and so their opinion seems weighted towards fewer cards.

    Even taking into account differences of opinion around certain events and whether a player on a yellow would not have done the next and hypothetically get a red there are enough universally agreed mistakes to warrant a full FA review.

    Should a goal scored by someone who should have been sent off be a wrong goal?

    The ref reviews are a magnificent effort. Have you received any feedback from the likes of Hackett (who is anti pgmol but still mainly pro ref)?

  7. The argument on early cards if applied to early goals would show up its stupidity. The Laws do not discriminate with time when it comes to fouls, goals or for that matter recovery time. It is an abuse decided by the select few with no reference to the FA (assumption).

    I could just see the chaos if an early goal was disallowed because it didn’t suit the TV cameras. 😉

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