Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek 15 – The bullet points

by The Referee Team

Just in case you find the full weekly referee review to long – here is a quick summary in bullet point form.  The full analysis will follow later today.

Matchweek 15 included these games

Saturday 10th December 2016
Arsenal 3-1 Stoke City
Burnley 3-2 Bournemouth
Hull City 3-3 Crystal Palace
Leicester City 4-2 Manchester City
Swansea City 3-0 Sunderland
Watford 3-2 Everton
Sunday 11th December 2016
Chelsea 1-0 West Bromwich Albion
Liverpool 2-2 West Ham United
Manchester United 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton 1-0 Middlesbrough
Monday 5th December 2016
Middlesbrough 1-0 Hull City

In total

The referees made 25 wrong decisions – a pretty typical number.  5 were second yellow cards, 10 were straight red cards, 9 penalties and 1 goal arising form an incorrectly awarded penalty.

The referees also made 15 correct decisions – all penalties.

Good and Bad Refs

Mike Dean was Referee of the Week – credit where it is due no significant mistakes

Michael Oliver was the worst referee of the week – 5 wrong decisions and no compensating correct ones

Overall it was a bad week for referees affecting the outcome of the games – we believe that 5 results were incorrect

Burnley v Bournemouth – should have been a Bournemouth win rather than 3 – 2 to Burnley

Watford v Everton – should have been a draw rather than a 3 – 2 win for Watford

Leicester v Man City – should have been a City win rather than the 4-2 win for Leicester

Liverpool v West Ham should have been a West Ham win rather than a 2 – 2 draw

Man United v Tottenham – should have been a draw rather than a United win

9 players should have had straight red cards

  • Arfield – Burnley
  • NDong – Sunderland
  • Clayton and Branagan – Middlesbrough
  • Cabaye – Palace
  • Adams – Stoke
  • Hererra – Man United
  • Wanyama – Tottenham
  • Mane – Liverpool – He should have had 2 red cards and was awarded the title of Villain of the Week

5 players should have been dismissed for second yellow cards

  • Boyd – Burnley
  • Fernando – Man City
  • Tadic – Southampton
  • McArthur and Snodgrass – Hull

Most favoured and worst done by

The PGMO continue to apply pressure to Arsenal – 28 Important Decisions against and only 4 in our Favour.  In contrast United have 8 against and 28 in their favour.

Looking at the impact of wrong decisions on the points each team should have Bournemouth are now the worst done by as they should have a massive ten points more than their actual total, Arsenal and Middlesbrough should each be 6 points better off.

Man United have benefited most having 8 points more than they should, closely followed by Watford who have 7 points more than they should have.

For Everton, Hull and Sunderland so far it all evens out

All of the videos showing the incidents and our logic in reaching our conclusions will be in the full report – Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek #15 complete with video evidence to be published soon.



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