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March 2021

The flaw in Alexis Sanchez’ make up may make this the moment to move him on.

By Tony Attwood

The story of Arsenal losing a highly talented player is not new.  It has happened regularly, as the media is now telling us over and over.

Robin van Persie, Cesc Fàbregas, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Thomas Vermaelen, Bacary Sagna, Alex Song, Emmanuel Eboué, Andrey Arshavin, Emmanuel Adebayor, Aleksandr Hleb, Ashley Cole…

But it is interesting that when the media recite the list they tend to do it with certain players included and some missed out.  And as always, abbreviated details never tell the whole story – although they tell us a lot about the person who creates the list.

During the time of paying for the stadium, Arsenal players who we might have welcomed keeping were allowed to go, we all know that.  The ultimate was van Persie, top goal scorer in the league, finally having a season when his talent was allowed to shine without the interruption of injuries; he was offered a contract in Ferguson’s last year in office which was by any standards financially insane – but it helped give Ferguson the chance to sign off with his much wanted final trophy.   Of course it also gave the club a real problem thereafter – a new manager lumbered with a player with a reputation for disruption, a player on an insanely high salary which increasingly he would not deserve and a price tag that no one else would ever pay.

Cesc Fàbregas was the tale of the ludicrous DNA, Barcelona being taunted by Real Madrid for not being able to keep their youngsters, willing to pay any price for a player whose remarkable talents were not always on display (just consider what happened to him last season at Chelsea).  Great sometimes, not so great others, Barce let him go with much less noise than they used in getting hold of him once again.

So it goes on, different players leaving for different reasons – sometimes clearly players that Arsenal wanted to keep (like Cole), sometimes players for whom the bid must have left everyone at the club desperately trying to keep a straight face while accepting the offer.   One thinks perhaps of the tealented but injury prone Thomas Vermaelen, the erratic Alex Song, the seemingly bonkers Emmanuel Adebayor, the fading Aleksandr Hleb…

The issues of transfers out are often complicated and confused, and not always made apparent, but I am not sure we have seen something quite like Alexis Sanchez before.  The tell-tale sign came in the game against Liverpool, where Alexis, sitting in the luxury seats reserved for the subs, tried to make light of the situation by talking to Gabriel.  You may have seen it – Alexis animated, laughing, joking, desperately trying to engage with Gabriel.  Gabriel sitting there stony faced, not wanting to engage at all.  Someone clearly had been involved in a very big row – it was only a little later we found out who.

Body language can be a highly contentious topic, as much of the time it is in the eye of the beholder – the person delivering the body language, if questioned on it, often saying “I wasn’t thinking that at all”.  It isn’t a language – it is a set of movements that might, or might not, tell us what the other person is thinking.   Parents can get it right with unsophisticated children, but with adults… it is not always so easy.

But this time, I rather think we could get the idea.   Gabriel really didn’t want to know, Alexis was very keen to lighten the atmosphere, suggesting it was not he who was the disrupter.

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And now we know why.  It seems the whole team finally got fed up with his antics, his gesticulations when substituted, his petulance in throwing his wrist protector to the ground for someone else to pick up.

He is of course an utterly brilliant player, and a man who apparently has done a lot for the poverty stricken area in which he grew up, but as has been clear with his time with Chile, he is a player who has to do things his way.  He is the genius, he knows.  Like so many geniuses, it is all about me.

That isn’t that unusual of course – many geniuses are people who cannot and will not accept advice and guidance from others.  In many regards that is the nature of the genius.

But with football there is a problem, because whereas the genius painter, composer, poet, novelist, sculptor… all work on their own, producing the works that only they can develop, the genius footballer is more like the genius actor or dancer – he or she has to contain the genius to fit into the broader sphere.  If the genius writer produces work that is way beyond the understanding of most people at the time  it is written,(and that’s been my regular excuse I must admit) then the only person to suffer is the writer, living in poverty until the world catches up with his vision.

But the genius footballer, actor or dancer, needs to be understood at the moment of his genius, because he needs the rest of the team, the rest of the cast, the rest of the dance troupe, to understand what he is up to, in order for them to play their parts.  They may be subordinate to him – he is the ultimate star – but he has to be in keeping with them, part of the team, part of the ensemble.

And that is the problem; the problem for Alexis and the problem for many other brilliant footballers before him.   One player, no matter how brilliant, cannot make a team.  He still has to be part of the team.   It is no good if he can see the perfect pass into space if the man to whom he is passing the ball can’t see the movement.  It can’t all be about him.   Think of Bergkamp – an utter sublime genius, but it was not centrally about him – it was about him within Arsenal.  Always.

We’ve had the suspicion that Alexis only wants to do things his way for some time.  His insistence on playing for Chile even when injured, his insistence on never being substituted, even when it is clearly for the good of the team, to allow others (perhaps recovering from injury as in the case of Danny, to get a game.

Team player and genius don’t always fit together, and I suspect it is a problem that will continue to haunt Alexis whatever happens to him in the months and years to come.

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43 comments to The flaw in Alexis Sanchez’ make up may make this the moment to move him on.

  • gouresh

    There seems to an issue in the dressing room with Alexis. I recollect that Theo said this [I may be wrong] that Alexis was the Blue eyed boy of AW. A simple eg is that he played in the Sutton match. It seems that Alexis do not like to be left out or substituted no matter what the result or tactic. This surly will bring in resentment within the group. Could this be the reason, the players are not putting in a shift? To add to this, Alexis is selfish….he over cooks the game and hangs on to the ball far too long too many times. I have pointed this out on the past….if he makes that pass just a fraction early and gets in to a better position, it would benefit him and the team. He is a brilliant player no doubt, but he should realize that he is not a one man band.

    Tomorrow’s game is like all the other CL knockout games where we screwed up in the 1st match, have a mountain to climb. We know that there is now pressure, so we will go and play without handbrakes and miss out by a goal…..brings back any memories? Even if we go down fighting, the fans will appreciate it…people appreciate warriors who die on the battlefield rather than cowards.

    As for AW….he said in the past that whatever he does is for the best of the club, so in that case he should not let fans, teams and the board be hanging by not making a decision. If he loves the club, let us know. If he decides to leave, the fans and players will get behind him and the team till the last day…the poisonous atmosphere in the stadium will disappear. By him not making the decision, will show that it’s all about him.

  • Blazerise

    Hmmm, wise words. A player might be the best in the world but he still needs a TEAM around him. Sanchez has been Arsenal’s best player be he needs to realise his tantrums helps no one

  • Tommo

    What makes you think the whole team are fed up of Sanchez?

    Surely you’re not believing what the papers are saying?

  • para

    It seemed more to me that Sanchez should be upset at (most of) the team instead, if half of them pulled their weight like we know they can, we may be better off.

    So, if AW loves the club that much, surely he can see the stagnation that has crept in?

    If Arsenal does not up it’s wage structure again and again, players are not going to be willing to go Arsenal, and we will end up with the next best players(beside academy players stepping up) who are not good enough without at least 2 top class (meaning proven) players to add to the mix.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal


    Nice post. Agree to each n every word.

  • Scuba

    I find it a bit humorous how far you guys will go to back Arsene Wenger, justifying it by calling it ‘support’, but will write this stuff about Alexis after the media you criticize so heavily for inventing news puts out a story that Arsene is already claiming to be fake. And honestly, you’re probably correct about Alexis, but you’d never, ever write something like this about Wenger. The double-standard drives me nuts. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen you call down people with different opinions by demanding ‘proof’ to back up their claims, but if you’re going to to that when others disagree with you, do it for this as well. Don’t just dabble with shit punditry and makes ridiculous claims based on body language during a moment caught on camera with no context.

    As soon as you guys sense that Alexis might be out the door, you turn on him and start pointing out his flaws. You ought to change the banner to ‘Untold Arsenal: Arsenal News; Supporting the club, and the manager’ if you’re willing to write this stuff about a player, without being similarly critical of the manager of the club when they have obvious flaws.

  • MickHazel

    Wenger has denied the reports of a bust up between Sanchez and the other players.
    Copied from Reuters….

    “I’m not aware. Nothing happened. Nothing at all,” the Frenchman told reporters ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League last 16 second-leg match against Bayern Munich at the Emirates on Tuesday.

    “(The media reports are) completely false. But I understand that you have to fill the newspapers and we respect that,” added Wenger.

    I love the last part about filling the papers.

  • MickHazel

    If Sanchez is so angry at being on the subs bench he certainly didn’t look it when the cameras caught him smiling before the game started and during the first half.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Scuba, if you don’t like us then don’t read what we write and save us the effort of reading your thoughts. We will then all feel that we benefit.

    There has clearly been a simmering issue between Alexis and other players and the club management for some time. We will all have noticed the results of these disagreements on the pitch. Any football club is bigger than any individual be they player or manager and eventually the owner and management board will decide that such disagreements will best be solved by individuals leaving the club rather than wholesale changes to suit the errant individual. Far better to spend day £40m or so to change one player than £25m each for three or four others.

  • Tom

    So Theo isn’t putting in a shift because Alexis is selfish?
    That’s a nice theory if only you could show us how Walcott used to bust a gut before Sanchez came into the squad.

    if Wenger has been indulging Sanchez’s ego too much by playing him all the time – a case you could make, then Wenger has also indulged Walcott and far longer than Sanchez.
    What other top manager would let Walcott take ten years to do some soul searching to finally decide more effort on his part was needed?

  • Scuba

    Andrew, I don’t like the ridiculous double standard here. Be consistent. This just sounds like justification for a departure that is beginning to look inevitable, not a legitimate criticism. I mean, are we going to look at Arsene’s body language on the sideline and start writing criticisms of his management of the squad? Of course not, because 1, it would be asinine, and 2, we’re not trying to justify what seems like a less than harmonious breakup.

    I have no problem at all with criticism of the players, frankly, I think Tony and co. typically shout down mild criticism as ‘aaa’ or lack or support far too often and easily. I just want to see criticism across the board if we’re going to start though, not just selectively applied to players who appear headed for the exits.

  • colario

    06/03/2017 at 2:01 pm

    “I’m not aware. Nothing happened. Nothing at all,” the Frenchman told reporters ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League last”

    Why is it always ”the Frenchman said” never the manager said or even Wenger said?

  • Flares

    Good point Colario. It’s part of the subtle mind-washing perpetuated within the media to influence and subvert.

    As for Sanchez, never liked him, wouldn’t bat an eyelash if he left tomorrow. Cracking player I’ll grant you, but not enough of a team player in the broader sense and in him I just see a problem, rather than a solution. Never got the sense he genuinely wants to be at Arsenal and his recent wage demands tell their own story, as does Ozil. Bin them both along with Wilshere and the Ox and build a new attacking midfield with the proceeds.

  • Sid

    The only ‘flaw’ in Sanchez’s make up that makes him want to move on is that he actually wants to win trophies – and he now realizes the very slim chances of doing that at Arsenal despite all his efforts. He is the best player in the team, no dispute, so to lose him is unthinkable. We all saw how Arsenal perform without him in the first half on Saturday evening and it wasn’t great. Second half with him was a big step up ……. anyone here doubt that without Sanchez we’d be languishing a few positions lower ?

  • Matthew

    I see the hatchet job on Alexis Sanchez is in full flow both here and from Lord Haw-Haw (John Cross). Some people will go to any length to protect the manager. And of course, Wenger denies that the bust-up happened. Fake news?

  • dave

    and with him against Everton we were awesome not so, and Man City.
    Sanchez is good but he believes he is a one man wrecking ball. How often does he lose the ball trying to dribble past defenders. How often doe she end up on his Ar$e trying to do something ridiculous , falling over in the tackle and leaving the defence exposed. He is not a team player.

    We have our faults seem like we hide behind the opposition not wanting the ball!
    Getting way to narrow in defence thus allowing attacking free crosses.
    Against pool we had a mal functioning midfield that neither helped the defence or attack. Boy we miss Cazorla.

  • ossasa

    Gabriel always looks like that and usually when he comes off at half time (BM game) he looked like he is in trauma. The above list is a list of players who have parted with Arsene’s philosophy and gone on to win major trophies. Fabregas is playing his best football under Conte, Clichy is doing great with Pep and Nasri out on loan in Spain is gunning for a possible title. The list is staggering in it’s history of the inevitable. Maybe that is the name for those players – the inevitables. Sanchez is a great player but he is no genius which is why he is at Arsenal and not Barcelona. He would be on the bench there more often than not. Can anyone clarify whether Mesut threw a sickie pre-empting being found dropped as was the case with Sanchez. Oh Well Pts 1 & 2.

  • dave

    Hang on there, Clichy was utter crap for us in his last season. He was not interested at all. Nasri is the laziest player out- man city could not even sell him. A waisted talent and not Wengers fault.. Fabregas at his best , I doubt it he was better as the main man at Arsenal. He should have stayed 4 or so more years then moved to Barca where he would probably now be their captain and kingpin. He moved too soon

  • Leon

    I’m cut & pasting myself, but this (from the article earlier today) is more appropriate here.
    “Gabriel did appear a bit awkward (although that’s probably his natural look), but as one speaks Spanish & the other Portuguese and neither very good at English who knows what he made of it.
    The story going round is that Sanchez fell out with a “very senior” player which limits it to Kos, Cech, Mertesacker & Theo. My money would be on Theo, who despite his pretty boy looks and charm can be a bit confrontational (so they say).”

  • Ando

    Well…all I can say is, Tony – you’ve changed your tune.
    It’s not so long ago that you wrote articles (sorry, I’m not sufficiently tech-savvy to be able to find and list them) decrying others reading of body language, in the matter of Alexis flinging his gloves on the ground as he left the pitch etc etc.
    Now that we have reports that Mr Wenger left him on the bench because of a training ground bust-up, suddenly his body language is capable of being interpreted in such a way as to justify your comments above regarding his temperament /ego / whatever? Really?
    Don’t get me wrong – I respect your efforts in keeping this blog filled with intelligent and provocative comment. Walter and Andrew, too. Well done all of you.
    But for me, in the thrust of this article, you have compromised your journalistic ethical standards just a tad.

  • gouresh

    Tom: I haven’t made a statement, but asked the question. I haven’t said that Theo does not put in a shift, I said do the players? Going by my playing days, if the manager was inclined towards one player just because he was better than the rest of us, it did cause a bit of unrest. That’s what I experienced….why is it not possible with our boys? Just look at Leicester FC, all off a sudden they look like another team…what went behind closed doors is anyone’s guess.

    If you look at Theo’s conduct over all these yrs, does he or did he ever come across as having an ego? He may have one but he sure does not bring it out in the open. He was being played out off position, but did he leave or threaten or asked a transfer? I am not suggesting that Alexis has or has not. AW has stuck with Theo because he wants Theo to be fulfill the potential which has been hampered due to the injures..thats not stroking an ego….thats mind blowing man management and Theo as responded in the right manner…ie sticking with AW and Arsenal….not buggering off after listening to that little boy in the head. As for Alexis…he was not played, so he throws a tantrum? Maybe he did maybe he didn’t. but tell you what, the reporters do have insiders and they do get some of the titbits right.

    By the way, does anyone know why, my comments don’t show up if I use a computer. I can only use a phone.

  • Josif

    I think some people here should read the part from the site banner about supporting the players. In this so-called situation, there shouldn’t be choosing between the sides – it’s all Arsenal. Alexis is an Arsenal player. Period. Wait, there is more.

    Big players want to win big prizes and Arsenal have won three out of four trophies (yes, Community Shield is a trophy even when Arsenal win it!!!) since 2005 after Alexis signed for Arsenal. We have ended third and second respectively since his arrival. Nacho Monreal had been the best left full-back in the league for 18 months while Alexis was on the left wing. So much about being selfish.

    As for his importance for the team… His equalizer at Etihad literally moved Arsenal from fourth place just 112 minutes before the end of the season to third. Alexis scored seven and created two more goals in our ten-game unbeaten run that ended with another St Totteringham’s Day. One of those goals was a late equalizer at WHL. I don’t need to.mention his hat-trick at Leicester’s soil, performances in big matches against United, Chelsea and City etc. His goals won us that game against Reading at Wembley. Outside Arsenal, Alexis has won Copa America twice in a row getting the individual prize as well.

    It is true that football is a collective sport but there is a good reason why all players from The Invincibles didn’t get a statue of their own (if there is Pascal Cygan’s statue, I apologize in advance). I do not like Alexis’ theatrical moves simply because idiots from the media will build a story out of his disappointment for getting substituted.

    And, before you continue throwing stones on Alexis, just remember these two things:

    1) Patrick Vieira had stated some awful things about Arsenal before 2001-2002. In case you have forgotten, he said we would struggle to end in Top 5. We signed Sol Campbell, won the double without an away defeat and Paddy eventually became the club captain. That’s how Mr Wenger managed one of his best players and it paid off big time. If UA had existed back then, we would have been divided between “Vieira out” and “Vieira in” camps.

    2) Alexis can’t be compared with Van Persie because he didn’t spend best part of his Arsenal career in the hospital or learning his trade. He can’t be compared with Nasri because Nasri wasn’t consisted. He can’t be compared with one-season wonder Song or error-prone Vermaelen because he’s been one of the best in the world in his position for years.

    3) Big players want to play with big players. Losing Alexis (unless we get someone on his level or better) would be a huge blow for Arsenal, especially with our rivals ready to take him from us. It would be a message to all big players they are not welcome at Arsenal. That’s why I like Mr Wenger’s way of dealing with media today – he knows that Alexis is not a player we would easily replace.

    But then again, maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe the stats of Alexis are nothing comparing to five seconds of Tony’s analysis of Gabriel’s body language. After all, we all know you can prove everything with statistics. 🙂

  • Leon

    Despite what I’m reading above IMO: IF Sanchez is disruptive. IF Sanchez is demanding more than his worth. IF Sanchez continues to throw stropps at the slightest provocation, then it’s best for all if he is allowed to pursue his career at a club where he’ll be indulged.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    I dont agree with Tony.I am sure Alexis is not going any where nor Wenger.
    Nobody mentions Alexis has got the fame afterr he joined Arsenal. Before that he was not that popular for sure even when he was at Barca.Pls stop this nonsense.

  • Tom

    Sanchez is reportedly being offered £180k per week by Arsenal to stay and by the look of things it won’t be enough.
    I can name at least four or five clubs who can easily match this offer or even top it, and would consider it as doing a great business.

    Whatever Theo is on per week , a£100k or £140k ( if you include image rights and so on) is probably the most he’s worth right now ( some think he’s being overcompensated for what he delivers) and I doubt there would be many takers offering him same money let alone more, so why should he complain or seek a transfer.

    As for Theo being played out of position, well, that’s another subject entirely.
    As a matter of fact it was Theo himself who couldn’t decide what position he wanted to play in Arsenal line up to begin with.
    Arsene indulged his fantasy for a while as a number nine but it was clear to most that on the wing is where Theo should probably be, including Theo.

  • Tom

    Samchez is a goner period.
    An example of bad player contract management. A player who’s market value is higher than what he will be sold for in the summer for sure.

  • Tommo

    I think clarity is required.

    There was a condescending article against the ‘body language’ experts that suggested Sanchez was upset after storming off and throwing his gloves off. Are we still saying they were all wrong?

    And now there is footage of Gabriel not smiling (has he ever smiled?), which you now suggest that things are ‘clearly’ not well at mill. As per your original article, don’t you think evidence should be supplied to back this up?

    Because it seems to me, your evidence is based on what the media are saying. Wasn’t there an article just yesterday slanging the media for manipulating football fans.

    Seems like you’ve fallen for what the press say, and become a body language expert too, and all in one article.

    Quite remarkable…

  • Zuruvi

    I like Sanchez footballing abilities.
    I like his work-rate in matches.

    I really detest some of his gestures which show disrespect to the club, the manager and the fans.

    But … I sometimes think it is understandable if he is putting in 100% effort defending from the front all alone and his fellow strikers are not trying to win the ball back.

  • Mandy Dodd

    He may have his faults,,but I like Sanchez a lot as a player.
    The worry is, to even to begin to replace him, we will need a young prospect who will take time, or an extremely expensive player on big wages……and we could face competition for either
    Ditto Ozil
    I am sure either Mr Wenger, or should he depart, his successor will be working hard on these issues come the time, but these are slightly worrying times for the club if these reports are true.
    Can see a lot of movement of players in the summer

  • OlegYch

    looks like you succumbed to trusting blogettas and reading ‘body language’
    a shame really

  • tom

    Why dont we get rid of Wenger and give some of his astronomical wages to Sanchez.We have more chance of winning silverware with sanchez in the team than with wenger signing a new contract.

  • Jai

    This Is insane.
    So many things wrong with it I don’t know where to start. Put simply all the players you mention went onto win bigger and better things. They had no obligation to stay with us and the Wenger project has run its course. The end is finally in sight.

  • Pat

    If there’s one person we can trust to handle any suspected dressing room unhappiness well and fairly, it is Arsene Wenger.

    He also has plenty of mature and sensible players – you can hear it when they give their interviews. Thinking people like Cech, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Koscielny, Ozil, Per – and others.

    Team spirit is the big thing for Arsene Wenger and he has praised the team spirit of our players many times. Of course it is harder to foster team spirit when we are going through a rough patch.

    On the whole, I agree with the people who say let’s not speculate, let’s just stick with the team – all of them.

  • Zedsaunt

    ‘all the players you mention went on to win bigger and better things……

    Robin van Persie – Plays in Turkey. Alec bought his services for £24 million so he could get another trophy. There used to be an old union joke that if you had no social skills then just recite all the trophies Sir Alec won.
    Cesc Fàbregas – a squad player at Chelski. Barca let him go, despite their DNA being all the way through him.
    Patrick Viera – coaching.
    Thierry Henry – world famous for a handball. A Dublin legend.
    Samir Nasri – Seville. Pep has no place for him.
    Gael Clichy – Pep plays him as a utility player.
    Thomas Vermaelen – Barca? Italy?
    Bacary Sagna – Pep plays him often.
    Alex Song – brief mentions here and there in small paragraphs in newspapers left behind in cafes.
    Emmanuel Eboué – Turkey
    Andrey Arshavin – Russia, lower division
    Emmanuel Adebayor – a bit-part player for a dissertation on how to get rich without trying and piss off everyone who stood up for you.
    Aleksandr Hleb – went to Barca, disappeared. Now, allegedly, regrets leaving.
    Ashley Cole – world famous for being a slave. The first of Cheryl’s husbands. If Cheryl decides to emulate Liz Taylor then Ashley will be the first of eight. The first Mr Cole, the second Mr Cole, the third Mr Cole….”

  • OlegYch

    not very nice to highlight only the last season in otherwise somewhat successful careers
    these players performed an important role in Arsenal success over the years (with their on pitch performance or sell-on value), perhaps they deserve some respect, don’t you think?

  • para

    I wonder why TV insists on these manager interviews before and after the game.

    Its always double talk.
    The questioners are trying to trip managers up and glean some info and the manager is trying to answer politely and not give anything away.

    No one speaks real in these sessions.

    I suppose everyone tries to read the body and face language, like i do too, which means we are back where we started with the multiple “readings” by different people.

  • Norman14

    Typical of the modern, sporting media. They say their “sources” “report” that Alexis had a “bust up with a senior player”. If this is true, surely their “sauces” know who it was?

    Whilst not disbelieving it for a moment, it does tend to stink of a “half truth” planted by the media, so that (1) the manager has to deny it (2) the fans have to “guess” who Alexis fell out with and (3) fuels the fire of anti Arsenal (AW or AS). I wonder how many of out “top” sports journalists fall out with someone they work with. Do they write papragraph after paragraph about it?

    If the media have proof – then print it.
    If not, then shut up.

  • Zedsaunt

    Oleg Yech

    I was answering the post from Jai at 10.24pm. This post contained…

    ”Put simply all the players you mention went onto win bigger and better things. They had no obligation to stay with us and the Wenger project has run its course. The end is finally in sight.”

    The names are at the top of the page.

  • austInpaul ojeaga ksp

    Finally ,it seems all d hullabalu created by d media,d aaa nd d fake Arsenal fans is getting to d players nd d whole Club;as an ex player nd retired coach I kno negatives sustained over a continuous period eventually damage d whole set up dat to me is wat we are witnessing right now! I’m amazed. At d position of some who believe Alexis Is irreplaceble, for one he became d star he is now after Barca evacuated him, d same AW made him d star at Arsenal just like many b4 him nd many wh will be afta him so why is hell being let loose in d Club?arsenal didn’t fade off afta Van Perse. Even afta Henry; other players , even better dan Alexis will come in afta his exit nd Arsenal will go on to do great tins; let Alexis or Ozil , perhaps both of dem leave Arsenal will live on. To greater. Heights any player wit ego problem is always a nuisance in team sports football in particular wat is of paramount importance presently is to give unalloyed support to d players nd club to ce dem through dis omminious period! Shalom

  • Menace

    tom – why keep Sanchez after getting rid of Wenger? Lets get rid of the whole team & give you the money. We will then have the best chance of trophies! lol

  • Norman14


    or give the money to me an you 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  • Brickfields Gunners

    With so many question all asking,” Why ?” – here is mine – and “where IS Willis ?”

  • Matthew

    John Cross is running a full on smear campaign against Sanchez. So transparent. It’s obvious he cares more about Wenger than he does about Arsenal.