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July 2021

WBA – Arsenal 3-1

By Walter Broeckx

The Ox recovered from his injury that forced him off early against Lincoln and he remained in the team. No Özil however not on the bench as he had been reported to have a hamstring problem.  A player that has recovered from his illness was Welbeck and he started in the team.


Arsenal taem: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Xhaka, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Welbeck
On the beach: Ospina, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Elneny, Coquelin, Iwobi, Giroud.

Arsenal with most of the ball but a long run from the WBA left back leading to the first penalty area ball but his cross found only the assistant referee at the other end of the field. Alexis with a fine ball to Monreal but the keeper could prevent Walcott from putting it in goal. WBA playing with all their players round their penalty area when Arsenal was in possession.  The ref already letting go a blatant foul on The Ox then made a bit of a mess when giving a throw to Arsenal, then changing his mind and give it to WBA. WBA breaking but Cech could palm the effort away. The usual Pulis tactic with a defender man marking Cech so he couldn’t come for the corner that was headed in from close range by Dawson. 1-0 for WBA after 12 minutes.  It is illegal to block the keeper on a corner. But probably not in the PGMO rules football.

But it didn’t take Arsenal long to answer and fully within the laws of the game. Xhaka with a lovely lofted pass to Alexis on the left flank who cut inside and shot in goal from the underside of the crossbar. GOAL!!! 1-1 after 14 minutes.

Alexis being fouled a few times but the ref ignores it, the shirt pull was clear but hey, this is PGMO rules football. Alexis gets a talking to for stating the obvious against the ref. Welbeck being blocked off the ball but again the ref sees no foul.. The Arsenal players are getting fed up it seems after Alexis is being brought down when he wanted to start a counter after a WBA corner. Well at least the foul was given…. 1-1 after 30 minutes.

WBA with a counter but Rondon’s shot went wide, while Arsenal had 75% possession. Ramsey with a good effort that ended up between Walcott and Nyon and despite trying 2-3 times the ball was cleared in the end. Cech then with a good save when a WBA player found some space. Some pressure after the corner but the cross went out in the end. Cech then limping and signalling he couldn’t carry on. Not the substitution you want to make in a match as this is one outfield player less you can change. Xhaka with a shot from distance but well off target. McClean with a late challenge on Alexis goes in the book. Studs on the ankle. Xhaka would probably have seen red for it. Alexis needing treatment after being caught on the ankle. Maybe if the ref had given a few more correct fouls earlier on the WBA players might have been a bit more carefull…? Alexis has to leave the field after treatment….against the laws as a yellow card has been given…. Arsenal keep on trying to go forward and WBA defend with all their players and keep Arsenal away. 1-1 after 45 minutes.

No change to the image of the match and no change in the habit of the ref to ignore fouls from WBA. Arsenal the only team really trying to go forward and WBA trying to counter. Rondon heading wide on such a rare occasion. And then out of nothing WBA score. An offside or not decision not spotted and then Ospina had to come out, the ball fell to Robson-Kanu who could put it over the line. The first offside decision was crucial as the second phase the player who was maybe offside first didn’t interfere. 2-1 to WBA after 57 minutes. Another disputable goal.

WBA now even stepping up the time wasting of course. After 65 minutes Giroud came on for Walcott. A corner for Arsenal but Welbeck headed against the crossbar. When things don’t go your way…. Mustafi then kicked on the calf when he was winning the ball but in PGMO rules this is not a penalty of course. WBA counter but Ospina can stop the first effort and then Mustafi clears the rebound. WBA defending in numbers and Arsenal finding it hard to beat the zebra wall. WBA get a corner and again the WBA players make sure that the keeper is not able to come out and WBA head in a third goal. 3-1 after 75 minutes.  Placing yourself in front of the keeper to interfere and to prevent him from having a free run is a foul. Alexis is then taken off and Iwobi comes on after 78 minutes.

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Neanderthal tactics clearly are too much for Arsenal to deal with, certainly with a ref who is himself from the neanderthal generation and probably don’t know the modern version of the laws of the game about interfering on corners. Only in Pulis land such tactics can work and seem to be allowed. Too many Arsenal players with their heads down after the third blow they had to take.

2 highly disputable goals, 1 non given penalty but surely people will say the ref has no influence…

Arsenal now risking to be without European football next season if they can’t turn things around soon….or will they then go on to win the league next season?

122 comments to WBA – Arsenal 3-1

  • dan


    Damage control, 2 shots on target, keep telling yourself the ref was at fault for our joke defending.

  • dan

    73% possession and only managed two shots on target and that was in the 1st half.

  • gouresh

    Hand on heart…did anyone actually think we,would win this game at the pace we were playing? We fell into their trap.

  • At least it wasn’t 5..

  • Kevin Edwards

    I generally enjoy your posts but as poor as the referee may have been we are poor and in desperate need of a change of manager they are not playing for him

  • Knobby

    Thanks for the match report Walter, not an easy thing to do under the circumstances.

  • gouresh

    Finishing outside the top 4 looks increasingly likely now and our money hungry board will be,highly nervous. It time AW leaves. Hand over the reins to someone else. Their is no drive in the team anymore. Look at leister fc, since sacking the manager, the look a different team.

  • Vince

    How can you expect players to play their best game and at full pace when they know they are facing a corrupt organization

  • gouresh

    Vince, and u can prove that? Yes, I have read the reports and seen the matches….so?

  • the players are not playing for him anymore

  • Tommo

    All 3 West Brom goals should have been chalked off?

    Now that is humour.

    Top top humour!

  • WalterBroeckx

    last season we lost to Southampton and they had 3 illegal goals scored against us. So that isn’t so unusual you know…

  • Vince

    How can you expect players to give 100% physically when they know that the referee will allow your opponent to kick you at any occasion (just watch how many times fouls on Alexis Swarbrick allowed before the McLean tackle), endangering you to injuries

  • Knobby

    If we had of got the penalty for the foul on Mustafi, little decisions change the games momentum.

  • Equalizer

    It’s a shame that Arsenal FC has been allowed to become Arsene FC. The whole club has been allowed to become about one man who has overstayed as manager by 10 years. Shame.

  • ClockEndRider

    I think this site has done a fantastic job in supporting the club and the manager. But sorry, that performance today was nothing to do with referees. It was a side which is not drilled at all defensively, playing without a plan. The defending today was some of the worst I have ever seen. And I saw Terry Mancini and Jeff Blockley play at centre half.
    It’s time for Mr Wenger to go now and for us all to bite the bullet and acknowledge it’s time for change.

  • 19 points behind chelsea,a team which changed after we thrashed them,say no more

  • Vince, how can u expect players to give 100%…..emm, maybe I expect to much, we are in the comfort zone, over payed, over hyped and in some cases over played….but all in all its over and out…

  • WalterBroeckx

    I have said it a few times before we need Per back to improve our defensive display.

  • inconvenient fact

    The world has been hijacked! So painful they gang up on Arsenal because they hate Wenger!!!
    They brainwashed our fans base.
    They frustrated our players.
    They encourage our opponents.
    They belittle our successes.
    They hellbent on destroying the team.
    But they forget that truth will surely prevail.
    To true gunners who see our dilemma and still support the team, the manager and the truth, ARSENAL WILL SURVIVE THIS AND WE WILL REJOICE WHEN THE LIGHT PREVAILS! Up Arsenal

  • Ken

    Great performance from the lads and Mr Lord Wenger, couldn’t have asked for more. We would have won 10-0 if it hadn’t been for the corrupt officials, the media, Satan, and of course Elvis. Because for anyone who doesn’t already know, Elvis isn’t really dead, he’s still alive and heading up a massive secret underground anti-arsenal agenda.

  • ClockEndRider

    Per wouldn’t make any difference if he was sucked under the ball like the other 7 Arsenal players all goalside looking at the ball as the 3rd flew in.
    Come in guys, it’s time for some rationality now.

  • MickHazel

    We were depressingly poor today and that is putting it mildly. Our defense is shambolic and nervous from set plays and from open play. The two goals from corners were pathetic, Cech is a big bloke and should have enough know how to deal with opponents trying to block him off, illegal or not he should do better. In attack there was no pace or passion to our play and we looked totally devoid of ideas on how to break down the West Brom defense. Most of our attacks were walking pace, our players apart from Alexis looked frightened to take the W Brom players on preferring to pass backward or sideways rather than take responsibility themselves. The confidence has completely gone from the team I am afraid, they are a shadow of what we should expect from them.
    Regarding their second goal, it was not offside but Bellerin looked as though he was pushed in the back just before the ball broke to Kanu who then scored.
    Let’s face it, we do not deserve to finish top four the way we are playing at the moment. Unless we can restore some confidence and form it’s Europa League football for us next season.

  • Walter, I’d rather have Frank Mclintock back, he’s faster than Per…and a better captain

  • Knobby

    Maybe not Everton are winning. 😉

  • Jimbo

    Lots of knee jerking from the WOB community.

  • ritz

    waiting for the ref. review article

  • KR

    Deluded. We were shocking and you hid behind refs. Even our players are more honest than you Walter. The Ox made no mention of foul play. I am not certain you fully understand football. Teams score against us for fun open your eyes, be honest, man up and stop taking the easy excuse option.

  • Blazerise

    I can see Stoke are using the same rugby tactics that they use Arsenal for Chelski here. So shall we say the FA support any team they feel like with Arsenal the ONLY EXCEPTION

  • bjtgooner

    I really hate losing at any time, but especially to Pulis and his version of anti-football – a version that depends on ref incompetence for its success.

    However, we need to be able to cope with that type of illegal, but permitted thuggery.

    I think part of the problem with our team is that too many players are suffering from PGMO permitted and induced repetitive fouling and injury syndrome – if they go for a 50:50 ball, they will be fouled, possibly injured (again) and to add final insult, any free kick will be given against them. A no win situation.

    I am beginning to think Arsenal FC has no future until Riley (and his sponsors) are fired.

  • Top Guns

    Walter – just admit that WBA were the better side and deserved to win.
    You will come away with more credit if you do. Keep making excuses and you are coming across as deluded as the manager.

    Maybe you should both go ?

  • Sammy The Snake

    Walter, hand on your heart, did you think we deserved anything from this game? Most of our players couldn’t be bothered. And AW is running out of excuses. This is his worst run of results, in fact the worst winch 1995.
    This site is starting to lose its credibility. You’re sounding like the North Korean propaganda machine!

  • Vince

    Englishmen can’t stand a successful French man. Just watch the France/Wales rugby game. We are 20 minutes (and counting) after the end of the 80 minutes, Wales made 10+ fouls on the 5m line and no penalty try from Wayne Barnes…

    And that’s the same reason why Wenger and Arsenal are targeted by the FA and PGMO since Riley has been appointed

  • Vince

    Well just as I was typing, France score the try. Still don’t change the most obvious cheating from Barnes

  • dan

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that, I’m sure you witnessed the Micky mouse defending and the toothless attack.

  • Steve Vallins

    We have not played well for a while now and in that time Arsenal have not been able to impose there style of play on any opponent there seems too many problems to put right no easy fix

  • ob1977

    The same so called fans on here saying we didn’t deserve anything are the same fans that come on here after a good performance but bad result saying “doesn’t matter how you play if you don’t win”, sometimes you just can’t win…

    No we didn’t deserve anything from the game, yes we were poor, but we hit the bar and had a penalty turned down, small margins…

    And besides same thing happens every year we go to a Pulis side so nothing to see…

  • Zuruvi

    With 77% ball possession we scored just one goal.
    With only 22% possession, West Brom scored 3 goals.

    This is just not right. Who’s to blame? Who’s at fault for all these embarrassing defeats:
    I say the manager is brilliant but his players are just average. No recognised striker in team ( just a “false 9”).
    Others say it is the referees that are causing all these big and/or embarrassing defeats.
    Others say the buck stops at Wenger’s door because he is the one who assembled such an average squad and he coaches the team.

    It’s a pity that some my fellow Gunners on this blog prefer for Wenger NOT to buy players but to persist with these average player. Welbeck is an average player who was asked to leave Man Utd because he doesn’t score enough goals despite being a hardworking player. Elneny … An average player who’s big advantage is that he cost £5m instead of his true worth of about £12m or so.

    We might say the WOB is only 250 people but if that’s what we really think then we are either mistaken or being foolish. I am a Wenger In but I think the number of WOBs is increasing at a worrying rate. The recent run of humiliating defeats has been a great recruiting drive for the WOBs.

    I think most Arsenal fans support Wenger but this number is decreasing.
    I also suspect the number of WOBs is a minority but increasing exponentially.

  • Sammy The Snake

    It’s telling how even AW accepted that we aren’t playing well, but untold still needs to shift blame.

  • Zuruvi

    With 77% ball possession we managed only 2 shots on target the whole game.
    Only two shots on target!!!!

  • Josif

    Arsenal in 2015-16 after 27 games:

    335 chances created, 43 goals scored, 26 goals conceded, performance score 7769, 51 points.

    Clearances 662, interceptions 518, blocks 93.

    Arsenal in 2016-17 after 27 games:

    305 chances created, 56 goals scored, 34 goals conceded, performance score 7081, 50 points.

    Clearances 640, interceptions 428, blocks 63.

    30 chances created less (one per game), 13 goals scored more (almost half of a goal per game) and 8 goals conceded more (0.3 or so per game) but our performance score has gone down big time as well as our defensive actions (over 3 interceptions per game are missing from our defence…or should I say 3 interceptions Per game?).

  • Zuruvi

    Sammy, I think the one game we played really well was when we beat Chelsea.
    Our first half performance in that game was amazing.

  • Scuba

    Forget the ref, waving off any of those goals would be laughably harsh, and that Mustafi “penalty” was as weak a shout as they come. Arsenal played like garbage today, plain and simple. It’s not all on Wenger, the players, the board, and the fans (with the ridiculous banners) all need to look at themselves after this one.

    Terrible showing all around, by everyone, match-going fans included.

  • Zuruvi

    Thanks Josif for the stats.

    What’s worrying for me from these stats is that we need on average about 6 chances to score a single goal.

    This team definitely needs a clinical striker to play alongside Özil and Sanchez.
    We need a world-class striker. Sanchez is a world-class footballer but not a world-class striker.

  • Paul the gooner

    Do we do any tactics before our matches.We have 2 weeks off before the Liverpool match, knowing or should do that they will come at us big time in the first 15mins.
    Today, everyone knows WBA are very good in the air.We concede 2 from corners.A match Giroud should have played for his aerial ability.
    Not good enough.I have and always will be a fervant supporter of AW, however it is time.He has now said, he will let us know soon.He will go.
    My decision was made after the Chelsea loss, same old story.We all know it will not change next season.

  • Top Guns

    Zuruvi – how bad do things have to get before you accept that Wenger is no longer up to the job?

    Anyone still defending Wenger is clearly not an Arsenal supporter.
    Indeed at WBA today the only supporters cheering for Wenger were the WBA fans.

    We all know Wenger has been a great manager but the blind loyalty that exists on this site is holding the club back.

  • gouresh

    Look,lets get this right, we are not going to but 11 world class players ok. We have good squad that can win. Last yr, the relegation fighting team won the title and doing good in the CL. They sacked the manager and see. Now, where is the drive in our team, did anyone think we were going to win with the pace of the passing? Not runs from the midfield to out set their defence. Just the same old right to left, left to right waddle. AW has said that he, will make decision and it better be soon. Next year we will be out of the CL, (like its a big deal we do anything anyway), our players will leave and,it will be a big struggle for the new manager, that’s if AW leaves. Let someone who has drive take over now and salvage what’s left of the season.

  • Zuruvi

    I think we have a good manager but average players.
    Some say it is Wenger’s fault that we don’t have a world-class striker and a better midfield. I agree that Wenger is partly to blame. He buys the players and he coaches the team. I however think both him and the Arsenal board have short-changed the fans by charging us the highest season-tickets in the world but always looking to buy players on the cheap. Players like Elneny, Sanogo, Carl Jenkinson, etc. shouldn’t be anywhere near a big club like Arsenal.

  • dan


    Put Walcott is that list, honestly I don’t understand his worth to the club, he needs the club more than we need him, he is at West Ham level at best.

  • Zuruvi

    Who is gonna get Wenger sacked?

    I don’t think the WOBs will get him sacked.
    I think the average-quality players that Wenger has bought and kept for so long are gonna get him sacked.
    Performances like today where you have 77% possession but don’t have clinical finishing by a top striker will get Wenger sacked.
    Buying average strikers like Welbeck and Perez (because they are cheap) when other big clubs buy top, top class strikers will get Wenger sacked.

    Do I want Wenger sacked? No. A big fat NO.

    I however see the storm clouds hovering over our heads. The WOBs are increasing in number and in strength. They are definitely more than 250 in number. I suspect the WOBs now number several thousand. And there number is now sufficiently large that even the Arsenal board is listening to what they are saying.

    The problem with most of us Wenger-Ins is that we celebrate when Wenger buys a cheap player but don’t complain as to why such a big club that has the wealthiest owners charges the fans very high ticket prices but don’t ever use their billions of dollars to buy better players for the club.

  • Top Guns

    Zuruvi – he was a great manager but he can’t really be considered one now.
    Perhaps you should consider following a different sport?
    At the highest level in football there is no room for sentiment. Arsenal have indulged Wenger for too long and are now paying the price.

  • Tommo

    Vince has raised the bar. Now English referees in Rugby Union are being dragged in to the cheating scandal, because they are anti French too?

    That’ll take some topping.

    But I’ve seen what some are capable of saying, so I have every confidence it will be topped.

  • Vince

    Just watched the match stats. One really caught immediately my eye : Swarbrick only gave 5 fouls against West Brom all game long (1 less than Arsenal)

    Just think about it one second : A Tony Pulis side with barely over 20% possession only conceded 5 fouls in 90 minutes!!!

    Independently of what you think about how Arsenal played today, that should raise an eyebrow to anyone a little objective

  • Knobby

    The stands looked half empty at the game today, so WBA’s style of football isn’t popular.
    Teams that play football need more protection for the health of the premier league and for English teams to do better in Europe.

  • Vince

    The bias against French teams (both club and national team) from english-speaking referees in rugby is a well known fact for everyone that follow the sport.
    Just watch how Craig Joubert stole the world cup title in 2011, allowing All Blacks players (especially McCaw) to get away with every possible foul (funny how that is similar to what Arsenal are facing nearly every week).
    Concerning Barnes, he has a long list of one-sided refereeing against french teams.

  • Vanya Dickens

    I never heard the game on the wireless. So I do know how the game went apart from the score. Reading the comments thus far I still cannot fathom who is telling the truth if you know what I mean? But one thing is clear in abundance, we, the fans are torn and vividly divided. And after every single time we lose, the anti Arsene clan gather more and more momentum. I am so pleased that there are still ample fan’s and supporters who trust and continue to support the manager.

  • Vanuatu, take it from me, we were shit, defending at corners was a joke, why all this love for Arsene above Arsenal….Arsenal First.

  • Tommo

    I said it would be topped. But I thought it would take longer than 5 minutes.

    So now it’s English ‘speaking’ referees are biased against the French, as Craig Joubert is South African.

    I’m actually not sure that can be beaten! But then again, Menace, Finsbury and Hunter are yet to have a go.

    See what you can come up with boys…

  • Knobby

    I am a Arsene should get a chance to put this problem right supporter.
    But Klis is right we were shit today.

  • Vince

    So a South African isn’t a english speaking referee?

    By the way why do you have so much to say about rugby, but nothing about the fact that West Brom only conceded 5 fouls all game long?

  • Tommo, radio silence from AKB boys, trawling through statistics to get a crumb to cling to…..nutters..

  • Some times in life you just have to let go……painful as it may be ( for some)

  • Knobby….been to long, just been to long…

  • Knobby

    20 years I bad season (fa cup?).. I would love to see what he would do in the close season.
    Just to see him get ruthless with the players he has looked after for years and have let him down.

  • Kamiel

    Arsenal were poor today. And I don’t expect the level to lift much in upcoming games either. There’s too much negativity in the press and too much of a hurdle to conquer with the prospect of another mockery of the game every match day, in Europe or at home.

    The media, the referees, and the WOBs smell blood now. It’s clear that the agenda is to remove Arsene Wenger from the English game by hook or by crook. Do you honestly expect players to rise to such an occasion — to wake up on matchday knowing that every other game will be one of football whilst Arsenal games are more akin to some sort of one-sided bloodsport? I’m amazed the players even turn up at all. So hell yeah, we’re playing shit.

    Money, media and bent referees control the game.
    It’s pretty obvious that the referees, the opposing managers, and the reporters have been encouraging and tolerating the fouling and near-maiming of Arsenal players ever since 2003/2004 when we upset the narrative.

    Since then I’ve seen Arsenal get slated for playing defensively in a FA Cup final because our goalscorers were injured. I’ve seen managers get praised as tactical geniuses for the same play against us. I’ve seen a promising midfielder’s entire career destroyed thanks to a third rate tackle from a third rate player. I’ve seen Aaron Ramsey booed by Stoke supporters for daring to have his leg broken. I’ve seen a 49-game unbeaten run come to an end thanks to the most lawless display I have ever seen in professional sport.

    These themes have been a major part of my entire experience as a Gooner. But until I discovered Untold, I always wondered why I never read about that biased refereeing, or negative football, or deliberate fouls, or the anti-Arsenal agenda I percieved from all sides, in the news, the blogs, and the Arsenal fans themselves. Season after season I felt awash with idiots who believed every ridiculous story they ever read.

    Today was just another chapter. We played badly, the other team kicked us to shit, and the referee was bent. All I read from all sides is how “spinelessly” the team played. Do I blame the manager for this? How can I? Did he ask for this? Did the players ask for this? All he did was give us two decades of European Football, two doubles, countless FA Cup wins, and an unbeaten season.

    You can blame the manager for bad tactics. You can blame the manager for the wrong selection. You can’t blame him for the fact that teams seem to be able rewrite the rulebook with abandon everytime they play on the opposing side.

  • Tommo

    Vince, from what I saw, we made 800 successful passes, with Xhaka top passer with 500 successful square passes. West Brom came nowhere near us and where more content to watch us fanny around for 90 minutes.

    Maybe you should be looking closer to home and wondering how a team, to quote you, with barely 20% possession scored 3 goals, and a team with nearly 80% possession could only muster 2 shots on target?

    But then you’ve already explained that away due to an English speaking ref being the problem.

  • Pat

    I am very sad.

    Two goals against us that should not have stood because Pulis’s players blocked the keeper. This is against the laws of the game but the referee allowed it. Pulis and his players knew the referee would allow it. Where is the fair play here? Even the journalist who asked Arsene Wenger the question said this was true of their first and third goals. That probably won’t be the theme in tomorrow’s papers, though.

    A possible disallowed penalty on Mustafi.

    Constant kicking of Alexis without the referee stopping it which led him finally to be injured. As Arsene Wenger said, he was our biggest goal chance in the first half and he could not perform like that in the second. Well, that is one way of stopping your opponents from scoring – kick their most likely goal threat off the pitch.

    The English game and its referees stink.

  • Pat


    So true! Well said!

  • Pat

    Sorry, Kamiel, I mistyped your name.

  • Pat


    Just read your piece. Only 5 fouls against West Brom! What does that tell you about the referee? So shocking.

  • Knobby

    Are Arsenal’s perfmances being affected by the fans negatively?
    If the these ‘fans’ really support Arsenal, what is the best thing for them to do until the end of the season?

  • Vince

    “West Brom came nowhere near us and where more content to watch us fanny around for 90 minutes”

    Are you sure you watched the same game? In the first half-hour alone, Swarbrick choose to ignore 4 or 5 fouls on Alexis (had he done his job correctly early, McLean probably would have never done that leg breaking tackle)
    If you watched the game, you would also have seen that on all 3 West Brom goals, one of their player deliberately prevent an Arsenal player from going for the ball (in other word a foul…)

    No one denied that Arsenal played poorly, but that doesn’t excuse the clear bias showed by the referee. And with a impartial referee, even a poor Arsenal would have probably get something from that game

  • Pat

    We had seventy per cent possession. So West Brom at home came solely to defend and catch us on set pieces. What kind of football is that? And the way they win the set pieces is by cheating.

  • Knobby

    Yep that sums up the last 15 years of the premier league, and the media support it.
    And some believe it..

  • Tommo

    Sanchez was fouled on the edge of the box that the ref missed. But I recall he gave free kicks for the other fouls on him.

    McClean’s foul on him wasn’t blown, as he played the advantage. He then booked him afterwards.

    It was hardly a bloodbath!

  • Knobby

    If WBA played Real Madrid in La liga … lol

  • Defensive football is not against the rules, George Graham was a master at it. Was good enough for me., and fight for everything…because it means something…..not just a tipi tappi I’ve got more Twitter followers than you , take a picture bollocks..

  • Knobby, if WBA played Madrid they would hammered….

  • Knobby

    When did you stert the protest against George ‘e’ Graham..
    Here is his record…

    1986/7 4th
    1987/8 6th
    1988/9 1st
    1989/90 4th)
    1990/91 1st
    1991/2 4th
    1992/3 10th
    1993/4 4th
    1994/5* 12th

  • Knobby

    Klis 9.43
    Yes by the ref..

  • Top Guns

    Is this site supposed to be funny ?
    I’m sorry but it is like some parallel universe completely detached from reality

  • Knobby… Lol. Give you that. TG It’s a fake news site….

  • @Knobby, on GG I wanted him to stay, even offered him a brown envelope,,,seriously he didn’t have the resources of Arsene, won the league after 18 yrs, European trophy… . Was as successful as Arsene in my book, with hindsight probably went at the right time.

  • Knobby

    I didn’t want him gone either, but Arsene is 4th in the resources league now
    Graham played in a much more even playing field..
    Liverpool Man U ???

  • maybe, but I would say GG over acheived, can’t say the same with Arsene…

  • Knobby

    We could pick holes in both managers … But they are both great in my eyes…
    I would never have the disrespect for either Graham or Wenger.
    Different times different goals..
    We are a super club because of….

  • Are best years are still to come…..COYG

  • Knobby

    Sorry , I don’t understand why one you love is a hero, yet the with a better record you want sacked.

  • gouresh

    A lot of banging about the refs as usual….i has asked this question a number of times and no one has given the answer. So here’s it again….what has the club done about getting at the PGMO?

  • Zedsaunt

    Kamiel posts

    ”I’m amazed the players even turn up at all. So hell yeah, we’re playing shit.”

    Alexis, Ozil, they must be wondering how they can get through to the end of the season without a broken leg.

    You do wonder what Alexis will write about England in his memoires.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Gouresh…..I ask myself the same question. Ivan Gazidis is an influential man in the game, yet we consistantly get shit from refs. As far as we know, he keeps quiet. PSG had a go abut a ref…..why don’t our…..silent….execs have a word?
    As poor as we were today and have generally been in 2017, Alexis was clearly targeted, and yet another ref did nothing.

  • Zedsaunt

    gouresh posts

    ”.what has the club done about getting at the PGMO?”

    There’s a far bigger question – why are there no referees from London?

    The politics of the money in football dictates what we get.

  • Menace

    Spot on report Walter.
    PGMOL 3 Arsenal 1. Every goal was led by a foul on our players. Shameful comments picking on Wenger. These morons know no bounds & worse still have the gall to call themselves supporters.

    The yellow card for the tackle on Alexis was wrong. It should have been man of the match. As one of the commentators said ‘practicing for Ireland v Wales & Bale’.

  • Menace

    OT -CFCvSCFC the push that resulted in a penalty was not accompanied by a red card to Cahill. UEFA Laws differ from PGMOL.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Menace, we are clearly getting shafted by refs.
    But if the club….not the manager… just standby and do and say nothing, even though it could cost them tens of millions, to me that makes them almost complicit. They need some PSG balls.
    Sad state of affairs all round, Wenger needs a bit more backup from upstairs on the referee front. I used to think the club kept quiet on such things, not wishing to upset the top four gravy train…..well, this year, that is under threat…..will the highly paid and influential Ivan actually say something , not really holding my breath on this one.

  • Mad Matt

    The reason the club have seemed not to have tackled the PGMO could be the same reason Armageddon hasn’t arrived yet:
    Only 1/2 the World would say “At last God steps in!” The other half would ask “Why did He do that?”

    When EVERYONE can plainly see, that’s the time to step in. 😉

  • Hunter13

    ok this is getting ridiculous….i suggest wenger brings out the u19 in next game and tell seniors to fuck off. Steve Bould. finger. out.players butss. kick. bring jens and martin with you

  • Hunter13

    look im the first to abuse english refs for screwing arsenal and wenger…and yes ok penalty on mustafi…but guys and girls… we did not deserve creativity. oh aaron…thought youd buzz all over the place…you looked 40..with beer belly.

    laurent favourite song for him is ‘where would be…wher would beeee..where would we be? without koscielny?’ a tremendous ninja defender…in paralell universe i have him down as s.a.s/ navy selas/foreign legion… but sadly no leader…ultimate commando fighter but its no coincidence he fit with more cerebral per. and i say this while also admitting having 3 arsenal jerses with no name but if i ever have one it will be lolo’s…but oh lolo…leads by example but not by voice. come on lolo…ox and ramsey are into them…

    arsene youre too kind but someone….forget altruism now… kick those little shits into discipline.

    fans get a grip..arsene has carried this club 20 years..time to carry him. victory through harmony and all….

  • Mad Matt

    Even from my armchair in Australia, where I am limited to what the media show, I can clearly see the following:

    1. Our form is off, especially defencively, which is compounded by…
    2. a bent agenda of the PGMO
    3. Slanted media views
    4. a growing number of people sharing the same damaged brain-cell that belongs to the WOB
    5. Needless bickering on here, because it’s clearly neither ONE of a) The ref’s decisions or b) our bad performance that has cost us this game. It is both.

  • Mad Matt

    @ Hunter13 “fans get a grip..arsene has carried this club 20 years..time to carry him. victory through harmony and all….”

    Well said!

  • Mad Matt

    @ Vince
    While I agree with most of your rugby comparison, I don’t agree with the bit about Joubert and McCaw
    ALL refs failed to pull him up for persistent cheating, not because they turned a blind eye to it, but because he was so damned good at doing it unnoticed.
    As a Springboks fan, that was one of my biggest frustrations whenever we played against NZ.

  • gouresh

    People,if we don’t have the balls to do anything about the res, in the fear of any action against us, then this ref banging is a waste of And when I mean “we” I mean the board. Now since that’s a no gooer, lest then focus on our team, the players..because its now quite clear that they aren’t playing fir AW. They certainly come out and talk….but they don’t walk that talk.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Man,that was a real bummer !Just saw the highlights only (if they could be called that !), and not watched the whole game yet ,so not able to comment .
    It is a disappointing result nonetheless . I do hope that we snap out of it and start to pick up, however difficult it may be right now.
    I’d like the supporters to get behind the team , and cheer them on till the end. At the end of the season , let the chips fall as they may . For now , give the boys and manager a lift .
    Up the Gunners !

  • Arsene needs to do the right thing and say that he’s leaving in the summer, them everyone can get behind the team and club and maybe we can win the FA cup… If he doesn’t then the board need to grow a pair and make the right decision and get a replacement….simple as that

  • Mad Matt

    If latest reports are true, that Wenger has signed for one more season, then everyone needs to get behin

  • Mad Matt

    If latest reports are true, that Wenger has signed for one more season, then everyone needs to get behind the team and the manager now!

  • Bobome

    Arsene’ keeps showing up the corruption in the EPL every week and all you moaners say is he should leave without raising the issue of biased refereeing and thuggery against AFC players. It is increasingly getting clearer that our players are unable to deliver to their full potential because of all round poor officiating and bent referees.

    When the moaners come to this blog to express their WOB credentials are they expecting any sympathy from the regulars who agree with the philosophy of this site? Arsene will leave sooner rather than later but the corruption will remain in the EPL. When he leaves I am voting with my money, no more subscriptions for any EPL matches. Let the PIGMOB and their cohorts deal with that.

  • If he gets a one year deal what’s the point, we aren’t going forward so we just fall further behind, is Arsene bigger than the club, he needs to have the courage to call it a day, I’m not holding my breath as the man seems determined to hold on whatever….and that will be to the deterimient of our Club.. Don’t forget it is our club, not Arsenes’!!!

  • Mike T

    In respect of the two headed goals had either of them been chalked off the WBA would have rightly had cause to moan.
    The first came about because Fletcher stood in front of Cech if there was contact it was initiated by Cech . Players are entitled to the space they occupy . Fletcher doesn’t have to move
    The second was no where near a foul in this instance Arsenal tried to screen Cech but both were more about terrible defending that’s where the attention should be directed
    Surely everyone and their dog knew what WBA were going to do at corners
    WBA second goal was possibly questionable but once the ball was played in no one took control of the situation. I

  • Walter that is incredibly biased…

    WBA deserved to win, Arsenal were terrible, are you happy with that defending, where 3 WBA players are queuing up to head the ball in

    How does Steve Bould see this and say nothing, Wenger is totally Lost.

    Please tell me are you happy with his bizarre arguing with the 4th Official, no logic in this at all

    Players given up, thats obvious…..still nice to see Chips Keswick pay for the Wenger IN banner

    And the Online Gooner site now hacked with virus, so much for free speech, and the customer expressing an opinion!!

  • ademiniyi

    And when will that be?

  • Blame the referee for that display of defending….seriously delusional….oh yeah the ref was bent!!!!

    Keep believing this rubbish it will deflect from the real issues, you have had enough time, think last 5 seasons have been much the same…..

  • WalterBroeckx

    Adam, in that period we won two FA cups, 2 CS and finished 4-3-2 in the league.
    Last year even unbiased media (or anti-Arsenal media) published articles in which they said that with fair refereeing Arsenal would have won the league.
    So yes maybe we are biased but why would national media say this if it wouldn’t be possible? They can hardly say anything good about Arsenal but published such articles.

  • Don Jones

    After following my beloved Arsenal since Billy Wright was manager I’ve made the painful decision not to watch the EFL after the end of this season.Before anyone says it,it’s not just Arsenal games that are frustrating me,it’s English football as a whole.Substandard refereeing,stifling tactics from the majority of managers designed to stop flair players influencing games,the suspicion that games are not what they seem,if not fixed,at least manipulated,technically & tactically behind the rest of Europe in so many ways,the medias witch hunt over the Arsenal etc.etc.etc.There is so much wrong with our game & the FA continue fiddling while Rome burns!With the rumours surrounding Arsenal & Allegri I’ve taken time to watch several Juventus games recently & the overall quality of the officials & the football(from both teams)is light years ahead of the EPL.Only one English team in the CL 1/4 finals(dare I say it more by luck than judgement!)who probably won’t progress much further.Much as I hate to mention them,Tottenham are riding high in the league but couldn’t get out of the group stages & were subsequently knocked out of the Euroflops by Gent!Coupled with a sterling display by our national team in last years European Championships,it makes for pretty grim reading!I’ve lost all confidence in the product that the FA are selling & for that reason I’ll be entertained next season by the rest of Europe.I’ll be back as soon as the FA pull their heads out of where the sun don’t shine & do something about this,I may be gone some time!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Mike T,
    Even low league refs apply the laws of the game according to obstructing the keeper.
    It is a simple procedure. At the first corner you see if any attacker posts himself in front of the keeper with the intent of moving in to his path. You don’t allow the corner to be taken (a signal is needed for a corner to be taken by the ref) and you tell that player if he moves in front of the keeper you will blow a foul. If he goes back in front of the keeper, you allow the corner to be taken and wait for the attacker to take one step in front of the keeper, the blow the whistle for a foul against the attacker.
    Repeat the procedure if needed but I tell you what: you only need to do this once. They then know the ref knows the laws of the game and they know they can’t get away with it.

    This is being practiced in all leagues and yet a PGMO ref doesn’t seem to know (or doesn’t want to know) this simple instruction.

    It is a foul that has been outlawed a few years now but the PGMO doesn’t apply it.
    Remember the laws of the game are universal. If keeper wrestling is allowed in the PL then the PL and the PGMO should come out to it and say they don’t play according to the IFAB laws of the game.

  • Walter…we agree on something, yes the media is biased against the Arsenal and always has been, mainly northern reporters who support Man Utd and Liverpool, although some support for Spurs also

    To say we would have won the title last year is madness think we was 15 points behind Leicester at the end…..

    We might have and indeed should have won the title if not for Mr Wenger not strengthening at Christmas…persisting with an out of form Giroud who went 15 games without scoring….thats all history now

    We will not win the title under Mr Wenger again ( he will be here another 2 years maybe more as he wants to beat Ferguson’s longevity reign)

  • Mike T

    The point was for the first was that he didn’t move. He is perfectly entitled to hold his position had he moved to block the run then fair enough but that’s not what happened. Flectcher was stood the player that tried to effect the situation was Cech who pushed Fletcher who did no more than resist the push.
    For the second the only player that blocked Cech was Xhaka
    As for being outlawed yes FIFA clarified what constitutes a block on the keeper but the real villains here were the defenders

  • Leon

    I copied this from somewhere, but can’t remember where.
    Standing in front of the keeper is normal and proper. Once the player begins jumping up and down, however, the referee must determine if this movement is restricting the keeper’s movement. If so, it is an impeding foul.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    I agree with Walter on the blocking of our keeper. Certainly on the second goal, the WBA player was pushing the Arsenal defender away and circling Cech to try to get right to the keeper. It was obvious to anyone that his role was to interfere with the keeper. What made it more obvious is that we have not seen that from other teams and they have had tons of corners on us…

    Having said that…our attack seemed toothless. We passed it around the perimeter and got too few opportunities.

    Next week… Up the Guns!

  • Dave Ingram

    We win a throw in almost on the opposition corner flag, and it goes back to OUR keeper.why o why are most of our passes backwards?? We counter then hold the ball up to allow the opposition to regroup…
    Why are we not moving in to space to allow a pass to be passed on and not just returned to the passer. Look at throw ins how often does it go straight to the opposition?
    Back passing to the keeper is NOT the safe option when the opposition is closer to our keep than we are!!
    Are these players playing to lose? If they were my kids I think a whipping is in order!

  • From Alan Smith today…totally agree…The best header in the world would struggle against a lad of Dawson’s size and ability, whether it was Aaron Ramsey with the first one or [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain for the second who got a bit more contact on Dawson than Ramsey did, you’ve got to disturb these lads and stop them getting a free run.

    “It’s mind-boggling that nothing was done especially after the first goal.

    “That is a reflection of the lack of preparation without the ball.”