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June 2021

The biggest problem will only hit Arsenal after Mr Wenger leaves

by Tony Attwood

Perhaps the biggest problem for all single issue campaigns of the Wenger Out type is what they do after they have got their way.  There is a second biggest problem, but I’ll come to that in a moment.  I like to try and keep problems in an orderly queue.

The movement that wants Wenger removed exists in two parts as we have noted many times.  First there is the bloggettas (the aaa) whose editorial policy (to use perhaps a grander phrase than they deserve) is that if only they were in charge of the club instead of that silly Mr Wenger, everything would be ok.   The solutions are obvious, they tell us about them daily, and they would implement them in charge.

Then there is the AAA – the mainstream media of TV, radio, and what remains of the newspaper industry, who have taken (in terms of their pundits) the same view adding a dosage of Arrogance, Amnesia and Assumption).

Both are now dependent on their campaigns.  The bloggettas are as they have no other topic to write about other than the failings of the club, caused by Mr Wenger and of late added to the list is the owner.   They, like this site, are dependent on advertising to keep the site going (although we also have the revenue stream from the sale of books), and advertising revenue is dependent on the number of visitors to the site.  They need a central issue to live on to get these visitors, and when Mr Wenger leaves they will have a problem: they will have little to do other than criticise the new manager.

The mass media meanwhile has realised that if it focuses on the failings of Arsenal, it gets a huge spike in its audience, and again (with the exception of course of the BBC) this means more people see the adverts and so more money potentially arises.   The BBC although without advertising is also dependent on audience, because under the current government that is a prime way of measuring its worth.

When Mr Wenger leaves both will find their prime way of gaining attention in terms of football coverage will have vanished, and to see what will happen next we only have to look back at what happened when Mr Wenger arrived.

There were no bloggettas then, but the media turned out in force.  A story was invented, the media camped outside of Highbury and there was a stand off between the media and the club.   Mr Wenger won, but it is certainly possible to argue that this victory sowed the seeds for the who subsequent media movement against him.  Journalists never forgive and never ever forget and will carry their vendettas with them until redundancy or retirement.  That’s how it goes, and is in part why the agenda never changes.  Now they are getting their revenge.

But once he has gone, where is the big story?  The media need a negative to get a big audience, (that is why they so hated the unbeaten season – the audience figures for that celebration were far below normal and it wasn’t until game 50 that the media got its big time audience came back).  No one has got another negative story as big as Arsenal lined up.

The second biggest problem comes as and when the aaa’s single issue reforms don’t work.  If you ever talk to a psychologist who deals with depression or anxiety he/she will generally say that the biggest problem they get comes with people who get fixated on single issues solutions, as in “everything would be ok if we only got married,” or “everything would be fine if only I had a different job,” or for teenagers “if only I didn’t have to live with my parents” etc etc.  The problem is that life is complex and that single issues are rarely the source of any problem – quite often in fact it is within the complainant not within the issue complained about.

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But both the aaa and their exploiters in the AAA have hit on a single issue to keep themselves alive: Mr Wenger.

Now of course the aaa have recently expanded this, changing their banners to a “Wenger out Kronke out” and this of course has made the achievement of their aim far less likely.  Mr Wenger will leave of course, the only issue is when.  But Mr Kronke is unlikely to leave for a long old time

And all of that is an issue before we get to the question of who will follow.   Those who stick with the notion that everything would be fine if only we could get rid of Mr Wenger, refuse to take into account the fact that the majority of managerial appointments in football are failures; men who actually make matters worse.  If that were not the case then Manchester City and Manchester United would be higher up the league than they are.

The other problem is that by bringing Mr Kronke into the equation, those aaa who follow this line are setting themselves up for a very long term war which neither side is ever going to win.   Clubs involved in prolonged battles between the fans and the club ownership tend to sink lower and lower, as can be seen in Italy and with clubs such as Blackburn and Charlton in England.   The exception of course was Manchester United where the vast amount of income the club has generated from its world wide marketing, plus the fact that Ferguson was able to produce title winning teams built from the money he had, meant that the battle against the Glazer family became a side show, not the main issue.

Of course Arsenal have been here before as we have charted in other articles.   “When the anti-Arsenal menace and their media allies sank to the depths” is just one such.

What we can see from those past events is the fact that it can take years and years to overcome the damage that is done.   Somehow the thought is that the Arsenal era of 1953 to 1969 when we won nothing and looked like winning nothing for much of the time, can’t possibly happen again.  But there is no reason why not especially now that the same conditions have been replicated.   Just look at Liverpool – where even a change of ownership (now added to the agenda of requirements, as noted above) where I think it must be approaching 27 years since they last won the league – and they have had the media on their side throughout most of that time.

That sadly is the scenario that we now face.  Quite how we can escape it I have no idea, not least because for the new manager, the problems with refereeing charted in such detail recently will still be here.

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89 comments to The biggest problem will only hit Arsenal after Mr Wenger leaves

  • Tony, so by your logic we can never replace Arsene.

  • Andrew Crawshaw


    One thing is certain in my mind that Arsenal will never be allowed to win the League playing attractive attacking football. If we are to win the league we will have to abandon our philosophy of playing attractive Continental style football including their hold over the PGMO. We will have to embrace all of the black arts employed so successfully by Chelsea, Man United and Spurs. For me that would be a step too far and I’m not at all sure IO would wand to watch that kind of cheating soul-less football on a weekly basis

  • Andrew we’re a million miles away from winning the league, something needs to change…I’d swap the Chelsea team for ours,,,, Costa is a winner, horrible on the pitch and to play against, so what, when the ball hit the back of the net that’s all that counts, if you can’t beat them join them,,,,Simeone would take us there.

  • bennydevito

    What a typical deluded diatribe post. You put the manager over the good of the club. You’re not an Arsenal supporter, you’re a Wenger supporter.

    Arsenal AFC 1886 NOT Arsene Wenger FC 1996.

    Remember that.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    If you dont like Arsenal and our playing style why follow Arsenal and post on an Arsenal blog.Go and follow a team u like.
    We believe in Wenger style of football which has brought success to the club for 20 years.and counting….
    Long may it continue.

  • Josif


    Defending Arsene is one thing. Defending the Neville Chamberlain among the football owners is completely another. We have been massacred by the refs for almost a decade in the most bizarre and disgusting ways possible and the owner – who should have been the first in line to defend his investment if, for nothing, for that merit money that Arsenal have lost due to referees’ mistakes, never mind the money we would have gained through the sponsorship deals that would have been more lucrative if Arsenal had entered the negotiation process as the English champions – does absolutely nothing. He doesn’t have to spend his money to get us Griezmanns, Dybalas and Lewandowskis of this world but he should at least use all means possible to give The Clean Dozen a level field on the pitch.

    To put it this way: the owner is not a disease – the disease is PGMO. However, it’s down to the owner how strong our immune system is and, sadly, we have reached the point when our immune system is non-existing. It’s safe to predict Arsenal are about to finish seventh or even eighth…two or three positions below the one Arsene has found us lying at in 1996.

  • alexanderhenry

    The real problem at arsenal is Kroenke and getting rid of him will be a difficult process. It is possible though. The first step is for wenger to leave. I am pro wenger, but his departure will move the spotlight firmly and rightly on to Kroenke. Also, you have to question some of wenger’s recent and pretty expensive signings- Xhaka, mustafi and perez in particular. Perhaps at nearly 68, arsene has passed his best.
    Do I think the team will improve post wenger? Almost certainly not, but things have to get worse before arsenal fans realise once and for all that under kroenke our great club is going nowhere. With anger focussed directly on our majority shareholder- and it will get unpleasant-, empty seats, bad press and un renewed season tickets, I’m hoping he sells up.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal


    I dont think we should disband the Wenger style of football as it will be too boring for the fans.

    Its better to continue with our style and defy the odds one day.

    Even if we cant win the league with our style lets continue to remain near the top and watch the attractive stuff.

  • Arsenalist

    Excellent assessment Tony. I hope Wenger stays and we get to see the things we have enjoyed watching during his reign. Players have let him down this year. Alexis has been the disruptor. The telepathy has gone from all players. Theo is not enjoying playing because there is no unity. Wenger can’t solve this problem midway. He tried disciplining alexis by benching him. Global revolt by anti wenger fans. I love the way we have outplayed our rivals in terms of consistency. I love some of the beautiful goals we have scored. I don’t measure things by the cups alone. Cups are important but cannot be the only measure. Every club secretly envies us for our manager.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Alexander Henry

    Pls stop blaming Kroenke and Wenger.

    Cant you see we finished runner up last season.We were 3rd/4th before WBA match.
    If the team is facing a bad patch why blame the team manager and the owner.

    Everyone knows we are hard hit by the refs in every other match. We should continue to support the club at all costs.

  • Joolz The Gooner

    @ Rosicky

    “I dont think we should disband the Wenger style of football as it will be too boring for the fans”

    Some of us remember when we were really boring. We still won stuff and there were long periods when we didnt, but we always supported The Arsenal. People find it too boring? So what?

    This is the problem with the new fanbase we’ve aquired. It’s all about theatre, all about the manager, nothing to do with the club. Laughable.

  • @Rosicky….you miss-understand, I support Arsenal, have done for over 40 years….managers come and go, move on….Arsene thinks he is the club, sorry thing is so do you by the sound of it….

  • Pat

    Runner up last year. Two FA Cups the two years before. It’s all as if it never happened. Anyway, who the hell is Klis who has suddenly appeared all over Untold like a rash?

    I personally think we will still make it into the Champions League places. The players have just got to get the bit between their teeth and remember we have done it before and in particular the manager has done it before – every year for years.

    Who knows, maybe the players really thought this was their year and are suffering from the let down? But in life you can’t afford to be like that. You have to keep fighting and see where it gets you. The Ox had the right response to yesterday’s disappointing result.

    And we are still in the FA Cup. Up the Arsenal!

  • Zedsaunt

    The single issue campaign to get justice for the fans killed at Hillsborough won and has respect.

    The single issue campaign to get rid of Wenger and Kroenke reaps contempt. Contempt for the club, contempt for the history, for the fans.

    Where’s the injustice at the core of the campaign which has to be addressed and turned around?

    There’s an old saying, ‘Don’t shit on your own doorstep.’ There’s some Arsenal fans carry it with them ground to ground, make certain the whole world sees it.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal


    Nice post.

  • gouresh

    Once you get past the media, aaa, ref rants, try to see what the players are doing on the pitch. Whether they are up for the fight, if they want to play for the manager, the club. Please take your PGMO, media blinkers off and try to focus on the reality. Looks like AW has taken a pill of eternity as it seems without him we are doomed.

  • Top Guns

    Tony – your logic is bizarre.
    You mention the period 1953-1969 as being barren, but bar a couple of lucky FA Cup wins we are in a similar position (13 years and counting without a league title) Arsenal have never gone more than 18 years without a league title in over 100 years.

    Wenger quite simply has to go, there is not even an argument anymore.
    Why do you never question the man?

  • Paul the gooner

    Can we focus on the team.Ask yourselves, will we be in this same position next season.Is there going to be any improvements.I am sorry to say the answer is NO to both.I am very saddened by what is happening to our great Manager, but there comes a time for him to leave.He would be nearly 70 when and if the new contra t were to be signed.
    I agree with many comments on here about the low life called the media and the bent PMGO, but the time is up.I would be very,very surprised if AW continued.

  • dan

    Yes, we are in the FA cup, shows the ambition of these so called fans, so out league position negates but as long as we are in the FA cup everything is rosy.

  • dan

    All this talk about Arsenal exposing the pigmob corruption, 10years and still silent, doesn’t that make them complicit!

  • Uwot?

    Are we not one of the worlds biggest / greatest clubs?the other big clubs of the world demand/ expect regular titles.why should we be any different? Why are we settling for less.lest we forget.we pay the highest ticket prices in world football.we were sold the dream that moving from Highbury with the new funds to be generated would put us right up there with Madrid & barca.& yet here we are.13 years & counting.the chavs,scousers & spuds all getting shiny new grounds v.soon & hot on our coat Tails.the club needs a rocket & fast.whatever the answer to that is.

  • Hi Berry

    Tony, Liverpool may not have won the league for 27 years (this sounds like the kind of soundbite along the lines of ‘no trophy for Arsenal for ten years’ that you used to complain about), but it rather deflects the fact that since 1990 Liverpool have been:

    League runners up three times
    FA Cup winners three times
    FA Cup losing finalists twice
    League Cup winners four times
    League Cup losing finalists once
    European Super Cup winners once
    Club World Cup runners up once
    UEFA Europa League losing finalist once

    Oh, and Champions League winners once and losing finalists once.

    I make that fifteen finals for their fans to get excited about in 27 years, two of which were in the ultimate club competition – the Champions League.

    To quote your own words regarding change of ownership:’Just look at Liverpool….’. They might not have won the league in that time but haven’t done so bad in my opinion.

  • MoW

    there can be no life after Wenger!!! without him the club is nothing! he’s the greatest manager in the world. it’s such a shame half the fans and the entire media are so stupid that they can’t see this obvious fact. we would have won the league and the CL many times in the past 15 years if it wasn’t for a global refereeing conspiracy against Wenger himself. why can’t everyone else see this? we’ve proven it with our detailed analysis! PROVEN IT!

    and even taking all the lack of titles into account, why can’t the fans see that we have actually won a trophy every year? the top four IS a trophy. this is a FACT. no other manager has won a trophy for 16 years plus every year. people are so stupid.

    also, the fans hate the club. they are plastic. they don’t appreciate our annual trophy.

    also, there is noone who can do a better job than Wenger. only an idiot can see otherwise. take a look at all the managers in the world. are any of them actually half as talented as Wenger? no!!! of course not! not even close. Wenger has the record to prove it. and you know what? all those so called experts and fans who disagree are part of this conspiracy. duh!!

  • Leon

    Nice one. I can see what you’re doing there.
    It’s ironic that the very person who brought Kroenke (and by default the useless Gazidis) to the club is the one who could have represented Arsenal to the FA, PL & PGMO in a much more productive way, and left Wenger to concentrate on just team issues.
    And who on earth is suggesting we play attractive,exciting football? Have you actually watched this team recently?

  • Leon

    ……and what’s going on with that juvenile 1, 2, 3, 4th place trophy nonsense? Now where have I seen that before……..

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    So the Mows and Leons of the world are making fun here in this difficult time.
    Never mind we are standing behind Arsene Wenger.
    In Wenger we trust.
    He has never disappointed us in the last 20 years. If this year he fails to be in top4 even then we must stand united behind this great man.

  • Knobby

    It’s just a part of a quote from Arsene, explaining that foreign players ask about being in the Champions League when they want to join the club and they are not interested if you are holders of the FA or League cup.

  • Leon


    “making fun”
    You’ll need to clarify that, there was no humour intended in my comment above.

    “he has never disappointed us”
    Please exclude me from your “us”, because I find the whole Arsenal (including Wenger) experience very disappointing right now and in your own words it’s a “difficult time”
    Get real. We’re a mess.

  • Zuruvi

    For as long as we have the self-inflicted strategy of charging fans the heaviest ticket prices in World football and filthy-rich billionaires who don’t want to invest their own money into buying top quality players (as is being done by Man City, Chelsea, etc.) we will struggle to compete against the top teams.

    Getting rid of Wenger might not improve Arsenal (unless the new manager is able to convince the Board that Arsenal cannot move up to the next step if it doesn’t buy top quality players too).
    I don’t know if Wenger has been trying to get cash from the Board and failing or he has been trying to prove that he is so brilliant that even with average and cheap players he can win the title.

    Yes, I think Wenger can win the title and avoid embarrassing defeats against big teams if he bought quality players instead of just buying the cheapies. These days most cheap players are often poor or plain average. Every Premiership manager now has a network of scouts around the world looking for talent. Yes, even Sam Allardice has a network of international scouts.
    Wenger or whoever is the next manager needs to buy the top quality strikers and top quality midfielders if Arsenal has to again compete at the very top level without getting embarrassing defeats.

  • Leon


    And while you’re on about the “Leons of this world”, need I remind you (and the rest of this blog) of the anti-semitic racist Rosicky@Arsenal’s of this world?

  • olad

    my own question to mr tony is why have you never question some of wenger decisions..Do you think he is too perfect to get it wrong… Even if your motor is to support the manager and club, its crystal clear that something is not right @ the club presently and we need change but your articles sometimes shows your sentiments towards wenger.
    All good things must come to an end..No matter ow long you hold your support for him (wenger) he will still leave on day…I love wenger too and dread the day he will leave but I want him to step down @ the end of this season….

  • alexanderhenry


    I am not blaming wenger. Over the past ten years he’s done as well as could be expected. I am however, blaming Kroenke. He is a terrible owner. Have a look online at how well his other ‘franchises’ are doing. Look at his reputation and record as an owner.

  • Zuruvi

    I agree with Leon that we are currently in a mess.
    We are now the butt of every footballing joke.
    Wenger (whom I like) is now a sorry sight. I just don’t enjoy seeing his pained face with those stress lines.

    Anyone who pretends that Arsene Wenger is NOT in trouble is living in a dream.

    Sadly I think Wenger has probably contributed to this crisis by buying average players like Welbeck, Elneny and Sanogo when the squad really needed top quality strikers and midfielders to move us up to the next level. We need a clinical world-class striker and not a false-9. Why should a top club like Arsenal have to rely on a midfielder/winger as their main striker?

  • alexanderhenry

    The Liverpool comparison is a bogus one. Yes, they have struggled but at least the current owners are committed to success. You get the sense with Liverpool that, despite having less resources than us, they spend what they can. Arsenal on the other hand, stockpile cash and Kroenke freely admits he’s not in the sports business to win things:

  • Matthew

    Love this talk about “the Wenger style of football”. Loads of possession, all sideways, all in front of the other team’s defence and barely a shot on target. We had nearly 80% of the ball against WBA and only TWO shots on target. That’s not attractive football. That’s just dull possession for possession’s sake. The days when we passed the ball quickly and sliced through the opposition like ribbons are (very) few and far between. Too many people put their love of the manager above the love of the club.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Half time at Borehamwood and Arsenal ladies are leading Spurs by five nil.


  • Knobby

    Spurs beating Ston with a “clever’ penalty award.

  • colario

    19/03/2017 at 2:45 pm

    ”We are now the butt of every footballing joke.”

    Quite right Zuruvi ” We are now the butt of every footballing joke.” from every football joker.

    Thanks to the PMGOL thuggery that allowed opponents to regularly kick chunks out of Wiltshire’s ankles (because he insisted on keeping the ball) and are now doing it to Alex S.

    It is demoralising to watch game after game and see the PMGOL THUGS allow our players to be treated the way they are by opponents.

    It is demoralising for us to watch it think how demoralising it must be for the players who are at the receiving end of the PMGOL THUGS.

  • Equalizer

    This article demonstrates that the author is so out of touch with the real Arsenal support base you’d wonder if he ever speaks with any at all.

    I’d challenge him to produce even one Arsenal fan who thinks all Arsenals problems will be solved when Wenger goes. Such as sweeping statement infers that the author, similar to Wenger, views the Arsenal supporters as imbeciles.

    No, nobody believes getting rid of Wenger will solve all Arsenals problems. But it will be a good start and a step in the right direction to stop the incredibly monotonous rot that has long set in.

  • ritz

    Good work, tony. More deflections, more shifting of the goalposts

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Final score in the ladies match. Arsenal 10 Tottenham 0. The score line was in no way flattering, the difference in class between the two teams was enormous. Next round next weekend.

  • RedandDread

    You guys are a deluded bunch. The day will soon come where Arsene is forced to leave – what will you do then??? The man has been given time & money and consistently fails to produce the goods year after year. The players have stopped believing him, many fans did long ago. The game’s up Tony, you lot just don’t want to admit it. Arsene wll be lucky if he sees out the year he’s supposedly been given.

    And what’s so darn bad about having a new manager – every other club in world football has changed their manager since Arsene joined us!

  • Sammy The Snake

    You have successfully built a respectable blog… You are better than this type of “doom & gloom” article. You are too good to sound like the North Korean state TV!
    You may be right, changing one aspect of a problem may not change much. With the same logic, it also won’t destroy AFC if Mr Wenger leaves (which will happen sooner or later).
    I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE CLUB.

  • dan

    Sooner or later Winger will leave, the fans are divided, as seasons go by more and more are losing faith with Winger and he isn’t helping matters regardless of this smoke screen.

    Tony – you can dress it up any way you want, but the performances speak for themselves, you can blame the players, ultimately he as assembled this team with these players, he has shown too much faith in the likes Walcott, Ramsey, Wiltshire, Gibbs, Ox, and it is these very players who fail season after season, so everyone is blind but those who come to Wengers defence, only see the truth!

  • dan

    We can have another 10 seasons under Wenger, his line up and formation will not change, his poor record in the big games will continue and this so called myth of highlighting the pigmob corruption, which for the last 10 seasons our club remains silent about, much he collecting super evidence!!!

  • Pat

    Nice news from Andrew on the Ladies – beat Spurs 10 nil!

    There seems to be a stream of names here, many of whom I have never seen before, attempting to batter Untold and its loyal readers into submission.

    I have news for you – you are wasting your time. Some of us have eyes to see, ears to hear, brains to understand, and the power of memory, to know exactly what Arsene Wenger has given and is still giving to this club.

    I liked what Boro Primorac said, about some fans and ex- players being ungrateful. Very true – ungrateful for all these years of great football, Champions League competition, fostering of young talent, the joint record of FA Cup wins – and from a man of integrity who wants to win fair.

    Damn it all, we should be really proud that this man has chosen, at some sacrifice, to stay with us all these years.

  • Jimbo

    Tottenham’s diving is an absolute disgrace,apparently Pochettino encourages his players to go down at the slightest touch as Delli Alli the premierships biggest cheat showed again today,he tells them to dive continually to give them breathers between their tedious closing down game..

  • dan


    Yes, however, I’ve been here long enough, I’ve realised as much as the pigmob u will have us believe is out there to fuck us over, what has Wenger or our board done to counter it?

    Fucking crickets!!!

  • Pat

    Just watched Alexis’s goal from yesterday. Lovely move from the whole team – had the opponents totally bamboozled.

  • Pat

    No idea what Fucking crickets means.

  • Knobby

    Wow the last time I saw a tackle like the one Yaya Toure just done was in Enter the Dragon.
    Yellow card.

  • dan


    How about tumble weed?

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Well said
    We dont need the opinion of these self made experts on football.
    If they had brains they should lusten to what other managers have said about Wenger. From Anceloti to Pep and from Conte to klopp.All of them are on record how much they regard Wenger.
    Bar Mourinhio of course.

  • dan


    Self made managers??

    How about 8.5 million a year, and still failing, how about crashing the same part Of The season, how about can’t make it beyond the last 16, how about failing in the big demoestic games, how about kicking off the season at a deficit, how about only reaching 1 on the many season in the cl to reach a final, how about collapsing season after season!

  • dan


    Be honest and put your hand on your heart, will he win the league?

  • Steve


    They’re just saying that because they feel sorry for Wenger.

  • dan


    The Irony in that name, exactly the type of player to wreck himself in training and waste 1/2 to a full season in the medical room, you taught Walcott, Ramsey, Wiltshire, Welbeck well!

    Go and google how many games you played for us and how many you sat unavailable!

  • Ernest

    Why are you so afraid of the future, Tony? Always a “careful what you wish for”. Why? Does the future not excite you? It does for me…you can’t always live in the past. Embrace change regardless of outcome. It may be a tough go for a while, or it may be a hit right from the start. Either way, you always paint a picture of gloom and doom of life without Arsene Wenger. Life is full of surprises, embrace them one at a time. It’s what makes life worth living.

  • Pat


    Very good point – Arsene Wenger is highly respected by most top managers and in general highly respected in the world outside Britain. People are mostly amazed at the kind of stick he gets in this country.

    The fact that he has chosen to turn down top job offers in his years at Arsenal speaks for itself.

  • Pat

    Strange remarks about Rosicky. If he had played in any country but England – where the kick em brigade were allowed to repeatedly injure him – he would have had an absolutely stellar career. This is attested to by top players who were his team mates in Germany.

    He was loved by fans and team mates alike and it is only a tragedy that the English referees, as usual, did not do their job and protect him from the thuggish attentions of opposing players.

    An even clearer example is poor Diaby whose career was totally ruined by the way the referees allowed GBH to be committed against him time after time.

  • Jinesh

    What about exiting the champions league every year

  • dan


    Strange indeed, Rosicky’s international caps during his arsenal stint is truly amazing!!!

  • Steve


    “The fact that he has chosen to turn down top job offers in his years at Arsenal speaks for itself.”

    Wenger turned those jobs down because he knew he wouldn’t last a month in any other top club so he chose to stay in his comfort zone at Arsenal where he has complete control.

  • dan


    So very true, Real would not stand for this.

  • Leon

    If Wenger does decide to go then the WOBs will obviously be happy that they’ve achieved their goal, but the AKBs might be looking for the new boss to fail, so that they can give it some “we told you so…..
    I detest both groups and will be pleased to the back of both.

  • Leon

    pleased to see the back of both.

  • Knobby

    It will be the other way around Leon, the ones that show patience with Wenger will show patience with the next manager.
    The ones screaming for change will be the first to scream again because the next manager won’t be the manager they would have chosen either.

  • Knobby

    Spurs 27 managers since Bill Nicholson.. Arsenal 5..

  • Polo

    This quote ‘so out of touch with the real Arsenal support base’ I assume around 300 people is the ‘real Arsenal support base’ while the rest of the folks who go watch Arsenal are ‘tourist’?

    Whether AW stay or leave is not the point, the point is to support the club, manager, and players. Whoever, is the next manager I’m sure like myself, the regulars on here will show full support for that person. At the moment AW is Arsenal’s manager so I will support him til the day he leave. I believe the sooner AW come out with his decision whether to stay or go the better it is for the club, this uncertainty is not helping the situation.

    Love that flying banner ‘In Arsene We Trust #AW respect’.

  • Knobby

    Polo.. the seconed banner sure f***ed the media, the headline was checkmated

  • gouresh

    None of us are heartless and we all appreciate the emence AW has done for us and I think that I speak for all here that the manager should leave with his head held high. The FA cup perhaps? But at the moment looks unlikely. AW needs to get the drive back into the team somehow. The players need to pull their fingers and get things sorted. AW needs to be really really ruthless now. Looks like its either him or the players.

  • Knobby

    Have a look back @ 6.35

  • para

    Attractive football?
    It’s been a long time since Arsenal played attractive football.
    What we play now looks to be feeble football rather than attractive football.

    The whole academy training needs to change too in order to bring the youth back into a better style of football.

    I’ve noticed that many of the academy players have the same style as the 1st team, and this style has been found out long ago, so if AW goes and the academy does not change, we will have more of the same.

  • Jinesh: What about entering the Champions League every year, something the likes of Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool can only dream of.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And breathe …..

    Here’s Dr. Wei’s strategy:

    Set a timer for two or three minutes.
    Focus on your breath.
    Take a deep breath through your nose while you count to five.
    Hold your breath for five counts.
    Exhale for five counts.
    Repeat for the remaining time, and notice how your breath becomes deeper.

    This is mainly for the younglings and the more newer supporters .
    As for ‘them’ types, they can hyperventilate all they want !

  • Polo

    @ Knobby, it was funny that some media didn’t even mention the pro-AW banner only the anti-AW one and most just give a brief mention of the pro-AW banner and then resume the anti-AW agenda. The sad thing about all of this is the fact a section of the Arsenal fanbase feeds the narrative.

  • ritz

    @tony: clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea don’t “dream” to participate in UCL year after year, but they dream of winning it. Liverpool and spurs, yeah you can say that about them.

  • Ritz: “I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours” Bob Dylan.

  • Hunter13

    19/03/2017 at 10:38 am

    you want to lose wenger to get rid of kroenke?

    how stupid …….

    Leon..correct…if the savage and the uncivilised push things to the point where the manager leaves in disgust then yes i will be here trolling you and every other arsehole who decided to have a go at wenger instead of :


    arsenal did not have a clue what it means to chase championships with consistency till wenger. arsenal would not work/think/operate as a trully big club before wenger.

    the pricks that complain today are the same pricks who got into arsenal because of wenger’s success!!! before his football and success i doubt they paid much attention to a bunch of shitkickers for the 1-0…… wenger changed all that globally.

  • Leon


    Not just the media who didn’t mention the Pro Wenger banner-most of the commenters here gave it a miss too, particularly the girl guide who was quick to condemn the TV company for showing the anti Wenger didn’t say a word when the pro one came up. Standards.Double.

  • Leon

    “Leon..correct…if the savage and the uncivilised push things to the point where the manager leaves in disgust then yes i will be here trolling you and every other arsehole who decided to have a go at wenger instead of :”

    So no changes there then!

    I think you miss my point. I’m saying it’s the AKBs who are likely to come back at the WOBs with a “we told you so… if a new manager falters or even fails.
    In fact some may even be wishing……
    I’m not AKB or WOB and detest them both.

  • Hunter13

    why not Leon?

    the club is fine in all regards and a few idiots who get trolled hard by rivals and media have turned against the manager the players and the very concept of arsenal. victory through harmony.

    if you come and burn down my home for no reason i will laugh and mock when you burn yours too……

  • Leon

    Better not to have your home burned down in the first place

  • Menace

    Klis – It is nice to know you supported Arsenal for almost the same period as me. In that period of time do you recall what was the best football you saw being played by Arsenal?

    For me Wenger not only brought Arsenal to a new level of football but also to a higher moral ground. This is an area many supporters seem to ignore. The moral aspect of Wenger’s teams include social behaviour & respect for opponents & officials. Wenger has had to bite his lip for most of the period he has been at Arsenal but Walter & Tony created a forum where we can criticise freely.

    Our primary criticism is the football associations & the officiating that is beyond control of sport & have become an openly corrupt greedy monolith. There is no policing nor government intervention allowed & in all honesty this is worse than the nastiness of drug barons.

    I have given all of this careful consideration & will stop my season ticket should Wenger be forced to leave Arsenal. It doesn’t mean I stop supporting Arsenal but just that I will see less games live than now. I cannot see anyone in the game with a greater passion, intelligence & love for Arsenal than Wenger. His impact on the game has been unassailable. The jealous idiots with little or no intelligence are trying to feel good by holding banners rather than studying the game & its impact on the world. The game brought the world together but sadly allowed some to rip its simplicity into a money making corrupt entity rather than a true medium of friendship across the globe.

    I will always love Arsenal because it gave me joy & a focus beyond the mundane world of IT & business that gave me a living.

    COYG – we can still win the league.

  • Flares

    “Are we not one of the worlds biggest / greatest clubs?the other big clubs of the world demand/ expect regular titles.why should we be any different? Why are we settling for less.lest we forget.we pay the highest ticket prices in world football”

    If I eat at Le Gavroche every other weekend for nine months, at around £250 per head, I would not demand Michelin give them an extra star because of it.

    Eat the food, drink the wine and enjoy the ambience, because it’s all been put together by people with financial, intellectual and professional capacities which far exceed yours in that given moment. That’s what you’re paying for. Enjoy the experience.