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June 2021

When it rains, it pours.

by ARSENAL 13.


A quick google of the words subjective and objective will give you this:

“An objective perspective is one that is not influenced by emotions, opinions, or personal feelings – it is a perspective based in fact, in things quantifiable and measurable. A subjective perspective is one open to greater interpretation based on personal feeling, emotion, aesthetics, etc.”

Now, What’s that got to do with ARSENAL you ask. Let me explain. A past few months have been difficult for us. Results not going our way for variety of reasons, which has been discussed here to death. With death come the vultures, aka media. They somehow know the reason for our current slump and their fingers point at one man, Arsène Wenger.

The media who are supposed to be objective in spirit and their presentation are being subjective when it comes to ARENAL and Mr Wenger. Untold ARSENAL, despite our open claim “supporting the club, the players and the manager” have been more objective in our presentation than the independent neutral media. But then this is not an ideal world is it?

This morning when I opened the newspaper, I saw the headline “Same old same old: the chorus for change at the Emirates may be growing shriller, but Arsenal Wenger is going nowhere just yet.”

Same old, same old. With a tagline. Key words there, ‘may be’ ‘just yet’. And then goes on to start the article with alarming sackings, armchair managers and the contract. Not bad. The article so far is in touch with the fraternity 5000 miles away. Not bad.

Then it saysThe Frenchman, who has vowed to remain in football management, may be under the impression that a second- or third-place finish in the Premier League and an FA Cup triumph will help his cause, but several fans have already made up their minds that top-four finishes have had their day.”

Wonder why the word impression is there. Finishing first is the top most priority. If not first the next best position is second, and if not both, then third is the best position isn’t it. Also top 4 finish have not had their day. Just look at Liverpool, Man City, Tiny totts and Man Utds target for this year. Also last year 3 “big” clubs did not make it to top 4. So finishing top 4 should be the priority. The position it gets on the list of priorities is debatable. But not if it’s a priority or not. Oh and to correct the author, we have won 2 FA cups not one. Anyway, moving on.

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“It is sad to see Wenger, who has revolutionised Arsenal in his 21 years at the club, denting his legacy by holding on to the job.”

Now that’s a stupid statement to make. For starters Mr Wenger doesn’t care about legacy. Mainly of course because we can see how much Ferguson’s legacy has been dented after leaving his successor an ageing overly paid side. One year or two out of 20 won’t tarnish a legacy. And if they had a little better memory or even a wee bit of interest in Mr Wenger’s philosophy and thinking, they would’ve known what Mr Wenger considers of utmost importance. To leave behind a healthy side for his successor. So, if Mr Wenger thinks he needs two years or more to make it happen, he will continue despite taking a hit on “legacy”. For him it’s the long term health of ARSENAL first, personal glory second.

Then there’s the usual, no Vieira, no spine no trophies in 2011/14/16 blah blah. Unable to break packed defense. And then the famous ‘not tactically adept’ like Conte or Pochettino. Does not adapt to the competition and all. Wait Pochettino? Ooohhhhkkkaaaayyyy……

But what really caught the eye is this

“Having Steve Bould, part of the famous defensive quartet with Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn and Lee Dixon, on the coaching staff and conceding goals off set-pieces is embarrassing.”

So conceding set piece goal is embarrassing. And more so cos Bould is part of the coaching team. Now Bould has been in ARSENAL youth setup for long time. He was there on merit. Which the media darlings like Henry don’t have, despite the cry for his appointment. Also Bould managed the youth cup winning teams. And if I remember correctly, they were not the Morinhoesque defense first teams. They played beautiful attacking football, which is now known as the ‘ARSENAL way’ of playing football. Yes we should look into why we are conceding goals like the one we did at WestBrom. Free headers from corners. That doesn’t mean Bould should be embarrassed for what-so-ever reasons..

And then finally this

“The debate on whether Wenger is still the right man for the job will rage. The best thing for him would be to see out the season and walk away as the fans’ anger has reached tipping point.

For, team owner Stan Kroenke will certainly not sack him. In Wenger, he has a manager who always has the club in the places that matter, financially!”

The author decides what’s best for Mr Wenger. Hahahhaha. You don’t blow open a fire extinguisher cos someone is boiling a jar of water in the other room.

And yeah, financially. Why shouldn’t the owner of a club make sure that the club is good financially? After all a financially good club can attract good players. Which can help them compete at the highest level. Which supposedly is what the marching contingent wants. But then all of them want Kroenke to put his money into the club like the other owners do. What can you say here?

When it rains, it pours. And in ARSENAL’s case, it pours every time. So much that clouds from India too join in the parade. No wonder we are experiencing a drought like situation here.

PS: On the side of the article is this, a small slab called “The Wenger Years”

On the bottom is the following.

“Judging managers isn’t straightforward, With unequal distribution of money, it’s not a level playing field. Soccernomics, the path breaking book on football analytics, offers a nuanced measure.

It found that more the clubs spent on player wages over a period, the better they performed. In short, it was possible to buy success. By this model, Wenger is a marvel. He has frequently outperformed ARSENALs wage spend, extracting the most from the resource at his disposal.

Please read the underlined statement again. And the highlighted part too. The above is the objective perspective. Which the main article lacks.

The full article can be read here

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14 comments to When it rains, it pours.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Objectivity is seriously lacking in the world, and most of the press especially.
    I believe what we are seeing this year is a bit of a statistical blip, we could end up underachieving for the first time in years. There are reasons for this,……losing our best player for starters, not helped by a bit of managerial instability. There are certainly things that should be looked into , and improved , as is usually the case. But of course being objective, I don’t have the data to really back this up.
    I am pretty sure Wenger and the board will be objective when they make their decision, either Wenger takes a hit for what looks a poor season…maybe his poorest season at the club, though there is time to turn things around, or they take a longer view, fix a few things, and recognise that perhaps they need more of a structure in place for when the manager does go….and a bit more succession planning than there appears for the moment.
    I have no idea what the decision will be , but before all this , was of the opinion that Wenger would do a couple more years, and replaced by someone like arteta….but again, cannot back this up

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    To say the least, haven finished 2nd last season in the PL and couple with the fact that Arsenal first team was revamped with 3 top additions of: Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez who cost the club around £90m or so, we the Arsenal fans are hoping the Gunnerd will perform better in all completions more especially in the PL and CL than they did last season.

    But alas! What have we seen, the Arsenal team is currently looking not to progressing from where they were last season. If at all they’ve moved, they are currently looking to be moving backwards in the PL from the position they were last season and looked to lost out in title race save if a mighty miracle out of no where happen.

    It will be good to know what went wrong with the Gunners after such a promising PL title winning looking campaign early in the season up to the halfway mark of the season. From my own observation, Mustafi is okay, but Xhaka and Perez are more or less disappointing in the performances for Arsenal especially in the PL so far this season.

    Arsenal conceding set piece free headers at WBA is not totally surprising because Arsenal defence-line has no adequate height without Mertesacker Chambers to deal effectively with high ball played into their box. And Tony Pulis knew this weakness exist in the Gunners’ defense-line and he must have told his headers to go for it.

    I think the reason why Arsenal have fallen short as the season wore on is they don’t have top wingbacks like Chelsea have. As Le Prof switched to the 3-4-3 playing formation at WBA last weekend due to the absent of Ozil, Arsenal have no top effective wingbacks to execute the playing formation properly. Hence, their defence-line fell short in wingbacks effective attacking prowess and tracking back to defend correctly in Bellerin and Monreal. While Monreal is fast aging, is Bellerin an overrated RB whose wingback attacking prowess quality and tracking back defensive quality is short and not world class?

    The absence of Santi Cazorla in Arsenal midfield has caused a huge problem there as Xhaka who is supposed to be his understudy has come short and Ramsey constant injury problem has not helped matters. Coquelin has fallen short in DM capability since he had that one big injury in a PL game at the Emirates. And Elneny is more or less a squad player to fill the void that may come up in Arsenal mid field.

    The Arsenal front mid three and striker department are yet to be adequately staffed with top quality players. Okay, Iwobi can be excused as he’s still a trainee but time is of the essence. Arsenal cannot be waiting for him too long to come up to world class quality. The samething goes for Chamberlain, Arsenal have been wanting for him to arrive to world class quality for Arsenal. But he hasn’t. Giroud is okay because he scores goals for Arsenal almost on regular basis and that is important despite his lack of pace. But Walcott has remained largely average for Arsenal as he hasn’t influenced a League win for Arsenal despite been the oldest player there.

    Le Prof must address the current problem with his wingbacks, deep lying, DM, wingers, striker and goalkeeping positions adequately with one world class addition to each of these 6 positions to make Arsenal a winner of the PL and the CL next season. It’s not going to be easy for him to achieve this feast in the transfer market as the upgrade will cost Arsenal a huge amount of money. But he not no any other productive option other than to do this upgrade. He can sell some of his first teamers who are not consistent in high performance for Arsenal this season and the season before for good money to recoup some money back.

  • Stephan

    ‘For starters Mr Wenger doesn’t care about legacy. Mainly of course because we can see how much Ferguson’s legacy has been dented after leaving his successor an ageing overly paid side’…..seriously?
    Smh…Fergie left man it’s a great,embarrassing wenger on countless occasions. How you make this statement is shocking
    The media will do what they know ho to do, write on a failing project because it sells. It’s simple
    You keep on calling Man Utd, Chelsea ,Man city based on one or 2 of them dropping out of the top four in recent years but you also fail to see that this teams have won the league multiple times in the last 10-11 seasons-Man Utd 4x, Chelsea and Man city 2x. We haven’t won it in over a decade. So top 4 is not important when you can put your house in order and the next season or 2 come home with the title. Because going to Europe has proven in recent times to be a waste of time and energy, we are not tactically ready for that level tbh.
    I’ll give up a top 4 spot any day if the team puts together a title challenge worthy of our great team. We’ve not chalenged in years, infact the last time we were close was in in the 200/2008 season when we were 4 points off. Last season even if we came in second we didn’t challenge. Our coming in second was more of a spurs collapse than anything else. We finished 10 points off Leicester. The media have lots of things to go on with about Arsenal, they’ve smelled bloI’d and that diving in as they have always done with anything. It’s nothing personal they just wanna sell their papaers

  • To leave behind a healthy side for his successor. So, if Mr Wenger thinks he needs two years or more to make it happen, he will continue despite taking a hit on “legacy”……..

    He has had the last few years to leave a good side, signed Xaha, and Mustafi both look a waste of money…£100 million will soon be wasted..

    Anyone looking at Wenger as the team are getting thrashed arguing with the fourth official…totally frustrated as he has no idea how to rectify the solution.

    Basically for a man earning £8.9 MILLION a year he is not producing the results, despite the highest ticket prices in Europe,


  • nicky

    I think it’s about time some regard should be given to the millions throughout the world who, season after season, continue to look fondly on Arsenal’s progress in League and Cup, regardless of whoever is the appointed manager and whoever wears the shirt.
    They dwarf the attendances at the Ems, will never see their heroes in the flesh, yet their loyalty to Arsenal Football Club was set in stone generations ago.
    Of course they yearn for glory although there is much joy to be had, via the media, in just following Arsenal participating in the top echelons of professional football. 😉

  • omgarsenal

    Adam….why don’t you take the time to show us evidence that:..

    1)Xhaka and Mustafi were a waste of money!
    2)You know that Wenger doesn’t know how to rectify the situation base don one minute in a season!
    3)We have the highest ticket prices in Europe (another media inspired fallacy)and
    4)Wenger isn’t producing results…..another BS media inspired myth!

    Come back with some firm and provable facts, not your WOB BS we’ve had thrown at us by unimaginative cry babies like you and the aaa…..and MAYBE we might actually pay attention to you.

  • ARSENAL 13


    Mustafi and Xhaka are waste of money…..Not fit to wear the shirt. Wait. Remember??? A few years back, they had similar things to say about a player now who is irreplaceable. Koscielny? Have they ever said…We were wrong. Will they ever accept?

    Now the very article also had Split if Mr Wengers years. Golden years (1996-2006: 57%), fighting billionaires (2006-2013: 56%), Renaissance? (2013- : 60%). I’ve not verified it. But ‘underperforming not producing results’ Wenger has highest win percentage of his tenure now.

    May be if they looked at stats and facts, they can’t make such statements. So why bother at all….

  • Menace

    Great article ARSENAL 13, but what do you know? Out there in India & unlike the WOBs who see the matches without having to depend on streams!

    I am in total agreement with you. There is one aspect you didn’t cover & yesterdays broken leg by a nasty tackle in the Ireland v Wales game, brings it to the fore. The impact of the officiating with the special Laws for Arsenal. Yesterday, the referee was slow to penalise the roughness as it took over the football. Tackle after tackle the game became liable to injury. There was very little he could do once the leg was broken but he did the right thing. The fouling by some of the Irish players was borderline red cards though he didn’t even pull out a yellow. Both sides got off with some tackles but overall there was a football game underneath it all.

    The money is not the only measure of difference between clubs, consistency is also critical. You’ve got to be in it to win it. We are in it every season & get close despite the slope we have to climb. The European slope is not dissimilar to that in the EPL. It is more pronounced because of the loneliness of success.

    Wenger is being vilified by the ignorant because they cannot compare their lack of knowledge with his amazing success & impact on the game. His players are being picked on by some on here because their media influence is giving them courage. Every Arsenal player has been excellent in that they play as a team. Sometimes we see moves that the players do not. That does not make them bad or wrong. There again we also see things that the officials do not. That also does not make them bad but certainly with assistants & a secret communication system makes them wrong. The communications should be made public & then we can really see the bad let alone the wrong.

  • Gord

    Time for change.

    No more adam’s.

  • Leon

    Time for a change

    No more WOBs and AKBs

  • austInpaul ojeaga ksp

    If we end up outside top four, I wuld like to see d perpetual mourners nd moaners commit suicide bcos.Top 4 is no trophy.shalom!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice one , Arsenal 13 . Most of ‘them’ have no perspective at all because the haven’t developed a properly functioning brain !
    If and when they are able to stand up in stature with AW , then probably I’ll listen to them .
    Am not holding my breath in anticipation , mind you !
    Arsene Forever !

  • Jared


    Disagree on Walcott, 17 goals in all competitions, he’s having a good season, his best in years. Nobody else scores besides Giroud and Sanchez.