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  1. finsbury


    Looks like the discredited Dean *gollum gollum* has been given another task this season.

    Interesting comments on refs from the manager who saw one of France’s biggest crooks thrown into the slammer, as already highlighted by Untold completely ignored in the Presser by the likes of the Wally Olly, employed by a loss making rag working for a discredited and hopeless ‘former’ politician.

    No wonder the broadcasters are losing numbers when they employ such prized and lest we forget “successful” chumps to edit and regurgitate their non-political (looool!) garbage.

  2. ClockEndRider

    Hear hear. The way in which the collected scum press just smoothly ignored what was signposted clearly as a comment to be picked up and run with by the media was quite incredible. It’s almost as if they don’t want it reported. But our impartial, truth loving press would never do something like that would they?
    I mean, what next? Hacking a murdered child’s phone…?

  3. finsbury

    Hacking a murdered child’s phone?
    Sounds like the kind of act that’d get you an interview and regular plug on aftv over the likes of Paul Davies, Hillier etc.

  4. para

    “I just hope that we play as a team for a change rather than a group of strangers”.

    Hear hear!

  5. Jared

    Marriner in the game vs. Watford was unbelievably bad in the first 15-20 minutes. Consistently giving them free kicks in dangerous areas, sometimes for nothing at all. Almost like he wanted something to happen……funny that. And given the opportunity to call a similar foul for Arsenal he absolutely refused, and even laughed at our players for having the gall to look at him after an obvious foul hadn’t been called. He’s a good little soldier for the PMGOL and has no problem stacking the deck against us if ordered to do so. No doubt in my mind that’s what happened vs. Watford. Too many obvious fouls missed, too many easy free kicks given the other way, it was 3 or 4. After that, job done, rest of game called fairly as to not arouse suspicion.

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