Arsenal v West Ham: 5/4/17. What this man does to refereeing should be a criminal offence.

by Andrew Crawshaw

For this game we have :-

  • Referee – Martin Atkinson  45 years old from West Yorkshire and FIFA Accredited
  • Assistant Referee 1 – Stephen Child  from Kent and FIFA Accredited
  • Assistant Referee 2 – Adam Nunn  from Wiltshire
  • Fourth Official – Stuart Attwell  33 Years old from Warwickshire

This will be the fourth time we have had Mr Atkinson this season.  So far he has been on hand for :-

Sunderland v Arsenal 29 October (1 – 4)

Ref Review : Sunderland – Arsenal: Was this not knowing the laws? Or just plain bias? The latter looks more probable

61% overall score, bias against the two teams of 10/90 and 6 wrong Important Decisions.

  • Min 12 Rodwell should have had a red card for an elbow on Coquelin,
  • Min 33 Ndong was given a yellow card instead of a red for a foul on Coquelin,
  • Min 41 Pienaar was given a yellow card for a foul on Coquelin but it should have been his second (his first should have come in Min 26 for a trip on Alexis),
  • Min 62 Arsenal should have had a penalty (pull and trip by Kone on Sanchez) and Kone should also have received a second yellow card for this,
  • Min 74 Januzaj should have had a red card for ecessively high foot which caught Coquelin on the head.

A pathetic example of refereeing, fortunately it didn’t cost us points.

Man City v Arsenal 18 December (2 – 1)

Ref Review : Man City – Arsenal: what exactly did Madley and Atkinson say to each other at half time?

66% Overall weighting, bias against the two teams on 8/92 and only 4 wrong important decisions this time.  Well it was better than 6 in the Sunderland game!

  • In Min 47 Sane was offside when he scored for City – this was an incorrect call by Mr Nunn.
  • In Min 80 De Brune should have had a red card for a flying tackle from behind on Gabriel,
  • In Min 90+4 Sterling should have had a red card for an arm to the back of Bellerin’s head and Toure should also have had a red card for a deliberate delay to restarting the game.

This is a game that should have been a draw not a City win.

In this game, Mr Nunn also had a shocker with three wrong offside calls.

  • Min 32 Walcott was offside but not flagged,
  • Min 47 Mane was offside when he scored City’s forst ‘goal’ and
  • Min 60 Sagna was wrongly flagged offside.  He is the only Assistant referee against whom I have ever recorded 3 ‘flags’ in a single game, I hope he is better this time.

I have no ‘flags’ against Stephen Child in either of his two games that have been reviewed this season

Chelsea v Arsenal 4 Feb (3 – 1)

We haven’t yet published the full referee review of this game but here are links to Walter’s two post game pieces.

Atkinson – Arsenal 1-0, Chelsea – Arsenal 2-1: coincidence, useless or just plain bias?

Using some facts in the analysis

This was the game when Alonso knocked out Bellerin with an elbow to the head as he headed the ball into the net.  A clear foul and there can be no argument about excessive force being involved as the Arsenal player was unconcious before he hit the ground.  Any normal balanced referee would have instantly awarded a red card and no goal.  Atkinson however, isn’t a normal referee and gave the goal changing the course of the game.

2015-16  Last season we had the “pleasure” of his company in three games.

Arsenal v West Ham 9 August (0 – 2)


54% Overall weighted performance, bias against the two teams of 100/0 and three wrong Important Decisions.

  • In Min 22 Tomkins should have had a yellow card for a foul on Giroud and in…
  • Min 37 he should have had a second for a foul on Monreal.
  • The ‘goal’ West Ham scored in Min 43 was from a non existent ‘phantom’ foul by Ramsey.  No foul, no free kick so no goal.
  • In Min 62 Noble dived to win a free kick and this play acting was bought by Mr Atkinson who wrongly booked Monreal.  Noble (already on a yellow) should have had a second booking for simulation and been sent off.

With a one man advantage for 50 minutes and a two man advantage for 30, in my opinion there is no way that Arsenal wouldn’t have scored the goals necessary to win the game.

Arsenal v Tottenham 8 November (1 – 1)

Ref Review : Arsenal – Tottenham

41% Overall weighting bias against the two teams of 82/18 and 8 wrong Important Decisions.

  • In each of Min 18, Min 35 and Min54 Vertonghen should have given away a penalty for a foul on Giroud.
  • In Min 35 both Vertonghen and Giroud should have been given red cards for violent conduct for a scuffle following the second not given penalty.
  • Vertonghen should have had a first yellow card for a foul on Giroud in Min 18,
  • A second for the Min 35 penalty
  • and a third for the Min 54 penalty – he should therefore been sent off a total of three times in this game.  To complete the game in Min 89 Dier should also have had a second yellow card for a foul on Giroud.

This was one of the worst exhibitions of refereeing that we saw last year and a clear case of the outcome being decided by the referee who robbed us blind on the day and denied us two points.

Arsenal v Leicester 14 February (2 – 1)

Ref Review: Arsenal – Leicester

52% overall weighted score, bias against the two teams of 94/6 and seven wrong Important Decisions.

  • Arsenal should have had three penalties Min 9 for a Kante handball. Min 37 Huth for holding Giroud following a corner and Min 55 foul by Morgan on Giroud.
  • The penalty awarded to Leicester in Min 43 when Vardy barged into Monreal shouldn’t have been awarded, it was Vardy who committed the foul.  The consequent goal for Leicester also shouldn’t have stood.
  • In Min 48 Simpson was awarded a yellow card for a reckless challenge on Alexis, it should have been his second – his first should have come in Min30 for pulling Özil away from the ball.
  • In Min 71 Drinkwater should have had a straight red card for a challenge above calf high on Ramsey.

For once his antics didn’t cost us any points but so nearly did (it was only the last minute heroics of Danny that earned us the points).  Overall though three refereeing performances all of a dire level of competence with a total of 15 wrong Important Decisions, 14 of them against Arsenal.  Bias figures of 100, 82 and 94% against Arsenal – hardly representative of a referee licensed to take charge of the most important matches in Football

Was he any better in 2014-15?

Chelsea v Arsenal 5 October 2014 (2 – 0)

Untold’s Unacceptable Referee Review: Chelsea – Arsenal

45% overall weighting, bias against the two teams of 14/86 and six wrong Important Decisions.

  • In Min 20 Cahill should have had a straight red card for a foul on Alexis and in a separate off the ball incident Ivanovic should have had a red card for an elbow on Özil.
  • Oscar should have had a yellow card in Min 6,
  • a second in Min 40,
  • a third in Min 45+2
  • and a fourth in Min 74 thus he should have been sent off on three separate occasions.
  • Fabregas should have given away a handball penalty in Min 62,
  • Alexis should have had a straight red card for a punch on Ivanovic in Min 43 and for an assault on Fabregas in Min 90.

The key turning points were in Min 20 with the score at nil-nil.  Two Chelsea players should have been sent off for separate incidents.  Against a nine man Chelsea team for 70 minutes there is no way that Arsenal would not have won this game.

Arsenal v QPR 26 December (2 – 1)

Untold Ref Review: Arsenal – QPR

70% overall weighted score, bias against the two teams of 87/13 and six wrong Important Decisions.

  • Min 23 Onuoha wrapped himself around Giroud like a coat but no penalty was awarded.
  • Min 52 Ferdinand grabbed Giroud by the neck – as he had already been booked the only question should have been the number of games he would miss – Mr Atkinson saw nothing wrong.
  • Min 75 Arsenal should have had a second penalty for a foul by Fer on Mertesacker,
  • Min 77 QPR were wrongly awarded a penalty when Debuchy cleared the ball and Hoilett went down.  The subsequent goal by QPR was also incorrect.
  • Min 90 Gibbs brought down Zamora and a QPR penalty should have been awarded.

A game where for once Mr Atkinson achieved the Minimum acceptable 70% weighted score.  That and the fact that his errors didn’t cost us points are the only mitigating factors in yet another dismal piece of refereeing.

Spurs v Arsenal 7 Feb 2015 (2 – 1)

Ref Review Tottenham – Arsenal

61% overall weighted score, bias against the two teams of 10/90 and three wrong Important Decisions.

  • In Min 10 the Arsenal goal should have been ruled out for offside,
  • In Min 59 Rose should have been given a straight red card for a stamp on Giroud’s achilles and
  • Min 72 Mason should have had a second yellow card for stopping a quick free kick (his first should have come in the 12th minute for a scissor challenge on Özil.

Another sub standard performance but one I thought probably didn’t cost us points.  Our goal shouldn’t have stood and I thought it unlikely that man advantage for a half hour would have given us enough of an advantage to score more than one goal.  On reflection with a two man advantage for 18 minutes it is possible that we would have been able to score a second goal.

To answer the question No I don’t consider Mr Atkinson to have been any better in 2014-15 than he was last year.  He certainly cost us 3 points against Chelsea and possibly 1 against Spurs and made our win against QPR far harder than it should have been.  15 wrong Important Decisions in 3 games is ridiculous.

I don’t normally go back to 2013-14 because we haven’t got formal referee reviews but here are links to Walter’s post match reviews  The one of the City game is a minute by minute review the others are just our ususal post match musings.

Sunderland v Arsenal 14 Sept (1 – 3)

Arsenal v Liverpool 2 November (2 – 0)

Man City v Arsenal 14 December (6 – 3)

62.9% overall weighted score, bias against the two teams of 0/100 and a minimum of 3 wrong Important decisions plus 2 wrong offside calls when Arsenal had very promising goal scoring opportunities.

Everton v Arsenal 6 April 2014 (3 – 0)


  1. Mr Atkinson is either not an honest referee when it comes to Arsenal games or he is incompetent, and if I were a betting man, (which I’m not) I would be putting a punt on a West Ham win.  He appears to go out  of his way to make it difficult for us to win.  I wouldn’t employ him in a refereeing capacity for any match anywhere.
  2. He rarely gets the minimum acceptable 70% competence score and is frequently much lower
  3. His bias numbers against Arsenal are atrocious and he makes far more wrong Important Decisions than any referee should – he regularly gets 6 or more wrong in a game.
  4. He will allow West Ham to foul us with impunity, If Carroll is fit and playing then our defenders will have a torrid time.
  5. I will be happy if the game ends and we have no injured players, I fear for Sanchez, Koscielny (if he’s fit to play) and our other vital players as we need them to be available for the remainder of the season and Atkinson will do nothing to protect them from targeted thuggery.


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58 Replies to “Arsenal v West Ham: 5/4/17. What this man does to refereeing should be a criminal offence.”

  1. Do you consider yourself a sane individual? Virtually everything you’ve written is moronic to say the least.

  2. Simon

    There’s probably over 100 hours of analysis put in to the assessments above.

    Assessments that consist of in depth analysis, tested against the rules/laws of the game, and nearly all enhanced by visual evidence.

    And you see fit to dismiss it all out of hand, without a shred of counter evidence.

    Moronic you say? I suggest you take a look in the Mirror sir.

  3. I have been saying for years these guys in black cannot be trusted to be 100% impartial.Its up to the FA to root out any corruption.You never know.
    a)MC leading Mu with 5aet. Instead the ref played 7 min extra. During the 4th min MUequalised and to rub salt,Owen scored the winner in the 7th min to win the game.
    b) The ball had had crossed the MU goal ine, The goalie scooped it out, No goal given.
    I need not add any more. Suffice the fans draw their own conclusion.

  4. Well said nitram. To blandly contradict the hours of work put in by neutral (yes Simon, NEUTRAL) qualified referees without as much as an attempt to substantiate a random opinion is pathetic beyond belief.

  5. I must say that the Özil offside goal was about 1 cm offside with his left foot. In other matches we would have given it as a valid goal. But to avoid people saying we are biased we gave it as offside. Still people say it….

  6. Goonerymikey

    I think one of the problems is, especially with a Referee like Atkinson, that the ‘cheating’ the ‘bias’ or the just plain rank bad officiating, is so extreme, so damning, as to render itself ‘unbelievable’ to a casual observer.

    Only when you dig deeper and look at the evidence, and that’s what Untold has produced, ‘evidence’, does the undeniable truth hit you, square in the face.

    And that truth is, Martin Atkinson is a biased, cheating disgrace to his profession.

  7. Whilst I fully accept the expert and unbiased reports of Andrew and Walter, I am a little troubled over the publication of invariably highly critical analysis of match officials BEFORE a game.
    Referees are only flawed human beings after all and to read of their past mistakes must affect their attitude…to no doubt our cost.
    That is not to say that the reports should not be published. Only the timing might be perhaps more judicious. 😉

  8. If only the WOBs put the same energy and efforts protesting for better officiating instead of embarrassing the club, maybe just maybe their football enjoyment could be enhanced.

  9. Nicky, I think the decision to present the alarming facts of the officials incompetence is meant to highlight the flaws, in the hope (unlikely as that may be) that Mr Atkinson and his fellows are reading and may, just may, want to be sure they make the correct decisions for once. Its not quite the same (and you didn’t suggest this I accept) as Mourinho constantly moaning about referees just before his team entertains them in the next game. That is pressure with no evidence, this is pressure backed by the weight of statistics. Andrew and Walter (and the other members of the team) are holding the PGMOL to account – they have to, because no one else does.

  10. Interesting from the other thread that Scott has only a 3 games in EPL, yet he is far and away, a better referee than Atkinson. Sian Massey-Ellis is an Assistant who I have NEVER seen, make a wrong decision. Yet, this past weekend, they were in League 2 – LEAGUE TWO!

    The whole thinks stinks of match fixing, and I’m sick of trying to get the government committee that is supposed to be investigating corruption, to at least acknowledge that they will be looking into it.

    They’re more interested in what the demographic of the FA Board should be – I’d say it’s simple – Ten people who know football and who can act HONESTLY!

  11. If we go by all the red cards our opponents should have had,we will not have opponents to play with.
    Cuz our matches will just be walkovers
    Let’s be honest here,if every team interprets the laws of the game the way they see it,we too will have lots of red cards in the match.
    So all I see here is just you being an Arsenal fan and doing your bid to support the team which is commendable,but in all this blaming the refs for not giving red cards and that being responsible for our dropping points I think is too extreme.
    If I blame a ref it will surely be for a horrible offside call,a disallowed goal or a clear penalty not given.
    Not every tackle a card,the game will be damn right boring and even our players will also bear the brunt

  12. For most companies quality control is an essential element of their product development and marketing. That is to say, that a consumer when purchasing a product will get something that is recognizable and of a like quality of the same product purchased previously.

    Surely, for the Premier League, along with quality players most go quality and consistent refereeing. I want to know that a foul on Wednesday is also a foul on Saturday, that a foul in the 5th minute is a foul in the 85th minute and that a foul on me is also a foul on you. That is what I want.

  13. Stephan
    tell that to Xhaka…
    almost every tackle is a yellow or red

    so not a problem for refs to be law “perfectionists” in exclusive cases

  14. ‘almost every tackle is a yellow or red’

    Go to ground, slide in, studs up, get card. Repeat.

  15. Stephan have you ever considered that we also want the game played within the Laws? It is not just an Arsenal thing. If you see how biased the pundits like Savage are towards United it gets ridiculous.

    In todays match v Everton, Fellaini actually bounced the ball with his hand & no body ‘saw’ it. The number of fouls not called by Swarbrick was quite strange. Robust English football was not quite the name for such blindness. It was WWE from the back of the blues. Koeman can cook in his own juice after his comments to Wenger.

  16. GGG – spot on. Why is consistency impossible to even get close to?

    Simon – some people just can’t be helped. Please go and read the reviews and watch the linked evidence. Without offering an evidence based analysis you risk making yourself look more than a bit foolish, at best.

  17. Leon,
    The other side is have you seen anyone else sent off God a tackle in their own half as Xhaka was vs Swansea? I’m sure I have seen similar tackles not even yellowed. Why?

  18. ClockEndRider
    Not like the one v Swansea (although I thought it was a deliberate trip from behind), but if he’s going to be a tackling defender he must learn to tackle properly which means staying on his feet. Also Coquelin.

  19. Leon you are needed on the Arsenal training pitch. You are so dam smart bhoy! D properly takes the biscuit.

  20. Even Arsene Wenger says Xhaka could improve his tackling – and let’s hope he will. The point is, because he plays for Arsenal he gets penalised for things other players in other teams get off with.

    That is what is wrong – there should never be referee bias against a particular team. Yet referee bias against Arsenal is absolutely the norm. This is not honest.

  21. Guys
    Xhaka is an Arsenal player and so we’ll do our best to support him.
    But the honest truth is the Red cards he has had this season have been deserved…tbh
    He doesn’t know how to tackle,even Wenger admitted to that. He slides in recklessly,so he is bound to get booked.
    Let’s look at it this way,if it where Xhaka who made the tackle that Walcott made on Fernandinho I could wager he would have been sent off…why?
    Cuz he is prone to making reckless fouls. So the ref would be like ‘hey,it’s Walcott,can’t be anything nasty’
    We seem to forget refs are humans. They have feelings and emotions
    They aren’t machines programmed. Once a ref has a notion about a player already and that player gives him a reason to book him he will.thats the way the game is not a perfect sport,they are flaws. If this game was played to every detail in the rule book without controversies it will be boring,trust me.
    As I said earlier, log in to other club blogs..e.g man Utd or Chelsea I bet you’ll see comments of conspiracy against them. It’s a normal thing to complain about refs, but we shouldn’t do that and ignore the elephant in the room.

  22. GoingGoingGooner
    Well said.

    I dont think that football would be boring if the rules would be enforced to the letter. Players would soon stop kicking one another deliberately(of course this happens more than we like to admit, even Arsenal players do it too) and create new ways to be better at the game thereby thrilling us the fans.
    All players would know that they have to become creative and i’m sure football will become better.

    At the moment we have rules which are ambiguous and depending on the refs perspective. We might as well not have any rules a.t.m seeing the way football is developing.

  23. Stephan it rather looks as if you have not read our detailed analyses of the first 160 games of the season. It has been widely publicised on this site, and is easy to find. If you were to read it you would see that, from a detailed analysis of video evidence, all of which we have put on line as well, that some clubs are being highly favoured by referees and others not. It is of course possible that fans of clubs that find multiple dubious decisions going in their favour still complain, but that does not affect reality.

    Since my co-workers on this site have taken so long to put up all the evidence, please do at least have a look at it. If you find it is wrong throughout then just give us the details of exactly where and when and we can debate that.

  24. Olad and others who have supported Stephan’s view, I would ask you to spend a moment reading my reply to him, and then follow the suggestion of looking at the evidence of the first 160 games of the season.

  25. Given Swarbrick’s “correct decisions percentages” from the other article, what happened to him last night? We saw..

    Fellani playing basketball without any intervention from the officials;
    Bailey climbing up on the back of an Everton player (Lukaku?), – no action;
    Fellani elbowing Jagielka in the side of the head – no action;
    Guye given a yellow card for a (foul??), his first, and not really a booking;
    The Cleaner, sorry, Ander Herrera – fouling continuously without action and/or caution;
    Rojo – see Ander Herrera.

    Glaring, obvious errors (of some kind).

    Finally, is there an explanation for Williams getting a red card for giving away a penalty in a non violent offence? I thought this triple punishment had been dispensed with, for non physical penalty offences?

  26. Stephen

    You just don’t get it do you?

    For example:

    The point is not whether Xhaka’s cards are justified or not. They may be, they may not.

    It’s the way the laws of the game are applied to him, and in a broader sense, to Arsenal themselves, as a team, compared to others.

    Okay, if you want to say all his cards are justified that’s fine, but only if the same strict interpretation of the laws are applied to everyone, but they clearly are not.

    That is the issue.

    On another point, obviously a lot of what the assessors are looking at when doing there reviews is subjective. In other words open to debate.

    What is NOT subjective, or open to debate, is the sheer quantity of cards we get compared to others.

    What is NOT subjective is how we seem to pick up our first yellow so early in a match compared to others, who are often as not warned many times prior to receiving there’s.

    What is NOT subjective is the sheer dearth of penalties we receive compared to all the other teams in the top 6.

    What is NOT subjective is the sheer quantity of penalties awarded against us compared to the other top 6 sides.

    -All the data supporting this has been published on here many times.

    Isn’t it funny how all of these INDISPUTABLE statistics show a massive bias against Arsenal in a way that almost identically matches the more ‘subjective’ bias indicated by the referee reviews.

    That to me suggests that ‘subjective’ or not, the referee reviews give a very accurate assessment of how we are being cheated on the pitch.

  27. Nitram
    I fully agree with you, the facts are irrefutable but unfortunately they will not be acknowledged by the likes of Stephan because he/they either refuse to recognize the truth because it contradicts their agenda or it could be they are just plain stupid.

  28. Excellent article it’s just a shame our Wenger out brethren have no interest in the facts and only focus on the result no matter how awful the officiating is.

    The Online Gooner is trying to get fans to boycott the first 13 minutes of the game tonight in protest against the manager,how sad are these simpletons.

  29. These are the ones that pain me the most.

    Atkinson stunk doing our home game with them last year, and the fact he was chosen for the same game again surely proves it was a performance his bosses thoroughly approved of.

    That depresses the hell out of me and makes it a near certainty that the performance assessments pgmol do have to be as poor and as wrong as the referee’s performance on the day. Atkinson gave something like 4 or 5 minutes of injury time when there were two long stoppages for injury which exceeded that and an incredible amount of time-wasting in addition.

    That’s measurable. that should have his bosses saying ‘how the hell can that be, Martin?’, then pressing him for answers, not stopping till they get one and taking it from there. Instead he gets the same fixture the following year. Just as he and Dean have done in recent years for similarly awful performances in Tottenham, Chelsea and other big games.

    In short, once they were ahead, he managed the game as though his job was to do everything he could to prevent us from gaining any momentum attempt a comeback. It was absolutely blatant

    Very similar to Clattenberg doing our last two at Goodison. He was rubbish in last year’s game- we happened to win it but his bad calls were numerous and all of them favoured Everton. Then he is selected again for this year’s fixture, and played a massive role in them turning the game around.

    It’s always been the case: almost any level of performance from a ref on a given day can be explained by human error and limitation, bad luck (for team who loses out), etc, but when you look at those bad performances in the context of the past you see that, alas, to pgmol they are, inexplicably and sadly, good performances.

    To them, Atkinson did his job and a good one in the fixture last time. If you don’t remember the game or do and think that’s fair enough, well, either you’re incompetent to judge a football match reasonably or I am. He was cheating; he’s a crook. Arguably the number one crook in Riley’s stable.

    Elbows are likely to fly tonight, and Atkinson is likely to deliberately turn his head away at the moment they do (seen that about three times from him). West Ham will probably look for another Carroll on Kos type shocker early on, Mart’ will let it go. If he gets any sort of chance to give a pen against us, or we put in a challenge resembling a two footer, no matter how little contact or danger it poses- watch out.

    We’ll see phantom free kicks for them high up the pitch; the advantage rule abused; if we’re on a break and there’s any way he can pull it back- for minor contact or for even more spurious reasons- he will; while if they’re on a break he’ll let it go even if there was a foul beforehand.

    It’s just what he does

  30. mr tony…..I do appreciate the good work and energy your team put into the ref review and also know there are matches that some refs do not favour Arsenal but not all matches Arsenal played were the refs were bias against Arsenal. In most of the ref analysis,if we win, draw or loose,the refs were always bias against us…. it cant always be the refs every time.. The ref analysis always points to red cards to opposite teams almost every time… My question now is does the refs hint the opposite teams to tackle arsenal players roughly on the field, why is it always arsenal the refs are biased against in every single matches. the way we are seeing it in arsenal is the way other teams fans are seeing it too.. they complain about refs biased against them.

  31. We talk about refs decisions all the time against us based on cards
    And i felt i should browse on the discipline of all the clubs
    And tbh i was let down
    As of march 13 this year, we had the 5th best fair play record in the league
    So all this talk of conspiracy against us is unfounded
    Amongst the big teams,only spurs and liverpool have a better record than we do
    Chelsea,man utd and man city all have worse records
    So please what are you saying?

  32. olad
    The difference between our perception of bias against us and other teams supporters perception of bias against them is that we have proved it exists through the ref reviews whereas the other teams haven’t. Put simply we have proof, they don’t.

  33. It is very simple. Our team analysed 160 games in the PL at the start of the season. All the details are on this website. The latest article reviewing the data is at and at the end of that article are links back to the analyses and all the video links. The analysis – backed up in each case by videos so they can be checked – shows that referees make huge numbers of errors. Those errors are not evenly spread across clubs but adversely affect some clubs while other clubs are getting the benefits over and over. It has nothing at all to do with the fair play records at all. Please do look at the evidence, and if you find it faulty, then of course let us know.

    This is by far the biggest review of referee activity in the Premier League that has ever been made public, and thus far no one has found it to be at fault in any significant way.

    I am sorry it is not clear for you Stephan, but I have to say, most people have understood, so I can’t see where your problems are.

  34. When you say our team, are they arsenal surporters to?
    If they are, then they are already biased in their review

  35. Stephan check

    that year the matches were reviewed by referees from all over the world who supported other teams (Liverpool, Tottenham, …. just to name a few)

    And in that year they (non Arsenal supporting referees) found a bigger bias against Arsenal than in the other years we did reviews.

  36. OK Stephan, I have had enough. If you can’t be bothered to even go and look at what we publish, but instead just want to criticise, then I am getting bored. But I will answer this as the last question. The videos are taken from broadcasters, and are on the site for anyone to review and draw their own conclusions, which can then be put up as comments to counter our analysis. And for two years we put up reviews which were written by ex-refs who had no connection with Arsenal and supported other teams. Those reviews are still up on the site as well.

    Of course you are not the only person who wants to make comments without even bothering to check what we do, but that doesn’t make it any less tiresome. Farewell.

  37. Oh Dear! The elephant in the room is a spade. 😉

    Stephan you are a time waster. Tonights match is a laid on PGMOL cheat fest. I would put money on West Ham to win. Not because they are better than Arsenal but because the match will be managed by Atkinson (human being extraordinary like Riley another human being).

    As for Online Gooner staying away for 15 minutes, I hope the gates fail & they are not allowed in all game.

    We need Arsenal supporters not idiots who cannot see beyond their noses.

    Norman 14 – I was watching the same game you saw. Your report is excellent, though you missed some other minor fouls that were just ignored. I’m talking for both teams, but mainly for United. Game management is becoming a PGMOL art (they must be following Wengers ‘doing it so well that it becomes an art’ philosophy).

  38. Sorry, I don’t understand! What does that opening line mean “The elephant in the room is a spade”? Alan Gunn is not a Gunner!

  39. A few words
    1. Tony and Walter like to say people need to have proved to be successful managers to an extent b4 they can be justified to criticise Wenger, well with the same logic, Walter and co ought to have been successful as referees b4 they feel they have jurisdiction to place pgmo refs on trial. Not saying refs shouldn’t be criticised, just pointing out how brainless that logic is.
    2. The reviews will continue to be seen as biased and rightly so, for example just before the bellerin Alonso clash, bellerin made a stonewall penalty infringement on Diego Costa causing him to head the ball against cechs crossbar, does untold acknowledge the foul? Nope, yet they go on and on about the goal, bias in daylight. Someone highlighted untolds familiar selective vision when Walter did the post match report after the man city match, to which Andrew retorted that the match reports are inconclusive, however that was quite a weak defence, seeing that Walter had all the time in the world to write sentences about trivial stuff like referee allowing city time to set up a wall for a Free kick yet couldn’t find time to comment on more critical decisions that favored us.
    I’ve read countless articles on the ref reviews here, and my conclusion is that the bias shown by Walter and his team is in the interpretation of the events that happen on the pitch. So, when player A from westham for example does foul B on arsenal player C, its interpreted as premeditated GBH, lock him up. However if player C from arsenal commits foul B on player A from westham, its interpreted as a non foul, or at least a minor infringement, not even worthy of a free kick

  40. I like the table after the midweek! Did you miss me?

    So Liverpool gave us chance to cruise up alongside and another City slip (likely will see us cruise past them, that leaves a gap to Spurs, who face United, who will kick on and us, we won’t let them off, Son needs space in behind, we aren’t leaving too much. Theo has pulled it together nicely and fit again Ozil is welcome. If November is when we flap, then April is when we put the hammer down, is it not?

    I’m looking at Chelsea and those Russians making the news, conflicts of interests, waiting for five weeks for the serious fraud office to look into the suggested areas, HBOS, err yeah the future missus….. never mind, Tony are you feeling OK ;), we don’t do finishing below Spurs and Chelsea are certainly cheating, Cech plays like his kids are being threatened occasionally.

    Type my name and Guardian, maybe you’ll find some Julian Asange type action, I dunno

  41. proA.

    In terms of the immediate reviews, I would be happy for you to write a match review and have it finished within one hour of the end of the game. I have done it a few times, and it is hard to get right because there is no time to go back and reconsider.

    In terms of the accuracy of the reviews, we have three referees/ex-refs – one a Fifa ref – writing for us.

    In terms of overall bias – the first 160 games of the season were reviewed with video evidence and remain on this site so that each and every decision can be looked at by anyone who wants to check

    In terms of reviewers being Arsenal fans for two years we ran RefereeDecisions web site using refs not associated with Arsenal or supporting Arsenal, and the bias levels was again seen.

  42. Considering the fact that people get banned on here for daring to disagree with the authors(and I’ve seen many examples over the years), you can’t expect that many people believe you did reviews with persons who were not
    1. Arsenal fans
    2. AKBs
    3. In the inner caucus of the authors of the site
    And as regards doing a match report for the site, I doubt it will be published, after all even comments that don’t agree with the authors (no matter how logically or politely put their comments are) don’t get published. However, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Just as soon as I know how to go about it

  43. People get banned for not following our terms of commentary as laid down on the site, see under “Pages” and then “Comments”. What really bemuses me is why people bother to come to a site if they don’t believe what it publishes. It would be a bit like me reading the Daily Mail.

  44. But the rules of the site when interpreted by you Tony, basically says “kiss Wenger’s arse and get published” because it doesn’t have anything to do with being polite or showing evidence, else we wouldn’t have Posts from the likes of menace or omg. It hardly has to do with facts too, because even the articles; eg the article series that tried to prove that rvps twitter was hacked, or that Suarez wasn’t being pursued by arsenal, or that we had abnormally high amount of injuries due to ref allowing our players be kicked off the field; seemed not to have been based on sound facts. That’s b4 I even talk about proudkev’s celebrated article based on wrong facts, and we haven’t heard from him since then

  45. LOL at the Mail.

    I’m tryna tell ya, I got enemies, got a lotta enemies
    Every time I see ‘em somethin’ wrong with they memory – Drake

    World Cup expansion – Russia, Medivedev, Gasprom, Abramovic, Chelsea, Hacking, Trump, Investigation…….. Chelsea running away with a title!

    With world football’s governing body still under criminal investigations in Switzerland and the United States, FIFA paid out nearly £50m to lawyers last year.

    FIFA believes it will make almost £900m in 2018, when the vast majority of its broadcasting and commercial contracts pay off, and that will result in the overall profit for the cycle and tank up the organisation’s cash reserves to a staggering £1.3bn.

    What BREXIT

  46. ProA yes the rules are interpreted by me. Who else could they be interpreted by? Untold was set up to support the team and the manager and the club because there are thousands of media outlets out there that attack us all the time. If I made this site open to all their opinions all the time then the pro-Arsenal opinions would never be heard.

  47. Mike Dean is allowing everything, doesn’t suit less aggressive teams now does it, with 14 referees when there should be 24 in the league. Klavan should have gone and Lovren should have sen a card just before Liverpool pop 2 into the back of the net, quite exceptionally to change matters entirely. Only 1 card in the City game. The campaign to remove Wenger continues.

    Incidentally FiFA spoke to Wenger before the season started and it’s only just occurred to me why the (Wenger Out) campaign may be so heavily supported. BBC, ITV and Channel 4 were all run by the same guy at some point and he stood down. I know someone has been selling them information for sure. It’s a bit like Westminister, when a terrorist decides to attack parliament, during the Scottish referendum vote, whilst MP’s are crossing the exact section he heads for, only to kill an unarmed guard (they were armed both sides of that gate when I passed twice a week or so before) and the Defence secretary’s personal guard are there to drop the assailant with 3 shots, before the defence secretary and security secretary along with the investigated conservatives call for a review to the anti terror budget, when an additional 3bn was allocated and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

    A peripheral figure (Mr Mahood or was it the guy who was in 2 cities I was in and linked to 2 countries we my paralegal is connected 2), Amber Rudd on record as saying hacking doesn’t occur, tell that to the 9 phones I have, the mac with white noise, the Toshiba that died and the missing funds on 3 networks. UKIP lose their only MP, as they aim was achieved, one who left the conservatives co(operatively)incidentally.

    Meanwhile I realise a tram crash happened on my temporary line, some council workers tried to kill me, a metropolitan force fail to acknowledge their attorney generals intimated responsibilities, from a home office, by an attorney general, answering to the party run by the former home office head of state. Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon combines tactic with personal agenda, as I said to a certain set of persons.

    Whilst May delays until she was told not to, with a 6 page letter, which ignores Gibraltar; as if you would, after a budget debacle =, in which the new chancellor drops the bomb that he’s delaying an actual budget until after a possible early election can be called. When Corbin enforces a vote policy which avoids a vote of no confidence. When pupil funding collapses, Tax goes up, but effects the self employed, whilst currencies shift to effect imports and favours exports, but reduces profit margins. Social care funding collapses, the NHS which was not fit for purpose, goes into shock as intended, to undermine public health, after GlaxoSmithKline make a killing during Brexit, and cash in on poor national health, which provides 70% of funding for your drug pushing GP.

    In the same week brexit is announced a Army officer gets his appeal pushed through from an internal national court, when in the footage he instantly acknowledges he broke the law in terms of law referencing killings during active campaigns and induces his peers to cover up his actions, but is apparently not compus mentis.???? Queue your coincidental attack on Westminster. Followed by a 8 man strong attack on a 17 year old refugee in the same constituency I was accused of a racist verbal attack on a white woman, which voted heavily against the remainder of Croydon in Shirley. Observed by a pub load 20 strong (birds of a feather or goats).

    Meanwhile they reserve 60bn to cope with a brexit, which will benefit britain, allowing 2 years for a discussion which would take 5, delaying for 9 months because they don’t actually have an exit strategy. Whilst The London (remain LDN) Evening Standard is given to Osnourne the incompetent, but only do we now consider the 6 figure income he receives from a US asset management firm, when the pound to dollar rate syncs.

    Treason, no confidence and failing to inform correctly, would all qualify, when the conservatives backed remain officially, but are in clear support of a brexit vote which spites the nation and favours a tiny minority. Football, the same year Pogba moves for over 100,000,000 in real terms, Man Arabia, (check your treaty agreement) remain untouchable, Liverpool chuck money into the team and Stan wants to let the fans suck it up to cause unrest, which could lose us a manager, allowing for a mass exodus, whilst the pound to dollar is………

    It’s not football, it’s money. Meanwhile Fox bid again to completely take over UK media, with the same hacking scandal guy, Cameron’s buddy is head of which division. Not unlike certain suggestions about Trumps, slightly vacuous, yet very attractive daughter, continue, with her now being offered a position within government, belatedly, as her spouse falls into the investigation. It takes one week to buy a US election, which is a rigged format, like first past the post.

    Rupert, Henry, Stan, Malcolm are all Republican tie buddies. I’m that good. Main agenda, don’t die. 😀 (takes several low bows)

  48. Meanwhile a campaign begins again in Russian backed Syria, After the Chinese are told to address Korea who have Nukes and Atom bombs and only short range missiles, when the impact of Brexit has destabilised countries and continents with positive GDP, slowing exports, which America and the UK vastly do not do. Meanwhile a far right springs up in France, a response to the influx of migrants from disaffected north africa, similarly Holland, a continent affected by Boer wars and French colonization. Nikkei falls, dollar drops but so does it’s main EU ally, real terms.

    Columbia drowns itself, (see Alexis demands) and Africa (officially) is in a state of emergency. UN Secretary General get me out of here. Medvedev, S Korean President and myself are all taken into custody.

  49. The funding Gap in british interests public and state affairs is only 30bn, but you need to hide the fact that they were printing money, because they weren’t addressing any deficit, the deficit is higher than in 2010.

  50. Meanwhile Spuds are given the go ahead to travel into NW LDN from NE London, giving police access to a heavily Muslim area, likely to cause unrest, Chelsea was as bad an idea. West Ham issues with the Stadium needed millions in extra police funding. We have 1 officer per square mile, 200,000, we need only 100,000 an proportion armed with Tasers. We need only train new recruits in IT and Psychology to address rape crimes and and test case quality far better and internally investigate.

    The rest need to be policing the web and tackling fraud. the current crop are of little to no use. But Bureaucracy is rife. Watch Line Of Duty BBC is coming around. It’s that funding issue, looming larger than pressure to do the .gov bedding.

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