Arsenal vs State Aid United. If it is Arsenal it must be a crisis

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal team news: Wenger facing goalkeeper crisis, star playmaker trains ahead of West Ham clash

So screams one headline.  Yes it’s an Arsenal match and so it is shock horror crisis time.  It’s not a game its a CLASH.

But Mr Wenger is not so easily swayed.

“Football today is a lot of talks and talks and talks,” he said.  “But good players on the pitch are more important than anything else.

“At the moment you have a lot of money and you spend a lot on things that are superficial but not really important. English football has invested a lot in structures, it creates many jobs but you have to see what is really efficient is the quality of the players. The problem in our game today is that what is superficial is at the heart of the debate and the things that are important, nobody talks about.

“What is important is a good football team, who play good football – all the rest is literature and we can debate, speak and organise forums.  My battle in my whole life is to improve and to be better. That is evolution, not change. Change is the heart of who you are. That’s difficult. Evolution? Yes.

“You look at the club when I arrived and what it is today – you would say there is structural change.  We have managed to combine investments, structural change, without anybody putting one penny in – all only based on the quality of my work – and be consistent. If somebody in the next 20 years does much better – believe me, I am very happy. But at least he has fantastic conditions: a strong financial situation and good players. We have fantastic conditions to do better. A spectacular change of structure now would be very difficult.”

As for the four (count them) fans who staged a major protest outside the training ground he said, “It is good that they can waste their day like that.”

On the early injury news we had it confirmed that Koscielny will be out with an Achilles injury.  He also confirmed that no one took the role of captain in the second half on Sunday which is an interesting move towards power and responsibility sharing.

The “goalkeeper crisis” was not dealt with so it appears that maybe Oooooooooooospina is ok, although the Daily Mirror has been insisting otherwise (hence “crisis”).

But just in case Emiliano Martínez does play here, and in case you need it, is his record

Years Team Appearances
2012–date Arsenal 4
2012 Oxford United (loan) 1
2013–2014 Sheffield Wednesday (loan) 11
2015 Rotherham United (loan) 8
2015–2016 Wolverhampton Wanderers (loan) 13
National team
2009 Argentina U17 2
2009–2011 Argentina U20 5

He has also been on the beach for the Argentina first team.

The above doesn’t include cup games, of which Emiliano who is 24 years old, has played three this season.

Physioroom records Oooooospina as injured although that again does not mean that he might not come back, but even with him and Kos added to the list we are outdone on the injury front by WHAM (a one time popular singing combo) who have Cressswell, Reid, Antonio,  Obiang, Ogbonna, Sakho and Tore all injured.

The friends of the media will be running another little protest as they did against Man City, and will be looking once again to make it harder for people who want to walk around the outside of the ground to get to their allocated entrance.   Apparently we all have to step aside so those 80 or so can put their message across.

Apparently they are also telling people not to take their seats for the first 13 minutes of the game, so we’ll be having a look around to see how many do follow the instructions from the gruppenfuhrer.

Meanwhile back with the football, here’s a quick run down of our recent home form
Game no Date Opposition Venue Result
13 27.11.2016 Bournemouth home W3-1
15 10.12.2016 Stoke City home W3-1
18 26.12.2016 West Bromwich Albion home W1-0
19 01.01.2017 Crystal Palace home W2-0
22 22.01.2017 Burnley home W2-1
23 31.01.2017 Watford home L1-2
25 11.02.2017 Hull City home W2-0
30 02.04.2017 Manchester City home D2-2

So that is six wins, one defeat and one draw.  It could be better with eight wins but it is not too bad.  State Aid’s away run across the last eight gives us

Game no Date Opposition Venue Result
15 11.12.2016 Liverpool away D2-2
18 26.12.2016 Swansea City away W4-1
19 31.12.2016 Leicester City away L0-1
22 21.01.2017 Middlesbrough away W3-1
24 04.02.2017 Southampton away W3-1
26 25.02.2017 Watford away D1-1
28 11.03.2017 Bournemouth away L2-3
30 01.04.2017 Hull City away L1-2

West Ham away shows us three wins, two draws and three defeats, and overall they have not won in their last six home and away (four defeats and two draws).  Sadly we are only a little better with four defeats, one draw and one win.  But we do have a good home record, so hopefully that will see us through while the disruptives carry on attempting to disrupt.

Next up, the teams.


Arsenal v West Ham: 5/4/17. What this man does to refereeing should be a criminal offence.



5 Replies to “Arsenal vs State Aid United. If it is Arsenal it must be a crisis”

  1. Let’s hope the fans give the team the unqualified support they gave us against Manchester City. We need that twelfth man – especially with the man who’s refereeing! The team’s confidence should be gradually rebuilding as well.

    It’s good to see all these quotes from Arsene Wenger – and ridiculous that he should have to point out the enormous difference he has made to Arsenal.

  2. ‘A friend who stands with you in PRESSURE is more valuable than a hundred who stand with you in PLEASURE .’
    – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton .

  3. Wenger was brilliant in his press conference batting away every question brilliantly and not allowing himself to get drawn into superfluous talk that only excites the man

    who loves intrigue and not the truth.

    At least the journos pointed out that most of the crowd were behind the manager against City and not just focus on the few hundred

    dissenters,who in reality really need to grow a pair..

  4. I hope Martinez gets to play. Have always been very impressed with him, whenever I’ve seen him. Certainly won’t be a handicap, anyway!

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