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June 2021

Atkinson delivers the worst refereeing ever seen in the PL while State Aid fans fight

By Tony Attwood

I have heard stadium protests against a referee before, but never on this scale.  And it was utterly deserved for Martin Atkinson delivered the worst display of refereeing I have ever seen in a lifetime of going to football matches at grounds from Wood Green Town to Highbury, from Poole Town to Wembley, from Aberdeen to Plymouth Argyle – this was beyond belief.  The only thing one can say about it is that it makes betting on Arsenal results a bit easier (try the 10bet homepage for example) when we know it is going to be like this.

Indeed I find it impossible to convey in words just how utterly, totally awful the man was.   In every regard he dominated the game giving the club previously known as West Ham every chance and opportunity by punishing move after move of Arsenal while letting go anything that West Ham did go.

And this wasn’t just me who saw it.  Atkinson was roundly booed as one inept and insane decision piled upon another.   Exasperation gave way to outrage which gave way to downright disbelief: it was an extraordinary display.

Of course we were expecting something – this was the man who did the notorious Manchester City away game.  And if you read Andrew’s referee preview you will know how biased he has been against Arsenal in the past.

But this time he surpassed himself taking either utter ineptitude or downright open bias to a new and previously unseen level.

Of course I don’t know why he is like this.  Is he just grossly incompetent, or does he go out to fix a match?  I can’t say, and he has the absolute protection not only of the PGMO but also the media that comments on Arsenal games.

The Guardian for example let him off with one paragraph (although we should be grateful for that given that normally the ref gets no mention at all).  They say…

“Walcott felt he ought to have had a penalty in the 18th minute, when Arthur Masuaku checked him with his upper body but there was no decision from Martin Atkinson. The referee would ignore another strong Arsenal penalty appeal on 80 minutes when James Collins went into Nacho Monreal and a blatant one at the very end when Sam Byram caught Monreal.”

The Telegraph tries to turn it the other way with

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

“West Ham’s players felt that Sanchez was both offside and influencing play but replays confirmed that Atkinson was correct in allowing the goal to stand. You could tangibly sense the confidence flooding back into the Arsenal team once they had taken their 58th minute lead.”

They have no other mention of Atkinson in their commentary, but they did a minute by minute report which included

  • Penalty shout for Arsenal as Walcott goes down under the challenge of Masuaku in the box. There definitely looked like enough contact in that to be a pen, but referee Martin Atkinson waves away the appeals.
  • Mustafi goes down and claims he’s been elbowed by Carroll. Martin Atkinson shakes his head, and promptly blows the half-time whistle. All square at the break.
  • Er, surely that was a penalty? Byram, who’s already on a booking, absolutely clatters Monreal in the area but somehow Martin Atkinson decides it wasn’t a foul.

The BBC on the other hand didn’t even see any of those moments (which were just a few from the whole game) saying only, “Hammers keeper Darren Randolph was unhappy with Ozil’s opener as he felt Sanchez was offside and blocking his view, but referee Martin Atkinson did not care for his appeals.”

As for the rabidly anti-Arsenal Sun they go utterly berserk with

“ARSENE WENGER was fuming with ref Martin Atkinson when he booked Hector Bellerin for bringing down Michail Antonio. Not sure why. He twice cynically pulled his shirt before almost rugby tackling his opponent. He was lucky Atkinson did not booked (sic) Theo Walcott seconds later for a blatant dive in the West Ham penalty box.”

Curiously not only does the Sun not see the events the Guardian and Telegraph noted, but there is no mention of those “events” which they perceived anywhere else.   One wonders what influence is being brought to bear on the Sun to run such comments – or maybe the “reporter” was at another game.  Or on another planet.

The Express goes with the following (and do remember I am not selecting from these reports out but giving you every mention of either the “referee” or “Atkinson” in each report I find).

“Walcott thumped a reply at Darren Randolph and referee Martin Atkinson angered the home support by ruling no penalty when Arthur Masuaku seemed to bring down Walcott.”

The Standard has

“Walcott walked off in discussion with Atkinson, still apparently bemused at his failure to award a penalty earlier in the half.”

Of course maybe it was all just me.  And all the people around me.   But given the video analyses of the first 160 games of this season, all the referee reports from games in the past, and the two years of the Referee Decisions web site which used refs who have no affiliation with Arsenal to write reports, there is a certain consistency here either in incompetence or deliberate attempts at match fixing from this man.

Meanwhile as  the game went on supporters of the club once known as West Ham carried on their tradition from their home matches with constant violence in the away section as they fought and launched a series of attacks on the stewards who were hard pressed to keep them away from the Arsenal fans behind the Clock End goal.  It was the worst behaviour we have seen at the ground since Tottenham fans threw coins and other objects at the ambulance crew who were helping Theo after his serious injury which kept him out for almost a year.  I wonder why Arsenal continues to allow them into the ground.

And the 13th minute protest?  I sit one seat away from the gangway so everyone up to the centre of my row has to go past me.   No one went by at the allotted time.  Indeed the last straggler was there by the third minute of the game.   I kept an eye on other rows and the same – there was no protest.  Another non-event it seems.

But at least despite the best efforts of the referee and his friends in the media and the aaa, Arsenal won.  And won rather well I thought.

57 comments to Atkinson delivers the worst refereeing ever seen in the PL while State Aid fans fight

  • ClockEndRider

    Having been at the game I feel I need to watch the full tv pictures. Atkinson cannot possibly have been as bad as he seemed. If he was, then the man should never be allowed to referee anything above park level again.

  • Norman14

    Sorry for double post, but this is more appropriate here.

    What an “inept” performance by Martin Atkinson that was. Will he be dragged into the limelight by PGMOL? Probably not. Will he be criticized in the print media? Of course not. Will he be criticized by the “experts” on TV? Most definitely not.

    How strange, then, that PGMOL moved VERY quickly last night to put out the following statement after Keith Stroud made a cock up in the Toon v Burton game:

    “In this evening’s EFL Championship game between Newcastle United and Burton Albion, referee Keith Stroud awarded Newcastle a penalty in the 29th minute. As Matt Ritchie took the kick, Dwight Gayle encroached in the penalty area. An indirect free-kick was awarded to Burton, but the Laws of the Game state that that the penalty kick should have been retaken. Unfortunately the referee has misapplied the Law. Keith and his team are understandably upset at the lapse in concentration and apologise for the mistake.”

    I’ve watched Keith Stroud a lot. He is a very good referee in my opinion. This was a genuine mistake, and he has apologised.

    Unlike Atkinson, who along with his Federation, is at best, inept – at worst, corrupt. We cannot have these double standards administering our game.

    Maybe the FA will address it in their upcoming “reforms.”

  • WalterBroeckx

    Note to the moaners when we lose a match in the distance future: we Always will mention the ref win, draw or defeat when he (tries) screws us.

  • Dave Summers

    Bleat bleat bleat – put yourself in the shoes of a Newport County supporter, watching his team play in a swamp every other week and probably about to drop out of the EFL.

  • Norman14

    Tony, your mention of the Sun is very interesting. Not least because it is in the same media stable as Sky. They BOTH have a vested interest in the outcomes of matches because they BOTH operate gambling outlets.

    If the FA is serious about cleaning up the game in England, they have to BAN this duel purpose media/gambling cartel, because it “could” lead to high level corruption.

    Whether the word is “could” or “does” is something that has to be investigated. This cannot be done in-house because the FA is too weak to undertake such a task. It has to be done by government intervention, or, more preferably, by the Serious Fraud Squad.

  • Pat

    Blatant penalties not called. Astonishing – or it would be if we didn’t expect it.

    I missed the game last night and just watched the highlights on It was such a pleasure to see our great play, our wonderful passing moves, and lovely goals.

    Arsene Wenger says he wants the fans to be happy. I am happy!

  • jimalo

    I watched this game and I am beyond doubt that an anti-arsenal pattern was more than evident. this is the same thing game in game out. fouls not given, arsenal players penalised, major decisions given against the club. I think it’s time we started a protest, evidence based. This is not accidental, it is so systematic as to warrant an investigation. we have to demand one!

  • Leon

    Worst ever? Surely that was August 2013 Arsenal v Villa (Anthony Taylor).
    I can’t comment on this match as I wasn’t able to watch it other than on MOTD when to their credit the BBC match commentators did say the the late foul on Momreal was “a blatant penalty”. The pundit review team didn’t even give it a mention though.

  • Jared

    Me too Norman14, I HAVE to double post this. I was screaming at the TV all night.
    Atkinson was an absolute disgrace to the game during this match. Every time State Aid United had the ball, whistle in mouth, ready to award a free kick for the slightest infraction or nothing at all. On the contrary, when our players were being brought down like big game animals, Atkinson ready to use any excuse to not give a foul, “he got the ball”, “toughen up son”, ‘head shake followed by jog back away from play.’ I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such clear bias during a sporting event. Even Martin Tyler felt the need to justify the bias by stating “oh this is ‘the other side of the coin’ to Monreal ‘s handball in the box against Man City.” The handball that made no contact with Nacho’s arm/hand/body!!! “It all evens out, you see?” I usually enjoy Tyler’s commentary but he might want to review controversial plays to see what the right call was. The whole situation was Man City frustrated with the tie, trying to pressure the officials into giving them a penalty for nothing. And I’ll State this again, you don’t have to watch the referee make individual calls to spot bias, you can see it clearly in his/their body language! That’s how we know this comes from the top down! And I have to think this has something to do with the 2003/2004 undefeated season. Foreign manager and his team of midgets embarrasses proud Englishmen at their own game.

  • Norman14


    I have often wondered if Arsene sold his soul to the devil to get the Invincibles season.

    Either that, or the game in England is just utterly corrupt!

  • finsbury

    Boos for the ref at HT (0-0) and at FT (3-0)
    Which will get as much coverage as the aaa protesters and their not so nice but exceptionally dim spokesmorons from our the plundits who appear to know even less then the sweet fa about the game.

    On this item alone it was the most appalling display by their own words that many in the stadium have witnessed:

    Not asking West Ham players to leave the field after receiving treatment from the medics (has there been a change in the rules?) – two occasions, one on the player was allowed back on before the restart on the second both West Ham players who clashed heads remained on the field.

    For the various hacks on AFC players including the two clumps on Monreal he refused to allow the physios on in order to Carry On with his transparent charade.

    Amazing. But there it is. We pay for the privilege of watching these bunglers make fools of themselves and the sport. Some people have no shame and will do anything for money.

  • finsbury

    < the "invisible" aaa protestors LOL!

  • Rich

    Atkinson is the one. Any little doubts I have about whether it is really as bad as I believe are annihilated whenever he does our games.

    Pretty sure it was him who didn’t give a blatant pen away at Sunderland this year and an equally clear one against the same team at the Emirates last year (Yedlin on Giroud). But get an opportunity to give one against us, and bam he’s on it.

    If a broadcaster just lined up those two and the claims from last night and asked ‘what’s going on here?’, old martin and his boss would be in deep trouble. But of course there’s not the merest hope of anything like that ever happening. So they continue on their merry way.

    He’s less a referee, more a weapon.

  • Juzza

    The Monreal incident at the end was utterly indefensible – the replays show Atkinson had a clear view and yet did nothing. He must have an agenda.

  • finsbury

    I dont believe that it’s fair upon the English language to use the word referee when refereing to the roster of pgMOB officials.

  • Jimalo

    I say we can mourn as much as we want but that won’t change anything. we need to up the ante. Surely there is no way that referees can continue with this level of bias if there was an organized response from the fans. Untold, what is the feasibility of mounting get a demand for an investigation? Yes Video refereeing etc can be brought into play, but while that is unfolding let’s explore mechanisms to pressurise referees into making the correct decision NOW!

  • Peter

    On a wider referee point I watched the Chelsea v Man City game on TV last night. Mr Dean gave his usual inept performance showing distinct bias for Chelsea. However to me, not being an expert in referring matters, it seemed he was struggling to run never mind keep up with play. This makes me wonder about what will happen next year when all the current crop are one year older and no younger refs are being prepared to take their places or at least share the work load. It is something this site has highlighted before but perhaps we are now reaching the tipping point when it will become a serous issue?

  • Rich

    ‘Elbows are likely to fly tonight, and Atkinson is likely to deliberately turn his head away at the moment they do (seen that about three times from him)’

    Said that in buildup and wondering if it was in evidence at all? I first spotted it from Atkinson in the Reading semi. Their players were clumping us with arms and elbows a lot and Atkinson kept turning his head away just at the instant they were about to connect.

    Saw something similar from Moss for Long’s infamous trip on Kos. He was watching the two players, rightly, as they were close to each other and it was the only place on the pitch a foul would occur, and Southampton stood to gain a lot if it did (And Long IS precisely the type to try it) then just as Long went to trip Kos, Moss swivelled his head to look at the Saints player running alone with the ball out wide. A foul couldn’t occur there and the phase of play which could have been offside was long since over. Inexplicable

    Atkinson actually did it after the Alonso elbow the other day, his eyes can be seen looking at Bellerin at the point it’s obvious the player has suffered a bad head injury, but he then turns away without going over. As the goal was already given, the only explanation is he didn’t want to draw attention in those seconds to what had just happened.

    Quite an effective ruse as, instead of commentators and sundry instantly talking about Bellerin being knocked out by an elbow, raising the question right away about whether that’s allowed before making contact with the ball, it bought a good 30 seconds to a minute of apparent confusion in which there was supposedly no doubt that it was a legitimate goal and no quick recognition Bellerin was knocked out.

  • Norman14


    Good call on Dean being physically unfit. He was sweating after 10 minutes – this at the beginning of April! Every time these Hollywood officials get a chance to stop the game, they do so – not because of any blatant offence or injury, but because they are completely unfit and need a rest. Moss is another one who can’t keep up.

  • Norman14


    I think the problem the guys have is getting their “evidence” accepted as legal. I’m not saying that they are wrong, just that unlike PGMOL, the FA, The Sun, Sky and BT, Untold is NOT a professional body. I think the best we could do would be to crowd fund a top lawyer, to have a look at Untold’s evidence, and offer an opinion, as to it’s acceptability in a court room.

  • Jimbo

    I have never been so angry watching a game as I was last night.Every single tiny touch on a West Ham player was awarded with a free kick while Arsenal players being fouled were totally ignored by Atkinson who is an absolute disgrace, far worse than Mike Dean.Atkinson shouldn’t be reffing a school match let alone a top Premiership game,what’s the chances that this cheat is chosen for the spuds game to really try and screw us over,or worse still the semi with City.

  • Dave Summers, I am sorry you have sheep like tendencies, but since you have written without bothering to do any research into the person who wrote the article, you won’t know that I am also a Torquay United supporter. And anyway not all the fourth division grounds are as bad as you say. Although Northampton went up last season their ground then and now is far from being a swamp.

  • Jimalo

    Norman 14
    I agree that legality would be an issue. but all I am suggesting for a start is a public campaign to pressurise referees into managing their biases. My assumption is that if they know that the paying public is concerned about the impact of refereeing on the outcomes of matches, and if that public concern is likely to affect the viability of the EPL, then surely referee performance will change.
    In addition to that I think your idea of crowd funding a lawyer is an excellent suggestion worth pursuing

  • JimB

    Worst refereeing EVER in the Premier League? Hard to make such a call. I dare say that every fan in the country has their own opinion as to which referee in which game takes the prize for that dubious honour.

  • Wolfgang

    Why aint the FA taking action against errant refs?
    That’s why MU aint winning as they used to do during the ref time.

  • Norman14

    Just to prove how PGMOL protect their “elite” referees, and stick the finger up at supporters affected by them, they have now “sacked” Keith Stroud for the coming weekend. He was supposed to referee Gillingham v Millwal, but now not going to.

    Double standards!

  • ARSENAL 13

    If you search my posts during games….. You’ll notice how surprised I am when we get penalties….

    More so ever….Most of the times…I write “no penalty???”.

    The point is ….. Will we ever get a penalty??

  • ARSENAL 13

    And am not even asking of 50-50 ones….Balant ones??

  • Norman14


    I think the fact that we won handsomely, yet supporters who were at the match, those who watched or listened, those who were in chat rooms watching commentary – ALL showed their disgust at the referee at the same moments/incidents, perhaps proves that WE were right.

  • JimB


    It proves nothing at all. I don’t doubt that it was a terrible performance by Atkinson. But there have been many terrible refereeing performances since the Premier League launched in 1992. I’m merely suggesting that hyperbole – or, at best, unmeasured and unmeasurable claims – about last night’s refereeing performance being the “worst ever seen in the PL” does nothing to enhance this site’s credibility.

  • markyb

    Mike ‘The Vulture’ Riley must have come close to that accolade in Game 49 I would think

  • Norman14


    Well, all we can do is wait for the review I guess.

  • finsbury

    For those wondering why it is that the pgMOB palpably hate the Arsenal, why the transparent clowns tripping over their clown shoes on MOTD state the Arsenal played poorly when they could’ve won by six or seven I would ask you to consider this:

    Liverpool paid for more Andy Carroll then AFC did for Alexis Sanchez (bearing in mind inflation for the earlier Carroll bungle).

    Not a mystery.

  • Norman14

    We’ve got Oliver for the Palace game. Atkinson has a game, so does Dean. Scott hasn’t got a game, neither has Sian Massey-Ellis.

    It seems if you’re honest, you don’t get a gig at Riley’s concert!

  • OlegYch

    first ten minutes – three possible fouls against WH not given, the first two Arsenal touches given against Arsenal
    then the Walcott penalty, which we can agree was wrongly not given
    then Ozil fouled in or slightly outside of penalty area – nothing given
    then a bunch of episodes in WH penalty area which could have been given if it was Arsenal penalty area
    then a leg breaker on Monreal – nothing given
    regular PGMO style refereeing, too bad for WH that they were super crap on the day too

  • Josif

    Atkinson is a disgrace. He was doing everything wrong…as usual.

    Of course, Neville Chamberlain also known as Stan Kroenke won’t make any legal action to make sure that awful person can’t set his foot at the Emirates ground ever again.

  • Goonermikey

    Just a quick comment on bias/corruption whatever you want to call it.

    I had the good fortune to be in Spain last weekend and caught the last few minutes of the Man U game on TV. Aside from the phrase “Cerveza por favour”, I know little more in Spanish but it seemed quite clear that the bias in the EPL is commonly known abroad…………..this became evident when I heard a long sentence in Spanish which ended very clearly with the words “Fergie time” and a chuckle.

    Obviously the favours shown to Man U are not just a figment of the imagination of English football fans who don’t support Mike Riley’s team. It’s funny how most of the foreign media tell it like it is but our own broadcasters and newspapers do everything but………….

  • Norman14

    Why is it that Alonso and Carroll got away with “assaults” on Arsenal players that even Ibrahimovic got banned for. Beggars belief.

    Anyway, my letter to my MP is winging it’s way to Westminster as we speak 😉

  • nicky

    I look forward to increasingly outraged criticism of the PGMOL guys and their declining officialdom, on these valuable columns.
    Like the straw that broke the camel’s back, it will surely hasten the day when full-scale video assistance is forced on incompetent and downright biased referees. 😉

  • Polo

    My observation when watching football matches, that the English/British refs are very lenient on questionable fouls committed by English/British players, especially young ones. I believe it is more of incompetence than corruption. Bring in the video referee.

  • omgarsenal

    JimB…..with all due respect, after 4 years of regular and professionally done referee reviews by an eclectic group of actual referees here on UA, many of whom are not associated with AFC fandom at all, I am not sure what measures you need to see the constant incompetence and bias displayed against Arsenal and other teams.

  • Zedsaunt

    I’d queue all night for a ticket to be there in a court, Atkinson in the witness box, on oath, judge and jury staring at him, under cross-examination, question after question about his refereeing decisions.

    Yesterday was bad, execrable. I wonder if Atkinson thinks the game’s up, video refs are coming along, the PGMOL are going to get corralled, no more freebooting be as biased as you want decisions, let’s go out in a blaze, buggar the laws, buggar fairness, buggar competancy, I’m Atkinson and f*cking the Arsenal is what I do!

  • JimB


    With all due respect, you don’t appear to have understood the point.

    I was responding specifically to the claim that Atkinson’s performance on Wednesday was the worst ever seen in the entire history of the Premier League since its inception in 1992. Given that that period encompasses 25 years and some 10,000 games, wouldn’t you agree that 4 years worth of ref reviews is somewhat inadequate – however thorough and accurate those reviews might be?

    As I said, such hyperbole doesn’t help this site’s credibility.

  • Menace

    Jim B – I’m too old to argue with you. You are dumb if you cannot see what is going on. Don’t read untold & just enjoy your football. I’ve been watching & complaining about officiating for almost 20 years. I remember the good year when referees were genuine decent human beings doing an honest job.

    PGMOL was set up to screw the game & boy have they succeeded.

    There is one good thing that has come out of all this. Wenger has proved beyond doubt that he can coach & manage a team to triumph despite the shit he has had to endure.

    One other positive from ‘them’. They were going to take their seats after 13 minutes. One for each year we have not won the league. The Spuds would have to miss the whole first half & get to their seat 11minutes into the 2nd half!!!! 😉

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Menace – 07/04/2017 at 1:18 am – Nice one about the Spuds!
    As for ‘them’ , I still believe that they are NOT Arsenal fans .
    As for those who wanted to show their ‘passion’ towards the team by not taking their seats , well I say to you (in the borrowed words of a poster above ), – “Bleat , bleat ; Baa , baa !”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I think it would be more succinct if I had rephrased it as, ” ….., well I say to ewe all…”

  • Norman14


    You apparently are not very skilled at reading and understanding the English language?

    In the article, I think the author is writing about his personal observations and experiences. This can probably be gathered from his use of the words ” I have ever seen” in the 2nd sentence. Furthermore, I see that he references his experiences to include games at Poole Town, Plymouth and Aberdeen.

    As far as my ageing memory allows, I can’t recall ANY of those teams playing in the EPL.

    Facts pal, that’s what its all about.

  • JimB


    Thanks for the attempted condescension. Unnecessary, I’d have thought. But never mind, eh….

    I refer you to this article’s headline: “Atkinson delivers the worst refereeing ever seen in the PL”.

    That is all.

  • Gideone

    Re: Wolfgang on 06/04/2017 at 12:29 pm

    Why aint the FA taking action against errant refs?
    That’s why MU aint winning as they used to do during the ref time..

    The Oxford dictionary defines ‘ERRANT’ as “erring or straying from the accepted course or standards”. So the question is, “What are the FA/PGMOL’s standards?”

    The fact is that the villains are not punished as they are fully compliant with these corrupt bodies’ objectives/action course.

  • blacksheep

    perhaps its a simple as this: Martin Atkinson is (supposedly) a Leeds United fan. A team that almost invented serial fouling, cheating, and thuggery and at the very least ‘elevated’ it to an art form in the 1970s. Having tried, and failed, to ride the financial wave of the Premier League they have now been languishing in the doldrums for a decade or more.

    There are few more bitter football fans than the fans of Leeds United – I can’t imagine Atkinson enjoys watching the ‘fancy-dans’ of Wenger’s Arsenal stroll about the pitch.

    What he does enjoy is allowing the violence of teams do go unchecked when they play us. Norman Hunter anyone?

  • Nitram


    I believe ‘Norman bites your legs’ was the banner they carried.

  • omgarsenal

    I can agree with you that Atkinson’s performance could never be comparable to the depths of Riley’s debacle during the 49th game at ManU. IMHO, Riley’s display is the ultimate parameter for terrible officiating that one can compare with any games officiated since the PIGMOB began handling officials in the EPL.
    I was watching that game with a group of three retired FIFA officials and to a man (two were United fans and one was a Liverpool supporter)they unequivocally deemed his performance as unworthy of Sunday league pub Football referees. I cannot remember if Riley was on the FIFA list at the time, but one referee I was with was responsible for assessing my country’s FIFA list candidates and he said that Riley would have been severely reprimanded for that performance by our national association.
    Hyperbole it may be, but nobody familiar with officiating can pretend that Atkinson’s performance was EPL worthy. Why is it that the three blind mice paradigm seems to always strike Arsenal first?

  • Jammy J

    @ WolfGang “That’s why MU aint winning as they used to do during the ref time.” That’s not quite right. Man U still get favoured by the referees, perhaps more than any other team in the league. The amount of offside goals they’ve scored and red cards their players seem to get away with almost every single game, is absolutely astonishing. How they’re still doing rather poorly with the obscene amount of money they spend, year after year and the 12th man they have on the field for each game, is really quite embarrassing.

  • porter

    Norman Hunter was a pussy cat compared to Collins, Bremner and Reaney.Leeds were the past masters of the dark arts . I remeber seeing Collins and Bremner putting George Eastham out of football for half a season’
    The Times: “Never were victory and defeat more closely related than in the gale of Highbury onSaturday. Leeds United may have won the day, but in the process they lost many a friend. were revealed all the naked reins of power and ill temper. They were laid bare 10 minutes beforehalf time when Eastham, one of the gentlest and most philosophical of
    footballers, was cut down unashamedly by a flagrant unprovoked tackle on the part of Bremner and from that moment left moulder helplessly on the wing. Arsenal, with their
    guiding hand amputated, thus found themselves drawn into a struggle where physical strength took over from intellect . Off the ball Collins took him down and Bremner stamped on his ankle.
    As usual no action was taken by the official :- you see nothing changes.
    retaliation seemed uppermost in the minds of some
    . In the end it was ugly and ill mannered and the
    game itself was shabbily ill-treated.

  • JimB

    To be fair, Arsenal were no stranger to the dark arts back then either. In terms of thuggery on the football field, Peter Storey was up there among the very worst. Certainly, there was nothing that Bremner or Hunter could have taught him about how to physically intimidate and / or hurt opposition players.

    It’s also worth pointing out that, for all the thuggery of Revie’s Leeds, they were also capable of playing outstanding football.

  • finsbury

    Wha a bunch of disingenious clowns exposing themselves.

    The whole world saw what Don Revie was.

    The aaa can be observed to be are kind of liars that rated Revie over Clough. The kind of liars that would’ve chosen Revie over Clough as England manager. No wonder these blithering idiots fail in their efforts to defend the pgMOB.