Birmingham angry at investigation into attack on Eduardo

Birmingham City manager A McLeish has reacted with great anger to the report that FIFA will investigate his players attack on Eduardo.  

McLeish drew particular attention to himself with comments to the effect that his player had not meant to injure Eduardo – with the implication therefore that everything was ok.  Now he is taking this unstable argument to further extremes.

FIFA, following representation from this news service to them, have agreed to look into the tackle, and perhaps take further action themselves, saying that a player who tackles in this way should be banned for life.

The Birmingham manager has now said that FIFA have no right to interfere and has argued that it is quite wrong for FIFA to take an interest.  

In doing this he is effectively admitting the horror of the tackle, which we all saw – for if there is nothing to worry about, why not have an investigation?  The reaction by the manager in trying to stop the investigation shows the depths to which the Birmingham club has sunk, and the way that they will use any cheating method possible to win a match. 

We reported after the first Arsenal Birmingham City game this season how the crowd witnessed the entire Birmingham bench waving to one player to lie down (even though he was standing up without any injury) so they could run on the pitch and hold up the game.

Our view is that FIFA should not just watch the tapes of the Birmingham / Arsenal game but should also watch that incident in the Arsenal / Birmingham game, to get a full flavour of what is going on in the Birmingham club.

Fifa examine the media’s “kick Arsenal” campaign and prepare to take action against Taylor.