Arsenal: welcome to the first team

The brief on this blog is to cover stories that others don’t touch.   When this story popped up I couldn’t believe it wasn’t running anywhere else – maybe no one noticed, or maybe it is not as important as I think it is.

But anyway, this weekend we are likely to see the Arsenal first team, for the first time since October.

Unless something awful happens between now and late Saturday afternoon Arsene Wenger will be able to choose his main players for the game.   Toure should be back, Eboue is back, and best of all Van Persie is back.   The only key player still missing is Rosicky who latest reports suggest will be out for another two weeks.

Eboue is, we all know, the player that most Arsenal fans would certainly not put in the top line up, and it is possible that if Rosicky was fit he might be there instead – but the manager has consistently picked Eboue, despite his falling over, his fouls and is baby shouts.  He possibly sees something many of us don’t – and if that is the case it won’t be for the first time.

There is therefore a real hope that the run of 3 draws will end, and the new revised original first team will be playing.   It has been a long long wait – mostly ignored by the press.  A run of injuries which has caused us no end of problems – and still we are top of the league.

Now for the run in.

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