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June 2021

Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Year after year, there are certain betting myths that simply refuse to die, leading to many fortune-seeking individuals with half-true information and a lot of confusion. These types of myths are often taken completely at face value just because they sound fairly logical, but can cause you far more trouble than they are worth.

It is not uncommon for such beliefs to begin since they can help to explain away losing wagers. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to set the record straight.

‘Insider’ Information

People all over the country often believe that sportsbooks have some sort of insider information that can be found or “cracked” to get the best odds for the game.

The fact of the matter is that this “trap game” is simply not real, and sportsbooks have no intention of trapping you on one side of the game or another, which is essentially gambling. Sports betting sites instead focus on reaching a 50/50 ratio of action on both sides of the game. Such an outcome is very rare, but is something they strive for.

Bookmakers make money with balanced betting, meaning it is their job to try and balance out all betting. There is no information that can be found through such a source that you couldn’t already find on your own, meaning they have no special edge you can take advantage of.

These professionals are simply better at interpreting the same information using their skills and years of experience.

Playing a Role

Knowing the truth about many misconceptions can help you increase your odds when you bet on football be it the Association version or the American version. You can visit sites such as to really dig into the truth of the matter.

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In the England there was a long spell in the FA Cup in which the underdog often won; it was what made the FA Cup a larger attraction than the Football League for much of the 20th century.  These days that is far less likely to be the case, as we saw with the Cup Final wins against Hull and Villa.

As for the USA, one such myth you can get rid of today is that besides the Super Bowl, the public has no large role to play in the making of the line. This line is completely made up and adjusted for the thoughts of professional sports gamblers since they drop the most money on each game compared to the general bettor.

Multiple Bets

Some professional sports bettors are thought to place most of their bets only on one or two per weekend, but the truth is that they bet on many games to increase their odds of winning a larger sum overall. If you put all of your money on just a few games, a single mistake in the final quarter or overtime could overthrow your big chance at success. If you spread your bets over more games with good odds in your favour, you can reduce the role of luck in the overall equation.

Division or Conference Bets

One myth would tell you that you can be more successful by choosing only to wager on a conference or division, but this simply isn’t the truth. It is not enough for you to only concentrate efforts on a single area since 50 percent of the games in the NFL for each team are played outside of the division. You must not only understand the strengths of the team, but also the many advantages the opposing team has.

Exactly the same applies in association football.  Just because one team has a run of away defeats (as Arsenal has just had) that does not mean – as we have just seen – that the defeats will continue.   One way or another all runs end.  Sadly for one group of people they bet heavily on Arsenal’s run continuing, simply because Wenger would never change.  He did change – putting out a formation not seen since the 1990s.

Unfortunately there are also the statistics that show in football that the safest bet is that what happened last time, will happen this time.   That is also true.  Finding where each one applies is the key factor.

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1 comment to Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

  • Leon

    An Arsenal supporting chap I know at a club I frequent won £47 thousand on an accumulator bet which included Arsenal losing by a certain score, which he then invested in a pub catering business and is doing very nicely right now.
    Can you put a price on your club loyalty?