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June 2021

What could make your worst Arsenal nightmare worse?

By Tony Attwood

There are, we know, some people around who want Arsenal to lose matches so that the board are forced to refrain from offering Mr Wenger a new job.

But it struck me the other day that even for the most hardened anti-Wengerian pro-aaa pro-AAA person there must be a limit somewhere.   Someone who is disliked so much that he or she would just say, no, if that is going to be the new manager, I’ll stick with Mr Wenger.

When I have tried this argument out I have on occasion had the “anyone but Wenger” reply back, but today TalkSprout have come up with someone that might, just might, spook all but the totally bonkers.

John Terry.

Now we all know that many a footballer can’t make it as a manager no matter what they try.  Paul Merson had a go with Walsall I recall, Paul Gasgoigne tried it with what was at the time one of my local teams: Kettering.  (Kettering were then kicked out of their stadium, although the old ground is still standing there, rotting, a testament to the lunacy of a previous owner).   (Actually Mr G now lives in Poole, and I live in constant fear that one day he might get to manage another team that I have a soft spot for – having lived there for eight years.)

But occasionally an ex-footballer can make a manager.  It is just the case of whether you would want to take the risk.

Sir Bobby Charlton for example managed Preston in somewhat disastrous circumstances as well as Oxford City, where he had the chirpy chappie Arry Redknapp as he sidekick.  That’s Arry who also lives in Poole.  I wonder how he gets on with Mr Gasgoigne – although I see Mr Redknapp moved out this week.

Anyway back with the football I can’t find any record of what happened to Oxford City under this interesting leadership.

Elsewhere, but following the same strand, Alan Shearer got one win in eight at Newcastle where he was hailed upon arrival as a saviour.

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Of course it is easy to laugh at players without managerial pedigree coming into a club but sometimes men who have success then come to believe in themselves that little bit too much.  Take Paul “The Governor” Ince who did ok at Macclesfield and MK Dons.  But then he was a disaster at Blackpool, MK Dons again, Notts County and Blackpool.

Tony Adams has actually been mentioned as a manager of Arsenal and is indeed temporarily back in management again after not doing too well at Wycombe and Portsmouth before coaching Gabala FC in Azerbaijan, later becoming the club’s sporting director.  But to be fair to him, he has said it would be a miracle if he stops his team being relegated.

He is now vice-president of the Chinese company DDMC, which owns Granada and the Chinese club Chongqinq Lifan.  DDMC is about to buy two more clubs, one of which seems to be in Belgium and one in England.  Its intention is to then add a fifth.

Of course lurking in this list is another manager that might not be totally welcomed at Arsenal as manager – Arry Imself who has just taken over at Birmingham City.  We have no news of his dog.

There are of course many more managers who probably now leave the fact that they ever were managers off their cv.  People like Nigel Worthington (at Norwich), John Carver (Newcastle), Ian Dowie (Palace and Charlton), Brian Laws (Burnley)…  the list goes on and on.

Arsenal of course have not been immune.  Leslie Knighton was a disaster who wasn’t so much waiting to happen but was actually happening.  Twenty years later he had the almighty cheek to publish an autobiography which claimed none of it was his fault and made up total porkies about the club in his day, which lots of people still believe.   You can add George Swindin and Billy Wright to that list of not so good Arsenal managers too.

The problem I suppose, is the job.  I sometimes wonder if it is a bit harder than it looks.


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11 comments to What could make your worst Arsenal nightmare worse?

  • nicky

    I have a sneaking feeling of sympathy for the old sweats who take on manager-ship after retirement, in sure and certain hope of success.
    After all, most of them have tasted triumph on the field without the real assistance of their manager.
    And there’s the rub.
    To become a successful manager, you have to achieve more than just run and chew gum at one and the same time.
    I have always regarded the job of football manager as one of the most stressful in the sporting trade.
    If you don’t believe me, just take a look at photos of Arsene Wenger , now and 20 years ago. 😉

  • para

    All these ex players trying to manager, well i suppose they need to find out if they can make it and those clubs are the only ones that will give them a chance.

    I cant see Arsenal taking a Tony Adams, or any coach (to be) at this level of learning even if he is ex Arsenal, at least not as main man.

    What i would wish really, is for AW to use his many years of football knowledge and apply it more to the “tactical and research of teams” aspect of the game, at least until he can make another team of free flowing players like he once did. 🙂

    Football is a modern “war” and to go to battle without knowledge of the opposition’s weaknesses and strengths at that current moment, is losing the war before you start.

  • para

    My worst nightmare is “losing to ManU again on Sunday 7th May, and that we may (if we and dem survive FA semis) have to play them twice”.

  • Goonermkey

    Before I read the article, I’ll answer the question in the headline. And the answer is, if the very small but loud mouthed percentage of the fans staying whose only objective is having their own ego massaged and who only care about being associated with glory and will rubbish the club, manager and players in some Neanderthal attempt to get “their Arsenal back”!

    I find it wholly unacceptable that people who mostly wouldn’t be glory hunting hangers on if it hadn’t been for AW destabilise the club that many of us have cared deeply about for decades.

    Them remaining as “supporters” rather than buggering off to Chelski, Man City or some other trophy buying club (which is more suited to their “needs”) is what would make it worse for me. After all it is them and the media which are turning it into a nightmare. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Goonermkey

    Having now read the article Tony, I’m quite shocked by your final paragraph. What are you suggesting when you wonder is the job “a bit harder than it looks”. You must have lost your mind. It’s dead easy. After all they are several hundred fans out there who, with no experience or training whatsoever, know “for a fact” that they could do a better job than AW…………….

  • Leon

    Relegation’s a nightmare and crossing with Leeds would make it a horror story, which
    thankfully will never happen. Will it??
    Frank McLintock who was one of our great captains should theoretically had made a good manager, but flopped. I remember some joke going round about giving Mickey Mouse a Frank McLintock watch for Xmas (he was that bad).

  • Mandy Dodd

    OT, Spanish Giants getting ref help…again….
    Tim Sherwood would be a scary choice..not sure even our own Thierry would make a manager, tho I hope he proves me wrong. Paddy not pulling up trees either.
    but fortunately, Owen coyle and Moyes may well be available should we need them

  • WalterBroeckx

    Para I MU are out of the Fa cup already

  • Brickfields Gunners

    What could make your worst Arsenal nightmare worse?
    The Moaning one .
    ‘them’ moaners finally get to meet their god . And both parties end up happy .

    Then I ‘d probably become a full time stand up comedian , as there’ll be so much of funny material out there .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    What would make your Arsenal season memorable ?

    To beat the Spuds at WHL on the 1st of May , to dent their hopes of their first ever EPL Title (and first since 1961), and then beating them at Wembley on 27th of May in the FA Cup final .

    You know , in lieu of this year’s St. Totteringham’s Day !
    And the jokes would flow ….., Arsenal had all the Cups , while The Spuds have all the mugs !

  • Hunter13

    Ok i might upset a few. I wouldnt mind Totenham winning it over Chelsea. Chelsea has found it very easy with Mr Abramovic giving them titles, european cups, world class players etc. Totenham on the other has had to work for where they currently sit. I also detest the idea that Conte (no matter how much i value him as ex player and manager) can come and win it just like that. Should he not suffer a few humiliations as well? See the beauty of it? Also dont know about you but from what ive seen…that cunt Kane is both very clinical and very mobile for modern striker. Prefer his striker style than say..Diego Costa… And for gods sake..Cesc and that cheat Hazard with two epl titles? Why? Its like having a ton of salt thrown at you after someone has slit your eyelids

    On the contrary , anything that makes Mourinho keep his job is a nightmare for football and generally life on planet earth. Such individuals should be kept in prison as their sheer existence offends human civilization. That includes Clattenburg Atkinson Dean Dowd Oliver Mason…. oh dear..sack them all..burn them all