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June 2021

Arsenal v Manchester City: a win pays Arsenal’s salaries for a week and a half.

By Bulldog Drummond.

Looking, as we usually do, at the injury table we find that Liverpool are the team not to beat – way out ahead according to the Physioroom charts with no less than nine injuries.  Man City are on four, Arsenal five.

1 Liverpool 9 L Leiva Muscular Injury
2 Manchester U 6 M Rojo ACL Knee Injury
3 Everton 6 M Besic Fitness
4 West Ham 6 A Carroll Groin Strain
5 Stoke City 5 J Walters Knee Injury
6 Crystal Palace 5 L Remy Calf Strain
7 Hull City 5 D Meyler MCL Knee Ligament
8 Arsenal 5 D Welbeck Toe Injury
9 Sunderland 5 B Jones Concussion
10 Watford 5 C Cathcart Knee Injury
11 Burnley 5 S Arfield Knee Injury
12 Bournemouth 5 J Wilshere Broken Leg
13 Southampton 4 V van Dijk Foot
14 Tottenham 4 M Vorm Knee Injury
15 Manchester City 4 J Stones Muscle Injury

Our five (and of course by all other known sources of news it ought to be 10 players out, since Arsenal has by definition more injuries than everyone else put together) are

PLAYER What’s wrong Expected fitness Returning?
S Mustafi Thigh April 30, 2017 Major Doubt
D Welbeck Toe Injury April 23, 2017 Late Fitness Test
D Ospina Back Injury April 30, 2017 Major Doubt
L Perez Thigh Strain May 7, 2017 Major Doubt
S Cazorla Plantaris Injury July 1, 2017

So of those whom we might have expected to play Mustafi and Welbeck are out – although Danny could creep in on the infamous Wembley beach. However his form has not been his best of late, and even missing two forwards we have a number of options available so Danny is unlikely to be risked – especially with a match coming up on Wednesday.

Manchester City’s four are Stones, Sagna, Jesus and Gundogan, of whom Jesus is supposedly the one who will make the miracle recovery.

In terms of the league table, this should be seen as an away game for both sides which gives us a comparison table hat looks like this:

Man City have played one more away game than Arsenal have a considerably better return on these games, by having one fewer defeat and two fewer draws.  They’ve scored four more than Arsenal and conceded five fewer.

So that is it then, they are bound to win.  And indeed I would say that they might well do.

But then you might ask why am I bothering to go?

The answer is quite simple: because I support my team, no matter what.  I am an Arsenal supporter and I give them my support.  I don’t boo, I don’t shout annoyance against my own team, I don’t refuse to go in protest, I don’t march against the manager and I don’t hold up placards.  It is, I guess, a different style, and a different approach from some other people.  I support my team, now, today, and tomorrow.

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And here’s a thought.  Unlike Man City we didn’t have a problem selling out tickets.

Any, back to the away form our away results of late

Game Date Opposition Venue Result Pos
24 04.02.2017 Chelsea away L1-3 3
27 04.03.2017 Liverpool away L1-3 5
29 18.03.2017 West Bromwich Albion away L1-3 5
32 10.04.2017 Crystal Palace away L0-3 6
33 17.04.2017 Middlesbrough away W2-1 6

Four defeats and one win.  Pretty poor.

While Manchester City’s away results look like this…

Game Date Opposition Venue Result Pos
25 13.02.2017 Bournemouth away W2-0 2
27 05.03.2017 Sunderland away W2-0 3
30 02.04.2017 Arsenal away D2-2 4
31 05.04.2017 Chelsea away L1-2 4
33 15.04.2017 Southampton away W3-0 3

Three wins, one draw and one defeat.  Better than Arsenal, but not perfect.

Both teams have already won money as a result of getting this far and will win a spot more as a result of Sunday’s game…

Round Prize money 
Third Round Proper winners £67,500
Fourth Round Proper winners £90,000
Fifth Round Proper winners £180,000
Quarter-final winners £360,000
Semi-final losers £450,000
Semi-final winners £900,000

I am not sure the money makes any difference to anyone.  Arsenal salaries for the first team squad are £975,000 a week.  Arsenal’s takings if they lose is £1,147,500, and if they win it is £1,597,500.  So the money from the FA Cup pays about a week and a half salary bill of the players.  I suppose every little helps.

This weekend Arsenal become the most successful FA Cup team in history and Mr Wenger the most successful FA Cup manager

The FA Cup semi-finals Sat 22 and Sun 23 April – The Match Officials. We need to take Pawson totally out of the picture.

5 comments to Arsenal v Manchester City: a win pays Arsenal’s salaries for a week and a half.

  • Mike T

    According to Arsenals accounts the weekly wage cost is £3.75 million. Ok that sum is the clubs overall wage costs and include the admin and support staff but the sum of £975k a week I would suggest massively underestimates the weekly cost of the first team squad

  • Mike I only included players who have played five games or more based on the salaries reported by the media (but what do they know). But the total employee number in 2012/13 was around 500, and I suspect it is bigger, and of course some of these earn fairly nifty salaries. You could be right, but I do think the wages bill outside the key players is probably a bit bigger than most of us imagine at first thought.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    If they win, the proceeds they’ll get from this game takings will nearly pay for the Gunners first team’s one and half weekly wages. But if they lose, it’ll fully pay for their weekly wages with close to £200k left over.

    With Arsenal first team squad weekly pay standing at £975000/w, multiplying that by 4 weeks then times 12 months will give us £3,900,000m per month. And £46,800,000m per year. Does this look like outrageous wage bill Arsenal are paying to their first team squad staff in this inflated wages trend for footballers? And if Arsenal significantly increased the wages of Ozil and Sanchez to £200k/w for Ozil and £250k/w for Sanchez because he does most of the scoring for Arsenal, will Arsenal annual wage bill hit the £50m mark taking into consideration they’ll likely bring in at least 3 world class players in addition to the 3 of Ozil, Sanchez and Mustafi they already have on ground? And would any significant wage increases for Ozil and Sanchez not spark off wage increase demands by other top Gunners like Walcott who always want wage increase before extending his contract deal at Arsenal? These are difficult financial matters that will make Le Prof to scratch his head to solve. And yet he has to scratch it to solve this inevitable wage bill increase for Ozil and Sanchez in particular to keep them at Arsenal which he has to. Otherwise, what’s the point of having 3 world class players and not keeping them to add more to them to make Arsenal thicker next season. Hmmm. But to bring in the 3 world class, in my opinion, I think Le Prof has to allow some current out of sort and aging 3 first team Gunners to go in the summer. Sorry for my mentioning Mertesacker, Monreal and one of Debuchy and Jenkinson in this wise?

    The FA Cup in my own view is the domestic version of the Champions League for England and Wales. And I believe Arsenal will not miss beating Man City at Wembley today in the semifinal clash to qualify for the final and go ahead to beat Chelsea in the final who had beaten Tottenham Hotspur yesterday to reach the final.

  • Mike T


    Don’t the players who haven’t played 5 or more games get paid?

    Irrespective I suspect even using the 5 game thing is still way under the mark for just looking at Cech,Ramsey,Ozil,Sanchez,Walcott and Giroud in isolation the sums reported as being paid is circa £700k
    Then add in the likes of Mustafi,Koscieny,Xhaka,Oxlaide,Perez and Wellbeck you add another £400k

    Soap Box time now!

    One thing that really annoys me is that in a semi final both clubs get a financial reward. Ok neither get any of the gate receipts but if you look at the early stages of the competition , and I mean even before the first round proper, then only the club that wins the tie gets money from the prize fund.

    The trouble is that in many of the qualifying rounds the gate receipts do not cover the cost of staging the tie. Take out the stewarding, fees paid to a referee and his team, floodlighting and transport costs and quite often you are already paying out more than a crowd of several hundred will generate.

    As I have said before I was involved with a club on the financial side. We were drawn against a team who were in our league. They had never stayed over when playing in the league at ours for the cost of such would be down to them. We drew them in the FA cup. They were authorised by the FA to have an overnight for a squad of 20. The travel time and indeed mileage didn’t fit the criteria but none the less it was agreed we objected but was told there was no appeal.

    The game was duly paid, we lost.To rub salt in the wounds all clubs are granted a set number of complimentary tickets they took there full allocation which they then handed out to travelling supporters which is a total no no but again the FA wouldn’t listen to our complaint.

    Ok the game didn’t result in a financial loss but there were a couple of thousand in attendance and our share resulted to a net of just 15% of the total gate receipts which was around £500 the same sum as the opposition took but they then had in excess of £10k in prize money.
    In effect smaller, non league clubs don’t just have to pay a fee to enter the competition they are liable to pay half of the loss.If they then loose the tie nothing from the prize fund.

    I know it won’t happen but personally I would like to see the same methodology used to pay semi finalists applied all the way through the tournament but with the levels of prize money reduced from round 3 but boosted for the earlier and indeed qualifying rounds.

  • Oldham Gooner

    Samuel,rejoice! We beat Man City, the glory and the lion’s share of the monies is ours 😀