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  1. Gwin

    @Drummond, your table is being a little generous to Liverpool with 2points. The highest points they can garner is 76points.
    Thus, if we can win our remaining matches and they draw one match, we will be in champions league place.

  2. Josif

    Unfortunately, my prediction about Chavs winning the league written in a comment section on 12th August 2016 came true as well as the reasons for that prediction.

    My other predictions were less correct as I had predicted Tiny Totes and Liverpool out of Top 4 (still can happen for Liverpool though) with Man City and Man United joining two biggest London clubs in Champions League.

    My prediction that PGMO would try everything to help Man United to win the title again but also that it wouldn’t be enough were also pretty close to truth, especially given the referees review by UA as Man United should have been far worse on the table than they are now.

    What I didn’t expect, not even in my worst nightmares, was another season with Santi getting injured for six months and none of our midfielders being ready to step up in his absence. Fortunately, the manager has found Ramsey-Xhaka combination that works in this system better than it was in 4-2-3-1.

    Even if we don’t win a CL place… Well, a season in Europa League might be a good thing for us. Easier opponents mean we could rest most of our best players for the league until the latter stages of EL. That would mean our second string would be in action and in form while our first string would concentrate solely on beating PGMO’s “ABA”-agenda.

  3. Adi


    pep on neville criticism.
    “Challenges that are fouls in other countries are not fouls here and contact is more allowed. “

  4. Gord

    Come on Leicester!

  5. GoingGoingGooner

    Amazing play by David Silva. He is clearly offside (draped over the defender’s backside, before touching the ball as it goes by) and it is given as a goal. We’re not talking about 2 yards offside but for the defender to back up he would have had to go THROUGH Silva.

  6. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    With Okazaki reducing the tally of the 2 goals lead they fell behind Man City to 1 goal lead at half time, the natural question that’s beg for answer is, can Leicester hold Man City at the final whistle of this match to give the Gunners more courage and to pick up these 2 points looking to be dropped by Man City as bonus points in addition to the 3 points they are set to collect in their match against Stoke City later today to make it 5 gained points?

  7. Polo

    Manchester City was lucky to get away with the penalty, unbelievable.

    Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the league, I was hoping they do it on last game, now they can rest and concentrate on the FA Cup, not an ideal situation. I hope Arsenal don’t get burned out chasing fourth place.

  8. Gord

    The mdja is saying that _ALL_ Gooners are mad about Mahrez missing a chance to score. It hasn’t even been mentioned here.

    Mdja must be out of touch, eh?

  9. Gord

    Ahh, SAA I think has cleared that up. Mahrez missed a penalty at 77m.

  10. Gord

    Come on Swansea, score at least another 12 goals!

  11. GoingGoingGooner

    Our hopes rest with Liverpool! dropping points not ManCity. The goal differential is too great.

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