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July 2021

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

by Fishpie

I haven’t submitted anything to Untold in recent months and this piece is, I admit, a bit of a shameless plug. So forgive me. I am very grateful to Tony for agreeing to publish despite this.

I guess I haven’t written for the site recently because I have struggled to deal with the whole saga of Mr Wenger’s future, the lack of any apparent action by the Club itself, and the collapse in form by the team during the first few months of this year.

I know I have been pretty critical of Arsenal over a number of seasons, frustrated by the same repetitive weaknesses the team always exhibits but this year, with the team as poor as I can ever remember under Mr Wenger, I just haven’t had the energy to go on and on shouting about it into the void.

I have become apathetic. Despite another FA Cup Final.

No. This is not healthy.

Recognising my declining affection for the Club I have always loved, I found myself picking up my guitar. I am a songwriter (unpublished) and written a few tunes (none covered by anybody) and I found myself singing a line, “It’s a Saturday…”. 

What followed over the next few days was a capturing of the mixture of feelings I have experienced  in supporting Arsenal over time. So it was nostalgic in parts, a little anger and passion emerged too but the song ultimately reaches out beyond me. The chorus wrote itself really. In the end this song acknowledges Mr Wenger, like all our heroes, will eventually go but us, the fans; we will remain.

And we have a job to do. To get behind the team. To push for the Club to be the best it can be. To support the shirt. It seeks to find reconciliation between Gooner fans.

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“Red Shirts White Sleeves” is my homage to the Club I still love. I always will.

If you fancy a listen, I’ve put up a simple lyric video on YouTube here :

Or you can listen to the song on my newly launched songwriter’s website

More importantly Untolders, the Cup Final beckons.

Shirts on (or off), here’s to our third FA Cup Final in four years. Amazing really.

Preview YouTube video Red Shirts White Sleeves © The Fishpie Sky 2017

Red Shirts White Sleeves © The Fishpie Sky 2017

12 comments to Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

  • WalterBroeckx

    It has a chorus that gets in the head easily Fishpie! The club should play it before the match at the Emirates. Don’t know Stan would agree…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Awesome , man ! Nice style and catch chorus ! And very sixties .
    Me like . Mucho !

  • porter

    Basic and catchy, could become a terrace chant if it gets enough airtime.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Nice one Fishpie- don’t lose faith our time will come again!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A very nice message –

    A guy met one of his school-mates several years after school and he could not believe his eyes – his friend was driving one of the latest sleek Mercedes Benz cars.

    He went home feeling awful and very disappointed in himself. He thought he was a failure.

    What he didn’t know was that his friend was a driver and had been sent to run errands with his boss’s car.

    Rosemary nagged her husband always for not being romantic.
    She accused him for not getting down to open the car door for her as her friend Jane’s husband did when he dropped her off at work.

    What Rosemary didn’t know was that Jane’s husband’s car had a faulty door that could be opened only from outside.

    Sampson’s wife went to visit one of her long time friends and was very troubled on seeing the 3 lovely kids of her friend playing around.
    Her problem was that she had only one child and have been struggling to conceive for the past five years.

    What she didn’t know was that one of those kids who was the biological child of her friend had sickle cell and had just a year to live; the other two were adopted.

    Life does not have a universal measuring tool, so looking at people and comparing yourself with them will not make you better. Because you may not know that you have lots of blessings that others will envy for.

    Enjoy what you have, you have just one life..
    Happiness doesn’t come from having everything, but happiness is making the best out of what we have, it’s all about how we see ourselves..
    Count your blessings rather than complaining about the smaller holes. Because….

    “Happiness is a state of mind !!”

  • Polo

    Very good tune, Fishpie. Thank you for sharing. Just a thought, I wonder if Tony could add a music page to the main page?

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Nice one Fishpie, keep it up. I suspect Le Prof has a top club managerial job lined up for him somewhere by one top club side in one of Europe’s 5 big Leagues to take up should the Arsenal board unlikely refused to renew his current contract appointment at Arsenal that’s expired this summer. It’s must be this job lined up for him that’s been making him to talk with an aura of confidence whenever he’s asked about his current contract deal at Arsenal that is up in the air this summer. Maybe PSG have already lined up the job of their team manager for him to take this summer should Arsenal fail to renew his current deal at the club. Another alternative club side of destination for him could be Barcelona FC.

  • Fishpie

    I appreciate the nice comments guys. If you want to listen to another Arsenal related song, give this one a listen. It’s by Mark Nevin, the guy who wrote “It’s gotta to be-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee..Per..fect”. This one’s called “I know where Ray Davies Lives”

  • Sb

    Where have you been fishpie, missed your articles and honesty. Yours and Tim Charlesworth are by far the best contributors on this blog, and on occasions blacksheep (when honesty wins against d pressure to tow party lines). I believe the blog loses lots of credibility by your collective absences. I’m sure your song will be great, I’m off to take a listen

  • Pat

    Catchy song, Fishpie! I gave it the thumbs up.

  • Pat


    Don’t get your point about honesty. In my opinion all the regulars on this site are honest. The fact that some may see the factors involved in Arsenal’s performances differently than others isn’t a reflection of honesty, just different points of view.

  • Damilare

    Thumbs up Fishpie.