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  1. Stan

    Wow. Those tinted spectacles are particularly rosy.

    Lets for the sake of argument assume every fact above is correct, your summary doesn’t stand up.

    1. No evidence of bias, just incompetence at about the average level
    2. Fine
    3. Chelsea have given away fewer fouls than Arsenal this season, have 5 more yellows but no (ie 3 fewer)reds. No evidence of crap kicking.
    4. Paranoid or what? Stop fouling in the penalty area. Arsenal have received 50% more penalties an Chelsea this season.
    5. Now you are just being silly.

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    @Stan, No 5. No abuse please!
    Ramsey has appeared to have taken a dig at Hazard when replying to the dig Moses made that Chelsea are not afraid of the danger which Sanchez will pose to the Chelsea team in this FA Cup final match coming up at Wembley tomorrow Saturday. Moses was quoted to have said, Chelsea are not afraid of Sanchez.
    And He Ramsey in his own dig too was quoted to have said, the Gunners will block any audacious run tomorrow by Hazard into the Gunners area or box by closing him down before he can do any damage to Arsenal like he did in the last PL game to Arsenal at the Bridge this last season.

    If I was Ramsey, I would have kept quiet and not give anything away in Arsenal game plan. But all the same, Hazard haven known what the Gunners are likely to do to him in this Cup final will of course still try one of those his trademark runs into the Arsenal area or box to test the Gunners resolve to foil him. And if he fails, he will shift responsibility of the run to William and Pedro to try and have a go at it. Batshuayi is a potential danger in running into the Arsenal area or box to collect a pass and size up Cech or make a dangerous pass. He MUST be blocked While Moses and Alonso will run from the wing into the Arsenal area or box to make a dangerous pass or cross the ball high for a header or even make attempts to score by themselves. They must all be stopped by the Gunners from source. And should any of them escaped from the source of blocking by Coquelin and Xhaka, the Gunners defense-line must block them efficiently. And Costa with all his thuggery power will try to score running behind the Arsenal back-line to shoot a shot or try to head in after been put on by Fabrigas whose short and long slide rule accurate and dangerous passing MUST be nullified by the Gunners defences from source.

    Finally, Cech MUST focus totally on his game for Arsenal in this Cup final in which the Gunners are poised and determined to deny the Blues the double. There shouldn’t be any momentary loss of concentration exhibited in the game by Cech in particular and any Gunners in general to gift any goal to Chelsea like it happened at the Bridge at one occasion in this last season. All Gunners MUST fully focus on their game on the field of play for 90′ + of this Cup final match.

    Final scores: Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea.

  3. Vince

    Funny, people that don’t see anything wrong about the fact that, despite the lack of physical impact from Arsenal players they moan about on a regular basis, they are more often penalized by fouls than Chelsea players.

    That don’t see anything wrong when 3 or the dirtiest teams of the PL (Chelsea, United and Tottenham) had fewer red cards combined than Arsenal, one of the softest. Even Stoke conceded less red cards…

    That don’t see anything wrong when Arsenal conceded 5 times (and not 50%) more penalties than Chelsea. And don’t tell me the reason is the lack of quality from Arsenal defenders when, penalties excluded, they only conceded 3 more goals than Chelsea this season…
    Actually, while Arsenal has the 4th best defensive record penalties excluded, they are 19th in penalties conceded (only Hull is behind)

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    In addition to my lengthy last comment posting, I believe the Gunners are already aware of the technical quality danger Garry Cahill will pose to them in their box whenever he comes there to head the ball from corner kicks or free kicks and deal approximately with his attempts to score by voiding his attempts. And Azipilicueta in the Chelsea midfielder alongside Cante MUST totaly be defused in their midfield battles to feed their forwards or their wingbacks to stop them from wrecking any havoc to Cech manning Arsenal goal.

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I could not post my last comment on the zuruvi’s article posting before it threaded out. Nevertheless, I still want to post that my comment which I’ve saved as I ran out of mobile data to post it.

    I believe if Le Prof stays on as the Gunners boss next season, he has some fine tuning in some positions in his current first team squad to do if Arsenal are to mount a credible challenge successfully for the Gooners most sort after PL title win next season in my layman opinion.

    First and foremost, in my own view, 2 top quality centrebacks MUST be sort after and found either from the standing current Arsenal U23 or U21 teams if any are found there or from the transfer market to serve as upgrades to the slow Mertesacker and the medium quality CB Paulista.

    In the left back position, I think the deficiency that is there is being addressed with the reported signing of Kolasniac.

    The replacements for the perennial injury crisis Cazorla and the lackluster Elneny MUST be sorted out in the summer to revamp the Gunners deep lying position adequately next season. I think Le Prof has to find 2 top quality midfielders internally or externally to replace these two in the summer.

    And two forwards inclusion to Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez and the play maker Ozil, one of whom should be Eddy Nkethiah in my opinion and of course that clinical top quality striker of 30-40 PL goalscorer per season who ticket all the boxes MUST be signed in the summer if gotten to vastly improved on the just concluded last season Gunners medium goalscoring tally in all completions. And of course, Le Prof should do all within his powers at Arsenal to keep Sanchez and Ozil beyond the expiration of their current deals at Arsenal.

  6. Menace

    The 2002 cup final was officiated by the big cheat Riley & boy did he try to turn us over then. Thing that fucked him was that we were so good he couldn’t do us over. Henry went & had words with him at half time — cant get blood out of stone.

    It was quite an amazing number of selective blindness efforts that Riley had that couldn’t beat the Arsenal.

  7. para

    So Arsenal has to be as good as in 2002 final and sail through the attempts by ref to disrupt them.

    Be focused, play to the whistle, close down more than tackle and dont relax til end game.

  8. finsbury


    I’m not sure what kind of lily livered coward would defend an official pgMOB representative who was too much of a coward to show a second yellow to a Everton player last week when they were away yetcouldn’t wait it show one to an AFC player (Coquelin last season) in similar circumstances. Clearly they are not supporting the Arsenal. Or the football team that can’t beat Iceland. Or Costa Rica. But something else.

    They are in fact a “disgrace to their federation” & also their code (of football).

    Nevermind the Football eh?

  9. Menace

    finsbury – leave Vince alone. He knows football. We Untolders are just imaginative biased dreamers & the PGMOL are saints. In fact they will all be cannonised if they come before the Arsenal cannon. Their balls will be lost in space.

  10. Nick the Gooner

    Did we Saturday get the best ref decisions
    Loads of moaning about our first Goal – Maybe fortunate – could easily have been called handball and offside so two things in our favour
    They nearly equalize when Costa reaches over holdings shoulder and pulls him back – Defender does that to an attacker and its red
    Please look closely at the Chelsea goal – Ozil so obviously fouled by Luis on the wing before the ball is crossed in
    So lucky Chelsea to get that goal
    Fortunately our class was too good to let anything ruin OUR day

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