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June 2021

Your help is needed with Untold Arsenal – urgently.

By Tony Attwood


I have made a number of changes to the way comments are handled on the site and I am hoping with all fingers crossed (which explains the twerping errors) that I might have fixed the problem we have had in the last few days of comments not appearing.

If you want to check that your comments are being posted ok on Untold, please do post a comment section below on this page.  Your comment should appear live on the site within a minute.  If it doesn’t please write to me with the details requested below.

The history of what is going on is contained in the original post put up on the morning of 3 June.  Thank you to everyone who has helped.


Original post

I am sorry to confirm what you may already know.   There is a problem with comments on Untold and it appears that a lot of the comments that have been sent to us are not getting through.

I am working on this, and the best way for me to see exactly what is going on is to ask you to post a comment here against this post.  Just say hello or something – nothing rude please.   Just to see what is happening.

Obviously I don’t want to mix up comments on an article with lots of “hellos” hence this one test piece to collect any comments.  If none appear it would be a fair indication that we still have a problem.

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Once I have got somewhere with this I will post the normal articles again.

Sincere apologies if you have had a comment of late that has not appeared.   I will update this article if I discover anything, and hope to publish a normal article shortly.


If your comment does not appear after about 10 minutes please email me with a copy of the comment.

Sorry to put you to this trouble guys, but I don’t have any IT support today, so if you imagine a pine tree trying to solve the question of gene mutation, you more or less have the idea of what this is like.

As of 1010 I think I have made some progress, but I now need to hear from anyone whose post has not appeared.  Please email with a copy of your post and your user name – plus a copy of your IP address.


84 comments to Your help is needed with Untold Arsenal – urgently.