Cesc: the reality and the truth. (Thanks Puyol and Picque)

By Walter Broeckx

Cesc has just had the “privilege” of spending some two months in the Spanish team during the world cup and its preparation. And in this period he has kept his mouth shut about his future and if he said something it was in fact saying nothing.

But we must keep in mind that he was sitting in the Spanish team, surrounded by Barcelona players, every day the Spanish press in his face. So he stayed very vague over his future. Saying openly that he would not go to Barcelona after the world cup could have harmed him in his world cup and would even put more pressure on him.

Before he went he said he left his future in the hands of Wenger who said he wouldn’t sell Cesc. And the club made a firm statement when Barcelona made their offers by just telling: fuck off, although possibly in nicer but also still very firm words. But the players from Barcelona and the club and the journalists kept on talking about Cesc wanting to go to Barcelona over and over again. They just couldn’t stop.

So yesterday, Carlos Puyol and Pique have done us a very big favour. Of course if you live on another planet you may wonder what I am talking about. So to help out, I will just talk you through the incident that happened when the Spanish team celebrated the world cup victory.

Pepe Reina called Cesc over and he held him in his arm. Meanwhile Puyol and Pique came behind the back of Cesc and pulled a Barcelona jersey over his head. They forced him in to it.

But Cesc refused to put his arms in the sleeves and stood there with no hands and with a face full of embarrassment. In Dutch we have an expression that goes in translation: “he was smiling like a farmer with toothache”.  [That’s one phrase I can’t get into English – Editor]. And for those who have toothache in their lives they know that you don’t smile with whole your heart. And when Reina let Cesc go, he immediately pulled out the Barceloanus shirt and went back in the group and stayed out of the picture.

So that’s  what happened. You can see it on many you tube video’s on the internet and you can see that what I described is like it happened.

Many fans, (can they really be called fans?) thought that this was the end. Cesc should be sold, should be stripped of the captaincy at least if not drowned in the Thames and hung in the Tower at noon. They think Cesc should have kicked Puyol in his b*lls, give an elbow on Pique and should have tackled Reina. And then he should have removed the Barcelona shirt, spat on it and walked away from the celebrations of becoming world champion.

He should have done this in front of a crowd of a few hundred thousand and in front of the eyes of the camera.  Do you really think that someone who seems so well educated and behaves himself with dignity most of the time would do something like that? No, he wouldn’t and no one would want to disturb the party of being world champion.

When I saw the pictures I knew for sure Cesc would stay with us and would be an Arsenal player. If Cesc would have known this before he could have done this to make a statement. He could have let Puyol and Pique pull him on the Barceloanus shirt and put his arms in the sleeves. Then he would have really  put it on, but Cesc refused to do this. Cesc could have put the shirt on and he could have kept it one for the rest of the party. Now THAT would have been a statement for the whole world and for Arsenal and Wenger. It could have been the same as saying to Arsenal and Wenger: I want to go.  It would have been like putting in a transfer request.

BUT Cesc DID NOT PUT HIS ARMS in the sleeves and he pulled the shirt back over his head and got rid of it  the moment he could do it. And in fact this was the statement that we have been waiting for all these weeks. Cesc didn’t have to speak, he acted. Just like he does on the pitch. Not words, but acts. His refusal to put on the Barcelona shirt properly was the statement for me and for those  who want to see, that he is a Gunner and will be a Gunner.

I think Puyol and Pique, with Reina in the complot, had planned this long ago and their aim was to disturb us Arsenal fans. They wanted to create this outburst and some fans stepped in to the trap set up by Barcelona. Imagine that Cesc comes to Arsenal and some stupid fans boo him? He would feel hurt deep in his heart. He turned away from the Barcelona shirt, and believe me this is nothing you do lightly if you are from Barcelona, and let us know that he will not leave.

So if we want to help Barcelona and drive Cesc out of Arsenal we just should go on with blaming our captain for this incident. And then we will get what Barcelona wants to happen: Cesc leaving on the cheap.

I think it is time to use our heads on this. We all know that Cesc will be leaving for Barcelona one day. But the only way we can keep him here is by giving him all the love we can give. We shouldn’t condemn him for wanting to go home one day in his career. No this is just a normal thing in live. We should be happy for every game that he plays in our shirt from now on. We should cherish every game he leads out the team AS A CAPTAIN, and cheer him like we never have done before.

His name should be sung out loud whenever he is giving his all for The Arsenal. We have chased away the child that is Adebayor.  We express our feelings quite rightly to the idiot Cole.  But Cesc will not go for  money to Barcelona, he will be going to be at home. Because he loves Barcelona because he is born there. Like people from London love London, like I love my place of birth and like most of us love their place of birth or where we grew up.

So let us get behind Cesc, give him all the love he can get from the fans. After all we are the ones that maybe cannot keep him at Arsenal for the rest of his career, but we could chase him away and this would be the worst move ever made by “fans” of this club. And don’t let us step in the trap set up by Barceloanus. We Gooners should be smarter than that.


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  1. Walter,

    Couldn’t agree more to be honest with you. It’s the likes of Puyol and Pique who show disrespect, the whole of Barca have done it and still are doing just that.

    I use to think of Barca was decent club, but sadly not anymore. I will hope whoever they’ll meet in the La Liga or Champions League will give them a good thrashing!

  2. Another futile attempt by barcaLOANus to destabilise our captain, and create disharmony between Cesc and the fans. It has ended in abject failure, perhaps they may have to make a reasonable offer for his services if they wish to pursue this suit?
    Which they cannot do.
    Story over,

  3. more people need to see this article, i think its important that more people see this. great job

  4. Good article. some of us fans can disturb the balance/harmony required to increase our chances to
    keep our best players+playing their best for us = trophies!

  5. I was on a supposed Barca site yesterday. Fact is there isn’t room for him over there is the sentiment… So Barca did not appreciate him and Wenger recognized that long ago… He is now Arsenal captain and in my opinion better than Xavi and Iniesta… Barca still does not recognize that. And, in fact neither does the Spanish coaching staff… This is factual. The reality is it seems Arsenal fans are the only one’s who feel this way and it is great. So regardless of the rhetoric and the teasing of Cesc he is here till 2014. The only thing that could change that is Arsenal… And, apparently it has not happenned.

  6. Well said, Walter.

    The worrying part for me how come some Arsenal fans question Cesc’s integrity as an Arsenal player inspite of him
    a) Playing with a broken foot in the 1st Leg against Barca.
    b) Openly stating that Arsenal and Arsene holds his future when being questioned during the World Cup. Arsene must have told to reply in such a way so that Cesc can concentrate on the WC.
    c) Talking to RvP after the final instead of just continuing Celebrating.
    d) Dedicating the WC to Arsenal and us fans. And stating “HE IS PROUD TO BE AN ARSENAL PLAYER”.
    e) the “shirt” prank. I wouldnt been sad if he wore the shirt as its his Boyhood club but He didnt. He has lot more RESPECT for Arsenal than Barca.
    f) Openly stating his disapproval of the way Barca acted during the Henry & Hleb transfers.

    He may have Barca in his DNA but HE HAS THE RED&WHITE OF ARSENAL IN HIS BLOOD.

  7. best article ever.. dats y mr. walter is my favorite blogger.. great analysis

  8. I agree with the article… Cesc was clearly embarrassed to be put in that situation. Cesc is happy and settled at Arsenal, but we all know that barca is his dream. I believe that he trusts in AW and that he feels no resentment that AFC continue to resist the pressure coming from barca. There will come a time when he will want to leave and AW knows that when this time comes, we will not be able to keep him. until then, he’ll be our captain and diamond. he always gives us 100% and all of this summers drama will not change that.
    i do hope that the pressure that has clearly come from barca players has not been instigated by the club. This would be tapping up in it’s lowest form. I wish this relentless and illegal pursuit would just end.

  9. yess..agreed..i even bet with my friend that our captain will stay with us and have a great season..come on wenger,if fabregas stays,he definitely need some prove why he should stay in Arsenal. Please prove to him by bringing some good players in..that will ensure he stays with us for quite some times..

  10. Walter , Most of the time i agree with your article , but I cannot agree with this article this is just too optimistic. I understand that he could not have done much in that situation like he cannot show some fight and all, but his comments today tell that he kind of accepted it. In any case , even if he puts transfer request also i think Arsenal should not sell him. If Wenger thinks that he will commit himself to Arsenal or else too we should keep him and make a lesson to all youngsters too. We cannot let these kids to become men in Arsenal and go for greener pastures, Arsenal wants to win and they should say that. I still believe if Cesc stays he will give his all ..

  11. Great article and completely agree. He has behaved with dignity and maturity, unlike the Barca mob who don’t understand these concepts.

    For me the real joke (and I find myself saying this more and more) is UEFA who stnad back and let the most blatent tapping up of a player for a long time happen with no action.

    UEFA you support continental sides through non-action and you are racists!!

  12. Cesc is a true Gunner! There’s no question of disloyalty against him. And it’s true that if ever ever joins barca it will be for the love of his birthplace and childhood club(which i think is very natural) and not for money. But he will always remain a true gunner from the very core of his heart! This article must be read by every Arsenal fan and give our love and support to Cesc as much as we can. Only our love for him can make him stay in Arsenal. If the fans boo him, it will really be a heart-breaking scene. Just imagine the amount of pain Cesc will feel. So its a request to all Gunner fans to remain loyal to him and show him that we are the best supporters in the world!

  13. How about a welcome banner for Cesc on home match day 1reading something like this:
    I’m sure there are better copy writers out there that can vastly improve on this idea.

  14. you’ve covered all the angleswith this piece. Superbly explained.Hopefully the arsenal fans will give him a fantastic welcome home. The shirt prank is an act of desperation…a bit like the kid losing at snakes and ladders and kicking the board over.

  15. Hi Walter,

    I am a bit more cynical than you. I dont think he put his arms to make a statement, I think he just did that cos he knows he is walking on a tightrope. We know deep down he wants to leave (I think his silence has told us as much), and he knows that he may well end up staying in London for at least another season. So I refused to put his arms so as to not REALLY send Arsenal fans into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

    But the rest of the article is spot on mate. I myself have starting revising my ‘feelings for Cesc’, I have found myself getting a bit pissed whenever I hear his words. But this is exactly what Barca want (and I know it too), so I needed this article to remind me again.

    Keep up the good work mate. I really don’t know how Cesc is gonna get treated if he does stay. We can write and advise, but we can only find out on matchday.

  16. Sorry, typo in the first paragraph. I meant to write: “So I think he refused to put his arms…..”

  17. If evry1 here is so sure….den why dosent cesc issue a statement dat he’s nt wiling 2 tranfr clubs atleast fr dis season…….dat should end it all….wouldn’t it????? has he ever said ANYTHING near 2 dat…wat he said merely added sparks…& moreover recently in a interviews Cesc spoke joe he HAD BEEN (past tense)proud 2 b our captain……dont shy away frm d fact writing such nonsense articles onlt 2 appease one’ mind dat all is well…..face d fact…he has a desire 2 leave so be it….I cant see MY clb captain speaking of his desire to join another club….u can bt I can’t….sory…. xpcting rply’s mates…..gooner 4 life…..

  18. Interestingly, most of the posts and comments I’ve seen berate Puyol/Pique/Barca for their lack of class, rather than having a go at Cesc for not protesting vehemently enough.

    I’m not saying they’re not out there, just that the majority of (real) fans know who the villain of the piece is already.

    But as ever, a well judged and nicely written piece.

  19. I think the second best player in the World has conducted himself with a lot of class over the last few weeks.

    Demoted to bench warming by his patrician boss for the crime of playing for an English club, and costing far too much for Spanish wallets, however heavily EU grant subsidized, he kept his own counsel…….

    and turned the role he was allotted, of minor walk on part, into an opportunity to have a scene stealing cameo. (I’m talking about his 30 minutes wresting the World Cup for Spain).

    I’m pretty sure Cesc will be back…….is it too late for him to change to English nationality………its England FC’s only hope in the immediate future.

  20. I think Cesc behaved in an appropriate manner. Its Puyol and Pique that did not. I wonder how they would feel if someone put a Real Madrid or an Arsenal shirt on them? Not very nice I bet!!

    And what is wrong with Riena?? Who is he to get involved if he likes Barca so much, then why dont he wear their shirt?

    But for Cesc, whatever happens, he did the right thing.

    A Man United supporter friend of mine played a similar prank on me once on my b’day by forcing me in to a Man U shirt, which I lauged at, took of and threw it back at him. And I did not have hundereds of cameras on me. So for Cesc, in my opinion that is the best he could have done. He’ll be with us next season!!!!

  21. What a load of nonsense!!!!!! Cesc has allowed the barca players and his family members disrespect our club in ways not thought to be possible before and you dare call people who criticize him “not fans”? How dare he defend the actions of the barca players putting a barca shirt on him?? How hard is it for him to tell the SOB’s to respect his current club. I used to think that this was a decent blog but after this I think it is no better than a dumphole.

  22. It is so hurtful for fans who are paying big money week in week out to watch this idiots who don’t give a s*** about them and disrespect them the way that they do. We are the one they turn to to pick them up when they are off form or when they are injured but they don’t really see us as anything in their careers. Did he really think that arsenal fans would take the shirt incident to be funny? So basically this is how I can paraphrase your article. “Let us look beyond what fabregas has done and join me in kissing his ass. We all know that is heart in Barcelona but maybe that will make him stay. “

  23. Good article (again), Walter.

    And mainly good comments, too.

    But please tell me, all you seers, how do you know what Cesc thinks (or anybody else, for that matter)?

    I know what I believe (that Cesc will stay willingly and happilly for at least for one more season). But I’d never profess to know what he thinks.

  24. Ashley cole went to get HIMSELF a payrise-According to you that is selfish as he put his interests before those of the clubs and therefore he should be hated.

    Adebayor went to get HIMSELF a payrise-According to you that is selfish as he put his interests before those of the clubs and therefore he should be hated.

    Fabregas wants to go to Barcelona because it his home and to win trophies. According to you that is not selfish and he is not putting his own interests before those of the club so we should still love him. Am I sensing some selective justice here.

    You say it is natural for human beings to want to go home but hey isn’t it also human nature to want a payrise? And don’t give me the “he has not said that he wants to go” nonsense as the writing is on the wall.

  25. Good shout Fem Dee I would love to see this banner at Grove!


  26. Pique needs to be dealt with by FIFA. What they did was wrong. I’m not going on a tangent here, as Fab dealt with it the only way he could, but Pique also spat on a former Valencia President during the celebratory bus ride.
    Just google ‘Pique Spits’ if you haven’t yet seen it….
    Some kind of disciplinary action has to be taken against that primate-looking neanderthal. Letting disrespect for the game like this go unpunished is the biggest mistake that FIFA can make. C’mon FIFA, grow some balls and DO SOMETHING.

  27. yea!!! thanks for saying out my greatest fear~~~ I was worried that some north korea Arsenal fan would start booing Fab and speed up the process of leaving.. We all know for sure he will be leaving, its just a matter of when, but we should show him our support for him rather than show him out of the door. He seems well respected imho, he says good things about the club, and hes no way near cashly or ade.. So guys, cheer him up. show him how much he is to us!!!

  28. lets not forget reinas motives in all this. he might be facing fabregas in the first match of the season. I say ‘might’ not because i dont think cesc will stay, I do, but because who knows if either will be ready for the first day of the season.

    nice article walter.

  29. Hi,
    I want to believe that Puyol and Pique did it to spit the fans of the club and probably will turn them against Fab.
    Fab. might be nursing the aim of going to Barca but I dont think he will go against AW judging from the ways he has been handling his comments over the issue. Let us wait, whatever will happen to his carrier at this point depend on how AW sees Him.

  30. barca payers are just idiots as the club management itself they better know we are not ready to give up on our captain yet

  31. This is the best article that i have seen this year. Barca was until now perhaps the most loved club by gooners outside the EPL and specifically in La Liga. I believe that their stupid tapping of Cesc particularly after being categolicaly informed that Cesc was not for sale has lead to a huge loss of respect for the club and funs. I say bring them on for the CL. We will have a perfect opportunity to let them know what exactly our feelings as gooners are on this matter. Plus, we pray, the special one will do us the honours in La Liga.

  32. Can I throw in something else Walter.

    Here is the start of an article from Eat Sleep Football

    “Arsenal’s hopes of signing Fiorentina goalkeeper Sebastien Frey have been dashed after the Italian club confirmed he is not for sale.”

    Now if that approach were used in reporting of Barca and Cesc the opening of any resultant article would be…

    “Barcelona’s hopes of signing Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas have been dashed after the London club confirmed he is not for sale.”

    But of course we never see that. What we get is

    “The future of Cesc Fabregas remains uncertain as Barcelona step up their attempts to sign the Catalan midfielder. Although Arsenal have denied that he is for sale there is a growing feeling that ….

    The question worth asking is why do all the websites and media take an “Arsenal have lost out” view always?

    Bit of a puzzle isn’t it.

  33. Yes Tony and Walter,
    I moved to London from the Middle East for Arsenal last year and i cant help wondering with utter frustration why is there so much Anti Arsenal prejudice in the media. What has this Club done to deserve this and on top of it all how can Barca players with its Fabregas shirt antic be so audacious? I learnt the term spineless in this country, I hope we have nothing to do with that.

  34. Good stuff, Walter.

    And Tony…absolutely SPOT ON with your question.

    I’ve been asking the same thing. Now, I like John Cross at the Mirror as much as the next Gooner, and he’s gives us a pretty fair shake usually. But he’s all over Twitter during the WC bemoaning Arsenal supporters who are complaining about the anti-Arsenal media bias. It’s really quite plain to see that there are a number of journos and the rags they write for who are practically begging Cesc to leave Arsenal and take every opportunity to slant both headlines and articles to be as negative as possible. I know JC is sticking up for his mates, but the broader question is why isn’t every English journo sticking up for an English team against blatant tapping up?

    OK, many people say Arsenal aren’t REALLY an “English” team because of all the foreign players & AW. But lets say it was…hmmm…Notlob instead. If they had a player wanted by a continental team and that team acted in the same manner as Barca, it would be 24/7 coverage on SKY, ITV, all the red tops would have massive headlines decrying every little thing. But not if it’s Arsenal. The media coverage, the negativity of it towards Arsenal, is as bad as the tapping up itself in my book.

  35. Firstly, I think that Cesc needs to explain why he thought that Pique spitting on another human being was quite a funny thing to do. And he needs to apologise fast, not only to the old guy that was spat on, but also to Arsenal and the fans, for his behaviour. He is still a representative of Arsenal AFC, and our Captain so he should have been mindful of this. Yes, they may have been drinking, but they were not that pissed up, that they didn’t know what they were doing. And I expect they were well aware that they were being filmed from various points. This incident has put a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to Cesc to say the least.
    As to Walters article – I thought it was an excellent piece and I agree that you cannot blame Cesc for the position he was put in. also looking at the video of the incident, you can tell that he was not aware of what was going to happen (unless he is a very good actor that is) so I am not reading too much into it either.

    And I too, hope that he is with Arsenal this coming season. However, his own father has said that he has asked to leave Arsenal this summer and why would his father lie about that? From what I can tell, his father has always been supportive of what Arsenal have done for him and has always praised AW, so for him to confirm Cesc wants to leave says it all really, and AW has never stood in the way of players who want to leave. So my own feelings on the matter are that he is gone as soon as Barca offer in the region of £50m. Barca have just got nearly £40m for the transfer out of two players, and have a bank loan for another £129m heading their way (signed off today I believe). Whatever the size of their short term liquidity problems, I very much expect that some of this money is set aside for Cesc, and now that these funds are in place then we will see another bid over the coming days. I hope I am so wrong on this.

  36. aaron, he spat gum at another part of the spanish team. you’d have to have some really weird thing against spitting to hold that against cesc

    it does irk me. i am probably just as optimistic as you walter, but just a thought

    consider for a moment that barcelona isn’t spain, this was done during a spanish celebration, huge disrespect. i think that as much as anything is why cesc would’ve been embarassed

    however it could have been either really. i just hope in some way we can show toughness on the market to barcelona and the world

  37. Well put. CEsc has dedicated his world cup win to Gunners, isn’t that enough loyalty? Cesc’s faithfulness is rare these days and we should appreciate it.

  38. hey Walter

    totally agree with you,Barca should be held accountable they should be fined £30 million for their disgraceful behaviour. cesc has done nothing wrong but now I am starting to think some fans will act inappropriate the very act barca are hoping for, they want us to turn on cesc so that he has to leave, any arsenal fan who boos cesc is playing into their hands.

    The board should refuse to do any business with barca ever again, I would prefer Cesc to see out his contract and leave on a free then go to barca for £30 million, We dont need the money and if I was the owner that would be the action I would take.

  39. whats the big fuss about the spitting, they were drunk, u do stupid stuff when ur drunk and he is only 23 years old

  40. Financial Woes forces Barca to sell Messi!!

    What do you think of this??

    How about we we all start writing about Arsenal wanting Messi and making bids for him. I would like to see how its taken in the Barcelona camp or indeed withg media etc.. Lets spread some press releases and see how they come down on Arsenal making all sorts of statement.

    Should teach them a lesson though!

  41. Well written and I couldn’t agree more and especially on the point of the Arsenal fans behaving intelligently when it comes to Cesc. Anyone sitting next to me at the Emirates I HEAR BOOING Cesc would definitely know they have been in a boxing match with only one winner, and that’s me!!
    I hope he stays and helps us win some trophies which would make him even more likely to stay on. Please Arsene use this opportunity to get in some quality players to play alongside Cesc. He is the only one big name player we have at Arsenal and therefore I feel jealous when the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and Pique are urging him to join them. Obviously any one would be tempted to listen to these players but who do we have at Arsenal big enough to try and talk him out of leaving by going public? None I am afraid to admit!! AW please the ball is now in your court to convince cesc to stay by letting him know that we as a club can match his ambitions!

  42. Tony,quite simply the anti Arsenal bias is due to the fact that we have a club with a long term planning mentality.We will not throw away our future in a blind pursuit of trophies nor play boring no risk football to increase our chances.We respect the game,the opponents and the fans wish to be entertained.Our conduct shows real class when all around faulters,as did our captain in a difficult situation.Thats just too much for the press to take.We are the Arsenal………a club to be proud of.

  43. Gunners: sorry from Barcelona about Cesc affaire.
    Our club Barcelona had been always very polite in the relationships with other european clubs. And is going to be the same in the future.
    But with Cesc, no mercy with Arsenal. Cesc is from La Masia and YOU STOLE HIM to us. So don’t cry now. It’s time to comeback home.

  44. The reality is that we will only know where he will be on September 1st or a date close by if that is not the close of the transfer window.

    1. Let us suppose Cesc and Arsene had done a deal: you keep quiet, we get the best price we can for you. What would happen to the price if he put his arms in a Barca shirt? Well, it wouldn’t be going Arsenal’s way, that’s for sure. So Fabregas, no matter what he wants (and that is between him and Arsenal FC) WOULD BE AN IDIOT NOT TO DO WHAT HE DID. I think the past 5 years show fairly clearly that he is not an idiot…….
    2. Let us suppose that the King of Spain is a Real supporter ( I think he is, but I doubt that matters that much): do you think it would be dignified to make such a partisan show of club colours in front of the king on the day of the greatest triumph for the national team in the history of Spain? I doubt it……..
    3. Let us suppose that Cesc Fabregas is a committed passionate guy in all that he does in football. Do you think on a night of great celebration for the national side, in which he played a part, but not the main part, that he should be drawing undue attention to himself when Iniesta, Xabi, Casillas, Puyol et all should be in the limelight? I doubt it……..

    I don’t think anything should be read into this, just like anything else this summer.

    I hope Fabregas stays at Arsenal, but I don’t think much is to be gained by speculating on what might be, when we really don’t know what is going on……….

  45. Its a pity you do not write for some of those thrash tabloids out there printing the opposite in the london winding the fans up.
    Great article couldnt agree more.

  46. Well, could not agree more, Arsenal have rejected the offer ! and said don’t contact us anymore, he’s not for sale. Cesc Has never put in a transfer request,but the thing is why do we, as a club and as fans, have to put keep putting up with this sort of thing, it’s not new – Anelka,Viera,Overmars,Henry,Helb and now Cesc. If you think we hate spurs & man utd how about,WHAT DO YOU THINK OF BARCA,SHIT,WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SHIT,BARCA,that certainly would make the board think, and it might just even kick their arses into gear, to complain to uefa about their conduct !!! oh and by the way, what perfect timing, liverpool away 1st game, Mr Reina’s reception,when he approachs the traveling Arsenal support !! i hope he gets it big time.
    Cheers 4 now everybody Roy.T….

  47. I am delighted to read your view here. Well done. I agree too. Cesc’s DNA is Arsenal given he has now lived 7 years of his 23 at Arsenal.

  48. Someone in the comment sectoin raised the question: why did Cesc not say he will not go to Barcelona.

    I think the answer could be found in the fact that he, Wenger, Barcelona and every clever Arsenal fan out there knows he will be going to them one day.
    So he cannot say “fuck off Barca” for various reasons:
    – It is “his” club so he has nothing against them
    – If he would say this, the Barca fans would not be happy about it once he goes there and he could have a difficult start by this.
    – It would make him look like a fool when he first tells he wil not go and then later does go.
    – It could make live more difficult for him being in the world cup with all those Barca players.

    And maybe you can find other reasons as there are.

    So Cesc can never say he doesn’t want to go to Barcelona as he will be going one day.
    But he will only be going the day that Wenger thinks he can let him go without harming Arsenal.

  49. The thing about the father of Cesc could have something to do with the fact that his father lives in Catalunya and is a Barcelona fan. I think it is obvious that every father wants to see his kid play in the shirt of his favourite team. It would make him (Father Cesc) a big and important man in Barcelona.
    And maybe his father is tired of flying to London to see his son play? Who knows.

    And maybe the Barcelona directors have promised him big things to help Barcelona getting Cesc coming home? Who knows? I do think and believe that Barcelona is ready to do anything, including the dirtiest tricks. This article is about one that we could see in the open but who knows hom many tricks haven been done behind closed doors?

  50. And remember Cesc saying, this season: ‘If I would leave now and won nothing it would be like a failure to me. I don’t want to fail.”

    So in fact I only will start to worry when we win the league last year and Barca has not won the league in Spain thanks to Mourinho. Because that would mean Cesc could regard his mission accomplished in Arsenal and Barcelona would lend what ever money they need to get Cesc back in order to win the PL.

  51. edit my last post : So in fact I only will start to worry when we win the league NEXT year and Barca has not won the league in Spain thanks to Mourinho.

    And thank you for your reactions.

  52. Well argued post, Walter. Barcelona is very clever in using the tactics learned from Sun Tzu to “create confusion in the enemy’s camp”. Some Arsenal fans obviously have been a bit over excited by recent events but I am sure Wenger & the Arsenal Board can see through all of this, and you too, Walter. Cesc will play for Arsenal in the coming season, and maybe even the next if we win a major trophy or two. Then he will go back to Barcelona – the land where he was born, and to the team many Spanish players hope to play for one day. That is not an unreasonable wish and outcome in my view.

  53. *sighs* “He didn’t put his arms through the sleeves” it is pathetic Walter and you know it.

  54. Walter- Thats a tough assumption that you have made. Dont expect Cesc to stay bcoz he hasn’t won anything till now for arsenal. If that was the case then he would hav never voiced his opinion about moving to barcelona.

  55. I think what walter is trying to stay that despite the fact cesc will be leaving one day, he still act accordingly by not making any frivolous statement that will provoke us arsenal supporters
    to boo him should he decide to stay. That will give us some chance to persuade him to stay. I mean, if barcelona players and president are trying to pull him out of AFC, shouldn’t we fans act in the contrary of it ? He is afterall, still our captain at the moment. “Cesc didn’t put his arms through the sleeves” won’t give any concrete proof that he indeed will stay. But i think it’s enough to let us know that our captain have better respect to AFC, and not the catalonia club, in the present ..

  56. I wish this will be relayed to those come to the Ems when Fab4 is playing. otherwise, it would turn really bad for him

  57. Well said mate, Cesc has always behaved in a great manner throughout this courting by Barca and any “gooner” that blames Cesc for this incident should really think about what being a gooner actually means. Barcelona know they cannot afford the price tag (at the moment) we have slapped on Cesc so they are using their own players to ‘tap him up’ – something which they cannot be punished for officially. I still do think Arsenal have a good case against Barca for a tapping up allegation and I think it makes the club look slightly weak by not doing so but Arsene has said all that needs to be said – He is not for sale! So unless they can cough up the fee we’re looking for, I would count on Cesc being an Arsenal player next season. Anyone that doubts the lad’s commitment to the club needn’t worry, he will not be stripped of the captaincy if he stays and I’d put money on him giving 110% for us as he always has done.

  58. Well barca has “pooed in the drawer” on this one. With all the fuss they have created this summer, all the have achived is the certainty that Arsenal will NEVER sell ces to them this year and maybe not even sell him next sumemr. If they had behaved properly this summer and come with a decent bid they may have gotten what they want. Now they put Arsenal in a position where it is impossible for them to sell withouth loosing faec and loosing credibility among their fans. I just cannot see Arsenal selling cesc this year and keep their dignity at the same time.

    Barca has with their behavior forced Arsenal to make an example!

    How utterly stupid is that?? What kind of advisors does cesc and barca have on the buisness side? Nobody in their wildest dreams would act like barca if they want a prized asset on sale! It just makes no sense what so ever.
    I mean really, if you want to buy a car, a really nice car, you cannot afford it but still want it, you do not go up to the salesman, humiliate him and diss him! You do not send your entire family to speak to him to tell him ” you cannot hold on tho this car forever man! mr. Barca desrves it, and the car deserves to be at barca! so sell, i wont be held randsome! i want the car but cannot afford it! so sell it to me at my price you are nothing while i am a huge important man with lots of cash!”
    I mean, who would ever sell something to a person like that?
    And why is Barcelona so stupid in ther tactics in the first place? its a shame for both barca and Cesc. they could have had him this summer if they just offered enough money and treted Arsenal with respect. No they are about to burn all bridges, and their prized target is still in Arsenal.

  59. Rhys:

    While it is true that the King of Spain is a Real Mad supporter, the Queen of England apparently told Lord Wenger when they met that she is an Arsenal fan.

  60. This blog is outstanding. I now look forward to reading the latest insight on Untold Arsenal. I can’t say this about any other Blog.

    Thank you Walter for a stellar article today.

  61. a) He didn’t exactly play 90 minutes with a broken foot did he? He played the last 10 or so minutesb) Its not exactly a statement of loyalty is it? Sounds the opposite to me. Oh and remember he said this after he had put in a transfer request.c) Was he saying goodbye?d) What he actually said was “Im really proud to have been an Arsenal player”. He spoke in the past tense, so Im not sure where you got that quote from.e) eer how did you work that out. He’s put in a transfer request so he can go back. How is he showing us respect?f) hasn’t come out since the season ended and said he doesnt like the way they are touting him though has he.RED AND WHITE OF ARSENAL IN HIS BLOOD….you are taking the piss yeah?

  62. ….countless times arsenal has broken my heart over th last few years…comin close to scoring n missing
    comin close to winning and not actually winning
    comin close to signing sm1 but nt actually signing
    I jus dnt want to be too heart broken if we come close to keeping our beloved captain then failing to!!!!!!!

  63. Intresting to see that at this time in the Dutch press there are reports (I know we have to be carefull with “reports” but they do are a bit different from what we read in the English press and blogs. So I just give it to you and translate it in English.
    Fabregas remains calm and is only thinking about Arsenal.
    Cesc is enjoying a well deserved holliday but he still is on Spanish soil, and journalists are hunting him with questions about a possible transfer to Barcelona.

    So again after a by Cesc given trainingsession for the youth of an amateur blub the journalists were out in numbers. But the worldchampion remained very cool when it came to the rumours and let them now that he was only thinking about Arsenal.
    “The less we talk about Barcelona the better” said the captain from Arsenal against the Spanish press.

    About the incidient with the shirt when the Spanish team was celebrating the world title Cesc said: ” I was deeply ashamed, but I hope that Arsenal can have understanding for the situation I was finding myself in.”

    So I think this is somewhat a different picture that you can get when you look at media from countries that are not belonging to the English and Spanish press.

  64. Perhaps more importantly then ‘not putting his arms in’ – if you watch the footage he actually tries to take it off the second he realises what it is. That’s when Reina grabs him to prevent it and Cesc gives up to just wait for an opportunity to take it off without fighting. Since it’s supposed to be a party and all, and these are his friends.

    People who think this prank (or not telling the Spanish press that he doesn’t want to go to Barcelona) means he wants out or is disloyal are not worth the effort of trying to reason with. Anyone who is capable of reason will be expecting Cesc to lead us again last season adn will cheer him as he does.

  65. it’s always nice to read some optimistic view..thanks a lot walter

    as for cesc,
    maybe he will leave us this summer..maybe he WILL NOT..one thing for sure is RIGHT NOW he is still an Arsenal’s player and as a GOONERS I think we have to SUPPORT all of Arsenal Players..

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