Was the Cesc saga engineered by Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc himself?

Emmanuel Egbuka

Has anyone ever considered the idea that the whole story of Cesc requesting that his future be decided before the world cup was engineered by Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc?

The aim would be to put an end to the media’s never ending stories of Cesc going to Barcelona before almost every important match which Arsenal happen to be playing in.   In other words the view might be, there always seems to be a story about Cesc and Barcelona, and something needs to be done.

I remember last season the endless amount of stories – old and new about Cesc returning to Barcelona before almost every critical match that Arsenal had i.e. the Champions league qualifiers with Celtic, Porto, Barcelona and even when we played the likes of Manu, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City. The stories were always repeat of about how Cesc had talked about playing for Barcelona one day, and were always followed by stories about how he would leave if we did not win anything that sessions or get into champions League and rejoin Barcelona.

The point that I am trying to make is that, all this talk about Cesc (who is after all only 1 player in a team of 11) would not have been very good for team building or team morale, nor indeed for Captain Cesc ‘s morale before critical matches. Other team member could consider themselves as important as Cesc, in their own positions, and therefore morale issues could have been exacerbated.

I think that Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc engineered the stories about Cesc future for the following reasons;

1 – To get it settled once and for all
2- For Cesc’s peace of mind during the World Cup
3- To force Barcelona hand to show what their intention was really about – leadership politics,
4- And finally to put an end to stories about Cesc before start of next session for team morale, Captain Cesc morale and Arsenal FC club image.

The bad end result could see Cesc going to Barcelona but I think it was a risk that was agreed that was worth taking so as to force Barcelona’s hand for the good of Arsenal FC.

Also on the flip side, Cesc may stay at Arsenal as this was always the plan from the beginning with Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc to show his family/supporters that Barcelona where not to be taken seriously. –

Proof of this can be found in what has happened so far since break of story about Cesc’s future. The following;

(1) – Cesc request to Barcelona (not to Arsenal, as already an Arsenal player with a 5 year contract) for his future to be decided before start of world cup – never happened.

(2) – Cesc’s conservation with Arsene where he said his future was in hands of Arsenal FC and Arsene.

(3) – 19th May 2010, Barcelona buy striker David Villa for £35 million – shows where Barcelona’s manager’s priorities are first and foremost.

(4) – Barcelona’s presidential elections due on the 14th June 2010 (each candidate promises to bring Cesc back to club – in house politics)

(5) – 2nd June 2010, disgraceful offer from Barcelona for about £29 million for Cesc who still has about 5 years lift on contract, captain of Arsenal and only 23 years of age – in house politics.

(6) – 2nd June 2010, Club statement on offer by Barcelona – turned down – Cesc not for Sale and Arsenal not interested in speaking with Barcelona about Captain Cesc – please respect our wishes.

(7) – 11th June 2010, World cup starts, Cesc still an Arsenal Player – no increased offer from Barcelona.

(8) – 14th June 2010, new Barcelona president elected, he puts spotlight on old president to undermine his tenure about the Cesc saga, then promises to see what can be done – Barcelona in house Politics.

(9) – 15th June 2010 to 10th July 2010, Still no official increased offer for Cesc from new Barcelona president but stories about them being broke and requesting loan for about £129 million to pay bills.

(10) – 11th July 2010, Cesc’s Spain wins world cup final and Cesc is still an Arsenal Player and gives tribute to Arsenal FC and Arsene and that he is Proud to be …..  An Arsenal player, I would think but media reports do not complete statement, so can only think that is what he is saying.

(11) – 13th July 2010, statement from Cesc ‘s father over the Barcelona shirt incident could show that he has been converted to Cesc still being an Arsenal player as he was quick to apologies  and defend Cesc future at Arsenal FC – same person who was pushing for move to Barcelona.

So that is my take on it, that the whole Cesc saga over the request for his future to be decided was engineered by Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc to show up Barcelona for what they really are in front of Cesc family and supporters from both clubs, to maintain team morale and Arsenal FC image as a big club.


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20 Replies to “Was the Cesc saga engineered by Arsenal FC, together with Arsene and Cesc himself?”

  1. You are reading way too much into this and letting your imagination run away with you. There is no way a business such as our Arsenal and a man such as Wenger, AND a young guy like Cesc would ever do something as ridiculous as this. Engineered? The closest they got to trying to get the strories to stop was getting cesc to sign another five year deal and up his wages to over a hundred grand a week AND then back-date that payrise to the beginning of the season thus handing him a cool £1.6million check at the close season.
    These stories will still continue next season and the next until he goes. It is just something that the team and us fans have to put up with. The only thing you can do is read news from certain news sources that aren’t always out to get us.

  2. I’m not sure that this thesis makes a lot of sense. The stories certainly wont stop simply because Barca don’t have the money at the moment. If Cesc wanted to boost moral, there must be better ways to do it than suggest he’d be willing to move.

    I think what happened was that Laporta told Cesc after the season: “right, this is it, son. We’re going to move for you.” Cesc, who will leave one day, shrugged and said ok, but let’s resolve this soon, thinking that Laporta meant to get it done with silly money. Wenger talked to Cesc and realized that it was Laporta, not Cesc, driving the talk. Once the lowball bid came in, Arsene knew that the whole thing was a joke, and didn’t seem too worried about it.

    Then the whole slapstick played out in the media, with it becoming apparent that Barca is skint. I think Laporta was simply hoping that Arsenal would blink, or that enough bad blood would be sown that Cesc will move next year. To his credit, Cesc didn’t let that happen.

    My hope is that Cesc will be so annoyed with how Barca let him down after promising to buy him that he’ll start to think twice about wanting to join that lot. Also, I’m hoping their finances worsen over the year.

    But given that he does seem to be attracted to them, I think he handled himself pretty well. From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t want to burn his bridges with either team, which seem fair enough. I don’t think his love for Arsenal or his loyalty to Wenger can be doubted.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left next year if he doesn’t see progress and probably a trophy. And I guess I wouldn’t blame him, as much as it would hurt.

  3. great thought…..

    may b true n if it is….. amazing master mind


    with the experience like urs … u enlighten us
    thanz a lot buddy

  4. Blimey, are you sure it wasn’t aliens or freemasons behind it or maybe just Rupert Murdock. In other no I haven’t considered it and I’m still not considering it…

  5. couldnt be more wrong , think you should stick to c s i boxset and leave the blogs to people who know what they are talking about.this blog should be pulled off the web , sad to see that there is arsenal fans out there like you , you should take a look at a taem called spurs suits you better.

  6. No way has cesc engineered this story,I still love cesc but he hasnt come out of this smelling of roses he has tainted his reputation a little

    The main culprit is Barca, arsenal tried to put an end to this a long time ago. My thoughts are that cesc will now see out his contract and will probably leave to barca for a free,that is the only way they will be able to afford him in the future.

    The good news is cesc has had a taste of life at barca where you sit on the bench for 70 mins and are embarrassed by the antics of Puyol and pique, I think we will have a committed captain on our hands for the remainder of his contract the sad news Barca will get cesc in his prime

  7. Alan Keane – that’s a terrible reply – especially to something on Untold Arsenal.

    The whole point of Untold is that within the framework of supporting Arsenal and supporting the Wenger Philosophy the site is used to explore all sorts of issues that are not explored elsewhere. That you don’t agree with the piece is OK, and it is good if you can put forward a case as to why, but to suggest that the argument should not be heard, or that the writer of this piece can’t be an Arsenal supporter because his view is different from yours, is really not a sound one.

    Untold exists to explore issues that are not heard elsewhere – and this is certainly one of them. I think we are quite right to publish it and the author is quite right to explore it.

    Why don’t you write an article for us – the only requirement is that it fits within the pro-Wenger view of the site as a whole.

  8. With Xavi soon being past his prime, Barca will become desperate. Cesc it the only player to replace Xavi. I think Barca are anxious to snare Cesc as soon as possible. The longer they wait, the stronger Arsenal will grow, hence, making a transfer more difficult. Barca and Real will eventually have to share their crazy TV-revenues with the other Spanish clubs. Thus, ending their economical dominance over us. It will eventually be in their best interest to do so.

  9. Whatever you’re smoking…………… Get me some!!!!

    What a load of bollocks!!!!

  10. I like the optimism of this piece, but I would suggest that it is probably way too optimistic. I think we all know that Cesc spoke to Arsene Wenger at the end of the season and said that he would like to go back to Barca if that was possible. My own view is that they agreed that he would be allowed to leave if Barca offered a certain amount (because AW will never keep a player against his wishes ultimately), but at the same time AW re-stated his desire that Cesc stay, and that if Barca did not offer the amount wanted then he would stay at least another season – which I think Cesc was happy with due to his respect for AW and his affinity with Arsenal. This is why Cesc said his future was in AW’s hands. What has gone on in the press in the meantime would seem to be a deliberate ploy from Barca sources to try and push any price down though, and the comments by several Barca players that Cesc wants to join them have been attempts behind the scenes to get Arsenal to reduce their acceptance fee, by making it publicly known what Cesc desires. (It was Barca that started the stories after all, and mainly because Barca need funds also for other things and additional players).
    Now we have Puyol directly quoted as saying Cesc has told all his Spain colleagues he wants to join Barca ASAP and that Arsenal should accept this fact. That Cesc has not publicly come out and rebuffed any these claims (whether it be from Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique etc) does speak a thousand words as to his intentions in my eyes
    So I fear that even though Arsenal have stated that the talk should now stop – this is yet far from over. I certainly wouldn’t place any bets on him being an Arsenal player after 31st August, hope I’m wrong though

  11. Its good to allow one’s thots run wild once in a while because you never know! You never know! However, Emmanuel did not cite the Barca President’s remarks referring to an incident that hurt Arsenal. I think there was a tapping up incident in Morocco or some North African country- while Cesc was smarting up from his last injury of the season. Another thing I notice is that most of us fans of Cesc have chosen to ignore the fact that he was morally wrong to have collected a fat, unusual cheque from the club only to start talking about “his future” just a couple of weeks later.

  12. @AaronGSi, you say the thoery is far Fetch, but you believe that Cesc told Arsene he want to go back to Barca this year. Cesc nor Arsene never confirm that Cesc told Arsene he want to go back to Barca. So if you believe what the Pro Barca media telling you, why can’t you consider what pro Arsenal suggestion?

    The theory hold some thruth as Every year They keep spinning about Cesc going back to Barca, so Maybe it time to really test the Barca. with Barca presidential election and World Cup, it was great time o do it as Barca will have short of time.
    Also with Arsenal financial is in better condition Rasneal can just say no to any offer barca put.

  13. hmmn that is one way to look at this scenario.. I hope you are right..Wenger, social engineering barca to make them expose their own worthless selves is the kind of story people write books about 🙂

  14. It only makes sense if there is an attempt to deflate the market.

    Which did indeed happen…..Barca offered a pauperly £58, sorry, 20 million for a 50 million player.so about 40% of his market value.

    In this context it is possible that Barca and Arsenal are in cahoots, for of course if Cesc’s value is 20million, then Phil Jagielka, Joe Hart etc etc etc will be all be under 10 million, and maybe even much less.

    Barca and Arsenal in cahoots……Cesc off next year, like Ronaldo, and to sweeten the deal Barca make silly derisory ‘offers’ this year….

    possible…who knows….

  15. I think there might be an element of true in your story but with a slight difference. The other person who could be involved in the charade,who might have a hidden agenda is the barca manager,he only signed a one year extension has he an agreement to come to A.F.C next year,when Arsene moves upstairs. Mind you thats how rumours start. Peter Block 19.

  16. I think there might be an element of truth in your story but with a slight difference. The other person who could be involved in the charade,who might have a hidden agenda is the barca manager,he only signed a one year extension has he an agreement to come to A.F.C next year,when Arsene moves upstairs. Mind you thats how rumours start. Peter Block 19.

  17. What utter rubbish
    Cesc has sullied his reputation and I cannot see how he can stay Arsenal captain.
    I am quite sure he will at some point go back to Barcelona but I have to say i do not expect this for 2-3 seasons as he wont get in the team while xabi ect are there

  18. Wenger and Cesc know that there is a problem with Murdoch and Arsenal. You have only to listen to the Sky Muppet Mouthpieces and the rubbish and vitriol they come out with. There are probably several reasons. One is bound to be that Arsenal are a club with integrity and high standards in business. Not many companies are. Another is bound to be that AW will not lick arse. Most managers in the Prem can’t get down on their knees fast enough. And of course this time last last year Arsenal pulled out of operating a Sky Channel- probably for the very best of political and commercial reasons. Wenger and Cesc are not stupid. They have made idiots out of Sky, a load of second rate ‘funny papers’ and indeed Barca’s own board- who incidentally don’t know the meaning of standards and integrity but are very good at dancing to the tunes of Media Empires- for a small consideration no doubt!! Kissinger in his role as Peace Emissary used to visit countries to promote peace. The trouble was- when he left there was a nasty tendency for war to break out but it was never reported like that. Free press and accurate reporting? Don’t joke. For ‘news’ read propaganda and for ‘Sport’ read business agenda. For ‘democrasy’ read slavery and for ‘security’ always read ‘tyrrany. I will be glad when bent refs are all we have to contend with!!

  19. It’s not necessary for AW & Cesc to have started the fires, but they are enjoying it while it burns. This whole story has been good for both Arsenal & Cesc, as they’re getting free publicity! Maybe even they sometimes fan the flames a bit too.

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