Everything is perfect at Bayern, and that is the big, big, problem.

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By Tony Attwood

Everything is perfect at Bayern Munich,, right? After all they are virtually guaranteed to win the German league each year, they have more sponsors than you can shake a stick at, and everything is wonderful.

Well up to a point.

Here’s the thing: How many central midfielders do you need in a team like Bayern? There is Thiago, Arturo Vidal, Joshua Kimmich, Javier Martinez, then just in from Hoffenheim comes Sebastian Rudy, from Lyon Corentin Tolisso.

In addition, Gianluca Gaudino returns after a loan to FC St. Gallen – and there is also the “Rastamann” as they call him Renato Sanches.

In all, the Munich team, in spite of the end of the career of Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm, is packed with central midfielders.

Eight or nine Bavarian professionals all see themselves in the centre of the pitch commanding, planning, strategising (if there is such a word). The artist at the heart of the team.

But only two to three of the aforementioned could possibly play and that would be with a fair bit of stretching the system. So what does Bayern do?

FC Bayern response is to say they are interested in Schalke’s Leon Goretzka.  Which is utter insanity.

Aside from the sheer deliberate upsetting of another team through this, it also means that the experiment with the Portuguese Renato Sanches is now over. After one year.

They paid 35 million euro for him as an 18 year old grabbed from Benfica. And what were the chances of him making it at Bayern with that array of competition? None.

So why do it? Were they buying a man for tomorrow, or simply ensuring no one else could have him?

Sanches came to Munich as a European champion with his country, and got a small number of games – mostly as a sub.  And now Bayern does not really know what to do with Sanches. A top player who Ancelotti gave six starts to. So as a player he became nervous – each game was his big chance.

Now they will hardly get 35 million euros back for Sanches, not even from buy-everyone Chinese (now restrained by the new 50% tax on transfers system).

But who cares – no one else got him.

And this is the point.   It shows Bayern is in command of football not just in Germany (where they are bound to win almost every season, but in football across the world. They want, they get. It is exactly the game that Barcelona keep trying to play with Arsenal.  The difference is that Bayern have never been done for child trafficking.

One day players will realise what Bayern does to their kind – but of course there is always an agent behind each player saying “it will be different for you” and not saying “besides, every move gets me my 10%.”

And that probably is part of the heart of the matter.  Although there are three more threads to take into account.

First the journalists are ever pushing for more and more and more mindless transfers that benefit… and  that we know and understand.  But beyond that the beneficiaries are

a) The agent

b) Bayern because it destabilises other clubs.

Barcelona do it a lot – just look at the Bellerin situation.  Maybe they do want Bellerin, but somehow I rather suspect they would be horrified if Arsenal said “sure, £35 million and he’s yours”.  Barcelona know their sponsor is unstable, and really don’t want to be pushed on anything – but making noises is what they can do.

Bayern are different.  They’ll buy the players and put them on the bench – or just not play them at all and then tell them at a loss.  But the job has been done.  The player is reduced in ability, and no one else got him.

Barcelona’s task is more difficult – they are in a two team league.  For Bayern it’s a doddle.  All that matters is winning the Champions League.  The German League is a given without a ball being kicked.

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15 Replies to “Everything is perfect at Bayern, and that is the big, big, problem.”

  1. What is the point of this article?? The same could be said of Arsenal. Many players who got robbed of a great career – Wilshere, Joel Campbell, Jeff, Senderos. It’s a sink or swim world out there. And you get paid millions for your trouble.

  2. How the hell has Wheelchair been robbed of a great career? He’s basically been paid extortionate amounts of money by Arsenal to sit on a treatment table. It’s up for debate as to whether a Man City or Chelsea wouldn’t have the same problem for the same outlay. He’s as brittle as Brighton rock. That’s not Arsenal’s problem, it’s genetic. Senders and Campbell weren’t anywhere near top class so should think themselves lucky they got as close to the sun as they did. All these players were given plenty time to prove themselves, which is totally different to Bayern hoovering up a fantastic talent like Sanchez to let him rot. United are interested and good on them. I’d like to see him at Arsenal, if his confidence isn’t totally shot by now. Chelsea run a similar ship. We’ve got more money than you so we’re going to stockpile players. Deal with it. Is it right or fair? Of course not.

  3. FIFA publish Garcia report for ‘the sake of transparency’
    FIFA said it had decided to publish the Garcia report after it was “illegally leaked” to a German newspaper.
    “For the sake of transparency, FIFA welcomes the news that this report has now been finally published,” FIFA said in a statement.
    Mr Garcia, who is now an associate judge at the Court of Appeals for the state of New York, spent 18 months and interviewed 75 witnesses as he investigated the convoluted bidding process for the two tournaments.
    His report was not published but instead handed to the then FIFA ethics judge, Hans-Joachim Eckert, who issued a 42-page summary, which said there was not enough evidence to reopen the bidding process.
    Mr Garcia publicly criticised Mr Eckert’s summary and resigned one month later, in December 2014. FIFA then agreed the report could be published once all investigations against individuals had been completed

  4. If Garcia’s article had of never leaked, FIFA would have never published it. Yes, they probably thought about it often, in the context of “how do we keep this from ever getting out?”. So FIFA was being honest in saying they often thought about it, but they thought about it in a context different from what most readers would.

    Corrupt. Thy name is FIFA (UEFA, FA, …).

  5. A friend sent me this humourous message , that got me thinking .


    – Don’t think of your past patient.
    -Don’t think of your future patient.
    -Just think of your present patient.

    – When you were not there , this hospital was functioning.
    -Even when you leave ; this hospital will still function.

    The patient who is yours today , was some others’patient yesterday . And tomorrow , he/she will be some others’ patient .
    – What you think yours ,is not yours .
    – This is responsible for all your grief .

    Should it be the same with Arsenal players ?
    Is all this worrying and trying to do the manager’s job the reason of many of those **** are pissed off all the while ?

    Not that I really care , you see !

    But then again , how many of you out there still fret about all those who were once our pride and our heroes , but now are probably zeroes somewhere ?

    When a man dwells on the objects of sense, he creates an attraction for them; attraction develops into desire, and desire breeds anger.
    —The Bhagavad Gita

    A saint was asked , ” What is anger ?”
    He gave a beautiful answer , ” It is a punishment we give to ourselves , for somebody else’s mistakes .”

    Please tune in at the same time tomorrow for the next sermon . That is if you are not too pissed off with this sublime message !

  6. Learning from the mistakes of others .

    Court Prosecuter : ” The woman shot her husband because he stepped on her freshly mopped floor ?”

    Police officer : ” That is correct .”

    Court Prosecuter : ” And it took you 20 minutes to arrest her . Why ?”

    Police officer :” The floor was STILL wet !”

    (Most married men will understand this very clearly !)

  7. Welcome back!

    Big rugby match, big call from an official, no controversy.


    I don’t watch the Rugby Football but it observably has a better rep and more credibility then the pgMOB Rules Football (ok?) code
    (Not forgetting the stand up gents from FAB, FUFA etc….).

  8. Hmmm, and Bayern are now trying to get Leon Goretzka despite the obvious fact that they don’t actually need to sign him. For, their midfield is already stuffed with many top quality mid fielders as this article has indicated. But still, Bayern will not let go Goretzka to deny any top super club like Arsenal from signing him.

    Using the latest failed transfer of Renato Sanchez at Bayern as a typical example of how Bayern strategy of preventing other top clubs from getting top quality player or players as much as they can, that Bayern’s policy has not lead them to win the Champions League in recent seasons which is their sole aim of embarking on this kind of doing unneeded transfers.

    In contract to just to say, yes sir, here’re am. I am ready to play for Bayern Munich my dream club by Leon Goretzka if Bayern does approach him to join them this summer and say to him in silent to be prepared to sit on their bench because there are others above you in our midfield team who are regular starters. But nonetheless, we’ll try to give you occasional appearances in the Bundesliga to see if you can make the grade as stater at Bayern to possibly play in the CL later. And we might also give you too 1-4 starts to see if at all you can make the grade at Bayern. Look here Goretzka, the reason why we are signing you is to deny any top club in Bundesliga like Dortmund or Arsenal in Europe from signing you to prevent them from playing you regularly so that you won’t be in top form whenever the club you’ve joined play against us.

    I hope Leon Goretzka will be forewarned by the naked fact revealed in this article posting and take heeds not to choose Bayern over Arsenal should in case Arsenal approach him to join them this summer. So, the ball is in Goretzka’s court.

  9. Most gaming fans build up 1 club, in my case Arsenal or Oldham Athletic, to dominate their sport by acquiring the best players via a large surplus of cash.

    Then beyond this aim, simple strategy is to monopolise as many promising youth and current outstanding stars as possible, from both domestic and foreign rivals.

    But video games are there for social enjoyment, Bayern just take the **** ?

  10. A few years back I wrote an article about the hoarding of talent by the big European teams and was called a whiner and moaner by the aaa for my troubles. The circle does come around doesn’t it!

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