The long hot summer is over

By Walter Broeckx

Two months we have been waiting

That long hot summer did not seem to pass

Very slowly the hours and the days went along

But finally here it is: we are back playing football again.

The days were long

The papers full off rumours

Will he go or not, will he stay or not

He will go or maybe not, he will stay or maybe not

Then you think, give me a break, let it go

But then they come back and start it all over

The days were long

The Barceloanus players full of talk

He’s got our DNA

He belongs here

We would like to have him

We even will pull a shirt over his head

Please let him come and give him for free if possible

Barceloanus, the team that lost the sympathy this summer

The sympathy of many football lovers and friends.

Came along the world cup

Hosted by what seems to be a nice country

With lots of nice people living there

But organised by a mafia organisation like Fifa

Who took over the land, the laws and the justice department

The taxman in SA stays behind empty handed

Whilst Blatter and company run away with the profits

And leave the SA people behind with the bills to pay

The long hot summer

where even the pundits have seen the light

Finally they have seemed  to have discovered

that kicking the opponents is despicable

They have branded this tactic as unacceptable

They have praised the team that played with skill

They have demanded that the refs protect those teams

But we can fear that come 15 August they will have forgotten it

That long hot summer of boredom

That long hot summer with no good football to enjoy

That long hot summer with no games from Arsenal

Finally that long hot summer is over

The waiting is over

The players are back where they belong

The manager is back where he belongs

The ball has been put under the right pressure

The ref enters the field with the players

And there we have that magical moment

The Arsenal comes to the field

The Arsenal players in their new shirts

The Arsenal team ready to go

The supporters full of hope and expectation

The moaners ready to start moaning

The optimists ready to enjoy

The pessimists ready to suffer

The supporters full of expectation

Will Chamakh be good as he cost nothing

Will Koscielny be good as he cost a lot

Will Vermaelen confirm his great season

Will Arshavin finally be fit this season

Will Gibbs come back fully recovered

Will Walcott be finally fit this season

Will Almunia have put his personal tragedies behind him

Will Song be even better than last season

Will Robin finally have his year without an injury

Will Eduardo come good



Will this be the year that we leave the injury crisis behind us

And most of all maybe:

Will this be the year that The Arsenal win the league?

We will know it in May and in the meantime

Just enjoy it as much as you can

Be it in the stadium

Be it behind your TV

Be it behind your pc

Be it listening to the radio

Gooners, just support your gunners

The Arsenal is back in town!

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9 Replies to “The long hot summer is over”

  1. Massive fan of your blog.Keep up the good work.Come on You MIGHTY Goooooonnnnnnnnnnnnerrrrrsssssss

  2. Wow, it sounds like a war chant to me.

    So it begins, the battle for the justice and financial and football fairplay!!!

  3. Lukasz Fabianski

    Havard Nordtveit; Thomas Vermaelen; Laurent Koscielny; Armand Traore

    Emmanuel Frimpong; Tomas Rosicky; Jack Wilshere

    Andrey Arshavin; Jay Simpson; Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

    Not the line up expected. Another chance for Simpson, or is he on show for a transfer? And where is Almunia?

  4. Second half team will be

    Wojciech Szczesny / Vito Mannone

    Ignasi Miquel, Johan Djourou, Kieran Gibbs, Craig Eastmond

    Samir Nasri, Conor Henderson, Henri Lansbury

    Nacer Barazite; Theo Walcott; Marouane Chamakh

    No Eduardo, no Almunia – those are immediately the most obvious omissions from the game. I think the others can be excused for having been in the world cup. Denilson in injured.

  5. halftime and 3 cracking goals, arshavin after 2 minutes and a brace from simpson. 3 quid goes a long way on ATVO.

  6. A nice start I would say.
    I thought Frimpong and Wilshere looked impressive and also Arshavin looked ready for the season.
    The ref still had a bit of dust in his whistle at times.

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