The Out Index: the 26 (yes 26) players said to be leaving Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone


Things have slowed down a bit, not least because Arsenal has revealed their hand over who stays and who goes, through their selection of the 25 players to go on the Australia and China tour.  Taking a player there and then selling him seems unlikely to say the least.

Of those who stayed behind we can see who is likely to leave and who not – but even here the media seems to be rather sleepy, virtually unable to make up anything relating to a variety of non-core players.  Perez has had a couple of rumours, but that has gone quiet, while Campbell has only had one vague rumour thrown his way – which is not to say I want him out, but rather, in the past, he would have been subject to a dozen offers by now.  According to the media.

So what’s going on?  Are the media asleep?  Are journalists drunk?   Has everyone had an imagination by-pass?

We don’t know but we do have 26 players now being rumoured to be leaving (and that is counting Alexis as just one player despite having more rumours than everyone else put together).

Here’s the OUT INDEX.

No Player Club Notes
New Akpom His loan to Brighton was not a success after a long injury spell so it seems the club are looking to try another loan to regain his pre-injury sparkle
 2a Alexis Man C Guardiola making £50m offer his summer priority.  £50m.  Talk Sprout says it is done.  Mirror says he is finalising.
2b Alexis Chelsea Will play out contract and go on a free to Chelsea.
2c Alexis Man U Has already agreed deal
2d Alexis Nowhere Mr Wenger has said “he is staying”
2e Alexis Real Mad
New Alexis ??? Anyone can have him for £80m
New Takuma Asano Stuggart He’s staying put as there is no work permit yet.
Update Krystian Bielik Birmingham City keen to extend loan for another year. Norwich keen. Also Nottm Forest.  Could go to Leeds – but he has gone on the Ozzie tour so if he goes out it presumably will only be on loan.  And we might need him for the first couple of weeks.
Update Bellerin Barcelona Barce will sign him; no, he is happy to stay.  No Barce are getting him on a cut price deal (details of which are unclear).  He’s bought a house in Barcelona.  Latest: he has asked for a transfer and Arsenal has refused. Latest, Barcelona have given up and are looking elsewhere.
6 Campbell Fenerbahce Currently in talks to sign.  No its Greece.  Easy mistake.
New  Chambers Newcastle Or it could be Everton.  There seems some uncertainty
New Crowley Willem II News reports say this transfer is going through and that he is about to be presented to reporters.
9 Francis Coquelin  Valencia This story has been going on and on and on and…
New Debuchy Newcastle Being made available on a free.
New Gibbs Hasn’t gone on the summer tour suggesting he is leaving.  Watford don’t like the price so the suggestion is, AFC have cut it in half.
12a Olivier Giroud  Marseille He wants to play more games.
12b Giroud West Ham They really want him as they need more pace!
New Giroud Wenger wants to keep him hence the new contract signed earlier
New Giroud Everton Despite already signing over 50 players this summer, Everton want Giroud as well.  “We’ll see who we’ve got when the window closes and pick a team from that” said A Spokesman.
Update Jenkinson Newcastle Just promoted, need players, but no real noise concerning his move.  He did not go to Australia.
NEW Glen Kamara Released
15 Koscielny Marseille He’s just had enough
New Matt Macey He didn’t go to Oz, but will be too old to be the 4th keeper in the club next season (the 4th normally being an under 21), unless both the club and he are ready for that change in the process.
NEW Savvas Mourgos No details but he has been released.
18 Ospina Fenerbahce Some are just saying “to Turkey”
Update Oxlade Chamb Liverpool! They have offered £40m and made it a priority, no its Chelsea; either way the player is angry and wants to go.  He’s “stultified” and needs to “flourish”.  But Wenger has made it clear he is central to the club’s plan for this coming season
20 Özil Real Mad They realise they should have kept him.  Mr Wenger says, he is staying.  He’s on the Ozzie tour so seems to be staying.
21 Lucas Perez PSG He’s an “outcast” according to “reports”.  He didn’t go to Oz, but it is said that the proposed deal in Spain has broken down.
22 Sanogo Released
Update Santi Caz Not so much that he is going but that Arsenal must send him packing – until suddenly he posted pics of himself in the gym and said he was doing double training.  Surely those early stories about “never play again” can’t just have been made up can they?
Update Wojciech Szczesny Napoli Every newspaper seems to have this one.  He doesn’t want to be here.  Yes he does, the club doesn’t want him.  He has not gone to Australia suggesting he is staying in Italy.
25 Nathan Tella Southampton Deal done and completed – he was released
Update Theo Walcott West Ham Ray Wilkins says he must leave to protect his career.  Daily Star says he is going to West Ham.

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8 Replies to “The Out Index: the 26 (yes 26) players said to be leaving Arsenal this summer.”

  1. Theo Walcott – Ray Wilkins says he must leave to protect his career.

    This is standard bullshit from numb nuts like Wilkins whenever a player cannot get in the team.

    The same sort of thing was, and for some reason still is, being said about The Ox, despite playing plenty of times last season, and performing a key role in a good end of season. .

    Isn’t it funny how numb nuts like Wilkins scream blue murder that we need to strengthen our squad, then cant seem to get there heads around the fact that when we do, some players wont get as many games as they may like, after all Wenger’s only allowed to play 11 at a time like everyone else.

    But then, as soon we do strengthen, the likes of that numb nuts Wilkins start banging on about players not getting enough games and having to leave.

    But then, as soon as they do leave, the likes of that numb nuts Wilkins start banging on about Arsenal not having a strong enough squad and needing to buy.

    And so it goes on.

    Honestly, if these people realised just how f***ing stupid they sound.

  2. Nitram

    Well said.These pundits/ex players/journos/aaas
    Can never be satisfied. Its better to ignore there so called expert advice.
    Wenger is the best judge of his players and he has done a very fine job over the year’s imo.

  3. Yes the media makes up fakes transfer stories. Ever wondered why? Having thought about it, I don’t entirely blame them.

    Take my example. I’d like to think of myself as a reasonable and fairly intelligent person not interested in sensationalism and fake news (clue: I am an admirer of Untold Arsenal). However, one of my device to deal with the interlull in absence of Euros or World cup this year is to google “Arsenal transfer news” with the hope of the news of Sanchez/Ozil/Ox signing a new contract or Arsenal signing up Lemar or Mbappe.

    I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of Arsenal fans out there who do the same.

    Imagine if the media was absolutely honest and everytime I Googled “Arsenal transfer news” all I got was Alexis and Ozil haven’t signed a new contract yet and there is no activity on an other transfer. I’m pretty sure I would get bored in a few days and convince myself that the best thing to do is to look up on 31 August to see who has been signed and who have they let go.

    But why would the media let this happen? If nobody visits their website, they don’t make money. So they create these ridiculous fake transfer news to attract hits. Now I know from past experience that 99% of the news is false. But even a reasonable, fairly intelligent and Untold Arsenal-reading person like me can’t help taking the bait in the slight hope of reading that Sanchez/Ozil have signed da ting or, however unlikely it may be, to see Mbappe and Lemar wearing the hallowed red jersey, .

    I have successfully stayed away from these transfer news in some of the past seasons, but this year the excitement of Arsenal having already signed “the casette” and Kosalnic (is he Koscielny’s cousin?), public acknowledgement by Wenger of looking to sign Mbappe and Lemar, and the soul shattering thought of Sanzhes joining one of our mail rivals has meant that I have lost all self-control and am unable to abstain from Googling “Arsenal transfer news” several dozen times a day.

    So you see, until fellow Gunners like me desist from seeking transfer news and only resort to email alerts from announcing a transfer or a departure, the media will keep on writing fake stories.

    So my fellow Gunners, the power is really in your hands – if you are able to exercise it!

  4. Only thing that bothers me is:
    if after signing all these expensive 🙂 players we don’t win PL.

    But of course we will.
    Defy my opinion and you will be taken out. 🙂
    (not to some fine eatery, you get my drift?)

  5. I believe Le Prof has the money in excess of £45m in his current summer transfer Kitty enough to see through the transfer of Lemar to Arsenal this summer without him resorting to sell any Gunner first before he’ll do that singular transfer successfully.

    Nonetheless, as it has now emerged, there are some six Gunners who have been on the fringes at Arsenal for some seasons or so now and have become surpluses to requirements at Arsenal and are no longer in the plans of Le Prof this summer as he embarked on reinforcing his squad with top new quality players.

    Therefore, there won’t be the need for Arsenal to keep the six on the fringe Gunners this summer but sell them. According to the latest update available in some media outlets, it was revealed that those Gunners who fell into into this category are: Szczesny, Gibbs, Campbell,Jenkinson, Debuchy and Perez. The sales of these six this summer if successful should fetch a reasonable amount of handsome money for Arsenal.

    Arsenal can then use the money so fetched for them from the sales as recoup for some of the money if not all, they had spent to sign Lacazette. And reinvest the money to get Mbappe transferred to Arsenal this summer. But before that can happen, Arsenal will have to sell Alexis Sanchez for £80m not minding selling him to any of their Premier League rival club side who can cough out that money to sign Alexis. On the alternative, if Sanchez repented from his huge wage demand and contract extension rebellion at Arsenal, both Giroud and Oxlade Chamberlain should be sold to raise that £80m.

    I think £125m or thereabout will force the hand of Monaco to sell Mbappe to Arsenal. Who in turn will serve as the immediate and as the longer future top class quality squad reinforcement investment at Arsenal. But is Le Prof afraid to commit himself to actualise the signing of Mbappe for Arsenal this summer? Thinking maybe the lad could flop at Arsenal next season should he signed him. Well, every transfer is a risky venture that may payoff or fail.

  6. Buy all the players!
    Sell all the players!

    Personally I think we will regret landing on Fleet Street and passing up the opportunity to buy it when we could. Now we’re left with the pale blue ones, and Waterworks.

    Oi Gazidis, Law, get a grip!

  7. By far the majority of former players / now Pundits are always working with an agenda.
    Wilkins wants to talk up Chelsea (in particular)and ManU, both of which he played for.
    So pretty much any other PL club he ever refers to, is done in a negative way.
    Same goes for tw4ts like Shearer and Murphy.
    Unfortunately most of our former players/now pundits are either Anti-Wenger (like idiot-boy Merson) because he ended their Arsenal careers, or rather easily lead like Wright, Dixon and ever Keown on occasion…

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