Which of the top 10 teams of last season has completed the most transfers and who has spent the most?

By Tony Attwood

TV money to Premier League clubs was 45% higher last season than in 2016/17, which explains why every club is, or is expected to be, buying players for prices never previously seen.

In this regular column I try to keep tabs on where exactly that money is going – along with seeing if there is anything in the story (which has been repeated this season) that Arsenal take far too long to tie up deals while everyone else is able to rush them through in a nanosecond.

Here’s the list of who has been signed.  According to the total figures available thus far the expenditure this summer up to yesterday was £645.2m.

I have continued to add more teams to the chart as we go along.  The prime reason for doing this was to compare Arsenal with other teams traditionally associated with trophies each season but I have found it interesting to keep working down the league just to see what is going on.

I have got down as far as West Brom and so have now recorded the top 10 from last season – and Tottenham remain in splendid isolation as the club without incoming players.

This information can now be linked with the details of the number of injuries last season.  In our article recording the totals of injuries last season we used three different measures of injury (total number of injuries lasting 14 days or more, total number of injuries all told, total number of days lost through injury).

Of the teams in the top ten last season (the teams shown here) only Liverpool scored very high on two of those three markers, which suggests that multiple injuries and long term injuries really do relate to the position in the league for most clubs.  The fewer the injuries, the better you do in the league.

But back to our headline questions.  Who has transferred in the most players?   The totals are

  1. Everton: 10 players transferred in
  2. Bournemouth: 4 players transferred in
  3. Chelsea: 2 players transferred in
  4. Arsenal: 2 players transferred in
  5. Man City 2 players transferred in
  6. Man United: 2 players transferred in
  7. Liverpool: 2 players transferred in
  8. Southampton: 1 players transferred in
  9. West Brom: 1 player transferred in
  10. Tottenham: 0 players transferred in

So Tottenham continue to stand alone in this matter – and you might like to see our article on Tottenham’s transfer situation which was widely praised… by Tottenham supporters.  It is worth reading the comments afterwards.

Manchester United have spent the most, Manchester City are second, Arsenal third.

Club Player  From Date Fee Total £
Arsenal Alexandre Lacazett Lyon July £46m £46m
Sead Kolasinac Schalke June End of contract
Chelsea Antonio Rüdiger Roma June £29m £29m
Ethan Ampadu
Exeter July Compensation
Man C Ederson Benfica June £34.9m £78.5m
  Bernardo Silva Monaco May £43.6m
Man U Victor Lindelof Benfica June £31m £106m
Romelu Lukaku Everton July £75m
Liverpool Mohamed Salah Roma June £36.9m £36.9m
  Dominic Solanke Chelsea May Released
Tottenham £0
Everton Michael Keene Burnley July £25m £86m
Josh Bowler QPR July Unknown
Sandro Ramírez Malaga July £5.3m
Henry Onyekuru Lupen June £7m*
Nathangelo Markelo FC Volendam June Unknown
Davy Klaassen Ajax June £23.7m
Jordan Pickford Sunderland June £25m
Boris Mathis Metz July Unknown
Josh Bowler QPR July Unknown
Wayne Rooney Man U July Free?
Southampton Jan Bednarek Lech Poznan July £5.7m £5.7m
Bournemouth Asmir Begovic Chelsea May £30m £50m
Nathan Aké Chelsea June £20m
Jermain Defoe Sunderland June Free
Connor Mahoney Blackburn July Released
West Brom Jay Rodriguez Southampton July £12m £12m

*Player purchased then loaned out.

I also want to try and build a similar list to this one for loan movements and if successful that will be published shortly.  We have had the view for several years that Chelsea are out on their loan in running a loan farm with players moved hither and thither without actually ending up in Chelsea’s first team.  It would be interesting to know if they are still at it.

The bizarre goings on at Everton really make me wonder whether it is possible to build a complete new team through the summer and bring them together ready for the new season.  I suspect not, but we shall see.

I find this all quite interesting – and a nice antidote to the wild and wacky world of rumours.  Hope you find something here of interest too.

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16 Replies to “Which of the top 10 teams of last season has completed the most transfers and who has spent the most?”

  1. Considering how Guardiola stated that it would take 10 years to build a title-winning team at City (if he was serious which, who knows…), I find the fact that they have so far just 2 new players quite intriguing.

    Considering the theoretical ‘we can afford anyone’ kind of kind of attitude that to PL teams seem to have, seing Pool, PU and Chelsea have only 2 additions is odd.
    Wonder what is behing that ? 17 player rule ? salary cap ? finances not so good ? targets not too keen to move to the PL whatever they may say about it being the best league in the world, coach not having that golden reputation he thinks he has ?

    Then, maybe, with 6 weeks left, the mercato is far from over. Yet making buld purchases at the end, after pre-season, seems not that goog of an idea.

    That ‘smaller’ teams decide to invest, I find is not surprising, the money is there and they are battling for survival.

    As for AFC, we know that only a few will come in, that it is fine-tuning and not reshuffling, so no surprise there.

    By the way, funny to read Boooooorinho’s comments about Lacazette move and justification why, he says, he decided not to get him.


  2. Funny story about Alves dissing City after agreement and going to PSG making the rounds.

    Still Arsenal, once ridiculed in the transfer window, have grown as a club and are still “doing it their way”.

    Maybe that should be the new club song:

    “We did it ourrrr wayyyyy”


  3. So the amount spent by Arsenal to bring in Lacazette is £46m and not £56m as I erroneously stated yesterday in my last comment posting. Since that is the case, then, Le Prof still has £54m balance left from the £100m reportedly allocated to him by the Arsenal board as his transfer kitty to do his transfer business this summer.

    With this large amount of money still remaining in the hand of Le Prof, I wonder then why Arsenal have not press ahead to conclude their incoming transfer target of Thomas Lemar from Monaco, after it was reported in the media that they submitted two unsuccessful bids for the midfielder transfer to us and will follow up with a third and final bid to have the player transferred to Arsenal?

    Nonetheless, Le Prof said in Australia that, he’s opened to do signings this summer. But did that his statement translate to he’ll sign more than the three new players he was quoted to have said he’ll sign this summer? I don’t think so but I could be wrong as Arsenal can recoup some money they’ve spent to sign Lacazette if they sell some on the fringes Gunners of: Szczsney, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Debuchy who widely suspected might be sold this summer in some quarters.

  4. Tony, last summer Fulham in the Championship did bring in a new team – from memory they retained only half a dozen or so players from their previous team and added something like eighteen fresh players. They got to the division playoffs before losing to Reading, a considerable improvement from only just escaping relegation the previous season. I think they were careful over the types of player they imported and seemed to end up with a fairly balanced team fairly devoid of massive egos.

    This summer they have managed to keep their best players, particularly Sessagnon who has signed a new 3 year deal showing a lot of sense for a 17 year old realising that playing time is more important than moving to a much bigger club.

    It is possible to do well with a completely new team but I wouldn’t regard it as as a normal, or even desirable, option. Incremental change seems to be a better option.

  5. I feel quite pleased for Everton fans. They seem a decent bunch from what I can see. They give great vocal support at home (don’t know much about there away support). They seem to be very patient and don’t seem to turn on there players at the drop of a hat, unlike some we could name, especially given some pretty poor periods in which they could of done.

    And of course it cant be easy being neighbours to the best team in the world, despite not winning a title for over 25 years, the best fans in the World, despite the fact they only seem to know one song, and the best owner in the World, despite the fact he’s a lying little p**k.

    So all in all I say good luck to them.

    Yes, it might not come off but unless something really disastrous happens they’re not going to be much worse off are they, and if it does work out they could easily push for a top 4 finish, even better if it really clicks.

    Either way it is exciting times for the fans. I hope they enjoy the ride, just not at our expense.

    Oh, and I really hope they keep there grubby little mitts off Giroud. I would love him to stay, but like Sanchez, if he has to go I hope it’s abroad.

  6. I’ve mistakenly omitted Lucas Perez name who is also believed is among those on the fringes Gunners at Arsenal that will be sold this summer. That’s bring the numbers to five in all of: Szczsney, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Perez.

    If Arsenal succeeded to sell these five this summer. Their sales could fetch a minimum of £50m for Arsenal by my own estimation. And if Arsenal finally succeeded to sign Lemar at the alleged £45m they are reported to be preparing to table to Monaco as their 3rd and final bid to sign the midfielder. L think Le Prof could finally be in possession of about £60m after signing Lemar to do one more marquee signing this summer in addition to the envisaged #LACALEMA axis signings which is expected he’ll do for Arsenal this summer.

    Yes and true, Le Prof is open to do more signings this summer. But if he sells those five senior Gunners who are currently on the fringes at Arsenal.

    Nevertheless, should he sell Sanchez to Man City as unlikely as it may be, and the proceeds from the sale of Sanchez is up the £80m which Arsenal are reported to want from any buyer before they’ll allow Sanchez to go. Arsenal will become well handy and well armed with sufficient money more than enough to bid for the signing of Mbappe and be successful to sign him despite the oil Sheik sponsored PSG club who are reported to be making overtures to Monaco to sign Mbappe.

    Should any golden opportunity fly like a bee in the sight of Arsenal this summer to sign Mbappe, it should not be allowed to fly away without being seized by Arsenal.

  7. I’m quite amused by Barcelona declaring Bellerin ‘isn’t good enough’ all of a sudden, when they’ve basically been tapping him up for the last 12 months. Nothing to do with Arsenal telling you he isn’t for sale, by any chance?

    There surely isn’t a more embarrassing club in football, other than Salford Untied. Good luck finding Alves’ replacement you suckers. Laughable.

  8. Nitram

    Everton fans “give great vocal support at home”??? Seriously, have you ever been to Goodison Park? Certainly, the fans are passionate but I don’t know of a club that has fewer songs. And the few that they do have rarely get an airing. Pretty much all they are well known for is persistently moaning loudly about the referee and opposition.

    As to their signings, I fear that it might be a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. They’ve brought in some decent players but none, I think, that any of the top six would have wanted. And they have lost one of their best players and will lose another (Barkley) by the time that the window closes.

    Long term, they have decent prospects, though. A new stadium in the offing; a good academy; and Steve Walsh now masterminding scouting.

  9. While I’m pleased that Arsenal have signed the pair they have– which, IMO is of greater quality for half the spend of that of ManU?
    The team I feel has gotten the best value thus far is Bournemouth.
    They may have overpaid for Begovich– but Ake looks to be a solid PL performer for years to come.
    And what’s not to like about Jermaine Defoe? Year-in, year-out he bags goals. Just what Bournemouth needs right now.


  10. @Flares

    “Good luck finding Alves’ replacement you suckers. Laughable.”

    Seeing just this line at-a-glance?
    I was thinking of ManCity losing an all-but-signed Alves to PSG two days ago.
    That– is laughable too!


  11. IMO It’s interesting that after signing 10 new players (ok one straight out on loan)Everton appear to now have a squad of 27 (plus U21s) according to transfermarkt.
    So they did have a rather thin squad last season.
    Although I have to agree that although they’ve bought some solid players, they aren’t players that the top teams would covet.

  12. @ Tony Atwood

    You mentioned in your post that Arsenal have spent the third highest cash so far this window. In the list list below that, however, Bournemouth and Everton are shown to have spent more. Is this an error or is there something I am missing?

    This is my first post ever on Untold, after Several years of reading. Very nice website with reasonably honest and relatively unbiased in reporting (as far as football love will allow). I wish there were more sites like this.

  13. JimB

    No I haven’t been to Everton, so I bow to your better knowledge.

    All I know is what I’ve heard on tv and they sounded pretty loud and passionate to me, but that could easily, and I believe often is (only an opinion), manipulated by the broadcaster, and I must admit I’ve never counted the different songs, so much like Liverpool they may well have just the one.

    But I must admit, it seems to me most teams, especially the ‘tough’ Northern ones, do indeed have just the one song they love to sing with all there hearts, when we visit, and that’s:

    ‘Same Old Arsenal, Always Cheating’

    It’s usually sang at it’s most passionate just after one of our players has had his leg broken or his head almost removed !

    As for moaning at refs. Don’t we all do that?

    As for the quality of the signings, as you say, it may well be quantity over quality, and it may or may not work for them, we will only know that really come May 2018, but all I was really remarking on was how they would be enjoying it.

    But The transfer window is much like Christmas, it’s always great fun getting your new presents, but it can be very disappointing when they turn out to be crap, or broken before boxing day !

    Only time will tell what kind of Christmas Everton have had.

  14. Olanipekun – the general rule is that if it looks like I have made a mistake, usually I have made a mistake.

    The positive side of things is that I’ll be publishing another edition of the transfer table in a few days, and I’ll be doing the sums again, so there is a fair chance I’ll get it right next time! But thanks for pointing this out – I will take a look and check as soon as I get a moment.

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