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  1. nicky

    What bothers me every pre-season, is that academy and other reserve players are invariably seen, raved over performance and rarely seen again. 😉

  2. nicky

    Arsenal v Chelsea tomorrow will be shown live on ITV commencing at 1230 pm BST. Be there! 😉

  3. para

    Me too.
    Its like they drop performance, but places are thin and only through any unfortunate injury could they get a longer chance to impress.
    And impress they must to sail right into the 1st team.

  4. para

    After a few seasons at Manu(if he lasts that long) he(Mou) may start to realise the job AW has had at Arsenal these past years.

    Still, he is known for his seemingly innocent statements that are full of hidden barbs, is he not?

    They do say, once a thief…

    OK, come out of that, now.

  5. MickHazel

    I see some of our less intelligent supporters are displaying their stupidity to the world on Twitter by slagging off Kolasinac for his performance against Bayern.
    Some of our supporters are incredibly thick and stupid and the sites that seem to make a living out of posting their ignorant twitter comments as being representative of Arsenal support in general should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Andy Mack

    The youngsters know that pre-season games are where they get the maximum exposure.
    So they train to peak for those games whilst the 1st team squad are still quite early in their pre-season training. So the ‘Kids’ with talent often do stand out, but their level drops a little when the season really starts.
    However as soon as the real season starts, 1st team players should be hitting their stride physically+.
    Add this to the need of top PL clubs to perform in every one of their 38 PL games and it makes it difficult for the manager to pick the youngsters for anything more than some ‘Beach 😀 ‘ time.
    If our 1st eleven manage to get a decent lead in games then the kids would get more playing time, so it’s up to the starters to get some early goals without conceding… please!

  7. Andy Mack

    If Walker (from tinys to $iteh) is worth £45m then Bellerin is worth well over £50m!

  8. WalterBroeckx

    Mick, to be honest he was rather poor against Bayern. But the fact he came off even during the first half showed something was wrong with him. Wenger has said that he had been sick like some others. So I see no reason to slag him off at all. But maybe I am not as stupid as they are.
    I remember (probably the same) people slagging off Nacho and for me has been one of the better players of last season.

  9. Andy Mack

    I do like MaureenO’s comment.
    He bought lots of players at well over the market prices when started at Chavski but now he’s having a little whinge because he can’t quite do that any more…
    He’s still got bloody deep pockets full of his clubs money, but not as much as some others 😀

  10. MickHazel

    The brainless idiots were calling him, fat, rubbish and shit, a waste of money. After one and a half games at the start of pre season, at a new club in a different country, with new team mates and on top of that obviously ill. And there are sites that peddle this rubbish.
    Sorry but I get so angry when I see this sort of thing.

  11. Gord

    OT: M Flamini followup

    I am fishing for information on bio-polymers, and ran across a recent compilation of companies and products of a biological nature. And GF Biochemicals is listed. I think that is the company that Flamini is involved in.

    They had 50 employees in Italy and the USA producing 3 million pounds of products.

    Advancing the Biobased Economy:
    Renewable Chemical Biorefinery Commercialization,
    Progress, and Market Opportunities, 2016 and Beyond

    Arsenal is not mentioned in the snippet.

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