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  1. mjc


    As always, very fascinating.

    But I wonder if the Telegraph article wouldn’t make more sense if they considered the wages paid to injured players as a percentage of the total wage bill. This would give a reasonable measure of what proportion of the “skills-base” was not available to the club during the season.

    From the best wages figures I can find (http://www.totalsportek.com/money/english-premier-league-wage-bills-club-by-club/), I calculate the following:

    Club IC (m) TW (m) %
    Hull City £7.8 £25 31.2%
    Crystal Palace  £12.1 £55 22.0%
    West Ham United £13.7 £79.80 17.2%
    Sunderland  £11.7 £68.30 17.1%
    Watford £7.0 £41 17.1%
    Southampton  £8.9 £63.60 14.0%
    Everton  £9.0 £83 10.8%
    Bournemouth £3.4 £34 10.0%
    Middlesbrough £3.2 £34 9.4%
    Liverpool £13.7 £165.60 8.3%
    Leicester City  £5.4 £66 8.2%
    Manchester City £18.3 £225 8.1%
    Arsenal £16.3 £200.50 8.1%
    Man United £17.8 £220.80 8.1%
    Swansea City £4.6 £59 7.8%
    Tottenham  £8.5 £121.20 7.0%
    Stoke City £4.7 £75.90 6.2%
    Burnley £2.0 £33 6.1%
    West Bromwich  £2.0 £65 3.1%
    Chelsea £6.6 £218 3.0%

    IC (m) = Injured Player Wages Cost
    TW (m) = Total Wages for the Club
    % = Percentage of the wage bill that was paid to injured players.

    So we see the Chelsea Voodoo Medical Society at the very bottom (as always), and both Arsenal and Spurs also quite low. Hull City lost almost a third of their “skills-base” during the season.

    P.S. I hope the formatting is readable once this is posted!!

  2. mjc

    P.P.S. Sadly the formatting didn’t work out, it seems!!!

  3. Nitram


    Never mind, still a great piece of work.

    Seems to me to be a very fair way of calculating the true cost of injuries to a club.

    But again, lets be honest here, this is just another excuse to have a pop at Arsenal. Yes we are 3rd and not top, but they basically make excuses for those 2, thereby inferring that it is actually Arsenal that should be top.

    Do you think they would of bothered with this if it showed us to be bottom?

    Not a chance.

  4. Gord


    There are two problems. Your formatting probably assumes a particular typeface (often a monospaced font – aka ASCII) and browsers have some flexibility in choosing what typeface to use. But more importantly, WordPress eats excess spaces. More than one contiguous whitespace character is converted into a single space.

    You can get a partial solution, by mixing spaces with something else (like underscore), such as:
    here _ _ _ is _ _ _ an _ _ _ _ _ example.

  5. para

    Please do not change Untold to one of these mindless new sites, with popup and popins asking us about this and that, like Arsenal.com has done. Argh!

    I hate it when i go to a site and i am reading then boom, a popup or pop in appears blocking what i am reading, making me have to click on it to remove it, and all only to tell me “Enter Arsenal Com”(in the case of Arsenal.com), which i thought i had already entered as i was reading an article.

    Please do not follow the sheep, they usually end up on our plates(for those who still eat meat) and i do mean that literally if you catch my drift.

    • Tony Attwood

      Our advertising is sold through an agency, and we need the money to pay for the cost of the servers and the protection against hackers. We do seek to keep advertising limited, but we also need the funds otherwise we’d have to stop.

  6. Menace

    I’m sure that all injuries are covered by insurance. It would be poor business practice not to cover unseen eventualities with insurance. This would mean that net cost to the club is minimal.

    As regards the advertising – I spend less time on sites that have no respect for the customer.

  7. Menace

    If Advertising is getting you down, use the IT guru’s advice.

    Gord had advised the use of Privacy Badger and trust me it is a great saviour of sanity. It interferes with sites where you need to make a payment or use credit cards, so you have to disable it before such action.

  8. Gord

    Thanks Menace. Not that I consider myself a guru. Too short to be a giraffe, maybe a gorilla? 🙂

    Privacy Badger is probably at the Free Software Foundation website (FSF.org).

    In terms of injuries, I guess Pedro really got the bad end of that collision with Ooooooooooooospina. Serious concussion and multiple fractures. Hopefully that is the last time that someone decides to challenge our goaltender like that.

    Spanish FA guy that was jailed, has been banned as well. I don’t know that he could do anything football related in jail, so the banning might be just a gesture.

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