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  1. Dom

    Well indeed what will they invent next…self seeding grass ?
    Well done to both clubs

  2. Gord


    The video plays okay here, but I cannot get any volume. So I’ve no idea what the groundsman says.

    Lawns (and sports pitches) are a little unusual. In the garden, we typically do things to enhance the ability to grow, or to kill. With a lawn, the object is more to continuously wound.

    When, how and how often a lawn is mowed, is more a function of how to wound as little as possible, the grasses that make up the bulk of the lawn. If you cut the lawn too short, you don’t leave enough above ground material to make new sugars and other materials via photosynthesis. The object of cutting is to remove less than 1/3 of the total grass blade length. This determines in large part how long between cuttings.

    A newer ingredient in lawns, is the incorporation of microclover. Microclover is a white clover with very small leaves and flowers. It is a perennial clover. It typically sends down deep roots, and can bring up water from deeper than grass roots extend. In addition, the roots can form relationships with special bacteria to “fix” nitrogen, which provides nitrogen fertilizer to the clover and the grasses. The constant supply of nitrogen should allow the grass to recover faster, and the resulting surface tends to be “more green” than a surface that is just grass. Where I am in western Canada, microclover tends to run about $100 per pound of seed. I do not know if this surface incorporates microclover.

    We are finding that a healthy soil needs a variety of bacteria and fungi living in it for best results. Fungi often do the bulk of the work in fetching mineral nutrients and transporting them to the roots of the grasses.

    If a person drives over the same patch of ground many times, you will find that the soil compacts. Compact soil has less room for air which the roots needs, as well as less room for water. It is typical for grounds equipment to use pneumatic tires that are quite large, running at low pressure to minimize compaction. These tires typically tend to have rounded lugs in the tread pattern, so as to minimize compaction as well.

    Athletes wearing cleats will also compact the soil. I don’t know how this is avoided.

    Good soils tend to have high carbon contents. This includes things like “bio-char”. In the old days, this might be called charcoal or activated charcoal. The surface of the carbon particles is active, and adsorbs species like phosphate and potassium as well as water.

    It is likely that the fibres have a special coating (likely called a sizing), to promote certain kinds of interactions with the “matrix”. Some fibres have low extensino to failure values (glass, carbon fibre) and other fibres have long extension to failure (ballistic nylon). What fibres Desso uses?

  3. Ben
  4. Gord

    OT: News about Santi

    Marca has an article on Santi, and his attempt to get back to health and play again.


    You have to give him credit, he is trying very hard. I hope he makes it back.

  5. WalterBroeckx

    And well for once I can be a bit proud as Desso is a Belgian company and has worldwide installed pitches.
    In France they have also laid the pitch in the Stade de France and in the Parque de Prince (home of PSG).
    The company is from Dendermonde a place between Antwerp and Gent.

  6. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Hmmm. Talking on the average attendance of 477 fans who had been turning out to watch Borehamwood home League games every weekend last season and their highest attendance at home been 1002 so far, don’t we think that, as a result of having so many professional and amateur football clubs in London, Borehamwood FC weekly home attendance may not rise beyond the level it’s now until they’ve gained promotion to the Nationwide football League and from there went up and up to the Sky Bet Football Championship Division One. Then, will they see a gradual improvement in their home game attendance.

    So it’s wasn’t the 4G pitch Borehamwood had installed for themselves on their main football Stadium ground as I thought they did when I commented yesterday on the issue, but it’s a Desco pitch they’ve installed for themselves with of course the financial and expertise helps support by Arsenal which were accorded them to carry out the general renovations of the Stadium at a whopping cost of £1.8m. Arsenal who must have contributed half of that amount of money will themselves be using this Stadium as their playing home ground for the Arsenal Ladies home League and Cup matches while their other aged group teams will also be using the Stadium to play their home matches too.

    In this regard, Arsenal have tremendously tried for Borehamwood FC and itself by given their money and their human expertise out to Borehamwood management to jointly have this Stadium given a top face lift, notably in the provisions of modern grassing of the Stadium’s football playing pitch, the erection of high tech flood light system and the bringing in of the modern dogouts for use by the home and the away teams being the highlight of other installations installed at Borehamwood FC. Bravo!

  7. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    But come to think of it, I have never been to England to the All England Club Wimbledon Tennis Championship in London to watch a duel match between any of the top seed tennis players. But wait a minutes, if wishes were horses, won’t beggars ride in Paradise?

    Anyway, I’ve been noticing when watching the playing of the matches on TV during the staging of the tournament and have been seen the grass laying on the tennis courts get fading as the playing of matches on them progresses by the day during the staging of the annual event when the green grass looking colour turned to brown colour at the ends of the feet movements of the 2 opposing players and by the sides of the tennis ball boys/girls. Haven just become informed of the advantage the Desco grass has over the natural grass which maybe it’s what the Wimbledon courts are still grassed with, if so, can’t then the Wimbledon authorities try the Desco grass on their courts to see if the initial grass looking colour at the onset of the tournament will remain green and not become fade as the playing on the courts progresses? Well, I believe these Wimbledon officials must have known more on grassing their courts correctly than I am now imaging it for them to try.

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