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September 2021
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September 2021

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Arsenal – Sevilla : 1-2

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal starting lineup: Cech, Koscielny, Elneny, Monreal, Bellerin, Ramsey, Willock, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Koscielny with a header after a corner but the Sevilla keeper can stop it from going over the line. Sevilla counter and Arsenal defenders have to be alert to cut out a possible dangerous shot. A good infiltration from Sevilla but the shot comes off the goalpost. Lucky escape for Arsenal. At the other end Lacazette tries to play it to Bellerin as he could have tried a shot maybe.

Sevilla with some good pressure after a corner when Arsenal overplaying it at the back but no real end product from the Spanish team. Willock gets a shotcross against his arm but nothing given by the ref. The Ox with a free kick after Monreal was fouled but high over the crossbar. Bellerin showing it was his first match. Not really at top level and top speed for the moment and not on the same wavelength as his teammates and then missing from 6 meters out when a great cross from the left flank from The Ox found him unmarked at the second post. That should at least have been an effort between the posts and then would have been a certain goal.

Lacazette finding Welbeck with a header and the latter on a run but his shot with the outside of his foot nowhere near the goal, maybe a cut back to Lacazette might have been the better option. Ramsey going past 17 opponents on the edge of the penalty area but then his shot goes wide. Okay, 17 might be a slight exaggeration. Nolito with a volley when a Sevilla attack seemed to be headed clear but it just swerves wide of the goal.

Welbeck away on the right flank but his cross is somehow and unorthodox intercepted by a defender and ends up in the arms of the keeper. Lacazette was waiting for the tap in… A low cross from Bellerin is cut out right in front of goal with a full dozen of players standing in front of the goal. Escudero goes in the book for stopping Bellerin running away with the ball on the flank. That was a promising attack so correct. Nolito then from an offside position on his own but Koscielny can intercept his cross to the middle. 0-0 after a good 45 minutes from both teams.

Bellerin came off after half time after having played his first 45 minutes of the season and Brammal came on. The Ox on the right flank and Brammal on the left. The Ox with a good run but Sevilla can clear for a corner. Jens Lehman enjoying a piece of cake high in the stands. And Sevilla then with a 1-2 splitting open the Arsenal defense and no offside and they score the opening goal. 0-1 after 48 minute.

Özil with a defensive splitting pass to Ramsey who laid it in front of Lacazette but the keeper could stop his shot. After 60 minutes Willock came off and Xhaka entered the field. The Ox with another good run on his flank going past his man, a low cross that was missed by touched (half missed) by Welbeck but ended in front of the feet of Lacazette who made not mistake. GOAL! 1-1 after 62 minutes.

A throw for Sevilla suddenly falls in front of the feet of Nzonzi whose shot finds the back of the net. to the surprise of most I think. 1-2 after 68 minutes. At the other end Ramsey almost finds himself in some space but the ball just bounces a bit wide and he can only touch it but not put any precision and force on this shot. The Ox with a run inside but his shot goes over but no corner given despite it taking a strange dip on the way. And a bit later the Ox again with a shot but Sevilla can block it.

With some 15 minutes to go Walcott enters the field and Elneny goes off. Also Iwobi entering the field and Lacazette going off. Arsenal pressing Sevilla back but can’t find an opening in the packed Sevilla defense. Ramsey tries to curl in a shot in but it goes wide. And is then kicked in a brutal way that sees a Sevilla player end up in the book. Arsenal pressing till the end but our left flank looking too ineffective to really cause any major problem to Sevilla.

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Arsenal loses this match in the Emirates cup against a tough opponent. We had good enough chances to at least get a draw but you have to convert them to win matches.

In the end it means that Arsenal and Sevilla both end up with 9 points but as Arsenal scored more goals I think they will be declared winner of the Emirates cup 2017. Not that it matters much but for those who want to keep the records of the tournament.



32 comments to Arsenal – Sevilla : 1-2

  • Andy Mack

    It was a bit annoying that Sevilla were so physical for a friendly but a decent game none the less.
    It’s clear that even after a run of games, some of our guys are still well off match fitness, which is a bit of a concern ahead of the Charity Shield.

  • gitau

    Do Arsenal fans still hold on Giroud to be sold?If so ,quite unfortunate.

  • Andy Mack

    gitau, I think most sensible fans want us to keep Giroud.

  • Gord

    I followed to written commentaries today. You would have never guessed a physical game from what I read. Pitty they have to do such a lousy job.

  • Richard

    This match was supposed to put us in the mood for the Community Shield against Chelsea. But I still feel that we are way off in terms of match fitness and panache.Don’t want to sound pessimistic but I strongly fear this coming season could be worse than last season!!! (God forbids).This opinion is not based on the defeat we suffered in the game against Sevilla.But if we look critically at the game we played against Chelsea it would be worth noting we are in dire need of an imposing Central Midfielder,truth be told I. the mold of William Carvalho.Let’s go back to when we play against physical teams,we are always on the back foot.If we are really serious about winning the premier league we need to start thinking in that direction. This coming season is a make or break for Arsene.He needs to start winning the confidence of the so called “Wenger Out Brigade”,because it is high time we start proving people and the press wrong.Looking forward to the new season .Let’s kick some a#@#.#YaGunnersYa.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    It would be great to get another Patrick Vieira but he was a one off, I think. I am not that worried about losing today as we still have two weeks to sort things out and quite frankly pre-season matches are not about winning but about getting in physical shape and getting the players learning to play together. I think that our manager would be looking at how well the team kept their shape and created opportunities.

  • Andy Mack

    Gord, it wasn’t bad, just a bit more than you’d want for a friendly.

    Richard, the friendly against Chavski was a friendly with half the team missing.
    Not really a game to make a judgement call from…

  • Ric SA Alao

    It all preparation for the new season, but I cannot remember the time in recent years when this team have Shown that they will hhit the ground running.
    So we may just expect drawn matches to be best result from first few games of new season.
    Ah!!! OMG
    Is it impossible to get your team ready?
    Saw academy boys gave more joy than the seniors, who still shew their, same old same old driveless zeal.

  • nicky

    As much as I was impressed with young Reiss Nelson yesterday, the militant display of Chamberlain today was equally impressive.
    I would hope that Arsene Wenger ensures that the Ox remains as part of Arsenal’s bright future. 😉

  • Oldham Gooner

    Life is like rubbing polish on wooden furniture, you fall off the edges to smoothly get back on 🙂

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Despite us winning the Emirates Cup today on goals difference but no cigar! We still lost to Sevilla who equalled our 9 points after beating us 1-2 in the game. This our lose to them is pathetic and unacceptable.

    Playing against a physical team of Sevilla who have consecutively won the last 3 Europa League Cup should informed Le Pro he needed to have protected his back three centrebacks with 2 DMs of Coquelin, and who? None. But even Coquelin is reported to have picked a knock in our previous Benfica match yesterday and thus not available to protect today. Consequently, no DM protection for our back three against Sevilla attackers today was available at all for us. Why? This is bad.

    What have we learn from this our lose to Sevilla today? So that we don’t carry this lose to our Charity Shield match against Chelsea next Sunday at Wembley. And not to subsequently carried it also to the Ems when we host Leicester City in the Premier League on the upper Friday night. Ehn?

    Going by the evidence of this lose game performance against Sevilla by the Gunners today, i think it has shown clearly that Le Prof still has 2 strengthening work to do in 2 weak areas in his squad before we open our season campaign account in the Charity Shield match and in the Premier League next season. Having successfully strengthened 2 areas in his squad already this summer, but still, of what kind of personnel materials would he needs to procure in the transfer market for his squad this summer before his squad will become totally strengthened? On a very serious concern., Arsenal obviously need to sign a versatile top quality midfielder and a top class holding midfielder this summer and MUST keep Alexis Sanchez this summer too before Arsenal can become the beaters of any team in any competition who comes their ways next season? I believe not I think, Le Prof has to seriously considered his signings of the top Monaco midfielder – Lemar, and a top caliber holding midfielder of the quality of William Carlvaho or Nemanja Matic. Sorry, Matic is looking to be going to Man Utd already. But Arsenal can still get Carvalho or Lemar if they want to. Or get the like of them at the transfer market this summer. Or can’t they?

  • Gord

    Go cheer for chelsea SAA

  • Menace

    SAA asks & answers questions that loop like a reverb tape.

    Our players today were not as entertaining as yesterdays youngsters. Kola was the difference with a touch of Nelson, Giroud & Iwobi up front. The pace & direction of yesterdays front line was missing today. Kola who? Kola bear off course! He is just a cuddly bloke who bounces off concrete.

  • Pat

    Arsene Wenger said his team today had had less preparation. Maybe that was a factor in the performance.

    Anyway, we all enjoyed Lacazette’s first goal at the Emirates! Much cheering! And then there were the six Mexican waves. And people were pleasantly surprised when we lost the match but still won the tournament.

    Although in the photo I see some of the players have a very serious face. Like they have to prove it’s not a real trophy. Silly in my opinion. Enjoy everything, that’s what I say!

  • Josif


    Kola doesn’t bounce off concrete, concrete bounces off Kola!

    Honestly, I think we can be satisfied with the attacking part of our game during the Emirates Cup. We have a variety of options and we are no longer solely reliant on our passing game to carve our opponents open – we can also use our speedsters to beat defenders with dribbling and pace (or, in Kola’s case, by simply going THROUGH them). Oh, and we (still) have that Alexis guy available.

    Our defending, on the other hand, never stood a chance during this preseason as we had Mustafi and Holding out for most of it due to that idiotic international football thing.

  • nicky

    I see we are starting with the excuses early.We can buy all the best players but it wont matter as the same stagnant manager is in charge .Menace you really are a baffoon of the highest order.CLUELESS!!

  • nicky

    When quizzed about the ridiculous way we have let Sanchez,Ozil and the Ox contracts to get to the final year Wenger has said that its “ideal”.Our once great club has become a joke and giving Wenger another 20 million in wages for 2 more years of the same shows that.The fans wont put up with another year of the same and dithering again in the transfer window and allowing Sanchez go to City, which is what will happen because Kronke loves the profits, will be another nail in his coffin!!
    The dozen or so on here who are Wengers cult followers and claim to be the real fans will continue to defend him with all the crazy excuses from behind your computers in far away lands.The reality is that i bet no more than a hand full have season tickets and most have never stepped foot in the uk never mind the emirates. You can call yourselves real fans though i suspect most of you have never spent a penny on the club!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    You had a bad night, young nicky?

    Do not confuse with Nicky!

  • MickHazel

    Hey nicky you ignorant p…k.
    I am a Wenger cult follower as you so stupidly put it and a real supporter who happens to be an OAP living in Crawley, W Sussex. I cannot afford to go to matches and couldn’t anyway due to health reasons. I do not have any option other than to support the club from behind a keyboard or in front of the telly. I get extremely angry when idiots like you start throwing this ‘can’t call yourselves real supporters’ crap at all and sundry just because they don’t or can’t go to matches. I wouldn’t mind betting you don’t go to matches either and just throw mud from behind your computer.

  • Oxford dictionary. Supporter Someone who is actively intererested in a sports team

  • Pat

    Who is this nicky? I see he is getting ready to enjoy the season in his own strange way. Have fun nicky. I wouldn’t be you for anything.

  • Al

    Was at the match too, and as others observed felt Sevilla were a little too physical for a friendly without causing much damage. On the contrary mariner was giving them everything at the slightest hint of contact from an Arsenal player, and he was rightly booed at the final whistle. Other than that felt it was a good match contested by two good opponents, with the difference being that Sevilla managed to take their chances with their only real attacks while we were perhaps less clinical. Good match.

  • Mick, as you’ll know as a regular reader I am of the same opinion concerning who is and who is not a supporter. I do the 180 mile round trip to Arsenal for home games – but I know the time will come when that won’t be possible – and that won’t make me less of a supporter. For one year I lived in Algeria – and so didn’t go to games. I wasn’t any less of a supporter that year.

    So I am with you Mick, but might I ask for a slight moderation in the way you address Nicky. I know I don’t pick up on each turn of abuse, but we do cut a lot of comments automatically because of the use of abuse, and you might find yourself suddenly chopped from the site by our automatic moderation system. Please don’t call anyone “ignorant” no matter how “ignorant” they appear. I’d be grateful. Thanks – and of course thanks for your contributions and your readership of untold. Tony

  • Polo

    Sorry for this off topic:

    But this just make me sick and I hope Stan kill this show. I’m no animal activist but we are living in 2017, there is no need for this.

    Stan, do the right thing please and kill the show.

  • BFG

    Polo Just had a look at that and it is disturbing in the extreme. Stan K could well deliver a killer blow to Arsenal and maybe he will televise that as well. He really is a sordid man.

  • MickHazel

    I apologize to you and nicky for my over enthusiastic use of the English language.
    I accept nicky is probably not inherently ignorant but still maintain his comment was.

  • Menace

    Tony – troll alert which nicky is this? pants or panties?

    31/07/2017 at 6:37 am

  • Menace

    Mick Hazel this is not our usual nicky. This is an imposter whon needs to be tracked by Tony & blocked.

  • Menace

    31/07/2017 at 6:52 am

    I love the fact that you spend all your money while ‘us’ far away fans spend our pennies on you. Wait till we start to clean up after…….you will be really aware of how much of a ball you are.

  • Andy Mack

    As anyone sensible understands, there’s no doubt that the youngsters were up for all the pre-season games but these games are effectively their main season. These games are their showcase and what they do during them can have a major affect on the season ahead.
    So the kids are as fit as they can be with the intention of dazzling the manager.

    The main 1st team squad have only recently finished their games from last season (and international games where relevant) and then have a few weeks where their fitness drops dramatically.
    Not as much as professional footballers did in years gone by, but still way off the ultra-fitness levels of a modern PL player. So the 1st team are working their way back to adequate fitness levels whereas the kids are there already.

    This is bound to make the youngsters stand out (and a little worrying if they don’t).
    I’d guess the 1st team will have some serious training in the run up to the Charity shield.

  • Andy Mack

    nicky@6.52am is clearly not very bright.
    Most adults understand exactly what the manager said and why.
    What else can he say?
    So he said it with a tongue firmly in cheek as a way of pointing out to the players concerned that this season they will need to showcase themselves and pray they don’t get injured, and that wouldn’t be quite such an issue if the ignored their money grabbing agents and signed a new contract…

  • omgarsenal

    Anyone silly enough to try and make season-spanning judgements based on what transpired during the exhibition matches deserves the title of class dunce. The principle reasons for this month long experiment were;

    1)to obtain match fitness as effectively as possible for as many as possible, especially the veterans and those returning from injury or layoff,

    2) to develop chemistry and cohesiveness between potential and existing first team members,

    3) to trial and test potential future first team members among the youth and reserve players,

    4) to experiment with different formations over the two squads,

    5) to boost confidence among the starters and the substitutes,

    6) to have some fun while doing all of the above while offering competition for places, AND, finally

    7) to win a little bit of silverware if possible, but that is VERY secondary to all other considerations.

    Let us see how this worked out for Wenger:

    1)there still needs to be a bit of work done for some players but it appears that the team is evolving towards that goal,

    2)The new recruits and transfers appear to have impressed and the team seems to be gelling as expected,

    3)mission accomplished,

    4)Clearly a success as we saw almost two completely different teams for both games,but the same formation at the back,

    5) Two trophies and 3 victories helped but we need a big result against an EPL rival,with a full side, we can get that!

    6)At least some of us were having fun (nicky aside) and the football was enjoyable to watch, regardless of the results; 4 wins, 2 defeats and 2 trophies….what’s not to like?

    7)mission accomplished…..

    So nicky, go back to LeGrovel and disabuse yourself of the notion that anyone at AFC cares about your whining, least of all Wenger, whose shoes you are not fit to lick.